Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 03.10.09

Stock market down? Necklines up.

– Rachael Ray is doing something called March Menu Mania (oh, basketball tournament time, I adore you), and the Round 1 competitors have given me some great supper / hearty appetizer ideas.

– I loved this list of spring’s top 10 fashion finds for under $30. And I’m betting we can count on Big Mama to find even more great sources for all of the trends. Just a hunch.

– Beth Moore needs some input from ministers’ wives. So if you qualify, click on over.

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  1. Just have to point out that the Fashion Finds were from the all time best news….the one and only Fair and Balanced FoxNews. Thankyouverymuch. Hope your friend noticed you might be branching out;)
    Rachel in Columbus, MS

  2. It doesn’t come any better than March Madness. Even if your team may not end up making the tournament. and I adore Rachael Ray and her recipes!

  3. Pretty sure I won’t be wearing white jeans no matter WHAT they say…but I do love the purse at the end.

    I have always been a purse girl!

  4. Since my husband truly believes that bacon makes everything better (seriously, if that is ever written on a bumper sticker, please do not for the love of my sanity show it to that man)…I must make those little bacon-wrapped smokies. What? Just because I don’t want him advertising our love of bacon on his truck doesn’t mean I don’t support his habit! ;)

  5. Oh dear. Did we learn nothing from the eighties?!?!?!

  6. One of the girls in my Esther study actually auditioned for the Rachael Ray March thingy. I don’t think she made the cut…or did she??? Come to think of it she missed Bible study last week….hmmmmm….

  7. Do you know how hard it was for me to not order the killer purse online that I LOVE? It was more than $30 and I know better than to do that right now. I need all the input and help I can for more affordable items. Trying to be smart. And, I thank ya!!

  8. Oh, I can’t WAIT for Selection Sunday!!

    Long story…

    Okay, so Matthew (hubby) and I are NOT sports people, but for some reason, every year, we get really into March Madness. (Matthew *loves* basketball but, sadly, isn’t all that good at it. I hope for his sake that one of our kids is so he can live vicariously through them.) We print off brackets each year, fill them out (blindly, I might add), watch many of the games, and update our brackets. It is SO fun! I usually end up beating him on my picks but it’s b/c he usually picks some underdog team and screws up his brackets early on, LOL.

    I think the best thing about MM is that now it totally reminds us of Andrew’s birth (Our first born). Three years ago, Andrew was born right in the middle of the games, and we brought our brackets with us to the hospital and watched some games there. It was just part of the fun hospital stay (no joke!). I remember at one point, my doctor came in a day or two after my surgery to check on me. We had the TV on to the UConn/George Mason game. UConn was a *huge* favorite and a top seed, and GM was just an underdog team. My doc was talking to us about how the recovery was going, etc., and then there was a crucial break in the game. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but it was something like GM pushed it into OT or they went ahead w/only seconds left and were most likely going to beat UConn. My doctor said, “Umm…okay…bye!” And he practically RAN out of the room! We died laughing! We figured he had to get to the lounge to finish the game (or call his bookie)!

    Anyway, just had to share. I have found it rare to find another MM junkie. :)

  9. Fab links as always. But can I just say that me and my big boo-tay will NOT be getting on board that White Jean Train. No thanks. Got enough boo-tay ish-ahs as it is without highlighting and maximizing the girth in a pair of WHITE JEANS.

  10. Just wanted to let you know that the Beth Moore link is broken – thanks!