T Minus 24-ish Hours

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  1. YES. and amen.

  2. I can’t wait! I have it marked on my calendar. I WILL be taking the phone off the hook and turning off all the cell phones in the house. Do you think Jim will propose to Pam early in the season?

  3. Oh yeah.

  4. oh the waiting…it may kill me.

  5. I can hardly take it. Such cruelty.

  6. Woo hoo! Good TV is finally on!

  7. Oh my goodness! I just spent the past two weeks staying up way to late to watch all four seasons to be ready tomorrow! Who cares if I had to wake up for a 6 month old early in the morning. It is all about the sacrifices. :)

  8. my only ? is why does it have to be on at the same time as Grey’s Anatomy.

  9. not having a tv means I rely heavily on a friend/ my loving parents to DVR and tape all my shows. They’re great. But tomorrow night, as I have informed my friend, I shall be a presence on his couch watching The Office. yes oh yes.

  10. Thank the Lord in heaven!! I have exhausted my Office DVD sets to the limit. There is no unseen footage left for these blue eyes to look upon. I need me some Jim and Pam A to the SAP!!!

  11. I kinda wish we could watch it together, but we’ll be together in spirit.

  12. It is shameful, SHAMEFUL I tell you, how many times today I thought about tomorrow night.

  13. Amen and amen!
    Boo, I need your help…I need a good word spreader. Have I come to the right place?? Today (yes it is midnite isn’t is) Thurs. at 5pm on whatever station runs Dr Phil in your area he is doing a show called Fireproof Your Marriage. My pastor Michael Catt will be on there along with Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick (the guy that wrote the movie Fireproof) and they will do a spot about the movie. But the show is NOT about the movie. Our pastor was not willing to give us many details cause he said he didn’t want to spoil it for us, but he DID say that being on the set that day was almost like being in church! ON TV no less! So I was just hopin’ as many people as possible would watch. Since marriages today are in such trouble, I think they could use as much help as we could give. Maybe the show would make a difference to someone…
    thanks for your help. you can read a little more on my post if you’d like :)

  14. Amen and Amen.

  15. I KNOW! My friend and I are having a Major Television Event tomorrow night. :D

  16. Woohoo!!!!

    I can’t wait!

  17. I. Can’t. Stinkin’. Wait.

  18. Now, life will get back to normal…. :) The Office & the BUCKET of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough I purchased at Costco (originally to like make cookies for the neighbors, etc. ~ but now seem to use for personal consumption) ~~~ BEAUTIFUL combo! Hopefully my husband will have the good sense to just watch the show and not make a comment on my and my hormone’s choice of snacks! :)

  19. YAYUS!

  20. I have never seen that show

  21. I do not know how John keeps a straight face there. Because Ed Helms is a comedic genius. And I am so glad he stayed on when the return to Scranton happened.

    Counting down with you…we will be devising Office Olympic-type games with a giant barrel of cheese balls during the commercial breaks. No really, we will. It’s that important to us.

  22. What is this show, The Office???

    I will need to watch it tomorrow night just to see what all the hoopla’s about!

  23. There are no words to describe how excited I am to watch this tonight. NO WORDS.

  24. I woke up this morning and my FIRST thought was, “THE OFFICE STARTS TODAY!!!!!!!!!”

    I am SO.EXCITED.!!!

  25. Oh yeah baby…..

  26. I can hardly wait. I have been posting clips on my blog all week to get people pumped up! Love your clip!

  27. Love, love, love it! Absolutely cannot wait! Slightly disappointed in last season so hopefully this one will be better.

  28. I am sooooooo excited!!!

  29. I can’t wait!!!!!

  30. So glad I’m not the only one who has measured this week by “X number of days until The Office”… I can’t believe it’s here! Love your clip choice.

  31. I love, love, love The Office. Gotta go get some snacks for our mini party tonight (just me and my hubby). SOOOOO excited! Be thinkin’ of ya.

  32. that.is.freakin.hilarious.

    I will NOT be watching because I will be at 3 football games. 3!!! 7th grade, 8th grade, & JV. Over an hour away from my home. Can you just feel the love, excitement, and pride in my words?

    My DVR’s will be working overtime tonight, as I also watch Grey’s. I know, it’s a problem, but the first step in recovery is admitting there’s a problem, right?

  33. And Abby up there, those clips are pure genius. Gold, platinum, titanium awesomeness. I am so glad there was no one else in the office when I laughed out loud at my desk!

  34. I am positively giddy that the Office is back on tonight!!!!

    Break me off a piece of that…
    Fan-cee Feast!

  35. I can’t wait! I think Andy is hilarious. I still go back and watch clips of him crashing the golf cart!

  36. I must admit that I was somewhat bewildered by your frequent use of the phrase “mixtape.”

    Now…I get it. I bow my head in shame at my ignorance.

  37. WOO-HOO!!

    We are having a dinner party with friends to celebrate! Can’t wait.

  38. And I can’t wait!! Yippie!! I may even acquiesce and watch it live instead of trying to eliminate the commercials!

  39. There are no words to express how flippin excited I am!!!! What is going to happen? Is Jim finally going to ask Pam to marry him? Are Dwight and Angela going to get married and have lots of little Schrute babies to raise on the beet farm? ( I shudder at the thought) Is Michael going to help Jan raise her frozen sperm baby? Oh! I can. not. wait!

  40. “Andy Bernard is the name of me.”

    I’m all verklempt with excitement!

  41. I cannot wait and I am so glad that I saw on comments that Fireproof Your Marriage will be on Dr. Phil today.

  42. I can’t wait!! Did you know that Target currently has a variety of The Office goodies in their dollar section? You can get a Dwight head stress ball for $1.00! Good times.

  43. Oh my heart is all a flutter!

  44. I heart Jim.

    Hooray for the office!!

  45. I simply canNOT wait!!!

  46. I HEART Andy Bernard!!!!!!

    “Lord, beer me strength.”

  47. We were watching reruns the other night of the Office on TBS or something and I had forgotten how much I love it and how stinkin funny it is. CAN’T WAIT!

  48. Oh! Thank you for posting that clip!! I clapped my hands when I saw it!! Cannot Wait!!

  49. Best clip ever.

  50. I love you even more for the “-ish!”

    -ish blesses me.

  51. Oh BooMama – the excitement, it is palpable!!

    At my house, I’ve planned the perfect storm of leftovers, bedtime 1/2 an hour early for the kids, and a husband that he has phone duty should it DARE ring.


  52. I have been waiting SO long for this night!!! Part of the fun is reading your posts about it…LOL!


  53. Is it wrong to be so happy about TV? Because I just can’t help it.

  54. That is a Top 3 Andy Moment of all times.

    Just kidding…as if I could ever pick.