Because I Like To Announce Things

1) Haven’t forgotten about “The Office.” But we were on the road when it came on Thursday night, and I haven’t had a chance to watch it since we’ve been home. As soon as I watch it, I’ll post about it. Because better late than, well, later.

2) For the last year or so I’ve been posting to a Daily Links page. I’ve started to think that maybe it’s a waste – that I should just post the links on my main page so that feed readers and etc. will update when I do. Anybody have any thoughts? Preferences? Concerns? News for the good of the group?

3) North Carolina is beautiful.

4) This morning I made a to-do list, and the fourth item on the list was “High School Musical 3.” I’m not proud, people. I’m just a mama in her late thirties with a craving for some cheesy duets. I’m confident that HSM3 can satisfy that craving. I’m all about it.

5) Speaking of cheesy duets, this past Friday night we went to dinner with some friends who were also in North Carolina, and when I tell you that we ROCKED IT OUT to “Separate Lives” and “When She Danced” as we drove down the road in a minivan (COME ON, NOW), I am not exaggerating. There were parts. There were gestures. There would have probably been some choreography if we had been able to stand. It was glorious and one of my new favorite memories.

6) This Thursday I thought I’d put up a Mr. Linky for an impromptu-ish Souptacular / Crockpotalooza (thanks, Holly) so we can share some hearty fall recipes. Several people have emailed and asked if we could, and it’s not like I have plans, so, you know, DONE. I have no blog button to share right this second, but I’ll try to round up something by tomorrow.

7) Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. 1. I love the “Daily Links” on your blog, so wherever you put it I’ll follow. :0)

    2. Can’t wait for the Souptacular! I love that!

  2. GREAT!! i love a good crockpot recipe!! i’ll be ready!!

  3. I’m excited about the recipes on Thursday! I’ve got a few great ones!

    And I’d love for you to put Daily Links in your main page or at least have another reader for them. I blog hop in Google reader and so I usually miss them!

  4. #6 makes my husband VERY happy. I recently broke my ankle, so cooking for the fam is outta the question. If we want a home-cooked meal, then my husband has to do it at 6:30pm when he gets home from a long day at work. I did agree to make crock-pot meals as a compromise – throw in the ingredients, wait a few hours, and voila, it’s as if I slaved in the kitchen on one leg all day!

  5. All for the Daily Links on the main page. I guess the lazy point of that would be one less click to make. No biggie, though!

    I just accomplished a pulled pork in the crock pot this weekend for the first time and it was delicious! Amazing, in fact that I pulled it off (ha, ha) without charring the thing!!

    We’re all about the cheesy duets in this family and will often pick up where the other left off! Good times!!

  6. My parents went out on a date on Friday night to see HSM3 and they absolutely loved it! They got a kick out of watching the girls in the row in front of them, too. I haven’t seen any of the movies myself yet…YET, but will add them to my list of must sees. Enjoy!

  7. Your daily links page has grown so large that it takes a long time to load, making it less practical.

  8. I like the links, so wherever you want to put them works for me. And as a native North Carolinian, I agree. It is a beautiful state. Thank you for noticing!

  9. OH I love “Separate Lives” – one of my all time favorite songs. Of course all one of my all time most depressing songs.
    I’m going to have to round up a crock pot recipe!
    And I love your daily links – where ever you keep them.

  10. LOVED HSM3! The songs and moves ROCKED. I especially liked The Boys Are Back (duet by Troy and Chad)! You will love it! My girls (ages 4 and 5 – yes a little young) LOVED it too! They were singing in the theatre before we left!

  11. On your daily links, you could start a second blog and link it to this one, thereby solving the feed issue (people could subscribe to it separately) without mixing it into your regular blog. Because that might get disorganized. And organization is next to Godliness. Or so someone said. . .

  12. Ha ha ha ha ha! You.are.a.hoot!

    And I’m wondering…which parts you and your D sang. Are you an alto or soprano and is D a bass or tenor? I’m just guessing that you had with you both in that mini-van a very talented tenor and soprano. Just a hunch!

    As for the link page, I read them every day. As long as you give me a map to find it, I will keep on reading it no matter where it is.

  13. OMG. Al and I belt out “Separate Lives” together once or twice a year, just sorta spontaneously. The first time we did it we were just dating, and it was so neat that we both knew the words and it sorta flowed out so easily (I didn’t say it was pretty, I said it was easy). We both laughed until we were lying on the floor crying. It’s a great, hilarious memory of one of those moments that sorta sealed the deal between us. Thanks for reminding me. I may have to see if I can get him interested in a duet this evenin’. Ahem.

  14. You are going to love that movie (except for the dramatic love scene. oh, I kid. I did see a midriff though).

  15. A Souptacular/Crockpotalooza sounds goods to me!!!

  16. I’m all about the links on the main page. Because I’m all about one-stop shopping. Because it’s a busy ol’ world in which we’re living, I tell ya.

  17. I would love to have the links directly on your blog so I can see of Google reader!!

  18. 1. I love making lists – the more random the better.
    2. Your links page is cool but rarely remember to go there. Front page would be cool.
    3. Nothing wrong with HSM3…just take a niece or borrow a “daughter” for the day so you aren’t a random 30-something year old sitting alone in the theater. That would be weird.
    4. Can’t wait for the crock-pot recipes.

  19. Yay! Crockpot recipes! Great when the weather gets cold.

    My grandparents used to live in the NC mountains. I loved going to their house.

  20. I read you through Google Reader and had forgotten about your links page. So I’m all for moving them back to the front or having them as “mini-posts” or something like that.

  21. Maybe you could copy Shannon’s Saturday Linkage idea and post things once in a while. I also forget to check there, it takes a while to load and I somehow never get to see the pictures! Hummm…maybe put them just under the title of today’s post or something? I don’t know!

    And I’ll be thrilled to find new crock pot recipes! I liked how someone earlier called it crockpotalooza! That sounds good to me!

  22. OO! We took the kids to see it Friday RIGHT after school with half the 4th grade class! I don’t know who had more fun– the moms or the kids! We also bought the soundtrack the day it came out (Tuesday) last week!
    DH has been singing, “TROOOY!!…. Right now I can hardly breathe… You can do it just know that I believe… and THAT’s all I really need… SO come on… make me strong… it’s time to get it started– GAME ON!!!!!!!!!”

  23. I read your blog everyday and I didn’t even remember you had a Daily Links. So, yeah…changes would be good.

  24. Honestly, I used to check the daily links page all the time, and loved what you had. But since I went to reading it through Google Reader, I forget. So I vote for putting it on the main page. Then I won’t miss anything! Thanks!

  25. And I was thinking that last weeks Office just made you too sad to write about. I know we need to walk through some valleys to appreciate the mountain but….

    Yeah I vote daily links main page, I don’t need organization, just lots of posts from you!

  26. 1. I love lists.

    2. I saw HSM3 this weekend…sweet…lots of singing!

    3. I vote for the Daily Links to be on the main page.

  27. HSM3 is on our weekend to do list. I talked the kids into trading trick or treating for a trip to the movies. I am good with some cheesy clean fun.

  28. I am in some BIG TIME need of some good comfort foody/crock-potty/soupy goodness! Awesome! I even have some goodies to contribute!

    HSM3 totally lived up to the hype….good times!

    Love the pics….colors here in Bama aren’t quite there yet, huh!? I’m still holding out hope! Last year was surprisingly prettier than what we have seen so far this year.

  29. LOVED the link about the trophy kids going to work!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    IMHO, it would be really helpful to make the daily links a post on your main page. I always forget they’re there!

    Love your blog, as always! (:

  30. Re: HSM3
    I am a first grade teacher. One of my former students asked me to go with her tonight to HSM3. She is a “big” fifth grader now. First of all I was honoreed; second of all I was so glad to have a legitimate excuse to go! (My kids are all grown.)It was so much fun. Don’t miss it!

  31. I never knew those links were there, so the main page might be helpful for new readers :)

  32. I go to your links page all the time, since, you know, I’m just such a copycat. Have to make sure we’re posting the same links and all. ;) Ahem.

  33. I am definitely going to see HSM3, so you are not alone. By the way, did you know they are doing a remake of Footloose and Zac Effron is playing the lead?

  34. Get thee over to and read Lincee’s post! It’s all about HSM3, and if you’ve never read her recaps of The Bachelor, just wait until it airs in January and then make sure to read her blog. You’ll love her!

    I’m all about the Crockpotalooza! Can’t wait!

  35. Just putting my 2 cents in on HSM3. We went opening night, and I gotta say…….loved it!

    I would have been happier with a LITTLE more Sharpay, she seemed to take a backseat in this one, however, who can complain about more Troy? “The Boys are Back” was our families favorite part of the movie. You will be dancing in your seat.

    Make sure you write a review and post it!

  36. Yes, HSM3 may be on your to-do list, but I saw it at 1:45 in the afternoon – THE DAY IT CAME OUT…and I went with 3 other adult friends – not a child in our group. Anyway, LOVED IT! Blogged about it.

  37. HSM3…was great!! I too loved “the Boys are Back” song and the other comment regarding more Sharpay…she was not in it enough…I love me some Sharpay!! My 13 year old loved it too! Wait, she is supposed to! ;-) I am sorta new around here, but I would love the Souptaclular…except I can’t spell it…even when its right in front of me! Blessings

  38. You will TOTALLY be satisfied with HSM3 – it is great!

  39. Hopefulmom says:

    I’ve been faithfully reading your blog for about a year…I never even knew the Daily Links page existed. So for me, having them in the main page would be great because I’ll notice them! :)

  40. Well, I never knew about the daily links page until you linked to moi. So, yeah. I vote move it. I swoon to think of all the clicks I could have gotten had I been front page news.

    And, you forgot The. Best. Duet. Ever. Hands. Down.

    Do you tear up at “turn out the light”

    uuuuuuuused to be….

  41. Mary Helen says:

    Yes, I vote to move the Links page so that the “feeds” are updated when you post!