Oh, They Rocked It, All Right

A couple of months ago, when David and I went to Los Angeles for his best friend Todd’s wedding, we were a little worried.

Or maybe “worried” is too strong of a word. “Concerned” is probably more accurate. Because for the two weeks leading up to the wedding, Todd was super-stressed out.

I’m not talking about pre-wedding jitters. That’s to be expected.

I’m talking about some full-on, full-out stress. Stress that was causing our mild-mannered, utterly kind, godfather-to-our-child friend Todd to use adjectives that were far more colorful and forceful than usual.

David kept trying to put his finger on what was going on, but ultimately we just decided that maybe the pre-wedding stuff was weighing a little heavier on Todd than it does most people. After all, he has been known to obsess over minutiae a time or sixty in the eighteen years that we’ve known him, and the details surrounding a wedding can make even the most laid-back person slap-dab crazy.

But still. We were concerned.

So we got to LA, and everything seemed fine except for the fact that Todd kept apologizing that he wasn’t getting to spend time with us. David assured him that while a wedding is good for many things, hammering out some quality time with your nearest and dearest is not one of them, and then Todd apologized and twitched some more.

We could not, for the life of us, figure out what was going on.

The day of the wedding we drove up to Palos Verdes, which has to be one of the most stunningly beautiful places I have ever visited. The scenery is so staggering that if you were to accidentally drive off the road and plunge straight into the Pacific Ocean, you might not even care because OH MY WORD AT LEAST YOU GOT TO SEE SO MUCH PRETTY.

The ceremony was at Wayfarers Chapel, a place that will absolutely take your breath away. After we arrived there, as we were walking up to the chapel, we noticed that there were a lot of cameras and microphones and clipboards with forms, but we just figured that wedding videographers out there are a little fayn-ci-er than what we’re used to here in the South. And based on our assumption, we bypassed all the people wearing headphones and walked inside.

The ceremony was absolutely lovely. Picture-perfect, in fact. And if I could, I would write an ode to Marti’s dress and then I would set the ode to music and sing it for you.

But, you know, I can’t.

I do apologize.

After the wedding we drove back to Redondo Beach for the reception (sidenote: on our way there, we passed a store that had a sign out front that said ALL SHOES: $20, and it took everything in me to stay firmly planted in my seat, because I totally wanted to pull a Bo Duke and roll down my window and hoist myself out of our moving vehicle so that I could check out ALL SHOES: $20. But I stayed in the car. It was a nuptial miracle). We finally found the reception site, where we were surprised to be greeted by even more people wearing headphones and holding forms.

Clearly something was afoot.

Then, when Marti showed up at the reception wearing a different dress than the aforementioned hypothetically-ode-inspiring dress that she wore in the wedding, I was Officially Suspicious.

Oh, I’m a quick one. Only took me THREE WHOLE HOURS to suspect anything at all.

As it turns out, Todd and Marti’s wedding was being filmed for a reality show on TLC called Rock the Reception (check out the video after the click), a show where three couples surprise their wedding guests by performing choreographed dance routines. And I’ve wanted to tell y’all all about it a thousand times, but I felt like I should watch the show before I posted about it in the event that some unfortunate editing caused me to be humiliated on national television.

Because on the way into the reception, as I was signing the release form for I-knew-not-what, I looked straight into the eyes of the assistant producer and said something along the lines of, “Gosh, we don’t have to sign forms like this at weddings in Alabama.”

And she said, “Really?”

And I said, “NAW.”

I SAID “NAW,” y’all.


And y’all know that if they HAD used that bit of footage on the show (which they didn’t, thank the Lord), they would’ve turned it into some repetitive loop of me saying, “We don’t have to sign forms like this in ALA-BAMMER, NAW!” while the banjos from “Deliverance” played in the background.

And they would have used CGI to make it look like I was picking my teeth with hay.

But fortunately my fears were unfounded. The show actually perfectly captured the low-key sweetness that is the very essence of Todd and the high-energy enthusiasm that is the very essence of Marti. They are so fun to watch.

And, I would add, even better to know in person.

So now, thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, you can see Todd and Marti’s dance right here. You may want to watch it before you share it with your kids, not because there’s anything distasteful, mind you, but because it is a playful little dance number between married folks who are fully entitled to be playful with each other, oh thank you Lord and amen.

So all of Todd’s excessive pre-wedding jitters? They were the result of having to learn and practice a choreographed dance routine – and, besides that, NOT TELL A SOUL about it – in the midst of all the last-minute wedding stuff.

The stress, it is understandable.

And I have to say that besides seeing seeing Marti and Todd perform, do you know what my favorite part of their whole reality television experience was? It was reading a review for Rock the Reception in Entertainment Weekly. Because the critic referred to Todd as “an introvert with two left feet.”

And then I wanted to email the reviewer and say, “BUT SIR, HE ROCKED THOSE TWO LEFT FEET WITH EVERYTHING HE HAD.”

That’s our boy, internets.

That’s our boy.

With the girl of his dreams.

And we are ever-so-proud.

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  1. LOVED IT! My favorite part is where the lady in black had to hold on to her…um “girls” when she was throwin’ down!

    They did great!

  2. That was completely AMAZING! What a great way to start off a new life. I loved it when Todd’s dad wiped his eyes, you could tell he was so proud. You could also tell Todd and Marti were proud of themselves, as they should be.

  3. OH. MY. I actually saw that the other night! That is too funny. I’m not much or a reality tv girl, but when I heard about the tear-off skirt, I was in!

    I can’t believe you were there! (I saw you towards the end!) How fun. You’re like a reality tv star now, huh? You. Go.

    Were people as shocked as they looked? The slapping the fanny number was a scream, especially for churchgoers!

  4. That was soooo fun to watch, and I bet they had fun doing it too!! and for an introvert he did a GREAT job!

  5. Yeah, Todd & Marti! Weddings are stressful enough as it is – I’m impressed that they pulled this off too!

    And I think you’d have looked pretty cute with that “Naw” line.

  6. That is hilarious! What a neat thing to do at a wedding. Todd did not look like he was nervous while he danced. They were great.

  7. Wow! I need a session or 26 with Marti’s personal trainer.

  8. k&c's Mom says:

    I loved it! I looked for you but didn’t see you (comparing the video to the small picture in your sidebar….) Is there a place where you show? Let us know the time on the timebar and we’ll dial you right up!

  9. I saw that when it aired and thought they were such a cute couple! They did a great job.

  10. That is so neat! What a fun way to start a life together – being silly and having a great time :)
    And to pass on a store full of $20 shoes – you are a true friend indeed!

  11. my mom would have died if any of her children or anyone she knew did that! she wouldn’t let her daughter’s have garters for the groom to remove because it was too risque.

    I personally loved it. I had a friend surprise his wife with that song for their first dance. It was great!


    Those planning to attend, please go to my blog and vote on where we should eat! Hurry! ONE DAY left to vote!!!

  13. Oh my lands, Sophie… You officially deserve the “I kept a secret” award! That is hilarious, not to mention a perfect way to celebrate a lifetime of love, fun and the art of marital dancing, no matter if you’ve got two left feet. My side-step had helped me time and time again.

  14. I LOVE THAT – especially when the little girl stuck that camera in front of her face – how sweet! :)

  15. Oh that was great! How famous are they?

    And, oh how I could not have handled the stress of that on top of a wedding. What does make Marti nervous b/c obviously weddings nor appearing on TV is on the list!

  16. That was awesome! I saw you at the end too! How cool!

  17. Okay I laughed out loud through the whole thing!
    Poor Todd looked so nervous right before he went out to dance
    I love when he said “so there are s ton of people in there – oh ok!”
    They both did great and the little girl with a camera and the old man that seemed to really be enjoying it made my day!
    So FUN!!
    Too bad they did not use your sound bit “NAW!” it would have been hilarious!

  18. That was absolutely darling. And Todd did not appear to be the least bit nervous, in the end. They rocked it, indeed! Two thumbs up!

  19. Oh my word! That was AWESOME!!! I actually teared up a little because I’m married to an introvert and I know how hard that would have been to pull off! Woot!

  20. Clearly you are in a league all of your own BooMama! You are so totally almost famous. (Don’t take that wrong…it is a compliment!)

    Wow, and you have some fun friends too…

    and…that dance did rock!

  21. I saw an article about them in the Clarion-Ledger a few weeks ago and just KNEW they were your Todd and Marti! I even meant to email you to ask. I missed the show, but I’ll watch the YouTube clip!

  22. AHHHH! The choreographers are Napoleon and Tabitha from So You Think You Can Dance! Wow!

  23. I looked and looked – where WERE you? The dance number is a hoot – he did quite well for having two left feet (which I believe makes buying shoes difficult – perchance Todd stops at the $20 every pair shoe place to accommodate his foot challenge?)

  24. Way. Too. Funny!!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few days now (hopped over from Marla Taviano’s blog) and I just had to introduce myself as a new reader in addition to the other tens of people who read your blog everyday. Can’t wait to get home – out from under these corporate firewalls – and watch Todd and Marti shake it up!

  25. I’m delurking!
    I live in Palos Verdes! About a mile way from the chapel you were at. I have to agree that this place is amazingly beautiful.
    Oh and I love it when couples do somethening really memorable at the reception! Too bad it made Todd super stressed.

  26. Aw, Naw…so fun. And the Deliverance comment made me wheeze (and I don’t even have asthma).

    Naw, I don’t.

    You are so fun…and loved! Praying for you, friend.

  27. They did a great job! I love the shocked looks on everyone’s faces!

  28. AHHHH, Boomama! That was HILARIOUS! I sat here with my hand over my mouth trying not to wake my girls! Oh I love that you were there! I think I saw you too right at the end?!? I’ve never heard of this show, but my how fun! This has made my night! I love the looks on the erm, elderly folks’ faces! hehehe. And his dad wiping away a tear, so funny!!!!

  29. Oh my sweet mercy. That is the best thing I’ve seen in a VERY long time.

  30. That was great and I only had to replay it twice to find you.

  31. Oh my goodness, I totally saw that when it aired!!! That is so awesome that it was y’all’s Todd and Marti! LOVE it!

    I am so about to go watch it again.

  32. That was awesome!!!

    I saw you in the crowd shot almost at the very end!

  33. That was incredible! Wow!
    And I saw you too!

  34. Oh! I meant to say that this is the last day for the Fancy BooMama Book Special on my site. (I’ll leave it up ’til midnight.)


    Guys, thanks so much for your overwhelming response. I’ve been so blessed by so many of you! Praise you, Jesus!


    Are you a secret ring of spies?

    Seriously. I didn’t even see myself until y’all mentioned it.

    I’m sure I was screaming “NAW” when they captured me on film.

  36. If there was a reality show that filmed newly married couples sitting in separate chairs reading books? We SO would have been into that.

  37. That was really awesome! How fun!

  38. That is hilarious and sweet. You were right – email and tell them. Of course, letting your ‘internets’ friends know is a great way too. ;)

  39. The look on Todd’s face right before he was about to go on was the exact look I’d have on my face if I had to dance in front of a large group of people.

    Loved it.

  40. So FUNNY! I saw you in there too! That was great! Thanks for sharing.

  41. Dang, girl. You have the most in-er-es-tin life!

  42. That was so much fun to watch and to read about! Thanks so much for sharing it with us :)

  43. I saw the article in the Clarion Ledger a couple of weeks ago and was watching for the show! It was great, they did great, knew it had to be your friends! Saw a glimpse of you at the end. I think it’s so fun that people would do something that memorable and rockin for their receptions! Too cool.

  44. That ROCKED! very cool. Even saw a bit of the Boo on there – one teensy tiny glimpse. :)

  45. How absolutely fun! I’m on my way over to enjoy it :)

    When we got married, John didn’t “dance”- so my folks came up to our little house that John lived in and we all played tunes and taught him how to waltz. It was hysterical.

    Now, I must go cry the ugly cry- for you have made me homesick for my growing up places. Sweet memories of baby oil, boogie boards and Redondo Beach.

  46. Marian Lindsey Richards says:

    I can’t believe that’s Todd Harris! I’ve wondered how he’s doing and what he’s up to in LA!

    Love the blog, by the way!

    You are a hoot!

  47. That was great… I loved your description of it.

  48. How fun to know people so brave! I saw this when it aired and their dance ROCKED – I’d like to be Marti’s friend. Let her know, K?

  49. How fun!! And the reactions of the guests…priceless!! I’ve never heard of that show before but will look for it now. What a life you lead! You’re a blessed mama! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  50. That is the best wedding video I have ever seen in my entire life! It must have been a total BLAST to be there and see it all unfold without having any clue what was going on. FANTASTIC! Your friend Todd is one heck of a brave man for going through with that. My hat goes off to him.

    What a great video they have to show their kids some day.

  51. Ok – now I have one regret on my wedding day – that we did not surprise our guests with a dance!

  52. I couldn’t stand it when the little girl with the white camera took a picture after he defrocked her of the proper skirt! Wildly original and very funny! And YOU WERE THERE? How fun is that? Now, what ever will they tell the children! Oh, and who were the two who jumped in at the end, cause it sort of look like they practiced this whole thing!

    Thanks for sharing – I might just have to send this out in an email – it is that good!

    And they did, they ROCKED IT! My husband would have died.

  53. OH MY GOSH! Napoleon and Tabitha! I love them!

    And your friends? Can they be my friends too? When the, I’m assuming Maid of Honor and Best Man? jump out on the dance floor to join in, I about DIED laughing. It was perfection!

    I would have been screaming and throwing my bra on stage had I been there. Looks like it was a riot. How fun. :)


  54. That completely rocked my socks off…LOVED IT! And I too saw you at the end.

    Oh and some of peoples faces in the crowd…priceless!

  55. That was so fun!

    Who is the couple joining them at the end?

  56. How exciting for you to be a part of that. So fun!

  57. That was so fun! I thought they did a great job! I saw you there towards the end.

  58. OH MY WORD! That was awesome!!!!

  59. Oh.My.Lanta. That was fun!

    And BTW Bo was so much better at the side-out-of-the-car-window thing, but Luke was the Looker! BG

  60. Ok Sophie…I had NO IDEA where you were going with this story! I was beginning to think something really bad happened!

    Who woulda thunk!!! Thats what I would have said to Miss high profile Hollywood producer. :)

    That was awesome!

  61. That was great!!! I saw you at the end, too.

  62. What a fun, fun thing to do at a wedding! Fabulous!

  63. Whaa! I want to see it and the link isn’t working for me! Any ideas?

  64. How fun is that?!?! What a neat couple!

  65. I watched this episode when it aired. I loved it so much that I blogged about it last week. I can’t dance either so I could totally sympathize with his anxiety. And he rocked it out. I can’t wait to watch the next episode. I spotted you in the video right away.

  66. Ohmygoodness.

    I watched the show when it came on, and I just could NOT shake this nagging feeling that I knew Todd and Marti from somewhere.

    And now I know…

  67. Chris said instead of picking your teeth with hay, it should have been picking your ears with your keys–your own keys, of course. Cause that would be like gross to use someone else’s keys.

  68. What an awesome way to make a wedding memorable! They did a great job.

  69. How have I not heard of this oh-so-fun reality show? Oh, I know, because I don’t have TLC anymore :(

    But how funny was that? You really do associate with famous people, Boomama. And your post about it was HA-LARIOUS! especially when you were talking to the crew about being from the south and all. Oh I wish there was a video clip of that :)

  70. Oh that’s great! And I have to empathize with Todd, because although I have been known to grab my share of the spotlight, I indeed have two left feet and no rhythm.

    Did I spot you in the YouTube video right at the end (either just before or just after he looks up from the dip and there’s a close up of his face?). I thought I saw a woman in black who could’ve been you.

  71. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh…did you get to meet my new favorite choregraphers from SYTYCD??? I love them. And everything else about your post was great…did I mention I love them?

  72. I went to high school with Todd, he has come a long way from the Pee Wee Herman dance! That was great!!

  73. I had to enlarge the picture and watch it 3 times – but there you WERE! our BooMama in living color and having a ball – you are such fun – truly a fun o rama as it were and I think your friends might have a touch of that blessing too.

  74. I saw this on TV and thought it was fantastic! I can’t believe you’re friends with them. How much fun to have been surprised by that at your friend’s wedding.

    God Bless! And I, too, loved that the maid of honor held onto her girls during a particularly bouncy part of the dance. hilarious.

    You go, Todd!

  75. That was THE coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Way to go Todd! :-)

  76. That was so cool!! They RAWKED it.

  77. He did a fabulous job! You could see how nervous beforehand, but during the actual dance he really pulled it off. Must be true love. :)

  78. OMGosh! That was too cool. I loved watching the expressions on all the guest’s faces. Not too many men would do that. Kudos to Todd.

  79. That is SO FUN!! They did a fabulous job! And I LOVE Napolean and Tabitha. Are you watching So You Think You Can Dance?

  80. Elizabeth says:

    The fact that you said you wanted to “pull a Bo Duke” reminds me of why I read this blog every day.

  81. This can best be surmised with my favorite quote from that movie, “The Incredibles.”

    “That. Was. Totally. WICKED!”

    And you were there? Even wickeder! : )

  82. Loved the crowd reactions- priceless! I’m going to have to set TiVo to record it the next time it airs so that I can see the whole thing…

  83. We watched that show when it aired. It was probably one of the funniest, warmest, coolest things we have seen in a long time. I am glad to know that he has great friends like you. He and Marti looked GREAT!!!!!!

  84. OH MY WORD I saw that episode and I thought they were the best couple ever!! They rocked that song!

  85. Wow, you are all so supportive.

    It was stressful doing the show but so worth while int he end.

    To answer one of your questions, the two dancers at the end were my brides”maids.”

    Thanks for all the love!


  86. I was wondering why you didn’t say more about your dear friends’ wedding at the time. Now I know. And I feel SO much better!

  87. How FUN! I smiled through the whole video. Loved it.


  88. That’s so SWEET! I smiled and laughed and by the end I was actually shedding a few tears!

  89. That looks like so much fun! I miss TLC. I don’t have that channel anymore. Why can’t we pick the channels we want instead of silly packages?

    Congratulations to Todd and Marti on their wedding!

  90. OH.MY.GOSH! That is so so awesome. i just loved it. I had a huge smile the whole way through!!