A Sixteen-Piece Box Of Popeye’s Chicken Would Clearly Be Magical

A few months ago David told me about an online trend called unboxing. Initially I thought maybe unboxing was some new “go green” movement that encouraged people to give a gift without first putting it in a box (which would be a super-fun conversation to have with Martha, by the way, because she would think that not putting a gift in box is crazy! that’s just crazy! why would someone do such a thing? and what about the wrapping paper? the wrapping paper wouldn’t look nearly as good! not to mention the bow!), but that’s not what he was talking about at all.

Because as it turns out, unboxing is when people, some of whom might be classifed as a smidge geeky (and I mean that in the MOST POSITIVE SENSE OF THE WORD, OH YES I DO) take pictures (or video) to document the process of removing a new piece of electronic equipment from its box.

And then they post those pictures to their blogs.

Don’t believe me? Consult Ye Olde Google.

I’ve thought a good bit about this whole unboxing phenomenon for the last couple of weeks, and after trying my best to understand it, I’ve decided that it has to be a mostly-guy thing. Because from my decidedly female perspective, the process of unboxing, say, a new camcorder or a new cell phone is as far up on the thrill-o-meter as watching a two-day marathon of Hardcastle & McCormick or being forced to listen to a monotone lecture on car maintenance and repair.

But guys are different about that kind of stuff. I know this because my husband still has the boxes for every video game console he has ever purchased, including each individual piece of styrofoam that surrounded the actual console as well as the cellophane that was wrapped around the instruction manuals AND the twisties that corralled all the cords.

And do you know what? I’m sure that hanging on to all those boxes is completely worth it in the long run, because if someone walked in our house right now and said, “Quick! In order to diffuse a bomb that’s right outside your door, you have to pack up your Xbox so that it looks exactly like it did the very first time you opened the box,” MY HUSBAND COULD TOTALLY DO THAT, Y’ALL.

It’s no wonder that I feel so incredibly safe here. As I’m sure you can imagine.


This morning I opened up the pantry and spotted an item that I picked up at the grocery store yesterday. And when I saw that item and realized that it was still unopened, I thought, This, THIS is worthy of unboxing documentation. Forget the electronic stuff. This is WAY better.

And so I grabbed the camera and got busy.

You may want to take some deep, cleansing breaths to prepare yourself for what you’re about to see.

It is very special.







Breathtaking, isn’t it?

I suspected you would agree.

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  1. Mmmm, mmmmm, good. That’s my kind of geekiness right there.

  2. Yes, that is way better. And I’d bet they taste better than styrofoam.

  3. Oh how I long to have an unopened box of that cheesy goodness in my pantry. Is it too late for a Wal-Mart run?

  4. Beautiful. The only problem I see is that your “full” bowl picture isn’t quite filled enough. i mean, really, who can eat just that small amount of Cheez-It goodness?

    I should have done this with the King size box of Junior Mints I just inhaled.

  5. Oh my stars!!

    I trepidaciously (yes I had to look up the spelling on dictionary.com) asked my husband if he had ever hard of ‘unboxing’.

    How big of a nerd am I married to, I wondered…

    “Oh sure, I’ve heard of it. I’ve never done it, but lots of guys at the office do.”

    He then proceeded to tell me the origins of unboxing, but all I could hear was the Charlie Brown schoolteacher – wa wa waaa, waaa waa waaaa…which is what my mind does when he starts talking ‘techno babble’.

    You crack me up again, Boo Mama!!

  6. I read this outline for Husband because:

    A. I knew he would knew what unboxing was (he did).

    B. I wanted to laugh out loud at him because he knew what it was (I did).

    C. We have every every piece of cellophane and twistie ties and styrofoam for all of his items, yet my boxes are just “taking up space.”


  7. I personally don’t care for Cheez-its, but I am pleased to learn that the two flavors are mixed together in the Duoz box. I had been imagining that they were bagged separately.

    Remember how Ruffles potato chips used to have two smaller bags in the big bag? I though the Duoz were like that.

    Now I know.

  8. My husband (who ranks pretty high on the geek-o-meter which is one of the things I love about him) hasn’t heard of this. BUT we do have all manner of boxes for electronic equipment. And don’t get me started on the out-dated equipment he refuses to get rid of – including an old PC (from 1998 people!) that he cannabalized.

  9. Ok, call me a geek, but I TOTALLY like to unbox stuff. I’m not gonna make a video of it, though. My husband and I fight over who gets to unbox stuff. For real. Yes, we lead sad, boring lives. Ok, not really, but it really sounds like we do. We are actually fun, happy people.
    And just so you know, my Publix (Overton Road, Mtn Brook) has the Duoz Cheez-its in their “Buy one get one free” bins. Yes, they do. It might be worth a trip over to get them.
    You know, because I’m looking out for my 459 friend.

  10. Why do our men do that? We have that too! Here all this time I thought we were the only ones with TV boxes in our attic. Go figure!

    On to Cheez-It’s–I’ll unbox with you anytime. Love me some savory snacks!

    You crack me up BooMama!

  11. Much better than the guy/geek version!

  12. Five years later, David to Sophie:

    HON? Do you think it’d be safe now to get rid of these Duoz boxes you’ve got stored up here in the attic?

  13. OK…well…should I say this? Men simply are motivated by um…well…the opening of packages. There I have said it.

    The fashion industry is glad for it.

    BTW, the Cheez-it Duos look marvelous!

  14. Sophie back to David:

    “Way-ell, I guess since I’ve got the unboxing pictures from all of them… Okay.”

  15. My DH has watched some YouTube unboxing of things like baseball cards, etc. I sat there and stared in disbelief that someone would a.) care to tape it b.) care to upload it online or c.) actually search for and WATCH it.
    And my DH has all the boxes and styrofoam even from old PS games. “Just in case he ever needs to return it.”

  16. Ooh! I loved Hardcastle and McCormick! Thanks for that 80’s throwback…

  17. The empty bowl made me laugh out loud.


  18. We are soul-sistas, that’s my kind of unboxing. Unfortunately, I am married to a man who is the other type of unboxing, he’s a “smidge geeky”– but he gets paid for it. So I guess it’s ok.

  19. Well, ain’t you just tray fayn-cee! You used a bowl for your Cheez-its. I have to admit that I’m a total redneck because most of the time I just eat ’em by the handful, straight from the box.

    Now you done flung a cravin’ on me for Cheez-its, and I haven’t tried those new ones yet.

  20. [wiping a stray bit of drool from my lower lip] DUOZ. Sigh. Sniff. Sniff. They are clearly not on the Weight Watchers Core Plan on which I have embarked. And for good reason, I tell ya. During our recent move, you’da thunk my arm had been severed from the wrist down and replaced by a box of Duoz..sharp parm and Zesty, thank you.

    Sigh…………….thanks for the memories, Boo. Perhaps I’ll just pull up your unboxing log and pretend I’m eating them every day. The salty, savory, cheesy goodness and licking my fingers and…and…

    I cannot go on.

  21. I haven’t laughed so much in ages!! This has serously got to be a boy-thing :)

  22. So my husband isn’t the only one who holds on to every.box.he’s.ever.opened. I thought it was bad that our walk in closet is half filled with empty boxes. I’m pretty sure my husband could pack everything up to look like it came from the store too. and can we put the boxes in the shed? oh no! they might get some dampness or something. Despite the fact that there are some things I seriously love in the shed right now. but don’t let that box get damp!! he he. Weird men.

  23. Just hopping in the comments to say that I’ve just stumbled into your blog and from the looks of this post I’ll be here to stay.

    Can’t add my husband to the ranks with this one as he’s more the anti-clutter minimalist type. But thanks for the tip on one more way I can drive him over the edge next time he’s bugging me.

  24. Andrea says:

    Like PBSKids says, if it comes from the heart, it must be art. LOL!

  25. Whew – just googled for unboxing – oh my goodness Sophie you may have made me sad! While I completely enjoyed and vicariously have a salt rush from your presentation of a cheezit unboxing – filming opening your techno stuff is kind of scary. Keeping the packaging and the boxes so if you move or have to return a product just makes practical sense – but filming it as if it were a birth video – hmmm a bit on the over the top side.

  26. My husband recently stored WITH GREAT AND METICULOUS CARE the Guitar Hero box.

    Because, “Someday the kids will be thrilled that we have all of the original packaging.”



    (Glad we’re not alone.)

  27. I read your blog all the time and you never fail to amuse me (to a whole ‘nother level, sister!)

    May I kindly dub you the “Seinfeld of the blog world” — in that you can write an entire hilarious post about pretty much… um….. nothing?

    Keep up the good work, knowing you’re spreading joy and smiles! God bless.

  28. So now, not only have your photojournalism capabilities completly enthralled me – as I am on the edge of my seat in your unboxing of the Cheez-y goodness that is now two sided and, thus, twice as delectable – I am also, quite understandably, very hungry.

    And, apparantly, a new found fan of the horrendously long run-on sentence.

    Thanks for that by the way.

    PS – our garage is chock full of the “orginal packing material” of a multitude of elctronic fun-ness.

  29. Learning something new every day on the internet! Unboxing, huh?

    I’m with you Boomama, unboxing a worthy FOOD ITEM is so much more exciting than electronics! There’s the anticipation, the mouth-watering sensation of knowing something good is about to pass your lips and make you happy, happy, happy.

    I needed that giggle this morning. Thanks :-)

  30. I knew it, I knew it!

    Before I even read the line about the unopened item in the pantry I knew it was going to be a box of cheezits.

    The only thing that would have made it even funnier would be to watch you crack open and pour over a mountain of ice a bottle of Diet Coke.

    Happy Sunday, BooMama! :0 )

  31. I’m a girl. That said, I do feel a bit of a rush taking new things out of their boxes – not just electronics. But I have never had the urge to document it. Does that keep me girly?

  32. okay, that was hilarious and the best unboxing I could imagine…I am going to have to go get some of those today!!!!

  33. Okay, we have way too much time on our hands.

    Remember when the kids were little and the best part of Christmas was playing with the box?

    Well, now men have devolved into children right before our eyes again. Next thing you know they’ll be laughing at fart jokes. Oh, wait…

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  34. Breathtaking! :)

  35. Oh I am so very glad that mine is not the only husband in the world to save every box and twist tie from every electronic gadget he’s ever owned! I am also very, very disturbed to hear that the symptoms could get worse.

    I like your unboxing and must look to see if those Cheezits have made it to Canada yet.

  36. strawberry rose says:

    I’m so glad that my husband isn’t the only one who feels the need to keep his Xbox box.

  37. Stacye says:

    I hang on to boxes. Mostly out of fear. Fear that the Kitchen Aid mixer will need to be shipped off for repair and I’ll never again come across a box to hold it, without paying lots of $$$ at a shipping place. Granted a Wii or XBOX would be a lot easier to find a box to fit, but there is security in knowing that it is packed in the foam designed for it, so if it gets damaged further in shipping you can blame the manufacturer – I used YOUR STUFF to ship it!

  38. Hilarious. I usually don’t laugh out loud at stuff I read. I made an exception in this case.

  39. You are awesome!!!!!

    My husband often watches the videos or looks at the pictures of the “unboxing” of new Apple products. I think yours beats all the ones that he has watched.

  40. BooMama, You NEVER fail to make me laugh–out loud even!!

  41. I think I welled up a bit.

  42. Now I have to go unbox some Cheese crackers too!! OH HOW FUNNY YOU ARE!!!

  43. I unboxed my iphone and posted it to my blog. My 5 year old said “Oh Mama…it’s beautiful.”

  44. I usually just lurk, but today I must comment.

    I totally thought my hubby was the only one insisted on keeping boxes for every electronic device we have ever bought. I mean who needs a box for a 10 year old printer? Apparently we do.

    And I love the unboxing of the Cheez-Its- but who really only eats that many Cheez-Its. Please tell me I am not the only one who eats most of the box in one sitting.

  45. I thought my life was complete until I discovered this topic of unboxing. Now I must buy things and photograph their removal.
    And I must have cheez-its. Thanks for that.

  46. LOL that is some great unboxing doc right there
    Now you have me a bit hungry :)

    BTW: my hubby also takes pics of things for unboxing
    when he did his brakes on his car he also took pics to make sure he put his car back together properly – which is totally important when it comes to a brakes on a car!

    HAve a great sunday

  47. Oh Boo, you do make me laugh. Could you come live with me for a while? I have a spare room. Well actually it’s our school room, but we’re about to wrap it up for the summer, so we wouldn’t bother you much. Just a few times a day when I need to laugh so I won’t cry. That wouldn’t be too much trouble would it? You could totally bring Alex and he could help my kids collect bugs and play cars and run in the house and drive me to drink, I mean stress me out. ;)

  48. readthemanual says:

    I’m not asking my husband if he’s heard of this, because then I’ll have to explain that yes, I was reading blogs again, yes of people I don’t know, and we’ve had that conversation WAY too many times.

    And dang, I was hoping for a picture of a Popeyes box of chicken…

    And in case you are actually a fan…you should enter their video contest: http://www.bonafidechicken.com/

  49. I unboxed my wonderful De Brand Mother’s Day Chocolates on my blog – – – and that was before I even knew there WAS such a thing as unboxing.

    I think I’m chick and trendy!!!!

  50. Oh, thank you for sharing this new experience! I was kind of disappointed that the Cheez-its were mixed together in one bag; was kind of hoping for a divided bag as the box hints… But anyway, the laughter was good medicine! Thanks!

  51. You just crack me up, Sophie!

  52. I did an unboxing documentary on my hubby when he got his first Mac a couple years ago. I had never heard of the phenomenon back then though. (okay, so this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it) His eyes were lit up like nobody’s business. Crazy.

  53. OK…I have to laugh because I saw these on the shelf at Walmart yesterday and immediately thought of you. :-) And no…I didn’t buy them b/c the boys at my house a picky about their crackers and I’d be forced to eat the whole box myself and well..that wouldn’t be pretty.

  54. Dying laughing! I was not expecting that, and yet I couldn’t stop myself from wishing for my own box!

  55. That is so funny. I’m amazed at the self control of only putting a certain amount in a bowl. We aren’t that fancy around here :)
    We too have all the boxes of every electronic gizmo we have bought. It’s so funny! Can’t wait to share this with the hubby.
    Happy Sunday!

  56. Now, that’s what I call unboxing!

    I imagine I’d get a similar charge out of unboxing some dept. store cosmetics… but that’s just me.

  57. You had me at “DUOZ”…completely hilarious! ang

  58. Oh man, I totally love this blog now more than ever.

  59. So YOU’RE the one! I was racking my brain trying to remember on whose blog I saw a pic of these. I’m addicted to those yummy little guys! I need your address for sending my bills for Jazzercise and Weight Watchers!

  60. Magnificent!
    Less magnificent is the utter lack of Cheez-Its in Canadian grocery stores. What’s up with THAT, Canada?

  61. Plus, your method of unboxing is way more green. You are recycling everything!

  62. Yummmm!!!!

  63. My OCD friend, who so strongly believes in not having anything you don’t need(I once saw her tearing a teddy bear out of her toddler’s hands and telling him to “grow up”!), refers to my husband and I as “The box people”. I think you know what I mean…

  64. k&c's Mom says:

    You should have done it with Milano cookies. The double chocolate kind.

  65. Absolutely hilarious! I’m giggling just thinking about it. I must admit that I save all of the baby’s boxes and plastic bags that come with new products, because it makes the items worth more at the consignment shop after she outgrows them.

  66. Elizabeth says:

    Did you say Hardcastle & McCormick? Seriously?

    That is awesome.

  67. Oh my gosh! My husband does the exact same thing with the boxes to all of the electronics he has bought say over the last ten years. Our attic looks like the shelves at Best Buy only our boxes are empty. He saves every little thing that came with the box. Then puts all of it in rubbermaid containers. His excuse…you never know when you will need all of this stuff. Me…it’s empty THROW IT AWAY!

  68. I totally had to show Mr. at Home your post. Yes, he is seriously geeky and knew all about unboxing. Apparently, you’re supposed to do only limited release things and the people who look at it can learn a lot about a product from the box and the way it’s packaged. As an added bonus, it’s also helpful if you want to sell the item afterwards. According to Mr. at Home, anyway.

    Personally, I like the Duos. And my first thought was “Dang! I should’ve documented the ‘unboxing’ of those three packs of Suddenly Salad I made for today’s picnic!” That would’ve been more interesting that any Xbox HD thingy anyday.

  69. I absolutely despise taking kids toys out of that packaged mess and untie and de-twist all those dern ties….it makes me

    Thank you Jesus for men. ;)

  70. I heart Cheez-Its! … I can’t stand it, I just can’t take it….well, yea I can…you crack me up! What a way to end my lonnnngggg day! A peek at your blog and I’m smiling all over the place.

    You truly have a gift! ;)

  71. LOL! This is hilarious! I’m about to ask my computer geeky husband if he knows about this unboxing business. I’m sure he does!

  72. You are too funny!

  73. That was so exciting!!

    Now what do you have to offer for a watering mouth??

  74. So funny! Dh bought some Doritos with duo flavors. Pretty good!

  75. I thought my man was the only one who kept his boxes! This is too weird. There must be a box gene in there somewhere.

  76. OMG! I almos peed my pants. You are too much!

    I have never heard of unboxing and I don’t get it. I keep all the boxes that our electronics come in, but that is in case they break so that I can send them back/return them. I certainly don’t document it for future prosperity.

    Men are wierd.

  77. I know, like you NEED this 77th comment. But this is so funny, I just have to say something.

    So. There you go.

    You’re funny. :-)

  78. I asked my DH if he knew what unboxing was. He’s the “anti-geek”. When I told him what it was he curled up his nose and asked why people would want to do that. I had no good answer for him.

    Everytime I go shopping I try to remember if I’m supposed to buy cheesits or cheese nips. Now I know to just look for the duos and my shopping woes are over! Thanks for that!

  79. That is funny. My dad is EXACTLY like that. My original Nintendo is packaged in it’s original box, complete with original baggies and twistie ties. The first time my husband, who is not so um…DETAILED, saw that, he cracked up!

  80. I have to admit that Mr. Right does this too. But knowing that we’ll be moving in a few weeks, those boxes will come in handy. But as God as my witness, I’m going to toss every one of those boxes because I don’t want to move again until forever (or if God tells me to do so again, but that’s totally different.)

    I like your unboxing, Sophie. I clearly understood and felt each phase of this delightful process.

  81. I totally admire you…looks like you didn’t need scissors to open your bag! I can never get those plastic bags open without assistance.

    But don’t think I’m not above puncturing a hole in the dadgum thing. Desperate times…

  82. Boo Mama,

    From all the comments I am wondering if you should host a ladies “unboxing” tour.

    Let’s see… what would I “unbox”????

    Your Duos made me laugh … out loud … quietly … my little man was down for a nap.

    Thanks for the fun!

  83. This is hilarious! I have seen those blogs with the unwrapping of certain products. And I thought we were the only one with ALL of the electronic boxes, Styrofoam and all. LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

  84. You funny woman you!! Now be prepared for all the geeks to come here as they Google “unboxing!”

  85. I love this. My husband would do this, and I have now unfortunately told him about it without thinking, so I can see our next electronic purchase is going to be very well received.

    Men are strange. I was writing in my blog about the unboxing after reading this, and continued on about how my husband checks how many kms the car has done, and celebrates when it passes a special “birthday” such as 43,000 km’s etc. MEN ARE STRANGE. Not us. We’re the normal ones. Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars

  86. I have never ever heard of the unboxing! I was so amazed that I read the info outloud to my husband who totally didn’t understand why I was laughing at this new internet phenomenon…he truly didn’t see the humor…so I laughed harder. Thanks for the laughs!

  87. The T stands for Smooth says:

    OK, gotta speak up for the geek men; personally, I don’t get the whole unboxing thing. But keeping all of the packaging for everything – I totally do that, and here’s why:

    Any good geek is going to want the latest and greatest of every new gadget that comes down the pike. But most of us can’t keep all of them, so the solution is to *sell* the old ones – ebay, craigslist, etc. And a gadget is worth much more if it comes with all of the original packaging.

    At least that’s why I do it. As for the people who never get rid of anything and keep all of the boxes anyway, yeah, that’s pretty weird :)

  88. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    You are probably the funniest human woman I know! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  89. Teresa says:

    Sometimes I really can’t believe how funny you are!!

  90. My wife made me come read this blog this morning as I was eating my Cheerios. Okay, I admit–I have a problem. I know I don’t need the box for the modem for the DSL service we used 7 years ago when we lived in another city. I know that. But I might someday, right? So, I have the box, and the slightly used modem sitting nicely packed in a corner of my “box/out-dated gadget” closet.

    But methinks that the real travesty was what I witnessed here on your blog. You see, I love Cheez-it. And knowing that, my wife would see that box and say, “Oooh… Parmesan Cheez-it!” and buy them.

    But, when I spy them in the cupboard, it would be with trembling hands and a pounding heart that I slowly opened the Duoz box quietly praying, “Please let them be in separate bags! Please let them be in separate bags!”


  91. Great example of unboxing!!! I’ve never heard of it before…but I immediately thought of homeschoolers, we get very excited when the UPS guy delivers a big box of books to our door and usually announce it to the world and do a celebration dance. Unboxing would be the logical next step.

    we also report in for catalog sightings on homeschool forums. It’s a sickness.