Number Eleven

Happy Anniversary, Mr. BooDaddy.

Here are eleven reasons why I’m proud to be your wife.




1. You always do what you say you’re going to do. And because of that, you don’t make empty promises.

2. You make your family a priority. Every single day. Even when you’re swamped with work, you make time to sit down and see what’s going on with the little man and me, and you never make us feel like there’s something else you need to be doing. You’re a phenomenal daddy.

3. Whenever Alex and I walk in the door, you are always visibly happy to see us. Always.

4. You’re a morning person. And as a result of your cheerful morning example, we have a little boy who says “GOOD MORNING!” as soon as his feet hit the floor in the AM. Which is so much more pleasant than if he were to grumble for the first hour that he’s awake. Like, you know, I do.

5. You handle our money stuff. You keep me in the loop, and I always know what’s going on, but you take care of all the day-to-day responsibilities. And I am so grateful for that. Plus, you understand numbers, which is oh-so-helpful for the math-challenged likes of me.

6. You have incredible discernment. Whereas I tend to jump in just about any situation feet first and figure that everything will work out in the end, you hang back, survey the lay of the land, and see all the things that I don’t. You keep us on an even keel.

7. You’re not afraid to ask tough questions.

8. You’re not afraid to give honest answers.

9. And you’re not afraid to admit when you’re wrong.

10. You have stretched waaaay outside your comfort zone in the last year. And it’s been totally inspiring to see how God has worked in and through you. I get all teary-eyed when I think about it, because He’s done some mighty big things.



11. You know every single bit of my junk – the procrastinating, the bad moods, the mistakes of my 20s, the horrific singing, the fears of my 30s, the freakish love of fried chicken, the impatience, the quirks, the stuff that keeps me awake at night, the annoying tendency to let laundry overtake random surfaces in our house – and you love me anyway.

Happy Number Eleven. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth the fight. It still is.

I love you.

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  1. Congratulations, BooCouple! Here’s to many more celebrations to come.

  2. Ahhhhhh! That was so sweet!

    Happy anniversary you two….

    Eat lots of cake!


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Great list.

  4. The sweetest anniversary post….Happy Happy Anniversary, you 2 lovebirds!! And may you have many more blessed years together! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated #15, and I made a list of our highlights, too. True love…a Christian marriage…isn’t easy, but worth the fight, as you said.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Our 11th is in July. Hasn’t the time flown?

  7. *Sigh…..* The Feel Good Post of the Day. ;-)

    Happy 11th anniversary, Sophie and David. I hope y’all make it to at least 50 years together and live to see your great grand kids.

    Love & Hugs,


  8. That was very sweet! Congratulations to you both. :-) Happy Anniversary.

  9. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Very nice- it is so great to see/hear a woman who appreciates her husband and isn’t afraid to sing his praises.

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    I hope that this your best year together yet. Lots of great memories, lots of love, and enjoyment of each other.

    Alex is going to have a great example to follow when the marriage time of his life comes along.

    Eat a big ‘ol piece of cake for me!


  12. Happy Anniversary!! And what a very sweet list. :) Congrats to y’all!!!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    I’m so glad you found a great fella that perfectly suits you, Sophie. He sounds like a wonderful guy.

    God Bless you the next 11 years and then the next and the next and so on…but I digress into math. So I will stop now.

    Praying for all of you!

  15. Happy Anniversary to the Daddy of exceptional young man Alex and husband of the BooMama – y’all have brought a lot of joy into many lives – keep on keepin’ on!

  16. Well of course fond felicitations to Miz Sophie herself also! Hope y’all have a big evening to yourselves – you know a freshly opened can of salted nuts, diet coke and a couple of rented movies – woo hooo!

  17. Happy Anniversary!

  18. Happy Anniversary! :)

  19. Congratulations! Have a GREAT Anniversary!

    We’re coming up on 8 years over here. :)

  20. Happy Anniversary!!

  21. Very sweet! Ours is June 1st. Now I’m off to think of 23 reasons!

  22. Aw, Happy Anniversary! We just passed 7 years a couple weeks ago…it made me remember all the good thing about my hubby too but I didn’t write them down. maybe I should have :)

  23. Happy Anniversary…and may the Lord bless you with many more happy years.
    P.S. Don’t worry about the list, it’s always good to count your blessings (and name them one by one!).

  24. Happy Anniversary! I love that you said it has always been “worth” the fight. I was just telling my husband the other day that that is how I think of marriage. Every day my marriage and my spouse are worth it–worth every sacrifice, worth every heartache, worth it all, and it will always be that way. If he was worth marrying he is worth fighting to keep (although, Praise God, there has not been much fight so far). Have a great weekend!

  25. That is so sweet! Thanks for sharing with us – and inspiring us in the process. :)

    And, of course, happy anniversary!

  26. That was just beautiful boomama!!!

    I hope you are celebrating with a LARGE plate of chicken somewhere!

    Have a fabulous weekend…

  27. And you know it just getting better with each passing year!! Congratulations to a wonderful couple! Blessings to you for a long life together!

  28. Ahhhh! Happy Anniversary.
    Wishing you 11 more years of wedded bliss. Of course that means you’ll have to come up with a few more things for “the list”.

  29. I love, love, love that list. Happy 11th! We were all sick with the flu on our 10th in January. I’m thinking we’ll do something snazzy for our 11th!

  30. What a lovely post for BooDaddy.

    But I just have to say… holy cow! We’re married to the same man! I had no idea our hubbies were so similar. I got to about #5 and had to stop and make my hubby read along with me.

    We’re old, so we’ll be at 19 years in July. =)

  31. Heaps and heaps of blessings on you and your dh this day!


  32. Happy Anniversary to you! God bless your sweet family!


  33. Happy Anniversary, Boomama! Wishing you many, many more years together!

  34. Aw, happy anniversary! Mine is this next week, too (number 14!)

  35. Happy Anniversary!!

  36. What a great way to honor your husband. Truly inspiring. Happy Anniversary!

  37. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! (Our 11th is 3 weeks from today.) I loved your list – you are definitely blessed with a “keeper”! (On a completely unrelated note, I thought of you this weekend when I saw a Popeye’s – I didn’t realize they existed out here in WA state! I’d have stopped and had some chicken in your honor, but we were following friends down the freeway at the time.)

  38. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  39. Happy anniversary!

  40. #10 ROCKS! I’ve watched John go through the same thing …

    Happy Happy Anniversary, you two. Here’s to a hundredly eleventy more- at least.

  41. Happy Anniversary, BooPeople! What a beautiful way to honor your man. Praying right now that the year ahead of you is wonderful, full of laughter and love and growth; protected from too much yuck.

  42. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

  43. “BooCouple” – that just cracks me up!

  44. Gulp! That is such a sweet list. Eleven years! Wow! I have t-shirts that old.

  45. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    What a sweet list!

  46. Oh, I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating. My anniversary is today, too….only 6 years, but still special! :)

  47. Congrats. I’m at #11 too.

  48. Looks like there are lots of June brides out there. Ours is this month too.

    I want to see a wedding picture.

    May God continue to strengthen your love for each other and for Him and bless you with many more years together.

  49. Ooh, yes. A wedding picture would be extra special! Happy days.

  50. Oh, how sweet. Happy Anniversary.

  51. Happy Anniversary!! We marked our 11th anniversary May 24. Like you said, it’s nice having someone who knows all your junk. 3 couples from our church have graduated college and gotten/getting married this summer like we did – it’s been fun to walk with them through the last few months. At the same time my hubby and I are thrilled it’s them starting out and not us! = )

  52. Precious!
    Enjoy the time together
    YOur hubby sounds like a true blessing

  53. Oh, what a sweet post. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  54. Happy Anniversary indeed!

  55. It’s my anniversary on the 31st, too! But only the fifth. What a sweet present to your husband.

  56. Happy 11th – and many more!

  57. What a fabulous day to get married. It was our anniversary on the 31st too. The big 5 years.

    And, great list. Love the list.

  58. Happy, happy anniversary to both of you!

  59. Happy Anniversary!

  60. Happy Anniversary!!

  61. Oh, I love anniversary love shoutouts. May God continue to shower you with blessings and love beyond your wildest imaginations!


  63. Happy Anniversary! I got all teary eyed reading it! I pray my husband will (one day) have all of boodaddy’s qualities… Sp encouraging to read.

  64. Happy Anniversary!!!

  65. Happy Anniversary!!
    To many more years of laughing, learning and loving.

  66. Wow! He sure sounds terrific! Happy Anniversary!

  67. Happy (belated) anniversary!

    My 11th is next month.

    xo ~K

  68. He sounds like a terrific guy – happy anniversary.
    And can I say that “the fears of my 30s” spoke right to me in a very comforting way? Thanks for that.

  69. Aw, this is GREAT. Love it! Happy anniversary.

  70. Very sweet list! Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 11th, too.

  71. A belated happy anniversary to you! What a great list!

  72. Happy Anniversary… sorry I’m a little late. Darn Bloglines!