The BigBoo Cast, Bachelor Edition


All righty, internets. Big Mama and I decided to connect our microphones and put on our headphones and log on to the iChat (nerd much?) and talk about last night’s MOST DRAMATIC BACHELOR EPISODE EVER.

So for what it’s worth, here’s our two cents.

But really it’s more like fourteen cents. Because we’re a little wordy.

Edited to add: if the link isn’t working for you, you can also go here and then click on the speaker.

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  1. Yay! Hubs has a new i-pod, so it will be mine now~!

  2. jespree says:
  3. hmm…i’m having some technical difficulty. i can’t get it to work on your site or big mama’s site…

  4. I can’t get the site to work either. I have tried twice. No luck. All I get is some kind of music “dum, dum, dum” then silence.

  5. I just checked the link – it’s working fine for me (music and then talking after the music). You may want to try the second link I just put up in the post. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

  6. Oh YIPPEE! I don’t even watch The Bachelor, but I dearly miss you two! In fact my Chris does, too. He likes the BigBoo PodCasts and just asked about it last night, in fact.

  7. I loved listening to you two!

  8. Sorry for doing the linky thing! It was an accident! I didn’t know what it was for; I just thought I was leaving a comment about American Idol. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have adored Danny from the beginning and am just ready for the top 12 to be chosen. I don’t like the weeks leading up to that point. Danny is incredible, and I predict that he will win. Mark my words!

  9. Okay, well, I only watched one Bachelor episode this season, but since you’ve now dedicated three whole posts to it, Twitter is abuzz with it, and my trainer at the gym today (who, btw, reminds me, in a strange, uncanny way, of Melanie) told me the whole story start to finish during my workout today–I’m starting to think I missed out on Something Big.

  10. I’m so glad that Melanie posted this when she did…I listened to it right before ATFR, part II. It was the perfect introduction. :-D

  11. I told Big Mama this same thing–but I downloaded it last night and listened to it on the way to work. I laughed out loud at the “let’s-get-coffee-is-out-the-window-after-you-oiled-her-down-on-the-massage-table” comment. SO TRUE!!

  12. What the H.E.C.K. is that race car sound right at the end of your podcast? My head near exploded with the ear buds in. I had some sort of coronary affliction. Scared me to death. I guess this means I’m getting old. I need the younguns to turn down the loud stuff. Sigh.

  13. I am crying after listening and laughing so hard! Thank you both for major laugh time.

  14. I’ve said before that I don’t watch the Bachelor…but this BooCast was thoroughly entertaining and such good fun. I love you two Mamas!!

  15. That was great fun! And y’all mentioned some things I didn’t think about, esp. Molly saying her feelings “haven’t changed” about 100 times. OF COURSE she would have moved on if they hadn’t had contact. Never even thought of that aspect.

    Thanks for the laughs. Y’all are like bloggy rock stars w/ your podcast!

  16. I haven’t had sound on my computer forever, so I’ve never listened to one of your Big Boo Casts before… I’m SO, SO delighted to have sound now and I will never miss one again.

    My favorite moment? “I might just have to go to the Library and check out some books… maybe READ”.

    Thank you for the laughs, girls!