How I Dusted A Nightstand In Our Guest Room

1. Walked in guest room. Decided the nightstands needed dusting.

2. On way out of guest room, determined that two nightstands were too much in a smallish space.

3. Turned around, cleared off one nightstand, picked it up and carried it into another bedroom.

4. Vowed to return to that bedroom once dusting was finished and find the perfect spot for the nightstand in its new location.

5. Walked to the laundry room. Secured dust rag and Pledge.

6. Headed back into guest room. Contemplated rearranging all the furniture.

7. Started moving the bed. Immediately noticed the bed looked weird.

8. Looked under the bed. Saw that part of the frame had come undone.

9. Determined that mattress and box springs needed to be moved so that frame could be fixed.

10. Wrestled with mattress and box springs for approximately 15 minutes.

11. Strained – and this is just an estimation – seventy two different muscles in my lower back.

12. Walked outside and begged husband for help.

13. Stood in doorway of guest room looking useless while husband fixed the bed frame.

14. With help of husband, put mattress and box springs back on the bed.

15. Made up bed. Couldn’t remember what led me to that room in the first place.

16. Oh, yes. THE DUSTING.

17. Decided that I would dust just as soon as I vacuumed the rug in the foyer.

18. But not until I played some Connect Four with the kindergartner.

19. Won four out of the five Connect Four games. NOT THAT I WAS KEEPING SCORE.

20. Vacuumed foyer rug.

21. Remembered that I was supposed to be dusting.

22. Heard phone beep.

23. Found phone and answered text.

24. Checked email since I was standing next to the computer.

25. Saw an email with some pictures I’d been waiting for.

26. Wrote a blog post since I’d gotten the pictures I needed.

27. Fixed a snack for the boy. And one for me, too.

28. Folded a load of clothes.

29. Put away clothes and decided that half bath had to be cleaned immediately.

30. Scoured the half bath with Mr. Clean.

31. Decompressed from bathroom cleaning unpleasantness by playing a round of Fuzion Frenzy.

32. Felt renewed sense of motivation and purpose after decisive Fuzion Frenzy win.

33. Walked back in the guest room.

34. Cleared old magazines and books off the nightstand.

35. Dusted the dadgum nightstand approximately three and a half hours after the whole process began.

But I have to say that now? That nightstand? Is SPOTLESS.

And that is understandable, especially given my efficiency.

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  1. Lesia7052 says:

    WOW!! will you come clean my nightstand and fold clothes,clean bathroom,I have plenty of Mr. Clean!! Dont ya just love when cleaning takes ALL day?! sweet mercy you are a hoot!! =)

  2. You seriously just described my cleaning process!

  3. Southern Gal says:

    Two words. Fly Lady. Not that reading her site helps me, but I think in your case it might be worth a shot.

  4. May I say that your cleaning process sounds much more efficient than mine since the nightstand ACTUALLY got dusted…

  5. Boo – have you ever read, “So You Give a Mouse a Cookie” to your handsome little one? You just described the grown-up version of that great book.

    By the way, I do that all the time!

  6. Brenda beat me to it! I was going to say, “And if you give a moose a muffin, chances are he’ll want some jam to go with it.”


  7. Sounds like you suffer from AD O Shiney….


  8. I’m not sure which is worse…the fact that this is exactly how I “clean” too. Or the fact that I was intrigued by the title of this blog: “How I dusted a nightstand in our guest room”. Sigh.

  9. That’s called being a “SHE” = Side Tracked Home Executive LOL! (

  10. Oh my word that is me :)! I can so relate.

  11. That nightstand? Is SPOTLESS.

    Both of them? (LOL)

  12. haha I am the same way. When I saw your post title, I thought to myself “oh i need to read that, i haven’t dusted my nightstand in sweet forever” . . .

  13. This is exactly the method to my madness when cleaning. Lucky you got the nightstand dusted with in 3 hours and the kicker that you remembered why you were there in the first place.

  14. If you give a mom a can of pledge….I mean, If you give a mouse a cookie…

  15. How a mom cleans in 35 easy steps…

  16. Sounds like the way I clean! IF I clean.
    It also reminds me of the family circle comic where the little boy would run about 50 circles through the neighborhood to go do one thing. . .

  17. You go girl!

    Some things just take time…

  18. I am exactly just like that!!

  19. I swear to you I had this EXACT same turn of events this weekend. Only minus a kiddo to share snacks with and to play connect 4.

  20. You go girl.

  21. I clean in the same way! :)

  22. It’s nice to know that someone else has cleaning ADD like I do. I still feel scattered, but at least there’s possibility of a support group forming.

  23. You make me giggle :)

  24. I prefer to look at just how much you got accomplished rather than the order in which it was done!

  25. You just described the average day at my house! And I wonder why I never get anything done!

  26. OK…your post reminds me of the “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” book except it’s “If You Give A Boomama a Dust rag…”

  27. This is so my “everyday kinda day”!

  28. Who knew dusting could be soooo much fun??? :O)

  29. Ha! I’ve done that or I just give the kids the dusters and they do the work for me.

  30. You clean the way my sister does. But she doesn’t get near that much done. LOL (don’t tell her I said that)

  31. My favorite part is how you stood in the door feeling useless while your husband fixed the bed frame. Soooo like me. I have assembled cribs on my own, moved entire rooms of furniture, knick-knack- paddy-wacked gave a dog a bone,….BUT as soon as I ask my hubby for help I somehow loose all my strength AND sense….hmmmmm….he just seems so much more capable sometimes..or is he really…

  32. If you give a mouse-Mommy some pledge and a dust rag….

  33. Haha, my mom and I talk about this kind of thing too. We too dust our nightstands this exact way, and unload the dishwasher and change the sheets on the bed, and … well, you get the idea — you are one of us! (Scared?)

    I am just impressed you remembered to dust the nightstand. By that point, I usually will have forgotten what I set out to do in the first place. Starting the whole pattern again the next day when I see that night stand that needs to be dusted . . . .

  34. Next weekend: BooMama makes the bed.

  35. I had my own witty comment but Kelly Lovewell wins.

  36. I’m impressed; you managed to accomplish a multitude of actual TASKS on the way to cleaning the nightstand. Truly, you are a domestic goddess! Clean the bath, vaccuum, dust.. all in ONE day? wow.

  37. Thus is my life. I feel so much better now. :>)

  38. Sounds like a typical day for me too!

  39. Oh, this is SO me. Love it!

    BTW…your Bloggy Quilt post “won” for my weekly pick! I posted about it this morning.

  40. Oh my!!!….sounds SOOOO familiar! haha!

  41. The story of my life…

  42. Sounds just like the way I clean my house – no wonder it takes me all day!

  43. That is me… in a nutshell. Just add in a couple more kids and some bright red hair and the description would be spot on.

    And really who cares about the time frame… the nightstand got cleaned. That is all that matters, right?!


  44. Stop spying on me and stealing my housekeeping moves.


  45. If I didn’t know better, I would swear you have been following me around. That’s EXACTLY how I dust!

    Rachel Langston

  46. Isn’t that how EVERYONE cleans?

  47. I’m sooooo glad I’m not the only one who does this! You crack me up!

  48. It’s like I was reading a piece of my biography. :)

  49. This is SO me!!! Only I would have ended up cleaning the whole house before I got back to the nightstand! lol

  50. I sent this to my mom b/c this is totally us. Except without all the efficiency and such. Love it!

  51. I had to comment on this one – I dust exactly the same way! I see we have a lot of company. :)