Oh, A Title Would Be Far Too Ambitious At This Early Hour

Hey y’all –

I’ll be back in a little while with a real-live post that has been somewhat thoughtfully constructed with words and, lo, even sentences, but I wanted to let you know that if you were in San Antonio this past weekend at Living Proof and have written about it on your blog, we’re putting together a list of links over at allaccess. I can’t get the Mr. Linky code to work in the template over there, so just leave a link to your post in the comments.

Not the comments here, by the way. The comments over there.

I do hope that makes sense.

Email if you have questions.

And if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be getting back to the business of removing my eyelids from my cheeks. Because the weekend’s lack of sleep and abundance of caffeine have left my eyes a bit SWOLE UP.

Which is totally the medical term. Just in case you were wondering.

Happy Monday, bloggy peoples!

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  1. Ok, I must just say I am TOTALLY jealous (which is not exactly Christ-like I know)… But, I’m admitting that I am. Can’t wait to hear all about the weekend with Miss Beth! I was fortunate enough to be in Louisville for the simulcast which was awesome enough. But, I am betting this weekend was so special with all the gals getting together. Enjoy getting settled back at home, drinking plenty of caffeine & we’ll be looking forward to the details in the coming posts….

  2. Welcome home! I was out of town without Internet access for a few days, and have been missing your and BigMama’s posts. Can’t wait to get caught up on your San Antonio weekend extravaganza!

  3. Oh, dear…

    Swole up? I have insisted to my husband forEVAH that was not a real phrase.

    He most certainly will now be indebted to you, and you just won yourself a new fan. And I’m eating crow ;).

  4. Oh goody. A carnival. I can’t wait for all the wrap-up posts to hit. I figure it will be at least Tuesday before y’all are ready to compose thoughts.

  5. Great idea!

    And my eyes are swole up too…from crying at the conference, crying after the conference, then crying again when I told my husband about what God taught me at um…well…the conference!

  6. Oh my friend I met in Texas, you make me smile…okay laugh…what a joy and treasure this past weekend was for me. You are part of that, and when you get your camera back…I was the one taking all the extra pics…they made me do it…nice meeting you.

  7. I wish I would’ve known you were in San Antonio this weekend! Well, not that we know each other or anything, but still… I could’ve pretended we might have run into each other as I was coming out of my appointment with my hair wizard. And I would have definitely gone to a Steinmart(s) in hopes of a Boomama sighting. Hope you had a wonderful visit to Texas!

  8. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    And the eyelid thing? I can totally relate. For me though, it was the startling bags under my eyes. I actually was swole up with craters below. I can assure you it was not pretty!

  9. Talking to you in the airport yesterday was great! What a blessing the whole weekend was. I honestly have no words for it and am still in AWE…

    Here are the links for my blog post. One is the actual post and the other is pictures.


  10. Wow! You work fast! When you mentioned doing this linky thing Saturday, I figured it would be forthcoming…like, a week. Now I’ve got to stop chugging the coffee and get busy posting! LOL!

    It was great to meet you in person this weekend. The entire weekend was such a blessing…


  11. *Pout* I wanted to here Bethy speak!! **Stomp, stomp!**



  12. Meanwhile, I should do a mr. linky for all the posts from men who spent the weekend feeding their children burnt macaroni and cheese, driving to the hospital, and cleaning vomit from their carpets while their wives were partying in their in San Anton with Beth Moore.
    (Those things didn’t happen to me. I’m just sayin’ “when’s OUR pajama party?”

  13. Hey Boo
    It was so nice to meet you! I think you are a special woman, with a heart of gold. Sorry about asking you how you got discovered, you are so sweet and humble to boot. I just love ya

  14. Hi…I love your blog. I can almost hear your southern drawl coming out as I read. And everytime I visit I am encouraged and entertained. I just wanted to pass on two awards to you that were given to me today. One is the I Love This Blog Award and the other is The Smile Award. You can claim your awards and read the rules at my blog: http://sufficientgrace-kelly.blogspot.com. The award graphics can be copied and pasted if you wish to claim your awards.

    Thanks for the laughs…and God Bless you and your family.

    In His Grace,
    Kelly Gerken
    Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women

  15. I mentioned your blog in my post today. I figured it might be good blog etiquette to tell you… If it’s not, forget you read this.

  16. Could I possibly hook my wagon to your star? I wanna be a Lifeway girl and follow Beth around too.
    What’s a girl gotta do?
    Hook me up, Cha-Cha!

    Sweet gig, chic!

  17. Hey Sophie! I’m the gal you met at the airport McDonald’s on the way out of San Antonio. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for being so sweet to pause for an early a.m. photo op! I posted the pic on my blog if you’re interested in checking it out. You are too cute! Hope you’re recovering well. (I’m on my 6th load of laundry…yuck!) Have a great week!

  18. I got to see Beth when she spoke up here in Minneapolis last month – WOAH, what a blessing! Did you know that She has a blog too? It’s http://livingproofministries.blogspot.com/
    and she’s already got San Antonio’s recap up! Nice to “meet” another Christian Mom out here in the blogosphere!

    Enthusiastically His,

  19. I only met you for a SECOND, but I would just like to say thank you for your ministry of seersucker pants this weekend. It spoke to me in a deep and meaningful way.

  20. BooMama,

    It was great to be able to put a name and face together this past weekend in San Antonio.

    I just served your Granite Steps Coffee Cake to my Bible study siestas and it was a major HIT!! Thanks for including it in the Siesta Fiesta cookbook.