I Thought Writing This Post Would Be So Simple

Ever since I’ve been home from Africa I’ve felt a little weird posting about clothes. It’s not that I don’t like clothes anymore, OH HEAVENS NO, but somehow I feel strange telling you that I spent $30 on a pair of cute pants when, HELLO, that $30 would almost cover the cost of child sponsorship for one month.

So I’ve felt a bit conflicted. Maybe that’s because balance has never been easy for me. I tend to operate in extremes (BUY MANY, MANY CLOTHES! WAIT! BUY NO CLOTHES AT ALL! CLOTHES ARE BAD! BUT I LOVE THEM AND WISH TO SPEND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! CLOTHES ARE SO FUN! CLOTHES ARE EVIL!)

Bottom line: I’m trying to be more mindful about where things are made and who may have made them, thinking a lot about wants vs. needs, and reminding myself over and over again that God’s not particularly concerned with my comfort or my wardrobe.

He’s not even that concerned with whether or not I have fresh set of highlights or a good hair day, and if that doesn’t rock you to the core of your faith, people, then I don’t know what will.

And so, with that ENORMOUS – and lo, even exhausting – disclaimer, I want to tell y’all about some sweaters and jackets that I think are really cute because it’s getting cold and that makes me think of how to be warm and I’ve been looking at lots of sweaters and jackets on the interweb and there’s so much great-looking stuff and why do I feel the need to justify this, I’M A GIRL AND I LIKE CLOTHES, MY WORD.

(Suffice it to say that my brain has been a fairly exhausting place to hang out for the last eight or nine months.)


(Except in our house we call it “carzy” because one time I was explaining to David that I thought a certain situation was crazy, but I didn’t want Alex to know what I was saying, so I thought I’d spell it out, and I said, “I’m telling you, I think we’re dealing with some serious C-A-R-Z-Y right there,” and then we got very tickled and have spoken fondly of the carzy ever since.)

(Two degrees in English. Can’t spell “crazy” out loud. Thank you. Thank you so much.)

Now. Who wants to see some cute clothes?


The one that’s sassy.

The one that I’ll be ordering as soon as I post this.

The one that’s perfect for jeans (I’m a huge fan of the short-sleeved sweater with a long-sleeved tshirt).

The one that’s oh-so-versatile.

The one that doesn’t require you to hold in your stomach.

The one that comes in great colors (Big Mama told me about it, though if I bought this coat I don’t think it would button on me if my life depended on it. But still. It’s fun to pretend.)

The one with the cute ruffle.

There. I got the clothes out of my system.

All better now.

Carry on.

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  1. I had to stop reading at C A R Z Y and tell you I am wheezing with laughter!!

    Ahem. Back to clothes…

  2. I love the blue coat it my fav!!!!

  3. Still laughing…

    Once when Kylie was doing her spelling words, she began to spell something like “beak” and Chris (I kid you not) was trying to help her by holding up the letter “c” with his hand (“beack?”). Ever since, the letter C and the hand motion tickles us so much!

    I like the last with the cute ruffle–in both colors. Now to decide which one… Are the mustard and olive colors in now? I like them on other people, but they look terrible on me.

  4. Love, love, LOVE the Gap coat with the cute ruffle. Want it! Need it! Oh, man. (I got my hair highlighted yesterday and now I’m coveting coats. God is not pleased.)

    But He knows I’m carzy and flawed, and He loves me anyway. =)

  5. I like them all, but due to major cat hair/dog hair issues I am still stuck on buying coats I can throw in the wash. Several of these are dry clean only & my spot-cleaning skills would be sorely tested. And they’d only look good for about a week @ my house before the hairy monsters took hold. Then everything would look angora.


  6. I love them, every last one.

    You make me smile, big and carzy-like, Boo.

  7. They’re great! I desperately need a new coat this year. Thanks for the carzy great ideas!

  8. I think it’s even crazier that I kept up with all that clothing talk and relate to every. single. word of it!!! We have a family that we know who just this week went to get food stamps and I find it very difficult to accept that I could even possibly imagine buying one more piece of clothing when I can instead go. Go! Now! and help this family. I know that must be how you feel about Compassion and helping them to get the word out about meeting the needs of God’s people. We CAN do something. One person at a time! My daughter offered to give their daughter some clothes and shoes from her closet. Makes your heart melt when our children give us that glimpse that they comprehend generosity.

    And I LOVE fashion and clothes!

  9. I must have that one from Forever 21 – the hooded baby doll cardigan. OMYWORD, the cuteness. The matchability with all I own. The absolute divine-ness of it. I might even be in love enough to pay full price for it. I just might.

  10. Call me carzy just took on a whole new meaning.

  11. I have been cleaning and singing different songs with “carzy” in it–from Prince to Madonna to Patsy Cline. :)

  12. Love all of that!
    I wanted a new coat this year but I can’t button a coat around my stomach right now so I believe I will wait until after the baby comes and then maybe coats will be on sale!
    And your not crazy – you have just seen how truly fortunate we are – it’s enough to make us all feel guilty.

  13. It was nice “meeting” you on the conf. call yesterday. Thanks for your support. You and Shannon have been great to throw support, prayers and help our way.

    It’s funny, because I was going to ask you for a girl perspective on clothes and what we really should wear, because the trip book kind of confused the issue, but you were so serious, that I couldn’t bring up wardrobe issues, so I didn’t.

    However, Shaun and Brian covered it well, and I think that Mary and Mel and I will collude, so it will all be good.

    And I know once I get there, clothes will be the last thing on my mind, but with the paparazzi there and eternal web presence looming, I’m feeling a bit vain.

  14. I like the one Biggy suggested, too, but in addition to not being able to get it buttoned, I have serious concerns about the chance of getting either arms all the way in the dainty sleeves.

    LOVE the last one, though!

  15. You are a bad influence on me – I now have to make some lame butt excuse to go downstairs (tv is in family room) and get my credit card –
    BTWB(which is by the way Boo) it isn’t bad to want pretty things – just as long as we know we are blessed and we pass along the blessings – so clear out some things you don’t find so sassy as when you first fell in love with them and let some lady in a women’s shelter have something wear! I agree with Amy – share the blessings.

  16. I like the coats, too, but I like “carzy” even better! At our house, we like to get drinks at “Snoic” instead of Sonic!

  17. LOVE the coats and such great prices. You are not CARZY!

  18. Well those are just some CARZY coats. But alas, here in Minnesota where it gets to
    -40 in the winter, we need parkas, wool coats and basically anything that will button up to your neck and down to your knees. I have a down parka I bought last year on sale at Macy’s. I love, love, love it but it’s white. So it’s saved for special occasions!! lol I am not so fond of the dry cleaning bill. My other coats are both wool peacoats, one long and one short for when it warms up to -28.

    But I do love those clothes you picked. Good hunting!!


  19. oh man… i can’t tell you how many new spellings i’ve inadvertently created by having to spell everything out to communicate discretely with husby! for instance, “cookie” will forever be “cooky” when he and i say it. :0)

  20. I LOVE sweaters! I have a gray one that I love, but I can’t remember where I got it. If I did, I would buy every color.

  21. OK, all I read was “two degrees in English.” I just… why? What is happening? I’m in the middle of one English degree and an Education degree, and I’ll be danged if I get another English degree. Yeesh!

  22. Thank you for the laugh! It was all the aside comments (IN CAPITAL LETTERS) that did me in!
    Isn’t it just a sign of our times that we have these conflicts about clothes. Carzy indeed!

  23. Sophie,
    I loved the clothes! Thank you for the links. I need some new clothes and I have to get the green pea coat!! That is too cute!! Seriously, clothes and shoes are my love language. :)
    When I pass by our Target and Steinmart/s I always think of you. Isn’t that funny?!! :)

  24. My husband went to Haiti on a short term trip and couldn’t eat in a restaurant or stay in a hotel for WEEKS afterward. There’s a balance there somewhere. After all, you ARE prosperous because God has blessed you materially. Certainly He does call us to give to the poor – generously. Yet He does not forbid us to buy a new coat if we can afford it…

  25. Hello ello! I’ve never commented on you blog before but I felt compelled to do so b/c of your conflict comment “clothes are so fun! Clothes are evil!” I had that same conflict over the weekend as I shopped at a mall in Louisville. We may both be under attack! But God is working with me PTL! You see, I am a coataholic. Thanks for the cute clothes post. My degree was in textiles, clothing and merchandise. Can you say kid in a candy shop?! Dana <

  26. I am so glad you brought up the short-sleeved sweater/long-sleeve shirt! I just bought a short-sleeve sweater and I’m not entirely sure how to wear it. I don’t suppose you could fill in for Big Mama’s Fashion Friday and show some pictures of how to put this outfit together? Must the shirts be dark like the sweater? Is a big contrast between shirt and sweater better? Buttoned or unbuttoned? Do you see my dilemma? Thank you!

  27. I am currently struggling with the sin of greed – because due ONLY to your recommendation of jeans at Old Navy – I went to that store’s location in Fort Worth and purchase a pair of jeans with NO ELASTIC! holy moley a true revolution in this very short round woman’s wardrobe. Now I’m about to order the sassy number in kelly green -feeling sassy is definitely on my wish list for 2009. Thank you and I’m humbled (’cause I waited long enough the jacket AND jeans were on sale – PTL indeed)