March Madness: Now With Even More Crazy!

It’s been a fun few days at our house, what with having my sister-in-law and nephews here for a visit, making a trip to Five Guys, seeing The Gabe Dixon Band and The Dave Barnes in concert and celebrating a certain little boy’s birthday.

But today was mighty special, too, because our beloved MSU Bulldogs played the Tennessee Volunteers for the SEC basketball tournament championship, which means that you cannot imagine the level of enthusiasm that was on display in our living room between noon and 2:30 central. It got so lively during the last twenty minutes of the game that I kept feeling like I needed to be closer to the TV, JUST A LITTLE BIT CLOSER, so I hopped off the couch and sat on the living room rug with my face about ten inches away from the screen. I clapped and yelled so loudly that at one point the little man asked if me I could please try to be more quiet, and I responded by saying, “BABY, YOU KNOW THAT MAMA HAS A SPECIAL BRAND OF CRAZY THAT COMES OUT WHEN THE BULLDOGS PLAY BASKETBALL.”

I feelt that it’s better to be up front about these things since my crazy is in fact his heritage. His precious, blessed heritage.

Anyway, sitting with my nose pressed up to the TV was all worth it in the end because I’ll be doggone diggity if we didn’t beat those Vols and win the tournament and secure a spot in the NCAA tournament as a result.

photo by The Associated Press


So the Bulldogs are headed to Portland to play the University of Washington this Thursday (any of you in Portland? any of you Washington fans? any of you scared by the level of my obsession?), and I’m headed back to the living room to watch today’s game one more time before I go to bed.

I think it’ll be even better this time since I know the outcome and won’t suffer from the hand-wringing anxiety and crippling nausea that characterized the first go-round. But by the same token, I cannot wait for the hand-wringing anxiety and crippling nausea that’s in store for me this Thursday when we square off against Washington.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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  1. You know my crazy matches your crazy! Hail State!

  2. You know, we had to win that game 4 or 5 times. They tried their DARNDEST to make us lose, of course I mean the zebras. We have watched the last 9.6 seconds over and over in slo-mo and we were SOOOO cheated! And won anyway! So the selection committee awarded us the privilege of travelling the farthest away they could possibly send us from our fan base! You know, it’s time the Bulldogs got some well-earned respect! Sorry, my crazy is showing.

  3. Oh lordy, I could NOT watch that game! I am from Tennessee.. Nashville, to be exact. Where men would wear BRIGHT orange blazers and ties to CHURCH during football season (and, probably basketball, too, if it was March and things were lookin’ good for the Vols). BUT, I went to college at MUW (Mississippi University for Women, which hasn’t been co-ed since the year after I graduated, in 1982, and yet is STILL MUW.. and I pray that it will BE MUW til I die.. but I digress). Columbus is crazy-close to Starkville, and I sort of adopted MSU as my “co-ed school”, and so I just come unglued when MSU and UT fight it out. But it gets better. My husband GRADUATED from UGA, so the Dawgs RULE in my house, and I have submitted to my husband and therefore am a Dawg fan. Selah.
    Good luck, from the bottom of my heart.. I hope MSU goes all the way! (and really, they ARE Bulldogs, so how can my hubby totally complain?)

  4. Let’s dance!!! Will there be a BooMama bracket competition of a semi-friendly nature?

  5. i love you and i love your blog. but, i also love my husband (and we do live in seattle). so…who do i cheer for? huskies or bulldogs? boomama or my husband? hmmm…

  6. My nose was about ten inches from the t.v. screen, too. Those last couple of minutes definitely added a few more gray hairs to my head!!! Go DAWGS!

  7. I was a nervous wreck with the last 9 seconds, and then the clock man jumps it down to 8 seconds. It was the longest 8 seconds! I live in MS, and I am a big MSU fan! I had to send several messages to my Ole Miss fans because they had their glory during football season and now it’s MSU’s time! Can’t wait for the game Thursday! Please email me if you would like to read my blog:

  8. Will I be able to hear you hollering clear out here in Portland? Is the CARZY contagious?

  9. Ha ha! My hubby and I are die-hard Alabama fans (but I only care about football), so I totally understand your need to practically affix your body to the TV screen in some way…as if it will manipulate the outcome of the game. We have done all sorts of things in our living room in order to “help” the Tide win. I will not go into details and embarrass myself, but I have had many near heart attacks during games over the years.

    We live in MS, by the way. But DH is from Alabama and I’m from Texas. He said from the beginning that my love for AL was part of our marriage contract.

  10. hahaha…I was a Husky, so I’ve got to stay true – sorry!

  11. Could the last 11 seconds of that game been ANY longer?

  12. I understand your craziness. We have that brand up north too. Our beloved Wolverines are in the bracket for the first time since 1998, so now my children can see me scream at the TV for basketball and not just football.

  13. I wondered why my husband sounded so depressed when I talked to him last night. He loves the Vols as much as you love your Bulldogs. And just before his birthday, too…

    I am right there with you in the basketball obsession, only I’m over in the ACC cheering for my beloved Tarheels. And if my dog could talk, I’m sure he would echo your son’s thoughts :)

  14. Boo Mama, the last thing I said to my husband before we went to sleep was….”You are not driving from Tennessee to Portland to see that game.”

  15. Oh my! You cannot know how glad I am to hear you say that about watching the game again since you now the outcome. I am the same way, but it is with Bama football. Seriously, you are just not an SEC fan unless you’re bringing the crazy, you know?

  16. I’ve read your blog for awhile, but I don’t actually know you. To be honest, I don’t remember how I even got here, but I enjoy your posts.

    I wanted to read on about the basketball, but I couldn’t get past the Dave Barnes concert! Isn’t he the best? I still haven’t seen him live but I’m hoping that changes before too terribly long.

  17. It was nice to meet you at the concert on Friday. We had so much fun and completely fell in love with the Gabe Dixon Band.

    I have no idea how good the UW team is now, but since I went there for all about 1.5 years I feel as though I need to say, “GO HUSKIES!!”

  18. Rhonda Pepper says:

    The crazy bug is here in Ocean Springs, MS, too. Go Dawgs!!

  19. Go Dawgs–anyone who can humiliate the University of Tennessee is a friend of mine. ;)

  20. Kelly Frye says:

    Your brand of crazy runs amuck in our house too! My children were scared, very scared, of their mama and daddy yesterday. That last 9 seconds took a few months off of my life! So very proud to be a BULLDOG!

  21. Wow. How do you handle basketball AND American Idol in the same season?! :)

    And more importantly (to me), how much do you LOVE Five Guys? Because I love it. Luuuuuuv it.

  22. To show you that I am a good sport, I congratulated you on my blog. I was watching this game and was tore up from the floor up!! I really wanted my VOLS to win BUT if we had won only 2 SEC teams would have made it into March Madness and that (excuse my english for a sec) ain’t right! SO, congrats and stuff and good luck Thursday. I am pulling for the 3 SEC teams. We play Friday and it is going to be hard but whatever the outcome, this Vol fan will be singing Rocky Top! lol

  23. That game was incredible! I’m so glad the Bulldogs beat TN!!

  24. Definitely the most wonderful time of the year. I am happy for you and your team, and I will gladly pull for them, unless they play my Tar Heels. :) My children have also told me to keep it down during the games. This year my husband is deployed and I’ll be watching most of the games on my own. I’ll tell the girls to go outside first.

  25. Congrats to your bulldogs from a Vol fan. It was a close game- exciting to watch. I’m currenlty on suicide watch at my house, but don’t worry I’m sure something will come along and lift my spirits a bit. :) One stinkin point!- life is just a game of points isn’t it? Ha ha- seriously- I really don’t like basketball all that much- seems unnatural to be that close to men in competition and not be able to tackle them. Glad you had such a fun time watching! Have a good day!

  26. I hope your Bulldogs do well at the tournament. My team is the other SEC Bulldogs. Perhaps, we should stick to football. Oh wait. Maybe not. I hear our gymnastics team is good.

  27. GO DAWGS!!! WOO-HOO!!!

  28. Mmmmm, March Madness. And happy clapping ensues.

  29. How exciting! We were really hoping our Mean Green would make it to the tournament, but they lost to the eventual conference champions. However, they did win 20 games this season for the third season in a row, and that makes me very happy. I love college basketball–you feel like every team has a chance every game.

  30. Yeah MSU:)
    And so thankful you had a great week and a great weekend.
    Blessings always,
    Matthew 21:22

  31. Being a Vols fan – the only consolation was knowing that you, Sophie, were beside yourself with joy! Congrats. That last 9 seconds had to be the longest in the history of the sport!

  32. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    I’m just a 10 minute drive from Portland….got a guest bed waiting if you need it! ;) (And since I went to college in Chicago, I feel no need to cheer for the Huskies, even if I do live in WA) :)

    Glad you had such a stellar weekend!!

  33. oh, please tell me that you will set up on cbssports or espn a blog-friends bracket challenge?!?!? how much fun would that be?

  34. Okay, I have been reading you a long time but did not realize how much you loved the Bulldogs until Sunday. You have instantly become my favorite blog.

    Go Dawgs and they were totally ripped off with a 13 seed in the ncaa tournament.

  35. I was there…in Tampa. Congrats to your Bulldogs, they looked great!
    Unfortunately my team is headed to the NIT (Not Invited Tournament) for the first time in 17 years! I am still going to cheer on the SEC teams in the big dance though!

  36. Cindy Mc says:

    I kept waiting for you to post all weekend during the tournament. I just knew you ad to be glued to the TV. I was up pacing yesterday during the last 2 minutes. What was the deal with the love affair the commentators had with UT? Go Dogs!!!

  37. My husband would so love watching basketball with you… we are Pacific Northwest fans, so he’d be rooting for the purple and gold, but your passion for the game would make him grin. I am a fan, but girl, you are the fan of all fans and that is awesome. We went to college with the dad of the rock star for the Huskies – watched him grow up and all that warm fuzzie stuff. Maybe that will help soften your heart for Huskies just a little? :0)


  38. From a Vol fan.
    Congratulations on the win. It was a great game! Even though we lost, we still made the dance, and every team that made it from the SEC should be applauded. This is one of my favorite times during the year, to OVERDOSE on college basketball!

  39. I am going to try to be a grown up here and not stick my tongue out at you, or roll my eyes, or stick my finger in my ears and go la la la la la la…..No, I am just going to say Congratulations and leave my link to how I really feel about Selection Sunday!!


  40. I am a Vol fan and a very sore loser. I am still sick over this loss, but I knew as I sat 10″ from my t.v. screaming at my babies to play smart that you, too, were screaming 10″ from your t.v. Glad you made the dance. Sorry it was at our expense. I hate to lose and I dreaded coming to your site to have to relive the whole thing again. Congratulations. (Man that was hard to type.)

  41. I certainly inherited crazy honest, but I LEARNED my bulldog crazy from my step family and love every second of it. I actually graduated from that, the most sacred of all college campuses, in December and have an unhealthy love for the bulldogs (I am getting married on campus…and I don’t live in Mississippi, so it is actually a “destination” wedding). On Sunday afternoon my heart almost stopped beating on several occassions. I am just glad to know there is someone else out there who is just as dawg crazy as me!

  42. Kristen says:

    While most people sing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . .” in December (maybe in November if you’re one of those early Christmas shoppers), but my husband sings it in March! The parting line of your post made me realize the two of you must be kindred spirits. I do enjoy the fun of basketball season now that I have a husband who is so enthused about it all.

  43. YEA! Go Dawgs!!!! SO super-excited for this! Thank goodness for MSU basketball!!!!!!!!!!