The Level Of Boring Will Astound And Amaze

1. Sunday morning I woke up with what I like to call “a touch of the conjunctivitis.” My right eye had just completely revolted. It was blood red and itchy and watery and oozy.

Be sure to come back and read that last sentence right before you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner, m’kay?

So the eye and I have been at odds for two days now. It’s better – still swollen and a little pink and very, very tender, and I have eye drops to help me fight the funk. Plus, it doesn’t feel like I have two thousand short needles residing underneath my eyelid anymore, so hey! PROGRESS!

2. Based on the Google searches that are popping up on my WordPress dashboard, there are a whole lot of folks looking for a congealed salad recipe right now. And by “a lot,” I mean 14.

TEENS of people.

I’m actually making a strawberry-pretzel salad (thanks, Marla!) for my Thanksgiving Day congealed salad contribution, and I’m ever-so-excited about it because if offers a near-perfect sweet-to-salty ratio. Granted, it’s not nearly as good as, say, pouring a box of M&Ms into a hot bag of salted popcorn, but it’s close.

3. Our DVR did not record the “24” movie Sunday night.



If I knew Jack Bauer in real-life, and if he, you know, ACTUALLY EXISTED, I would totally put him on the case. Because if anyone can get to the bottom of why Charter Communications is trying to STEAL MY DVR JOY, Jack Bauer can.

Anyway, please don’t tell me what happened because the episode comes out on DVD soon and we’re going to rent it. AND SEND THE RECEIPT FOR THE RENTAL TO CHARTER, THANK YOU.

4. I am deeply embarrassed by what’s going on in my house with laundry.

At some point I think I’ll just have a wood frame built around the bed in the guest room and call it a “drawer.” That way at least everything will be technically “put away” when I throw the clean laundry on the bed and then leave it there for one or six days.

5. James Taylor’s (Live) CD? Is my favorite CD of my life, I think.

6. I’m about to go to the grocery store.

Pray for me.


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  1. Hopefully the eye funk will clear up before your viewing of all the Jack Bauer awesomeness. You have to see everything clearly, you know.

  2. I love James Taylor SOO much it makes my husband a little jealous. But he can send my mood from cranky to chill in 0.6.

    Anyway, I didn’t comment on the Africa post, but it was so wonderful I spent all day thinking about it, and I linked to it today. Thanks for the perspective.

  3. i too love to pour m&ms into a hot bag of popcorn!

    and i too am about to brave the grocery store–well, wal marts, anyway–so pray for me too! i don’t need groceries luckily, but still…

  4. Oh, BooMama, I’m sorry you’re sick!

    About the laundry on the guest bed, six years ago I used my baby niece as an excuse to purchase a used port-a-crib. Oh, yes I did! I say excuse because my real intention was to use it as a clean laundry hamper. It is never, ever empty! Laundry at my house is an eternal black hole.

  5. You can watch ANYTHING online. I found a couple of months ago and have not been sad about TiVo screw-ups since.

  6. My sis-in-law made that strawberry jello pretzel salad one year, only we rushed her and all the butter from the pretzel crust got into the Jello somehow. Gave the Jello a very oily texture. Just beware the mixing of the oils and the Jello.

  7. is your friend girl. Go there and you can watch the whole 2 hr episode.

    You can send your thanks in monetary form. :)

  8. So sorry about your eye and I hope it heals quickly.
    In the house we lived in before this one, the guest room was also my room to throw the laundry in, or whatever else I had that needed a holding place for 1 or 6 or 18 days…, we don’t have a guest room. My 12 year old daughter now has that bed. She doesn’t so much enjoy finding laundry on it when she comes home from school.

  9. 1. Pink-eye stinks!
    2. Strawberry Pretzel Salad from SL rocks!
    3. Cable company conspriracy, hummm??
    4. At least the clothes are clean.
    5. Me, too! Me, too!!
    6. Today is better than tomorrow.

  10. My kiddies just finished with pink eye.

    Now if I need them to move from one part of the house to the other, I can just chase them with the eyedrop bottle.

  11. You make me laugh, woman. Seriously. Thanks for keeping it real!

  12. OK- the thing that worried me the most is that you missed 24!! Let me tell you sister- he was awesome. I think the short jail stint did him good- he looked very rested and refreshed. As always- just the right amount of stubble. This one was even better b/c in between several torture scenes and Jack growling out orders under fire we get to see his sensitive side as he bonds with the children! Maybe you can catch it online. Can’t wait till Jan.! (hope the hubby doesn’t read this)

  13. ROFLLLLLLLLLLL (do people still say that?).

    Honey, you’ll never suffer from the dreaded “sin of being boring”!!!

    I just about fell out of my chair when I read you were going to make the bed into a drawer. BRILLIANT!

    I have to go to the store too (but I can at least go today and not tomorrow, not that I’m looking forward to either).

  14. Oh my goodness, boring . . . maybe, but you have reached a new level of funny, that’s for sure! The wood frame around the bed really got to me–I think stuff like that all the time, but I never get around to writing it down. You are a breath of fresh air!

    And I loved the Africa post yesterday, too.

  15. Kristi in Texas says:

    The bedframe in the guest room idea and calling it a drawer…is priceless….laughed til I cried. Why haven’t I thought of that?

  16. I’m SO sad your dvr did not record Jack Bauer! JACK BAUER! I think that while watching “Redemption” my husband and I were the most excited we’ve been since we hit Gulf Shores back in September!

  17. And what we all want to know is … how many cheese products have you bought in preparation of this holiday season? = ) Totally kidding. I’m also headed to the grocery store tonight and I feel sure there will be some cheese products in my shopping cart as well! = )

  18. I feel so bad for you about 24! Blast! You are the reason I even recorded it on our DVR. Haven’t watched it yet. Maybe I’ll delete it without watching as a show of solidarity.

  19. Hmm, I had forgotten about that yummy strawberry pretzel salad….

  20. Love love love James Taylor live. I’ve listened to it so much that I have those versions memorized, especially “Steamroller” and “Your Smiling Face.” And the “walk on, walk on, walk on” part of “Walking Man” gets me every time.

  21. I absolutely LOVE James Taylor. He did a concert on campus my senior year in college and I was in Heaven!

  22. Oh yes, Jack Bauer is back… enjoy! We did! Seriously, he could run for president, and I would probably vote for him!

  23. the 24 season premier is up at hulu!!!

    you’re welcome!


  24. Crystal Ward says:


    I know you are a style girl. My sister Heather is doing a give away of Beauty Control @

  25. Southern Gal says:

    For those who were questioning whether Twilight was a good book for teenage girls, I was directed to this review by my pastor:
    Just another opinion that may help you decide.

  26. Oh, I am so sorry you’re dealing with pink-eye. Are you wearing a patch? Because that’s a fun conversation starter.

    Now I am craving buttered, salted popcorn with M&Ms.

    Tater Tot and I just came from the grocery store, and let me tell you. There are some tired, put-out, middle-aged women out there gripping their carts with white knuckles, their jaws set, shooting daggers at you if you dare cross in front of them without asking permission. We were there for milk and bananas, so I don’t think we offended very many people.

    But, still. I was a little askeerd.

  27. Oh Boomama – I think we might be long lost sisters……
    Here’s your official invite: You are welcomed to come on over to my house and watch the recorded “24” on the DVR. While feasting on strawberry pretzel salad – only the best thing to hit the earth since sliced bread! And guess what – I will have M&Ms and popcorn for you to eat also. I keep this yummy oh so good snack on hand at all times. It is a family favorite. So when you need an escape this weekend – just holla at me and I will be ready and waiting! Happy Thanksgiving to the Boomama household!

  28. I think there is a conspiracy. We have Dish Network and it didn’t record 24 for us either. I thought my husband was going to cry.

    Hope you eye feels better.

  29. Oh, the strawberry/jello/pretzel salad is the BEST!

  30. Strawberry Pretzel Salad rocks. I could eat the entire pan of it myself. Love it! And I am so with you on the laundry. I folded and put away clean clothes that have been in my makeshift “drawer” for several weeks now. Pitiful! I asked my husband for a laundry fairy for Christmas. He laughed at the idea.

  31. Hi, Boo. We met at Travis’ concert in Trussville (I was with Jenny Hope). I’m sure your Strawberry Pretzel is like mine but here is a link to mine from last week. We love it in our family.

    Hope the eye gets much better soon!

  32. You can watch that episode of 24 on right now if you want to. :)

  33. Jack is definitely back and when/where ever you get around to watching it, he will not disappoint. He is, after all, in Africa with children.

    You crack me up with the guest room “drawer” idea. Sounds like a great idea for one of those room design/makeover shows.

  34. You make me laugh and I really needed a laugh today. Loved the idea of pouring the M&M’s poured into a bag of popcorn sound good…and maybe even make them peanut M&M’s. Great recipe idea…you rock….have a great day on Thursday..that strawberry and pretzel recipe is a good one…yum, yum…. Blessings on your week. Hope the trip to the grocery store was a good one…

  35. It occurred to me that in my earlier comment, “middle-aged women” might sound like a slam. However, I could very well be considered middle-aged, I suppose, so that category ROCKS!


  36. At some point I think I’ll just have a wood frame built around the bed in the guest room and call it a “drawer.” That way at least everything will be technically “put away” when I throw the clean laundry on the bed and then leave it there for one or six days.

    Totally stealing that idea! FABULOUS!!!

  37. Too funny about building a frame around your guest bed! I love the way you think!

  38. About the laundry – can’t agree with you more – I have a TON on my guest room bed as we “speak” that I recently moved to the living room with all intention of folding. Then in about a week’s time put it back on the guest room bed because I guess someone was coming over and I could not have them see this:

    If I find a good cabinet craftsman that can actually build a “drawer” around my guest bed, I’ll pass his info onto you – but only after I’m done with him – I have lots of projects for him to do…

    Thanks for keeping me laughing!

  39. Oh, Boomama, I am in love with Strawberry-Pretzel salad. I am hoping your recipe has the cream cheese layer, because that makes it the perfect recipe. You’re so right about the sweet to salt ratio…and how did you know I dump M&M’s in my popcorn? Have a great Thanksgiving!

  40. I like the bed-drawer conversion idea! We like to call the dryer our “second dresser.” I think the laundry basket is in running for the role of “third dresser.”

  41. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks strawberry pretzel jell-o is the perfect food!

  42. I forgot to mention in my comment earlier that I’d love your reaction to 24 after you watch it. My 16-year-old daughter was watching with us and she kept asking, “Do things like this REALLY happen?” Yes, my dear, they do.

  43. Oh!! I love M&Ms in popcorn too –it is my FAVORITE reason to go to the movies! Well, and because I like movies. I am so happy to hear that others here like it too. I always tell people and they doubt me until they try it. I have many a convert, let me tell you!

  44. just go to and you can watch 24 on the computer NOW i would and could totally feel your pain had my DVR not recorded the most wonderful return of jack bauer EVER

  45. I’m making *raspberry* pretzel jello salad and plan to head out to the grocery store tonight… braving the dark and cold because I spent the entire day playing. I’ll be thinking of you as I assemble my sweet & salty goodness :-)

  46. So…Heather Bailey has a recipe for that strawberry pretzel salad turned into ICE CREAM! Yes way!

    Here’s the link, cause you know you want it:

  47. Back in the day (don’t I sound all hip???), when the JT Live first came out, I had the two cassettes and WORE THEM OUT. . .literally, one of them broke in my car tape player when I was on a trip from Abilene to Houston to see my love, and I had to pull out the pieces.

    But NOW I have the cd. There is just nothing better–truly NOTHING musically better than hearing a perfect JT acoustic melody followed by his voice.

    Oh. My.

    Sorry about your eye. I get fever blisters in mine. Yup, you read that right.

  48. AND, our preacher recently waxed melodic about the strawberry pretzel salad of his youth that Sister Soandso used to make that his wife TRIES to make and NEARLY has right.

  49. I’m a first time comment-er person. I think you are so funny. Like so funny that it is a real talent kinda funny! And I think that if we’re talking drawers being built around thing, it might qualify my dining room table ’cause Lord knows it holds stuff for a week at a time. Poor table. I actually purposely decorated the table this weekend with plates, napkins, etc, just so I wouldn’t put more laundry on it (after I finished all 100 loads to get caught up.) Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  50. You will LOVE the strawberry/pretzel salad. That dish makes an appearance at EVERY holiday in our family. It is SOOOOO good.

  51. Repeat after me . . . JELLO SALAD. Congealed sounds just way too internal and gooshy. Like the crub that goo’s up in my dish when the turkey goes in the fridge. It just doesn’t sound like something you should eat. But then, pop doesn’t sound like something you should drink, but we do.

    Hope your bit of the conjunctivitis is better. Sounds icky.

    Much prayer to you in the grocery. May you come away with only the things that you need. Hopefully, you didn’t go hungry. That kills me everytime.

  52. Others have said it, but you definitely need to go to and watch the 24 episode online!!! It will be worth it. I wouldn’t advise waiting until it’s on dvd. It’s so good. It’s making me want January to get here soon.

  53. M&Ms mixed with popcorn is easier but for a fancier treat consider melting white chocolate & pouring it over popcorn (air-popped works best). I throw some salted peanuts in with popcorn, too. Sprinkle some color sugar over it all (say red & green for an upcoming holiday) and the whole thing is real PUR-DEE!

    Make it while listening to Track #6 on CD 1 of JT Live & then sit down to enjoy The Office. You’ll be in a great mood in no time!

  54. Apparently your boring cracks me up.

    And I just so happen to LOOOVE M&M’s (especially peanut M&M’s) in my popcorn! Isn’t a law or something?

    If you will fix some of that up, I’ll pass on by on my home from Fort Jackson, South Carolina sometime after my daughter’s graduation and do that laundry for ya’! Just leave me a batch in that guest room with the laundry. :)

  55. How have all these people tried M&M’s and hot popcorn, and I’ve never even heard of such a thing?! Scrummy!

    You’re so welcome for the Strawberry Stuff recipe. The pan I made for Hubby’s b-day was one of my more perfect ones. :) And doubled as a New Baby Treat for my sister and her hubby. And Grandparents Again Treat for my mom and dad. It goes a long way.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Boo!

  56. Hope you are feeling completely better SOON. Praying for you!

    And I totally understand about the laundry. There is a perpetual pile on the sofa in the living room. If we had a spare bedroom, I’d use it instead…but we don’t, so it looks lovely in public view. During my last two pregnancies, as soon as the crib went up in our room, it became the clean laundry hamper!

  57. Amen on the James Taylor girl. Amen.

  58. You’re not kidding about needing prayer to go to the grocery store right now! Whew! You know its a bad sign when you can’t FIND A PARKING PLACE! AT THE GROCERY, NOT the Wal-Marts! My laundry “drawer” is the ironing board in my bedroom, poor thing, its legs are quivering under the load right now. And I put hot sauce on my microwave popcorn and shake the bag up. And James Taylor? Yes M’aam, Yes M’aam.

  59. At some point I think I’ll just have a wood frame built around the bed in the guest room and call it a “drawer.” That way at least everything will be technically “put away” when I throw the clean laundry on the bed and then leave it there for one or six days

    THAT was absolutely the BEST idea I have seen in a long time.

  60. BooMama, you won’t believe this. My 16 yo old daughter found the James Taylor Live CD on the shelf the other day and begged to listen to it in the car. She was raised on JT Live and knows and loves every song. He is amazing. Have you ever been to a concert? Soooo much fun. You should hear “Shed a little light” live in concert. Shivers down your spine, I tell ya!

    I do hope you own THIS.

  61. I do not comment on blogs and I do not laugh at them often, but yours has made me do both. The comment about the “drawer” around the guest bed is hilarious – in the way that things that hit a little too close to home can be hilarious. I would like a dining room “drawer” because my table is currently covered in many, many stacks of stuff that I’m “sorting.” Thanks for your humor!

  62. You mean a DVR can actually choose not to record…the implications of that statement could seriously ruin my life. I am sooooooo sorry for your loss.

    Also, Strawberry Pretzel Salad is one of my favorites because of the salty-sweet combo…and the cream cheese. I use Paula Dean’s recipe and it is divine.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  63. this post was so funny! I laughed so hard I neary wet myself!!!!!

  64. I haven’t read the other comments but just in case no one else has mentioned it you can watch Redemption online at Hubby and I are watching it tonight. I *cannot* wait. My love for Jack Bauer runs deep. ;)

  65. We were out while 24 was on and I had serious thoughts of self-doubt worried that I hadn’t programmed the DVR correctly. Hubby would have been so sad! So I can identify. However, our DVR did record it for us and we watched it. It was good to see Jack back on the screen. But the show was OK, not fantabulous. It did get me excited(er) about the new season starting in January. Maybe I was having trouble being all excited because I knew it was really 2, not 24. It’s still amazing how much he can accomplish in an hour or two, though. That’s our favorite part of watching the show, by the way. Getting engrossed in the show and then at the end rehashing all he accomplished in 60 short minutes and totally cracking up about how he can criss cross back and forth across LA multiple times in one hour! LOL

    I hope your turkey day was lovely and that you survived that grocery store trip unharmed.

  66. I came across your blog through a friend of mine, and I feel the need to let you in on a little secret — I think we’re kindred spirits.

    Edit — that may or may not sound a bit creepy and stalker-ish. Let me rephrase: you are stinkin’ hilarious and I appreciate your sense of humour.