I’m Over There


I have a new post over at AllAccess on unexpected friendships.

That’s all.

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  1. I’m deeply disturbed every time I go there or here and see, in large green type, the words “Kay Arthur” and “Great Sex” in the sidebar. Disturbed. Deeply.

    That is all.

  2. What a blessing it was to read the other blog about the ladies in the brown t-shirts. The Lord works in such wonderful ways.

    I hate that I missed BlawgHer, hope to have another opportunity to attend.


  3. Okay. . .so I clicked over at your suggestion and then sat here and bawled. BAWLED. Great post, and so true, so true. Aside from all of the laughter and encouragement and love of God, I know that you PERSONALLY have made an indellible mark on how I cook butterbeans. Love ya.

    And although I am not DISTURBED by Kay Arthur and her great SEX, it HAS made me want to write “putting up pickles God’s way” as an alternate title. Ole Shaun up there (by the way Shaun–listen to your tunes on KSBJ in Houston) opened up my Pandora’s box of a comment for me. :)

  4. https://www.boomama.net/2006/07/05/im-posting-this-running-from-the-computer-and-never-looking-back/

    Just in case anyone finds me uncouth–the original post in its entirety–so hilarious.

  5. My eleven year old son just walked through the room and did a double take at the computer screen. I wonder what he thinks I’m doing with the word SEX in big letters at the side!

    I am totally freaking my kids out…first meeting other bloggers, now this.

  6. that post made me weep, then going to the link made me weep more. such a touching story of friendship and love! thanks for making me aware!

  7. Left ya a comment over there. Good stuff, girlie.

  8. very touching story…couldn’t help the tears.
    many blessings to you