I Could Sing Of That Corn Forever

I knew deep down in my butter-clogged heart of hearts that we would have some mighty fine food while we were at the ranch. So when Ree arrived at The Lodge on Tuesday night with this tray – and about five others – I knew we were in for a treat.

Oh my mercy. Were we ever. Because that’s a big bag of avocados, my friends.

Avocados are one of my love languages. Along with tomatoes and black beans and sweet potatoes and steak and do you really want me to finish this list? Because it could take awhile.

So. Here’s the skinny about the food (OH, I am loaded with punny lameness today).

Monday night we ate a bunch of appetizers because we had a LOT of TV to watch and a big meal would have taken away from our TV time. And let me just tell you: we did some TALKIN’ BACK to the TV. I was especially vocal, mainly because I can’t seem to shake the feeling that if I just talk loudly enough, I can convince the people on the screen to listen to me. Please remember that I have never claimed to be rational and/or even remotely normal.

Ree brought us some cream cheese-stuffed jalapeños that were wrapped in bacon, and we WIPED THEM OUT. I think there were two left the next morning. And I think there were zero left after we’d been awake about four minutes. So we had the jalapeños and some really great salsa and tortilla chips and mashed avocado with chopped tomatoes on top and a whole bunch of cheese. It was perfect.

Tuesday at lunch we warmed up a pasta dish that Ree brought us Monday. I don’t know if the recipe is on her blog or not, but it was pasta shells, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini and yellow squash COVERED UP with the most delicious white sauce I have ever eaten. Somehow it managed to be hearty and light all at the same time. Shannon and I talked about it the whole time we were eating. And I know that it was totally healthy because hello? Did you see all those vegetables I just mentioned?

Since Melanie and Shannon have already written about Tuesday night’s supper, I’ll just add this: it was one of the most fun meals of my life – one of those times when the people and the conversation and the food were a happy, happy blend. The only thing that would have made it better is if all of our husbands could have been there. However, Marlboro Man was a mighty good sport to hang in there with us – even though he was outnumbered four to one – and he didn’t seem the least bit fazed by the way Mel and I TALK VERY LOUDLY AT THE SAME TIME when we’re together.

(By the way, Mel and I met Shannon’s hubby for the first time Sunday night, and we were crazy about him, too. The three of us talked about SEC and Big 12 football for about two hours, and I just think that’s the most fun – when you meet a friend’s husband and think oh, y’all TOTALLY belong together. Makes me love my friends even more when I get to know their sweet husbands.)

(Anyway. Where was I? Something about supper?)

Okay. Pictures. I only have a few because I was very busy with all the eating and all the talking.

This is officially the first time I’ve posted a picture of a raw slab of beef on my blog, but I just think that when you see butter slathered on top of meat, you need to document it. Treasure the moment. Preserve it forever and always so that future generations can testify to the goodness of butter and beef together. Amen.

Bready bread bread. Filled with all manner of buttery breadish deliciousness.

And here is The Best Corn I Have Ever Eaten In My Whole Life, And That Is Saying Something Because I Have Put Away Some Corn In My Time. I know the picture is blurry. I think it’s because my hands were a little shaky in the midst of so much corn-related excitement.

The whole meal was so stinkin’ good. And the company was even better. We all had some OPINIONS. OH-PIN-YUNS. So much fun.

And do you know what I really, really miss about The Lodge today now that I’m safe and sound and sitting in my pajamas back home in Alabama? Besides all the fun, funny friends, of course?

This refrigerated drawer.

I really been trying to cut back on my Diet Coke consumption, but every single time we opened this drawer, I could have sworn that I heard angels sing.

Peppy, caffeinated angels.

With cartons of Land O’ Lakes butter in their hands.

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  1. You are ridiculously hilarious! The phrase “sit-on-a-towel-hilarious” comes to mind. Haha!!
    Anyway, I saw your link on Kelly’s Korner and thought I would read your entry today. You seem like one fun lady!

  2. It’s hard to beat good friends and good food.
    By the way, in reference to yesterday’s picture of Ree’s boy with his boots on the wrong feet: my son used to do that regularly with his cowboy boots when he was 4 years old. Now he’s 26. Did I just say “26”??!! That makes me, um, er… Nevermind. Life is good and it goes fast.

  3. I’m laughing so hard right now AND even though I just ate lunch, I’M STARVING! I’m wanting beef with butter and a coke!

  4. It’s hilarious…..and the story from all sides is worth the blog world in gold, or something like that. KWIM???

    What a fun weekend…so fun that I wrote about it on MY blog today…living the fun life vicariously thru ya’ll. My life is not TOO terribly boring, but if I could describe it like you do yours, it would be much more interesting!! You go girl…so this post answers my question….you WERE indeed watching the Bachelorette Jillian……so waiting for your impressions…so you and her can confer first if you need to….lol.


  5. Congratulations on living out my food and beverage dreams. I oft hear the angels a-sangin’ when there are frosty diet cokes in bulk quantities in a nearby fridge.

  6. I actually laughed out loud reading this! I’m going to try to make the rounds by letting all four of you ladies know that, US READERS, loved getting to see four of our favorite bloggers together. It makes me think you should have called your weekend, “I’m a blogger, get me on a Ranch NOW!!”

    Seriously glad you had fun, and thank you for making us all COLLECTIVELY hungry too. Love you!

  7. Let’s raise our hands high in praise for the butter, the Coke and the drawer.

  8. I love when you talk about food, Sophie. And peppy, caffeinated angels.
    All this and Jesus, too! A taste of Heaven, I tell ya!

  9. We should schedule our heart bypasses together so we can reminisce about our good old days :)

    And I love your puniness!

  10. Crystal says:

    I think Ree is my real mother. We were simply separated upon my birth.

    WOW!!! jealousy abounds, boo.

  11. I love all the food related details of the trip! So perfect!

  12. Our Father, who art in Heaven,
    Hallowed be thy dairy goodness.
    Thy kingdom of corn come, thy will for us to eat it be done,
    On The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch, as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily slab o’ meat with butter,
    And forgive us our jalapeño cheesiness trespasses,
    As we forgive those who gave us the jalapeño cheesiness in the first place.
    And lead us not into Diet Coke temptation.
    But deliver us from all caffeinated evil.
    For thine is the kingdom of prairie raised meat, and the power of butter, and the glory of cheese, forever and ever.

  13. Sounds like the best week ever! I loved the shaky hand corn portrait.

  14. I have a feeling there are about a thousand of us reading all of your blogs who really, reeeaallyy wish we could have been there with you. Thanks for sharing the joys of ranch life with us.

  15. Oh, Sophie, you crack me up!

    Thanks so much for sharing the four basic food groups (meat, butter, corn, and Diet Coke) with us!

  16. You are so funny! Kelly had a great time meeting ya’ll!

  17. LOVE that drawer!

  18. Such a fun post! Sounds like you gals had a great time! The menu sounded delicious and . . . healthy!? I loved how the refrigerated drawer had the angelic singing feature ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Ahh! Now everyone has blogged in with Her Side of the Story. This has been the most fun to follow: a virtual vacation in my head. Ya’ll need to take some more trips together so you can share with those of us who are home bound right now. Thanks for all these fun posts.

  20. I think I need to convert to Southern-ism-ish. All-the-sudden the nuts and berries and granola here in Oregon don’t sound all that appealing!

  21. Goodness, I think I might be jealous. ;) If the food wasn’t enough you go and show the canned coke products. Blessings abound!!
    Love ya,

  22. hilarious.

  23. Sounds like you girls (and guy) had too much fun and tooooo much GREAT looking food!
    So thankful your trip was a great one.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  24. Well my land oh lakes. This just made me twitch with joy! And envy. I would love to actually taste PW’s food.

    Oh and I was talking to that TEEVEE on Monday as well. I was trying to warn Jillian about the evil Wes.

  25. Okay, you have another follower! YOU are hilarious and this post made me laugh out loud. Found you from PW of course and the whole dang trip was so entertaining! Thanks for making my day even happier.

  26. Katherine says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! You make me laugh, girl! Thank you for your many (hilarious) words! I think my jealousy at not being there with you all has been edged out by the giggles that I got from reading your blog entries!! Yay! Yay!

  27. Katherine says:

    Excuse me, Y’ALL

  28. You three are too cute. Who else takes pictures of their food? Actually, I took pictures recently of my canning apricots project.

    Maybe lots do, but I really don’t follow too many bloggers, Ree and whomever she links to.

  29. Oh this post just makes me smile and be so so happy. I’m happy about all the yummy food and wish I could cook it. Maybe I’ll get brave and try. Love the drawer and the angels singing. LOVE IT!!!

    I think we should have a retreat at the lodge. I’ll put it together. Come on! ;)


  30. I love that you had such a good time! I’ll bet it was a BLAST!! I laughed and laughed while reading about it. Your descriptions of things nearly put me into hysterics, anyway.

    I was still chuckling to myself when I opened my own frig and, lo and behold……there were little bottles of Diet Coke AND Land O Lakes butter at eye level!!! “Rolling on the floor with laughter” would accurately describe my reaction :) God bless you! I’ll never look at those products the same way ever again.

  31. Hi. I was shipped over here by a certain mutual “Beth” friend of ours. I think I will be popping in rather frequently.

    To join the conversation, I will say that my love language involves steak, shallots, risotto, port reduction sauce and perhaps the occasional truffle.

    And yes, butter on steak deserves a picture. Ever had garlic/thyme butter on pork? We’re talking magazine cover there.

  32. Christina says:

    Linked to you off of Pioneer Woman and so glad I did. I’ll be back!! Thanks for the laughs.

  33. You are so dang fuh-nee. I can just imagine hanging out with the four of you, oh to have been a fly on the wall. My friends and I all take loudly at the same time when we’re together, it’s because it’s so much fun to be together we can’t contain ourselves.

    Question, why are there no REAL Dr Peppers in the amazing refrigerated drawer? Is it because someone drank them all or because of some type of discrimination against DP?

  34. Hey hey, from one Alabama girl to another. This post made me laugh so hard. I did one on Southern Comfort Food one time and had hits on it for months and months!

    Being raised Southern does teach you certain things about food doesn’t it? So where in Alabama do you live? I am in Madison, right outside Huntsville.

    Oh, and they need to put Mountain Dews in that drawer. Then life would be good.

  35. Hilarious. I especially love the last few sentences.

  36. Oh- I loved reading your recap of your visit!
    Love that drawer- Love everything about the lodge!

  37. Okay, I’m cracking up at the raw meat photo with all the butter! LOL! I’ve never actually drooled at a photo of raw meat, but I think I just did.

    Glad you had fun in Oklahoma! That is the small town where I grew up. I always like to hear what people think about the prairie. Looks like you all ate very well and had an awesome time! So fun!!

  38. I am completely out of Diet Dr. P ad Diet Coke right now which only makes me drool all the more over the drink drawer. Heaven indeed. :)

    SO glad you girls had such a great time. I’m not even jealous.

  39. My two favorite blogs visiting?! How udderly delightful :) Oh what I wouldn’t have given to be there to see that visit LOL!

  40. Jane george says:

    Hi, just found you through PW, I am green,green with envy! By the way, I know I would have taken the dish of corn, found a secluded corner and eaten it all!!

  41. Too funny!!! Loved your food recap. Now I’m wanting lunch to hurry up and get here, haha!!! :)

  42. Oh, that drawer! I love that too, with my fave Diet Dr. Pepper that I’m trying to stop drinking so much of.

    What a fun trip I know ya’ll had! So, when are we all doing lunch do you can tell us B’ham girls ALL about it?!

  43. I just have one question that I have been wondering for a very long time. I have been reading Ree’s blog for several years and I want to know how she stays so skinny??? Is that really her in the pictures? I don’t know how anyone can cook so good and look like that. Tell us, since you have seen her in person. :)

  44. lavonda says:

    you know what I noticed on that tray of food she brought in?
    the camera!
    I’ve been caught up the last several weeks in a whole Nikon v. Canon debacle, trying to pick one over the other for my big dslr purchase.

    (love the food. love the butter on the meat — gonna try that soon. love the corn! we eat it at least twice a week at our home)

  45. Just wanted to say thanks for the title … the (wrong) song is now stuck in my head! I’ll never sit in church again and hear it without thinking of corn! :)

  46. If God really wants to surprise me with something special, He’ll one day give me a house with an avocado tree in the back yard. My parents had one in Puerto Rico and it grew the biggest most beautiful avocados. They were so good that the previous owner stole an avocado off the tree after the selling the house to my parents. We loved to eat them smushed up in a bowl of sticky white rice or spread on white bread fresh from the bakery. But then a hurricane came along and ruined our culinary fun by ripping up the avocado tree along with many banana trees. We didn’t care about the banana trees because they grow like weeds, but the loss of the avocado tree hurt.

  47. I seriously laughed out loud…

    Peppy, caffinated angels with Land O’ Lakes butter in their hands.