Crystal Light Challenge, Day 9

Today I made the most exciting discovery.

Crystal Light Pomegranate Lemonade.

OH MY WORD. It is so tasty. And tart. And refreshing.

And apparently it has something in it that’s good for your skin, but I don’t even care because it is perfectly delicious with or without any added benefits.

Now I’m fighting that urge I have when I run across something I really like: the urge to go to the store and buy several packs of it because WHAT IF THEY RUN OUT? WHAT IF I CAN’T FIND IT THE NEXT TIME I’M IN THE STORE?

You might say it made a bit of an impression.

So now I’m going to go to sleep so that I can wake up and drink it again tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve seen a few people mention the Pomegranate Lemonade flavor over at the Water Way discussion group on BlogHer and I admit — I’m intrigued. I must add that to my shopping list. All I’ve ever tried is the plain lemonade and it’s pretty good. I saw someone else mention lemonade mixed with the iced tea flavor plus mint — I have fresh mint in my yard! So many things to try!