Fourth Time’s The Charm

This is officially the fourth time I’ve tried to write (“WRITE”!) about my weekend in San Antonio.

I don’t know why you people put up with me.

So. Here goes.

I had such a great time this past weekend. Except for the part when I got to Houston and they told me that my flight to San Antonio had been cancelled and that they had booked me on a flight that was leaving THIRTEEN HOURS LATER and I called Melanie and said all sorts of profound things like, “SOB FLIGHT CANCELLED SOB NOT MAKE IT SOB WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.”

But in the end, thanks to a mighty sweet friend who helped me connect with a couple of other people who were in the same situation I was, I was able to fly to Austin, hop in a rental car with my new friends Lisa and Avey Jane (as it turns out, Avey Jane goes to the same church that I do, and I’ve even heard her daddy preach before, thus confirming my theory that THE WORLD, IT IS A PEANUT) . We made it to San Antonio in about an hour and a half, and I kept thinking that our trip was just like Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Only without the trains. So I guess it was more like Planes and Automobiles, which doesn’t really have the same ring to it, but for the sake of narrative progress, we will pretend.


Living Proof Live was absolutely wonderful. Travis and his praise team kept the focus right where it should have been, and Beth delivered a message that was chock-full-o-Truth. I loved getting to see bloggy people who feel like old friends – it blessed my soul in ways you can’t even imagine. Plus, I finally got to meet Melanie’s real-life BFF Gulley, OH YES MA’AM I DID, and I adored her on sight. I felt like I’d known her forever.

All in all, San Antonio = GOOOOOD.

When I got home Sunday afternoon, there were tons of details about the weekend that I couldn’t wait to share with my husband, and I have to say: the flour tortillas at Mi Tierra in San Antonio were near the top of the conversational list. In fact, they were so good that after I ate my first bite I looked at Melanie and pretty much screamed at her. I said, “THESE TORTILLAS ARE DELICIOUS! THEY ARE SO FRESH! WHY, THEY’RE ALMOST LIKE PANCAKES!”

She must have felt like she was in the middle of some bizarre 21st century nightmare. About two years ago she left a comment on my blog, then we emailed a bunch and became real-life friends, and now she gets to sit in restaurants with me while I scream about the texture of my food.

The interweb has surely provided her with more than she could have asked or imagined.

But no kidding: those tortillas? Were better than Cheez-Its.

And that is some mighty high praise indeed.

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  1. Can’t believe I’m the first to comment! I love Mi Tierra. I could live in the pastry shop alone. Fresh tortillas and fresh sweet and sugary pastries. YUM!

  2. So.
    What did you think about the tortillas?

  3. So tell us who didn’t get to go… did Beth’s hair look?

    Seriously, I am so happy you all got to fellowship together. I agree with someone’s comment on All Access, I think, that hearing all those ladies sing was a tiny touch of what it will be like in heaven!

  4. Ha ha ha ha I said the same thing about the tortillas! We just don’t have those in our part of the Ham, huh? (nope nope nope)

  5. Ok, I am just SO thrilled for all you ladies who got to participate this past weekend. What a treasure. I’m so crazy happy that you were able to arrive (and not 13 hours late). I agree with Judy from the last comment…. we need some details from someone about the hair, the questions folks got to ask Miss Beth…. :) Oh and the food! The food sounds like just the best ever. Ok, now I need to find some chips and guacamole before I can go to bed…..

  6. I love you Boo! Glad you enjoyed the tortillas and made it on time to hear Beth.

  7. Boo, so have you been to Pappasito’s yet where they serve piping hot, just-made flour tortillas that you can dip in melted garlic butter? It is ridiculous.

  8. Alright, I’m getting my sister’s back here on the tortilla thing. I ate at Pico De Gallo, which is a sister restaurant to Mi Tierra, and OH MY STARS!! YUM-MO!

    Casa De (Del?) Rio….whatever, the place with the umbrellas… was good, too.

  9. another lisa says:

    found you from SCL. now you know another person who can help if you get stuck in houston. glad you love our tex mex food. it’s pretty good in houston too!
    i grew up in tennessee, went to florida state, and have some good friends who played ball for alabama and miss state.
    so can we be friends? seriously, i have loved sampling a few of your posts, esp the rules for proper southern attire.
    you forgot a couple that were drilled into me @ my all girls school.
    * never wear pearls with plaid
    * never wear velvet before christmas eve or after valentines
    * tacky folks talk about money
    * yes ma’am and yes sir are the proper response to anyone older than you by 10 years or so
    thanks so much for some southern hospitality!
    i’m gonna email you a couple of sites that are fun for southerners

  10. Mi Tierra’s is awesome. Do they still take photos at the tables? I’m usually too busy eating to pause for a picture.

  11. Yep. The food here is manna from Heaven. The best places are little holes-in-the-wall that you’d drive right on by if you didn’t know any better.

    When I was pregnant (okay, truthfully, I still do this) I would eat flour tortillas for dessert.

    I found a recipe last week for the best flour tortillas EVER. I’ve made them at least five times already. I believe I’ll be making some more tomorrow!

  12. Mi Tierra is something, isn’t it?

    Go Spurs!

    Oh, and are you already getting ready for Saturday when your boys kick off the season in Louisiana? I’ve been thinking about you as I’ve been watching SportsCenter.

    Yes, I watch SportsCenter.

  13. You cannot beat freshly made flour tortillas. I never knew what I was missing until I moved to Houston and had one. I love the fresh ones from HEB. I’ll buy a bunch to bring to my brother and sister-in-law in Baton Rouge when I go there for Thanksgiving. There’s no way they’d eat them all before they go bad, but that’s what the deep freeze is for!

  14. Oh, my goodness! I am so glad you made it to SA in time!!! I think I would have broken down right there in the middle of the airport… It’s a good thing you held it together enough to work out a plan because missing out on Beth’s teaching and those flour tortillas would have been a huge disappointment!

  15. BooDaddy says:

    I am so glad that you had delicious tortillas. Me and Boo had CiCi’s Pizza and Kraft Mac n Cheese.

  16. I’m hungry just reading about it…and though I’m thrilled for ya’ll, I was sadder than sad not to be at that sweet gathering of siestas!!

  17. how in the WORLD have you and melanie gone this long without meeting her IRL BFF???

  18. I have a passionate love for fresh tortillas. I used to drive across town to shop at a grocery store that made them fresh daily, but I had to break that stronghold (due to the amount of lard in those things). It was tough.

    I now want to go to Pappasito’s after reading Amanda’s comment. There’s one right down the street to my house. Pray for me.

  19. those must have been some mighty good tortillas!

  20. Free dessert at Mexican places:
    “May I please have some hot tortillas and butter? Thank you!”
    Spread butter on warm tortilla. Open 2 sugar packets usually intended for tea and spread over butter. Roll and eat.

    Free, delicious. What could be better?

  21. Oh my goodness I was startled for a minute. The part where you were sobbing? I was trying to figure out who you were calling an S.O.B and why would you do so publicly? :)

    Crying. I get it now.

    And YUM tortillas.

  22. Just the opportunity to see you experience the tortillas provided me with more entertainment than I ever imagined possible.

    I will treasure it always.

  23. I can testify about those tortillas. San Antonio is pretty close to Laredo the last time I checked. And my in-laws are in Laredo. We went there once and let me tell you, I cannot get those tortillas and other various authentic mexican specialties out of my mind.

    And that was 10 years ago. Maybe they’re a little kooky with the buying penicillin across the border illegally, but they can certainly make a heavenly tortilla.

  24. Did you eat you some sopapillas? The real kind, not the fake kind we have here in B-town? Those things are my favorite thing about the southwest. really.

  25. You are making me REALLY want to go to San Antonio, just to try those tortillas. And OH what I would give to eat them with you and Melanie! We could do some serious tortilla eatin’ my friend!

  26. mostly a lurker, not a commenter, but the tortillas bring it home. My husband will never get over experiencing me actually rubbing the tortillas in San Antonio on my face, more than once, right out in public. They are a joy that is hard to describe. Yummy. Now we live in Portland OR, and not many fresh tortillas to be found. Sad.

  27. I was in San Antonio in March. I admit that I am a northern girl through and through. HOWEVER–I wanted to move to San Antonio and never return to the northeast. Ever again.

    The food. The people. The weather. The Riverwalk. Did I mention the food?

    I agree with the polls. San Antonio is an amazing city.

  28. Dang. I’m going to have to make another trip to TX just to try some tortillas b/c the ones I had were not at all worthy of screaming about their texture. I was stunned that they were no better than Taco Bell’s. I see now I was at the wrong restaurant.

  29. Those things were so good I almost wanted to say a naughty word just for the heck of it. I refrained. You’re welcome.

  30. I am so jealous. We have zero pancake-like tortillas here in South Carolina. I feel like life is somehow bland and flat (and without cheese). I wonder if it would still be good if Big Mama mailed me one same day delivery?
    Oh, and I am sad I missed the conference, too.
    Food is always a priority in my family.
    I loved BooDaddy’s comment, that is exactly where my hubby took our kids when I went to Atlanta for Deeper Still. He says it is the ambiance that draws him back every time.

  31. It sounds like y’all need to come and visit me here in Mexico! I have more tortillas than you can shake a hat at, and I even know how to make some! We could have flour tortilla making lessons. They’re the best to me when they’re hot off the griddle and I spread peanut butter on ’em. Not really Mexican, but since I live here I guess we could say that’s authentic?

  32. Love a good girls weekend mixed with great local cuisine. It’s hard to beat San Antonio’s Tex-Mex. So glad your planes and automobiles worked out!

    As an aside, my hubs name is Sam. His brother is Tony. They have two stepbrothers. One stepbrother has two adorable boys, Jesse & Justin. A couple of years ago the stepbrother and fam were going on vacation in San Antonio. All week Justin kept asking when they were going to see “Sam-An-Tony-O.” Isn’t that the cutest?

    Happy Friday Eve!

  33. It is a mutual admiration we have. And Big Mama is used to people screaming about their food.

  34. Oh my goodness! Better than cheezit? I may need to leave Alabama and take a trip to Texas. It would so be worth the trip.

  35. You crack me up! Yes, we do have some incredible Mexican food down here!

  36. I echo the Pappasito’s sentiment.
    We have one near our home here in Atlanta, and they not only have the BEST made right in front of you, your kids can watch them rotate down the twisty thing to them tortillas, but they also have the BEST EVER chicken soup. rice. pico. avacado. cilantro.
    Nothing compares anywhere.

    But I am now addicted to Mi Tierra’s little dulce coconut concoction they sell in the front there. THAT WAS GOOD.
    I’ve been wanting one so badly (they’re only a dollar in the store, but to order a box of 12 online is FORTY DOLLARS) but my husband won’t let me pay that for them (I’d lost all rational thought in my craving) so he’s working up a business trip to San Antonio (he goes fairly often with work) so the kids and I can go with him and get my coconut thingies.

    I don’t know, just me, but I think it’d be cheaper to just pay the forty dollars for a box of twelve.

    But if I get to go back, I’m gonna buy them out, bring them home, name them (kidding), and freeze them.

  37. Really? Better than Cheez-its?

    Next time, I must try this Mi Tierra and see what all the hubbub is about.

    I did a taste test of flautas at Rosarios, Pico de Gallo, Case del Rio and the Mexican place at the airport. I found that some people’s flautas were taquitos. Were we really in Texas and not New York? There is a distinct difference between flautas and taquitos. My favorite was Case del Rio…or maybe I was just really hungry!

    You are a gem…and now a real life friend. Come to the Smith B&B anytime, Sophie!

    And you know…I’m praying for you.


  38. OK BooMama–

    I’m coming out of the blog stalker shadows to tell you that I adore you, and have ever since I heard you at She Speaks. You people have sucked me into the vortex, and I have begun some blogeration, myself at

    You make me laugh, you make me think, and today, you made me want Mexican food…that’s a gift, my friend.

  39. And they lifted holy hands – for tortillas!

    Cracking up laughing that in a nutshell of your weekend you give a shout out for the food. I knew I liked you for a reason! ;)

  40. Mi tierra’s is my favorite restaurant in San Antonio… I have only been to the city 10 ten times or so and the first time I went I ate at MiTierra’s and I just haven’t been able to go anywhere else!

    The tortillas are fab!

  41. When I eat tortillas I like to say “num num” and that’s only because my mouth is so full I can’t say real words.

  42. But there were trains! Didn’t you hear them loudly passing the Alamodome? Made me wonder if Jesus was coming back!

    I’m sorry I missed the Siesta Fiesta, but my peeps had to get back home!

  43. I’m coming out of the shadows as well – I stumbled on your blog via Sgt and Mrs Hub and I love.

    I am now craving Mexican food like you would not believe. I am a New England girl by birth and have moved around a lot, but have never had fresh made, hot tortillas and now I want some. Anything better than cheez-its is worth trying.

  44. Those tortillas are fabulous…along with Pappasitos, Lupe Tortilla and Chuy’s tortillas.

    And the guy in SA had the gall to give me corn tortillas. PLEASE!

  45. Tortillas ANND Beth????


    (I wish I lived in Texas!)



  46. So what you’re saying, is that although we are all afraid of picking up stalkers via our blogs, maybe the bigger fear is picking up friends and then discovering that they are weirdos once we meet them in person?? :D

  47. Christine says:

    Ahhh Mexican food! Nothing makes me happier at the dinner table! :) And I live in CA so I get good MExican food quite frequently. College in MA was a challenge due to the decided lack of decent Mexican kwee-zeen!

    Thank you Lindsee for reminding me of the joy and deliciousness that is Lupe Tortilla…their fajitas should be listed as a controlled substance! My one visit to Houston thus far was all the more enjoyable due to dinner there!

    Glad you had such a fabulous weekend! Mama Beth, good friends AND Mexican…talk about heaven on earth! :)

  48. Mmmmm… now I’m craving fresh tortillas. Luckily, I live in Austin, where such things exist in abundance.

    Sophie, are you SURE God isn’t calling you to move to Texas? Because those tortillas sure are!

  49. Here’s an idea (as my mouth is drooling reading about all the mexican food in the comments) have a tailgate/mexican food fiesta. Just like your souptacular but food we’ll all be eating this fall watching our college football.

  50. It’s all about the lard, honey. The better the tortilla, the higher the lard content. We Texans know our animal fats, oh yes we do.

  51. This post just literally had me laughing out loud– thanks for that!

    And hey, I’m a little unclear… you mean that being excited over great tortillas isn’t what the “normal” folk do? Well, I’d be right there with you, then! :)

  52. I’m laughing cause when I was out there in June I thought I should have brought some tortillas from Texas. My Alabama family didn’t understand why I would feel the need to TRANSPORT tortillas across state lines…..

    And corn tortillas?! They don’t really exist in Alabama – really.

    Loved meeting you on Saturday and hearing you talk about my sweet friend and pastor….