Somebody Help Me I’m Supervising A Craft

As part of our ongoing efforts to convince the five year-old that an indoor activity can actually be fun EVEN IF IT DOESN’T END WITH THE LETTERS “ii,” I pulled out the paints and canvas this afternoon so that the little guy could exercise his inner Picasso.

And apparently, if what I’m seeing on the canvas is any indication, the inner Picasso sitting next to me has quite the thing for brown.

He’s gettin’ his earth tones on. That’s all I’m sayin’.

So anyway. I thought this might be an excellent time for me to share some announcements with the class.

1) Several of y’all emailed me asking if Believing God is available online. And the answer is yes, it is – videos and all. You can find all the info right here, and I’m sure there’s some sassy way several of you could go through the study together. I’d actually love to go through the study again, but I can’t right now seeing as how I’m seriously overcommitted and all.

2) I mentioned Brooke Fraser a few days ago on my links page. LOVE HER. And last night, when I was looking around on iTunes because WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO DO, CLEAN OR WASH CLOTHES OR SOMETHING, I noticed that her most recent CD is an iTunes editor’s choice right now, which means you can download the whole thing for $5.99. Personally I think that is quite the bargain.

3) If you live in the same area that I do, you can find BlawgHer information right here.

4) The Third Day Revelation giveaway will be open until 6 PM central time Monday. Then I’ll shut ‘er down and draw for winners.

5) On the 4th we went to the symphony pops thing in my hometown. It was a typical July night in the Deep South – maybe just a smidge cooler than usual since it was only about 85 degrees with 98 percent humidity. I wore shorts and a tube top.


I mean, I think we all know that I like to save my tube tops for church.

So I wore shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Mama and Martha wore long pants. No surprise there since neither of them, to my knowledge, has bared a leg in public since sometime around 1974.

But here’s the kicker: do you know what they wore with those long pants on Ye Olde Independence Day? They wore blazers. BLAZERS. Just in case there was a chill in the air.

In Mississippi. In July.

And as I sat there with them I couldn’t help but think that if I too had been wearing a blazer, I would have sweated off fifteen pounds in water weight before the fireworks even started.

Either that or I would have died.

Now do have a lovely Sunday evening.

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  1. I have never worn a blazer in my entire life. Not even once. Ick.

    Crafts = also ick.

  2. Oh, shoot. I lied. I borrowed a navy suit from a friend for a teaching interview back in ’99.

    Have a great week, Boo!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the Brooke Fraser download. Done!

  4. I have MISSED YOU these past 3 days!! I’m so glad you’re back!

    Am I right in guessing that neither your mama or Martha broke a sweat in their long pants and blazers, right? Even wearing shorts and short sleeves, I wouldn’t have had a dry hair on my head just from walking from my car to the event! I am so ladylike that way.

  5. I’m so laughing at your blazer remarks. Just this morning, as we were finding a place to park at church one of our older ladies was sporting a blazer, which caused me much distress since I’d been sweating all stinkin’ morning!

  6. Oh, I love some stories of Mama and Martha!! Perhaps they should move to Colorado and enjoy the cool possibilities :) Although it’s been HOT this weekend.

    Love Alex’s brown and enjoyed Brooke Fraser on your links.

    Have a blessed week!!

  7. Thanks for the update – the blazers in Mississippi does seem a bit over the top (and menopaused or not – seriously hotly flashed!) I live in Texas – when it is 100 degrees (and it is often enough) and HoHum weather (hot and humid) – I am almost heat stricken seeing the women who wear skin tight JEANS and boots – and that dear blawgher friends is truly how the West was won – some tough wimmens!

  8. Lurker here coming out of hiding…..

    Thanks for being you. You CRACK ME UP!

  9. Mary Lou says:

    How you make me laugh. Living here in the south with you,in Tennessee, I know exactly what you mean by the humidity and sweat….how your mother’s had on blazers I will never know….I know they are needed in side of churches and other places but not outside…..way too hot and humid. Thanks for sharing and I love the way you write…always brings a smile if not a laugh…good for the soul. Blessings on your week.

  10. Oh that made me sweat just thinking about it!

  11. Hmm, the 15 pounds might be worth a heatstroke. At least the blazer would keep the mosquitos off of you.

  12. Oh my word.. you wear tube tops to church too? I thought I was the only one! My poor, conservative, deacon husband sits in the balcony. Only, I wear mine(s) with a blazer.

  13. Yeah for baring those legs! And do we get to see Mr. Picasso’s masterpiece? Sounds lovely . . .

  14. Yeah, I choked on the tube top comments.

  15. You’re funny…and you make me smile :) Thanks!

  16. Oh, the crafting. Yuck. I believe I would rather them just play Wii. We got a Wii last weekend and are having a blast. Have you managed to get your hands on a Mario Kart in town and if so, do you like it? We can’t decide if it’s worth paying Amazon prices for. Because, well, we’ve never played it.

  17. Blazers? Yikes!

  18. Just be glad you have somethin’ to hold a tube top up. I still have the same chest I had when I was seven, when tube tops were in style. Wouldn’t stay up then, wouldn’t stay up now.

    Oh, come on. You KNOW Mama and Martha wore pants because they simply didn’t want to shave their legs.

    (THOUGH WHO AM I KIDDING. They are khlassay. Unlike me.)

    I just bare my hair, varicose veins, AND cellulite aaalllll summer long. Keeps the children screaming (i.e., away from me.)

  19. You should probably edit to add that they were “linen blazers”.

    I actually donned a “sleeve” myself. :)

  20. Blazers. BLAZERS?! Oh my. There’s just no earthly way. Even if they were linen. I think you might see me in a tube top before you saw me in a blazer. In July. In Mississippi, Missouri, or any other southern or semi-southern state!

  21. Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine wearing a blazer, not even a linen blazer, in the summer. I’m like you I would have died before getting to the event. I bet they sleep in long-sleeved pajamas IN THE SUMMER. LOL!

  22. Mama’s blazer was linen. Martha’s was not. It was heavy. It was LINED. But it was also quite festive because she accented the lapel with a rhinestone flag pin that she bought over thirty years ago, DID YOU KNOW SHE HAS HAD THAT PIN FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS? SHE HAS! OH YES SHE HAS!

  23. I bet one or both of them had panty hose under their pants that matched their blazers. What fashionistas !! My mom always overdressed where ever she was. It was like a plan she made to look better than anyone there . Even if it made her hot on a 101 day. It’s the southern way..No matter the fact that you are 77 and still have your hair done once a week. She used to say,,you girls wash your hair way too much. I get mine done once a week since I was in my twenties..That makes my head itch just thinking about it.

  24. Mama and Martha sound so much like my own mother, God rest her southern soul! Not only would she have had the blazer and the panty hose (maybe knee highs if it were over 100 degrees), she’d have insisted on carrying the matching leather purse (with hanky). She had her hair done once a week too. Every Thursday at 4:30 sharp. Even when she lost all her hair from chemotherapy, she dropped off her wig every week for a “comb out.” She still had to be sassy for church on Sunday!
    She opted for cremation so she wouldn’t be turning in her grave every Sunday morning knowing that I wear jeans (yikes!) and sometimes even shorts to church! Oh yes I do. I own three dresses now. One for funerals, one for those times I have to go to formals with my husband (he’s in the Air Force), and one for just in case a visiting pastor happens to be at church.


  25. Oh, how you just crack me up. I too was out in the wonderful Mississippi sticky air on the 4th. I also saw the sweet little older ladies in their pants and long sleeves. Oh, my! Granted it wasn’t as hot as it could have been, but it was hot, nonetheless.

  26. Oh my goodness! I needed that laugh! You crack me up! But, I thought you weren’t a hoochie mama!

  27. That is hilarious about the tube top and shorts!

    I get cold easily if I am just sitting, so I have what I call my “old lady sweater” which I carry in my backpack. It is a little white sweater with little round ‘pearl’ buttons. Maybe when I am a little older I will graduate to the blazer.

  28. Just the mere thought of donning a blazer makes me want to run screaming for the pool fully clothed.
    Bless their sweet proper hearts

  29. You’re killing me with the blazer commentary!! That was so funny. Maybe we should wear blazers in San Antonio since I am sure it will only be 113 degrees in the shade. hehe
    Have a great week.

  30. The blazers are just one of many reasons I love the South–and Southern women in particular. I would love to be one of those Steel Magnolias someday, but, alas, I was born in the wrong part of the country. I mean, really, to be able to weather the heat in LAYERS and not even break a sweat (I’m sure they didn’t break a sweat) is a truly awe-inspiring thing, doncha think?

  31. When I lived in Kentucky (where I went to grad school), I for some reason wore long sleeves all year long.

    To this day, I have no idea why.

    Now that I’m back in MN, I tend to wear short sleves year round.

    Go figure.

  32. I have nothing of value to say. I just wanted to let you know I was here. Delurking and all. ;)

    Although, I did get a giggle over the ladies in their proper attire. I saw a lady the other day that had a very open-toed leather sandal..and hose. With a seam and reinforcement at the toe. My husband saw it also and said very matter-of-factly, “Oh, she doesn’t leave the house without her Lycra. She was brought up right.”


  33. Did the blazers have shoulder pads?

  34. Christina says:

    Thanks for the link for Beth Moore! I found her BG CD’s when I moved apartments and I was sad to not have the book…. being in China makes that difficult and I was just thinking how nice that would be to just go on down the road to Lifeway (I live in Chattanooga) and then bam! He answered my prayer for more info on it through your link!


    And I made peach cobbler for the 4th, all the way over here in China-land, yes ma’am I did!

  35. Now see, I save a nice halter top for church. I think the tube is just overdone. ;>)

  36. Are you from Jackson, MS? I grew up in and around Jackson, but now live in South MS. I couldn’t imagine wearing long pants and a blazer on July 4th. I’m with you…shorts and t-shirt! :)

  37. When I was young our family took a vacation to Six Flags Over Georgia. I remember my great-grandmother wearing this big bulky sweater and I know it was at least 90 degrees in the shade!

  38. Christine says:

    What is it with the “ladies of a certain age” and their proper attire! On the 4th I took a hem for my mom on a dress she’s “had for years and I just can’t wear it – it has no shape, I feel so frumpy in it!” OK, so I took the dress in a little and then I went to take the hem. You’ve never seen a 67 year old woman argue about that last 1/2″ at the knee. “I’m not 16 Chris, why would I show my knees?!” Here I was thinking the idea was to get rid of the frumpy. I finally got her to see the light and she now has a very sassy, not frumpy sleeveless seersucker dress for “casual day” at work. Over which, she will, of course, wear a blazer. White, even. Sighhh….

    We did 4th of July crafts. Quite a bit of work, the kiddie crafting was. I should have known better as I was scrounging around for empty toilet paper rolls, drinking straws, glitter and glue. But the girlies had fun and that’s all that really matters. My mom will have a grand time cleaning up the glitter!

  39. Blazers? Oh my. I’m such a wimp…here I am complaining that it’s hot in California, and we don’t even have humidity! LOL.

  40. Perhaps you should start ‘Tube Top Tuesdays’ Ladies Brunch in your church…(or thong Thursday)…nevermind…(that ‘appropriate boundaries’ line you previously talked about has just been passed)

  41. BooMama, I think I’ve found a kindred spirit for your Mama and Martha. Thursday, a bunch of friends and I went to a Chattanooga Lookouts game to watch the game and fireworks off the river (they’re a farm club of the Cincinnati Reds), and there was a lovely lady a few rows down from us, wearing pants and coordinating blazer, as well as a very lovely broach in the 90+ degree heat (not including humidity). She had a hanky too… but the best part was that, when she got a little overheated, she busted out a coordinating umbrella to complete her ensemble and shade herself. I couldn’t take a picture of her, but trust me… I wish I had. She was clearly in her late 70’s, early 80’s, but was adorable.

  42. Oh my…I’m laughing outloud. You have a wonderful sense of humor……
    You were being funny about the tube top in church, right? :)
    I’ve enjoyed your blog quite a lot since I stumbled on it this summer. Stumbled on it?….no, discovered it this summer. :)

  43. Hey there Boomama… My family- most of ’em anyway… is heading out for Orange Beach, Alabama. That means Alabama is about to be invaded by a whole mess load ‘a Texans… and that could be a dangerous thing – especially since my dad is driving — and the only other males on the trip will be ages 8 years and 5 months. GOOD LUCK – ALABAMA! My two aunts (Mom’s sisters), my sister-in-law, my neice, the two nephews, my two girls and my mom and dad are embarking on this journey next Saturday! Pray for them all. Especially my sister-in-law and my dad. I’m pretty sure it is going to be the most trying for her because she is the only one of her generation — and the most trying for my dad because he is the only adult male – and he’s driving! Woo Hoo!

  44. Isn’t the Brooke Fraser CD awesome?! If you like her, you’ll like Meredith Andrews. Also awesome.

    And the blazer thingy must be generational. My mother NEVER, and I mean never, goes anywhere without hers. She even has a short sleeve one for summer. In black. Shoulder pads and all!

  45. Third Day? I’m in. Like flyn! :) Whatever or whomever flyn is. :)

  46. My 90 year old grandfather came to visit earlier this summer. We took him to my son’s baseball game. He wore his long johns, flannel shirt and flannel lined jeans – just in case he got a chill. It’s Alabama – not Iceland! Glad to report – he was quite comfortable – so he said.

  47. Bailey's Leaf says:

    They sell a bunch of those naked wood baskets/birdhouses and such at the Dollar Store. Try giving the boy something a bit more toothy to paint.

    Also, I take my daughter K- to the Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics. They are FREE! and they build two new projects a month. The kids get an apron, new patches and a certificate everytime they come and build something. I know that Home Depot has a similar program. My daughter loves to come home and paint or color her projects. We’ve made a ton of stuff. They are nice free little projects, and have helped us to learn to work together to build something (and follow directions!) You can check them out at You must pre-register, though. But, with this economy especially, we’re all about the FREE! stuff.

    PS I’m an artist. One of those card-carrying types. E-mail me if you need help doing artsy stuff with Howard! :)

  48. I’m afraid a tube top on me would look the same from the back as well as the front. If I wasn’t careful, folks wouldn’t know which direction I was going!

    I so hate that I am going to miss BlawgHer. I hope you will consider a BlawgHer Too for those of us who will miss it tomorrow.

  49. My sister did the craft thing with her kids. She bought canvases and paints and let the kids go to town. Then she took the finish product and hung them on the wall in their family room. Great idea! I need to try that one. Only I am not brave enough yet, we have a 3 yr. old.