You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When I Go

Back in February Keely told me that Dave Barnes (I’m not sure if y’all realize this, but I kind of enjoy him) did a stand-up show in Nashville last year, and she said, “Hey, if he does one again this year, y’all should totally try to be there.”

And I was all, “Well, um, DONE.”

The stand-up show was this past Thursday night, and IT WAS A DELIGHT. Before the show the husband and I had dinner with some fun friends, and I cannot adequately express what a great meal we had.

However, there are two magical words that just may help you to understand: CHEESE FRITTERS.

After dinner we went to the Dave Barnes comedy extravaganza, and while we didn’t conduct an official survey, the four of us were pretty confident that we were the oldest people there. By a considerable margin. And the age difference was made all the more evident by the fact that Travis started to yawn A LOT about ten minutes before the show started, which, by the way, was at 7:30.


On Friday Sister and I shopped the day away just as we’d planned, but I’m afeared that something must be deeply, terribly wrong with me because I did not buy one thing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I bought a twelve-pack of diet Coke and a pack of IceBreakers gum. But unfortunately I cannot actually wear those items. Unless I find myself in the middle of some sort of impromptu Project Runway challenge, of course.

Friday night at something like 1:30 in the morning (is that contradictory? to say “Friday night…in the morning”? rest assured that my intention is not to confuse), Sister and I were sitting in her den – with our respective laptops, of course – just like a couple of sixteen year-olds who had nothing to do but scour the web while we watched video after video on CMT.

Which reminds me: the median age for a female country music artist? Is now seven.

Anyway, at some point in our late night / early morning interweb surfing we realized that lots of blogs wouldn’t load at all in Internet Explorer. And we also realized that it was taking my blog approximately four hours to load in Safari and Firefox. As it turned out (thanks, Twitter, for the help!) there were two culprits: Site Meter and Bible Promise. So I took down the code for both, and then everything worked perfectly fine.

You may have heard me sigh audibly around 2:30 Saturday morning.

And please, let’s remember: the Bible still has promises. You just won’t be finding them in my sidebar until I can figure out why those promises take so long to load.

Perhaps my blawg is in a season of spiritual rebellion. Sort of like its author in her early 20s.



I guess I should get to my point (aside from the fourteen inconsequential things I’ve already discussed, none of which will increase the quality of your life even one teensy tiny bit; however, you are probably all too aware that I consider rambling to be one of my spiritual gifts).

Here we go.

I’m going to take a bit of a bloggy break for the next couple of weeks. We need to get ready for the school year and then get in the swing of our new schedule, and I want to do that without self-imposed deadlines looming over my silly little head. I have some stuff from my archives scheduled to auto-post, and hopefully that will prove to be mildly entertaining if you have a day where you’re absolutely desperate to be mildly entertained.

I live to serve, you know.

I’ll still be posting over at allaccess a couple of times a week, so check in with us there if you get a chance.

And if all goes as planned, I’ll be back here around August 18th-ish.

See you soon, everybody!

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  1. i love that you have your priorities in order! enjoy your bloggy break.

    i live franklin, tn, and always love hearing about your fun times in nashville! :)

  2. My blog wouldn’t work Friday night either! I had just added Sitemeter to my blog on Thursday, and wondered if that was the problem. Thanks for clearing that up. Enjoy your break! :-)

  3. Enjoy your break!

  4. I’ll miss you but I guess you have some stuff with kindergarten coming and all. :-)
    I’m laughing so hard at you calling Travis Pap-pa. I would have been mam-ma right along with him.
    Scott and I went to see David Crowder last year on his club tour – it was a standing only concert that started at like 7:30 or 8. I’ve never felt so old in my life. Not only because we were the OLDEST people there but also because I chose to wear cute boots with heels instead of jeans and tennis shoes like the rest of the crowd and after 4 hours of standing (at one of the BEST concerts ever) I could barely crawl out of that place and had to spend the next day recovering.
    That’s the day I realized I was not 23 anymore. Sadness.

  5. Well, you have a great back-to-school break. We’ll be waiting for you.

  6. Enjoy your bloggy break, girlie! Can’t wait to hear what trouble you get yourself into.

  7. I had the same problem with my blog this weekend….t is FINALLY working again. I was beginning to think I had been kicked out of bloggy world for having the most boring posts or something….glad to know it was just an issue with sitemeter!

  8. We will miss you, but completely understand. :-)

  9. Blogger was 10 kinds of screwed up this weekend. I’m thinking of you as you get your man all ready for kindergarten. It will break your heart and set you free and then break your heart some more. He will do great and you will do great and it’s all KINDS of fodder for the blawg. Just remember that you get to cry your cry AND stand amazed at what a kindergartener is all at the same time.

  10. Enjoy your break!

  11. I’m proud of you, girl. Way to have your priorities straight. (I mean that about your blogging break, Dave Barnes and the cheese fritters. And I don’t think I’ve ever even had cheese fritters, but OH MY WORD. Just hearing those words together is enough for me.)

    Have a great time focusing on your not-so-little man. May God refresh your spirit, body and mind.

  12. Happy Blogcation! See ya here later in the month or at least on ALLaccess.

    Where DID the summer go? argh!

  13. “And please, let’s remember: the Bible still has promises. You just won’t be finding them in my sidebar until I can figure out why those promises take so long to load.”

    Single most hilarious quote ever. I may make it my myspace headline. lol.

  14. I enjoy reading your blog. I’ve bookmarked you in my favorites. I am writing to invite you to join in the fun at the blog my sister-in-law and I keep…The Chocolistas.

    We, The Chocolistas, are holding a Name That Chocolate Dessert Contest…August 4 – 16….with prizes! We’d love for you to participate.

    Come and join the fun!

  15. Have a great break! BTW, I don’t know about the “Bible Promises” issue, but I do know that the Sitemeter issue is now cleared up–I had the same problem with my blog. :-)

    See you when you return to Blogland!

  16. Perfectly happy for you Sophie!! You’ll be back in time to help us get fired up for SA!! :) Enjoy your sweet men and we’ll enjoy the archives.


  17. When my daughter went to school, there was a Boohoo, Yahoo Breakfast and it alternated who was boohooing and who was yahooing. Your world will open up and little mister will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE school. Bless you!


  18. Have a great break, Sophie. I think I may be right behind you. Time to batten down the hatches, so to speak, and get ready for The Next Big (Little) Thing at FriedOkra Manor. Hugs – M

  19. Well you have solved a mystery for me. I kept wondering why your blog was taking so long to load these past couple of weeks. Glad you found the answer!

    Enjoy your couple weeks hiatus. I’ll be taking one too. This is a crazy time of year, isn’t it? Or are they all just crazy?

  20. So, everybody’s all “Oh, I completely understand! Take all the time you need!”

    And I?

    Well, I’m mourning the loss of my blog drug of choice for two weeks, aka YOU.

    But I guess I should go with the crowd and say all kinds of things I don’t really mean like “Oh, I’m sure this will be good for you!” and “You deserve this break.”


  21. Ummm, before you go and get your priorities in order could you make a button per <h ref=”” addendum 1, page 2 of your blawg.

    Thanks! ;)

  22. That last comment was meant to be sassy not rude! Sorry.

  23. See you soon!! Just in time for football season… Good luck with Alex’s school starting. My oldest misses the cutoff (b’day in Sept) so we have one more year before all the kindergarten fun begins. Take care!

  24. I have now officially Laughed Out Loud TWICE in one day; first QueenB, now you! Tavis = Pawpaw…hilarious!

  25. See you in a few! I’ll miss your sass! (although your RECYCLED sass is somehow funnier than most people’s NEW sass)

    When I’m missing you, I’ll comfort myself with Bible promises. They’re still there, you know.

  26. I just realized that I read this yesterday, and the whole time, I thought it was Melanie.

    It’s kinda messing with my mind.

  27. Rambling as a spiritual gift – if I had coffee in my mouth when I read that, it would have been all over my computer screen, it was so funny. Thank you for being thoughtful enough not to write that until AFTER my coffee was finished.

    Enjoy your break!

  28. Have yourself an amazing bloggy break!

  29. Hi BooMama! I Hope you enjoy your break. I know I’ve kind of been “breaking” pretty much all summer off and on. Sometimes you just gotta soak up a little so you’ll have something else to squeeze out later on! Know what I mean!
    But I did want to let you know that I’ve been listening to the Big Boo Web cast the last few days while I’m out on my morning walk. I’m out there walking around abandoned city parks just laughing out loud at you and Big Mama and Fry Daddy! When I do see a fellow walker I try to tone it down a little, but most of the time I’m just a grinning! Makes my walks go by nice and fast and feels more like walking with friends than walking all by my lonesome! Thanks for lightening my load!
    Happy blogging break!

  30. Christine says:

    Enjoy your bloggy break! That’s such a great idea, to take a breather while a new life stage comes to your house! And for my own selfish reasons, I have to say, your timing is perfect! I come back from vacation August 18th! We leave in two days and now I dont’ have to frantically search for an internet connection to see if you’ve posted any new cheese recipes :) I’ll be thinking of you though! We’re heading to North Carolina, which I relaie isn’t your state, but it’s the south nonetheless and in my wee brain Sophie=The South! Cheers!

  31. Kids get vacations from school. Employees get paid vacation time to recharge. Bloggers deserve some time off too. Enjoy the temporary reduction in responsibilities. You deserve it!

  32. Enjoy your break.I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.

    Until then, I will continue to read your blog re-runs with much joy.

  33. While I will miss you DESPERATELY, I hope you enjoy your break. Come back rested and refreshed. We’ll think of you fondly while you’re gone.

  34. I will still click over everyday, in case you are lying. Or at least stalk you on Twitter. You can’t get away from me so easily :)

  35. I shopped in Nashville and Murfreesboro this past weekend and I bought a few things. Thought of you as I passed SteinMart. :)

    Glad you enjoyed your time in Nashville. :)

    Enjoy your bloggy break and I will see you in San Antonio.

  36. That explains why I couldn’t see your blog fer quite a spell…I have Safari.

    Thanks for making it Safari friendly again. And don’t worry about God’s promises, I have my own copy!