Since the little guy came along, I haven’t played as many games as I used to. I mean, I play things like Sorry and Go Fish, but the late-night marathons of Spades, Canasta and Scattegories are a thing of the past. Because these days, if I’m playing a game, odds are that I’m getting my Candyland on.

Until this past weekend.

Because this past weekend, my sister-in-law introduced me to this word game on the computer where you’re given about 60 or 70 different letter tiles, and your goal is to find as many words as you can in a five minute period. It’s sorta like Scrabble, sorta like a Word Search, and sorta like THE MOST ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE KNOWN TO MAN.

Plus, I’m not sure if y’all are aware of this, but between MSU sports (new coach! we have a new football coach!), diet Coke, and the hour-long delight that is “The Office” and “30 Rock,” I don’t so much need a new addiction.

But oh, do I have one.

And, if I may say so, I’m also really, exceedingly bad at it.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

My friend Daphne called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that she too is addicted, and we laughed our heads off as we talked about how this stupid game has humbled us beyond belief. We consider ourselves to be fairly smart girls, and yet both of us have spent an untold amount of time staring at the computer screen, trying with all our might to find words longer than three letters (PIN! GIN! DIN! FIN!). If I really get on a roll I’ll find some four-letter words (PINS! GINS! DINS! FINS!), and on the very odd occasion I’ll run across some five-letter words (DINER! MINER! MOVER!) and feel a sense of accomplishment that is completely disproportionate to the task at hand.

I mean, on Tuesday? When I found the word “FOREVER”? SEVEN WHOLE LETTERS?

Forget about it. I think I actually screamed “BOOYAH” right there at my kitchen table.

The most humiliating part of this whole word game thing has been my willingness to abandon all standards of spelling in the hopes of scoring a few extra points. I have slammed my fists on the table when the word game refused to recognize “dryv,” “nie,” “rea” or “stov” as legitimate answers, because even though I know those words don’t, you know, ACTUALLY EXIST IN ENGLISH, they totally make sense IN MY HEAD. Let me tell you: if I had a nickel for every single time I’ve tried to submit “rok” or “snim” or “reil” as an answer, I’d probably have a whole dollar by now, and besides, I hardly think it’s my fault if this game expects for the words to be “in the dictionary” or “legitimate” or “complete.”

Is a little linguistic flexibility too much to ask?

(And if I could find “linguistic” in that word game? I WOULD BUY MYSELF A TROPHY.)

But never fear. I will not be deterred. One of our favorite friends in the world also plays, and I’m determined to beat his top score. Right now I’m about 100 points away from that goal, and I WILL NOT BE STOPPED, OH NO I WON’T. I will work and fight and spell until it hurts, people, and if it’s the last thing I do on this earth I will take down our sweet friend IN THE STRONG NAME OF JESUS, AMEN.

Oh, I kid.

But not really.

Because I’m a smidge competitive.

And if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my game now. I just noticed that my husband has recently passed me in the rankings, and quite frankly that is unacceptable.

I’m sure you understand.

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  1. Sounds cool. Although, I don’t know that I need another addiction either! Where can I find the game?

  2. {cracking up} Funny stuff.

    On a more serious note: where’s this game crack located? Pray tell. ;D

  3. You know, several years ago I was addicted to Bookworm. I would play it ALL. THE. TIME. And I loved it. And unlike your linguistically challenged game there, it would accept weird words like “qua” (I mean, who’s ever heard of that?) and other such odd combinations. You may want to try it… but you better not let a flaming letter tile hit the floor or it will burn down the entire library! Oh, my stars!

  4. I am rollin’ on the floor! Can’t let hubby pass our score! I am addicted too, I will stay up till the wee hours playing. Oh yeah, I am also addicted to blogging and I am so glad I found a good, clean, Christian oriented blog! Thank you and God bless!

  5. You GO, BooMama!

  6. So it’s essentially Boggle, right? I play a version on Facebook called Scramble, and everyone I know it addicted to it (mostly to outscoring each other), so you’re not alone!

  7. I’m hooked on Pathwords on Facebook, but I miss the burning tiles from Boggle!

  8. Where is this game???

  9. Sounds like Pathwords on Facebook to me….I can’t tell you how many nights of sleep have been wasted to that game and the need to be ranked one of all my friends!! AHHHHHH

  10. Go ahead and buy yourself that trophy. You deserve it for even trying to make the game accept those funE beezar wurds.

  11. haha I feel you on this one – I play scramble on facebook and they even send you an email when someone passes your score – I mean that’s just cruel . . .

  12. Uh, isn’t this just Boggle? Definitely annoying and hard!

  13. Oh, we’ve totally been addicted to that game before, too! It is AWESOME!

  14. Here, here! You can’t just leave us hanging w/o a link, sister!

  15. A word game??!! You posted a link to a word game!? There are things to get done around here woman! Christmas Eve is a mere 13 days away! I do not have time to become addicted to games where the 12 year old spelling bee champion in me gets the chance to rear her awkward little head! There are presents to wrap, villages to set up, cookies to bake and someone is hosting a little bloggy carnival on Monday that others of us are trying to be prepared for! Word games….honestly!! :)

  16. I was going to pop over here and tell you how awful it is to say something like this and not tell us where to find it… and then I remembered that I’m really supposed to be addressing Christmas cards and instead I’m, you know, blogging. I don’t think another addiction would necessarily be a good thing in these parts. ;)

  17. With all due apologies, I see that you did not, in fact, post a link. I just assumed, you’re usually so giving with the bloggy links. You will be posting a link, right?! ;)

  18. You hooked me at “diet Coke”.

    DIET COKE? I posted an alert today…having a “SNEAUX Day” here in Louisiana! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, BOO MAMA? I was “sneauxed” in and out of DIET COKE. THANK GOD for Dominos! It took two hours, God love ’em! But they came through with the Diet Coke. I ordered the pizza just to have enough for the minimum order. ;)

  19. Where’s the LINK?????

  20. Hello, where is the link? You cannot tease us all with the word game awesomeness and not tell us where we can play too. Share! Share!

    And Happy Office Day.

  21. Ok, I’ve never commented, although I read this blog RELIGIOUSLY everyday. But I have got to just say, I am about to wet my pants right now. You are too funny. I’m adding you to my prayer list, sista.

    BooMama – wisdom, guidance and safety as she plays to win.

    Cause God cares about these kinds of things.

  22. Not that I need another addiction…but where can I find this game??

  23. Umm… how could NOT give us a link.

  24. So glad to see that I’m not the only one waiting on the edge of her seat for the link. Seems you’re about to have a mob on your hands soon if you don’t GIVE UP THE LINK!

  25. A thought about your blog post title – you have often shared with us the bizarre web search words which bring folks to your interesting neck of the bloggy world – well I think (which might be stretching things a bit – in the midst of nasty little cold – so thinking isn’t happening much) you’ll get a whole new batch off of “Crackwords” – laughing and coughing isn’t good for my bladder!

  26. I don’t really need anything else to distract me from studying for my finals, but I’m going to need this link ASAP.

    I’m going to eat dinner (it’s dinnertime here in Spain), and I would like to see a link when I get back. :)

  27. It’s Pathwords.Sorry. I think of it as crackwords. Hence, the title. :-)

  28. Ok…so where is said game, so that I may be addicted, too. I just finished the last Twilight book last night and find that I need yet another thing to get caught up in. Oh, I kid.

    My friend Christie told me about Fowl Words on the Merriam-Webster page. Is it that one? And what is the high score, so that I may set my goal?

    I see that I need a life. Yes, ma’am, I do.

  29. I used to play that game. Back before I had a blog. Not that YOU can’t do both, I just can’t. Good luck surpassing your friend! : )

    P.S. I exercise my right to “linguistic flexibility” on a daily basis…

  30. I CANNOT believe you have enticed us and DID NOT provide a link! Do you not know how many things we have to procrastinate over right here at two weeks before Christmas? We MUST have the link. :)

  31. ok. so i hardly ever comment on blogs and almost never laugh out loud but when i read your sentence about yelling BOOYAH! i just about died. you are hilarious.

  32. I’m pretty sure we are going to have to put my husband in rehab over this. Every night! He is also trying to beat the score of someone he knows. When I want to talk to him I have to wait until that “round” is over.

  33. Thank you. I so did not need another time waster:)

  34. lol!! those things are SO addictive, especially for ‘english’ brains. My ‘math’ brain husband would rather eat nails than play a game like that, but I could do it all day. Good luck passing up YOUR hubby in the ranks!! :)

  35. oh sweet sista… i so do not need anything else to do. sadly, you have now given me something.

  36. clearly we will need to know how we all may fall into addiction.


    it’s ON.

  37. You made me laugh very hard this afternoon. After this post, there may have to be a new treatment wing at “The Betty” for our addiction to Pathwords.

  38. I’ve been crazy sucked into these games on Facebook. And because I’m always here to help, I have to say that I don’t even play them on my macbook anymore. The keyboard just isn’t right for it. I only play if I’m on the imac.


    I’ve had seasons of addiction to that game. I finally figured out that I couldn’t play any of those word games before bed or I’d dream about spelling and letters. Maddening.

    BooMama, you are such a bright spot in so many people’s days! (Speaking of addictions…)

  40. I know girl…I’ll see you at rehab. It kills me.

  41. excuse me, but you forgot to link to the game. Scared of a little competition ;)

  42. Boo, I have tried to use the word “nie” at least 9 different times. And, I was none to happy when I was informed electronically that your husband passed me yesterday!

  43. I am totally addicted to Scramble on Facebook. It’s kind of the same thing. It’s like a Boggle board you make words on. And I sit there trying to go asleep and make words in my head. It’s a sickness.

  44. Boo Mama-

    While everyone else seems to be bummed that you did not post the link to the game, I want to thank you! I would no doubt have to try it out and I DO NOT have time right now to get addicted to another computer time waster (not that I don’t like a good one, mind you). So, I thank you from the bottom of my “I am so far behind” little heart! Play on, girl!

  45. Ummm – loving it! My big word of the day is GUZZLE!! It’s a little sad how proud I am of this “accomplishment”.

    If you’re looking for another word game addition, you would totally love Twirl!

  46. Don’t even get me started!!! I too am an addict. I just can’t beat my high score!!

    Guess the sketch is also VERY addictive!!!

  47. oh my how i laughed at this post. i have totally become addicted to those word games on facebook – word twist, scramble, and pathwords. i have spent many a late night trying to beat a score. so true about justifying non words. so fun! good luck beating your husband. :o)

  48. My husband and I have the game boggle, and oh, how we used to battle over that when we first got married! We loved it! You have inspired me to break it out and have a little friendly competition (after the kids are in bed!).
    My new addiction: Future of Forrestry’s Christmas album, “Advent”. You must check it out if you want to rock out a little, without it being all Trans-Siberian.

  49. I’m totally hooked to Wurdle on my iphone. But now I shall go seek out this pathwords of which you speak…

    (The aggravating thing about Wurdle is that it knows TOO much. It recognizes weird letter combinations as words. So I spend a lot of time “guessing” by stringing letters together and hoping it gives me a “correct.”

  50. I hesitate to join in with everyone here because a new addiction I do not need, but curiosity has got me. Where is this game???

  51. What? No link?

  52. While I’ve not seen this game, and WILL NOT let myself because I know me,
    I have (at times) sat for 2 hours and played the same game (very similar, geared for younger people) on my children’s…



    I am NOT proud. But I have earned them many many KinzCash playing this sucker.

    It is so fun!
    And don’t you know, when I do get a 5 letter word and the little congratulatory bloooop sounds, I am so proud!

    You go on with your game, BooMama.
    Show em all how it’s done.

  53. ***fingers in ears****Lalalalalalalalalalal

    I MUST NOT have ANOTHER addiction!

    quickly logging off so I’m not tempted to click on the link


  54. I feel your pain. I almost want to dump the one friend who keeps beating my Scramble score on Facebook. I find myself weighing it out: what’s more important, the friend or the high score? She’s winning on both fronts right now. It’s annoying, isn’t it?

  55. Is it Pathwords? Because I’ve totally become addicted to Pathwords on Facebook.

  56. Don’t talk to me about Pathwords, because my niece has made it her year-end goal to beat my score on Word Challenge on Facebook and I have to concentrate so she doesn’t pass me up. She may be 27 and a mother and all, but I AM HER AUNT and I must keep the upper hand here.

  57. This is too hilarious! Everytime my husband and I think we ought to just quit this Facebook thing, we think of how our nephew kicks our butt in Word Twist and Scramble! WE.MUST.NOT.QUIT! BOOYAH!

  58. By all means, press on.

  59. Thank the Lord Jesus that you finally shared the name of the game! Because I truly have way too much spare time in these 2 weeks leading up to Christmas. I’ve been searching high and low for another addiction to add to my repertoire. I truly do not spend enough time ignoring my family while a fritter away the hours with my latest addicion.

    Consider yourself thanked.

  60. see, i downloaded a similar game to my cell phone to entertain me during the THREE DAY solitary confinement that came with my radioactive iodine therapy. I got spoiled having all the time in the world to find those 7 letter words, so when I went to the timed game on facebook my frustration knew no bounds! It’s also weird to me that I miss obvious words like its and his when I’m playing these games…sigh…would love to know which one you’ve found!

  61. so, you know how you always list your favorite quotes from the office? well, i think we should all list our favorite boo mama quotes. because you are freaking hilarious. and i am always reading my husband something off your blog. today, i love:
    “i’m probably getting my candy land on” you are the best. :)

  62. I play Scrabble online with two friends- we’re in TX, GA and SC. I love the internet. I tried to make Scrabble accept the word ‘Bovaries’. Ovaries was already on the board and I had a ‘B’. I think Bovaries is a perfectly acceptable word that probably has something to do with a female cow…but I couldn’t convince computer Scrabble to accept it….sigh. What’s worse – I also write as part of my profession!

  63. oh my word, yes that is addicting. just so you feel better, i tried to spell “dirt” “DERT”… they didn’t like that either.

  64. Oh, yeah. It’s addictive. I do want to know what dictionary they are using, though. It does not contain Asia or zen but does have gan! and git!

  65. Thanks for the laugh!!!I have also entered you and some others in my new 12 step program!!!! It will be FUN!! ( I now call myself pajama mama) K

  66. OK… so I officially have you on my blacklist, because I now cannot stop playing this game. I would say “stupid game”, but it isn’t really stupid, it just sucks your life away.
    Merry Christmas.