Just Pretend That Disjointed Is Charming

This morning I needed to be at church a little earlier than usual, so I gave the little guy the option of leaving the house when I did or leaving with his daddy about an hour later. He decided to leave with me. Which means he had to get out of bed at sunrise o’clock so we could leave the house around sunrise thirty.

And I tell you all of that so that you understand why he is why he is half-asleep in the one picture I took of him today.


Bless him.

So when Alex and I were on the way to church I said, “You know what? I bet you anything that when we get to church Mr. Mike will meet us at the door, and I bet he will have made some coffee.” Mr. Mike is a sweet man who serves so faithfully, and I am here to tell you that I had barely parked my car before Mr. Mike opened the door and gave the little guy a high-five.


Sure enough, Mr. Mike been at church making coffee since 5 AM. I bet he’d filled up at least 20 big carafes. I was so glad that the little guy got to see Mr. Mike in action, because I have the sweetest memories of growing up in my home church and knowing that certain people could always be counted on to take care of certain tasks – like how Mr. Fountain would always stand at the back of the sanctuary and add up how many people were there. Or how Miss Kitty always led the children’s choir. Or how Mr. McElroy always cooked the barbecue for the fall festival. I could go on and on.

So this is all a very roundabout way of saying that we had a mighty joyful Resurrection Sunday. Our little family got to serve together and worship together, and after we got home I climbed in the bed in the guest room, turned on HGTV, and promptly fell asleep for two hours. It was GLORIOUS. Then I woke up and walked in the kitchen and fixed a diet Coke over ice that was so delicious I nearly wept.

It’s the little things, you know.

In conclusion comma I would like to tell you that I made PW’s apple dumplings yesterday, and they’re ALL GONE tonight. ALL GONE. Because WE ATE THEM ALL. And I don’t want to overstate their deliciousness, but they’re pretty much life-changing. And simple. And inexpensive.

I think we can agree that’s a fairly winning combination.

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  1. Life-changing? Simple? And inexpensive? I’m off to see about these apple dumplings. I love your blog! Thanks for always making me laugh.

  2. The little guy is so darling. A cheek-pincher, really. Our Resurrection Day was filled with family and friends, just as it should be. Except maybe for the nap. Now that would have been truly glorious. You are a lucky woman!

  3. You know what is charming? That half-asleep little man of yours. If arranged marriages were in vogue around here, I’d be nudging my daughter in his direction.

  4. Another winning combination: Little boys in collared (polo) shirts. Sigh…

  5. Love that sleepy head :)

    Just checked out the PW recipe – don’t know what Mountain Dew is – but I NEED to know – that looks like my kind of recipe!

    And disjointed is great – jointed is highly overrated!!

  6. Good stuff…it was a great Resurrection Day! Loved the BooCast too. You girls are too funny!

  7. I’m so making those apple dumplings. Thank you for being such a good friend. ;)

    Love ya Sophie. Glad you had such a great day!

  8. Oh. My. Word. I have never wanted to shed a tear after reading a recipe, but you know what? Those little dumplin’s are so darn cute I nearly cried just reading the recipe. Off to the grocery store today!

  9. Diet Coke takes me get dangerously close to weepiness too. It’s my absolute favorite beverage and food for that matter! Oh wait, I don’t think I can bump fried oysters from the food category…with onion rings…at Lloyds…delicious

  10. I agree that jointedness is overrated….yours is always such a blessing, over disjointedness or not.
    Sounds like a great Easter day…..you didn’t mention chocolate bunnies…..or eggs? Was there a run on them?
    We had only a few here. :)


  11. This brought memories of many people in church who were faithful! I can see a certain man counting people from the back, the usher who was always there first, the deacon who always locked-up the building. Thanks!


    Him & Apple Dumplins!

  13. He is painfully cute.

  14. The apple dumplings have me in a state! I must. try. dumplings… Of to get the scoop :)

  15. It’s the little things, indeed. One of my faves is popping over to read your blog.

    And diet Coke–with ice.

  16. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!

    And I want to move in next door to the PW and be her professional taste tester. Then I’d need to work the ranch because I would not only taste test, I would eat until I gained 50 pounds. : )

  17. a diet coke over ice is always delicious…i believe i’ve shed many a “THIS IS SO WONDERFUL” tear over the beloved beverage (which seems to be even more delicious right after waking up!)

  18. Worship, nap, diet coke, dumplings. Perfection!

  19. I think people like that are slowly fading away….the idea of serving consistently is not as normal as it used to be. I’m so glad that your son got to see it in action. I hope your Easter was wonderful!

  20. I love that little guy’s smile. I hope to meet him in person someday–quite a little man you have in your Alex!

    And I love that you notice the small things, Sophie.

    Have a delightful Monday!

  21. I too made PW’s apple dumplings- BUT- I used peaches instead- HA- I have to say they were even a bigger hit than the apple one’s- my dear Mother swooned!

  22. YES PW’s apple dumplings are life changing! I am totally craving them right now as I am 7 months pregnant but my hubby won’t let me make them because he knows he will eat them all. It is a sad day in my house!

  23. PW recipes may or may not be the reason for the extra 5 (or 15) pounds I have hanging around. That and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Which i am just now realizing I totally should have stockpiled before Easter so I could make it to next Easter without losing any weight by not eating bagfuls at a time. . .

  24. Those dumplings are pure bliss.


    I triple heart them.


  25. Jeannette says:

    a couple of my favorite growing up in church memories.
    Mr. Ewalt greeting us at the back of the sanctuary doors and giving all the kids a piece of hard candy for the sermon.
    Mr. Harms walking around the church and turning off all the lights in the unoccupied rooms. And adjusting the thermostats.

  26. Ms. Haworth always carried a purse full of gum and gave it out to all us kids every Sunday. Sweet memory.

  27. Teri from Indiana says:

    I listened to you & Big Mama the other morning discussing those dumplings. I went to Wal Mart this morning and got the ingredients. I’ve eaten two. I shared with the kids, really. Even the baby loved them. Anything with Dew gets my vote. They are to die for! PW has some wonderful recipes. Try the onion straws! I can’t fix them fast enough.

  28. Yes, the little things…
    I agree!
    Iced cold Diet Coke makes me smile HUGE!

  29. I believe that shirt your precious boy is wearing is from Old Navy – I believe that because my nearly 7 yr old wore that same one for Easter :)