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So the reason I asked all the questions about the laundry and the recipes is because I just needed some reassurance about what passes for “normal” in the day-to-day. You know how sometimes you can watch TV or read blogs or whatever and start to feel like you’re the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who doesn’t have everything together? Well, that’s how I felt yesterday as I watched TV while sitting in a chair that was next to an unpacked suitcase. Which was next to an unmade bed. In a room next to a guest room with a shamefully big pile of unfolded laundry in it. And then I watched “The Next Food Network Star” and was completely intimidated by the way all those people can take five random ingredients and create something spectacular.

As for the silverware question, it was because of something I noticed a couple of weeks ago when I was in my hometown. My mama and my aunt both put silverware in their dishwashers with the handles down. And I don’t. I always put the handles up so that that’s what I touch when I put away the silverware. Somehow that’s always made the most sense to me. But when I noticed that Mama and C. clearly do not adhere to the same handle-up philosophy, I realized that I’vw deviated from family dishwashing tradition. And now I’ve spent the better part of two weeks wondering WHERE, OH WHERE DID I GO WRONG?*

(*Overly dramatic for effect. You’re welcome.)

Anyway. Y’all made me (and a whole bunch of other people) feel much better and much more normal today. For that I am mighty grateful indeed.

And in case you were wondering, I haven’t been caught up on laundry since 2005.


No “Bachelorette” post this week for several reasons (in no particular order: crazy schedule ahead, Ed’s gone, feeling sort of bothered in general about the tone this season has taken, Wes is still there, not wanting to have to dance around the, um, issues that are supposedly in store on the fantasy dates, not really enjoying the recap process when I’m not rooting for anyone and, well, feeling pretty convicted that I need to take a “Bachelor”-related break).

I think that pretty much covers it.


One bit of TV-related news I’ve neglected to mention: did any of y’all watch “Glee” when it premiered after the “American Idol” season finale? I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It wasn’t perfect – there was one plotline I didn’t care for, and I thought some of the characters were a bit stereotypical – but on the whole the show was hilarious and entertaining right out of the gate. The fact that I’ve always been a sucker for a good show choir number probably has something to do with why I immediately loved a TV show about, well, a fledgling show choir.

Anyway, I’ve watched this “Glee” clip about four times today, so I figure that it’s only fair to provide you with an opportunity to play catch-up.


Y’all have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I’m so with you on taking a break from TB, but rest peacefully tonight. Ed is back.

  2. Ed is BACK!!! :)

  3. Okay. I’m frustrated about the “Bachelorette” as well. Seriously! I HATE WES!!! Oh my LORD!! But you need to just watch the last twenty minutes of the show from tonight. Don’t give up!!! There’s still hope!!

  4. Well then, I was trying not to spoil it but yes… ED IS BACK!!! YAY!

  5. Dear Boo Mama,

    I hope I can finish the comment in time to be the number one comment, but I’m not holding out hope. Because, let’s face it, I tend to ramble in the comments.

    And that is why I JUST NOW finished a post in which I answer question number one of your last post regarding laundry. The link is posted in the comments section (oh, 200 something) of that post.

    Sadly enough, the post involved laundry on a Manic Monday that I am madly working around The Bachelorette. HEAVY SIGH! I’m with you there. I have nothing to say.

    I will add that you are NOT alone in feeling inferior to other bloggers or people or CHEFS on food network. HEAVY SIGH!

    I’d like to answer question #2 now, if I may, since I did not in my post because, well, I ramble.

    #2. Both. In spite of my love for all things organized, I can not make myself put the silverware in one direction only. I try to keep all knives and forks down for obvious reasons. But I find myself concerned over the wheels on my very pretty stainless dishwasher that my sister gave me and is certainly lovely, BUT the wheels fall off just about every dang time I roll out that rack.

    Sorry. Really. I try not to ramble.

    In summary, you are a beautiful, special person and I would be happy to come and catch up your laundry. And let you whip up a recipe from scratch with say, five ingredients. Because, I CANNOT do that!



  6. Alas, I have been bumped to comment five.

    Darn you, fast commentors (is that a word?) who DON’T ramble!

  7. That was supposed to be “this” comment. Not “the” comment.

    See, I’m clearly showing you more flaws. I have a real problem with typos.

    Not others’. Mine. Like in your comments the other day.


  8. 3 words.
    Ed is back.

    Wes is still there (BOO! HISS! BLECH! SPIT!) but Ed is back.


  9. Long time fan, first time commenter (shout out Rick and Bubba!). okay, LOVED Glee. I feel a little like a high school girl admitting that, but LOVE it and can’t wait for the fall. I made my husband listen to the song about a million times already :).

  10. oh man. after the worst day evvvver- that Glee video just redeemed it. i will now hum my way up to bed :) thanks boo mama!

  11. Tammy Elrod says:

    I am sure that someone said it on the last post, but silverware (especially forks, knives, or anything pointy or sharp) should be placed with the handle up to prevent injury. I recently heard a statistic that death by impalement due to falling on the dishwasher door is a major cause of death/injury to toddlers. Sorry to repeat if it’s already been said.

    P. S. In family of 5, the laundry is never caught up because by the time I finish one load, they have created another…

  12. Wes! Ick! Liar!
    If you have doubts about someone – send him home. Puleaaaaaase. And I haven’t even watched most of this season. Him and her don’t belong together anyway.

    p.s. sharp silverware down, spoons up and down to prevent “spooning”.

  13. I am never caught up on laundry. Handles down on silverware. And I feel alot like you do.
    I liked that post, made me not feel so alone.

  14. I completely agree about the Bachelorette. It’s just….weird now. And so annoying.


    I can’t wait for it to come back!

  15. BooMama! I just blogged about this – the whole “not having it together” thing. Nothing deep, just shared a few pics of my always messy house. When you asked those questions, I thought, “Who is ever completely caught up on laundry? We do a load when we’re low on socks or underwear, not on a certain day or whatever.” Girl, I love ya!

  16. If my sons wouldn’t wear clothes, I would be caught up on laundry, too. I prefer the alternative–wearing clothes:) I’m an organization freak about my dishwasher. I never could figure out why my grandmother didn’t organize hers the way I did. I finally decided that individual organization must come from a mentally different perspective. I never could convert her to my way–and it save sooo much room. Have a great day!

  17. But Ed! Ed is back :).

    We put silverware in handles down – except for sharp knives…they definitely go pointy-end down. Here’s another little tidbit that my youngest sister taught me. (I was embarrassed to have never thought of it before, so if you already do this, just let me think I’m not the only one).
    Put all the forks in the same compartment,all the knives in the same one and all the spoons in the same one. That way you can just grab a handful of them and put them right into your drawer organizer since they’re going together anyway.

    So simple but so much easier than sorting!

  18. Well, I live by myself and I’m never caught up with the laundry. I stack folded laundry on the guest room bed and it never gets put away, it’s just like an extra closet. Pretty soon I’m laundering the same things again, that I never put up from the first laundry.

    I put the silverware in the dishwasher pointy ends down – not that I’m afraid a toddler might get hurt but because I’m afraid I’ll stab myself.

    And I always follow the recipe, and just pray it turns out.

    Enough of my confessions, I’m embarrassing myself even.

  19. I’m dying to know what plotline on “Glee” you didn’t like!

  20. I guessed it last week (see comments from last Bachelorette recap…lol) that Ed would return – I’m a happy camper! He was wrong to leave but I still think he’s the best choice.

  21. Becky Kelly says:

    I know what you mean about ‘The Bachelorette’. We encourage our kids to stay sexually pure, but watch so much on TV that is the exact opposite of everything that we believe in.

    And as for laundry, I’m one person that will never have that all together. I hate laundry. I pray when I get to Heaven, I won’t be put in charge of laundry. But I might, if I break down and watch ‘The Bachelorette’……..

  22. Not sure how I missed the laundry post. Judging from the way my laundry room looks right now (and on an ongoing basis) I could make a lot of folks feel very good about not being caught up.

    I felt the same way you did about Glee–a bit cheesy and amateurish in parts…but oh, the musical numbers redeemed it! Hoping to not be disappointed in the Fall…and thankful for the DVR so I can fast forward to those parts if need be!

  23. I hadn’t heard of Glee but now I’m sorry I missed it! That got my morning off to a great start!!

  24. After watching Glee, I shrieked with dismay when I discovered it wouldn’t be back till fall. I tried to set my DVR that far ahead and it won’t do it!


  25. He’s back! Ed and Jake came back. Please watch the episode and give us some commentary. I love hearing your take. :) Besides, you and Miss Big Mama got me all hooked watching Jillian.

  26. Loved Glee. SIlverware survey reminded me of my mother-in-law who corrects my handle up placement of silverware in dishwasher to the “right” way which apparently is handle down. (Who knew?) And let’s just use the excuse “It’s summer!” for the lack of laundry progress. It’s a one-size fits all explanation for whatever ails you during this time of year.

  27. Oh Boomama…..I hope you will reconsider on your decision to skip a Bachelorette post…clearly you now know that Ed made his return to the show. Unfortunately Wes is still lingering for dramatic effect but something tells me after you watch, you might just have some thoughts…and oh boy, I bet a post from you on the matter would be a gem!!

  28. And now you know what I was busting to tell you … I’m not even a ‘fan’ of the show but got sucked in this time.

  29. Huge fan of Glee after the pilot episode. I will be counting the days till fall.


  30. I DVRed that Glee episode, but when I realized it wasn’t going to be on again until the fall, I decided to hold out. But, after this fantastic clip, I may have to break down and watch it. I forget what a great song that is and this little show did it justice. I’ll admit I skipped the Bachorlette this season. I just got so wrapped up in Jason, I needed a break. Thanks for sharing that Glee clip. It got my morning off to a good start.

  31. Sophie, you are more normal than you think!

  32. Glee is hands down the best thing that has been on my TV in ages. Okay, well, Merlin is kind of awesome, too. I cannot wait for this show to air regularly in the fall. I’ve watched the Don’t Stop Believing Clip AND the Rehab Clip so many times, I’m embarrassed to admit it.

  33. Just to let anyone who missed it know, the entire episode is available on!!! And the fabulous Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry. I have seen Spring Awakening twice on broadway and I absolutely adore her!!!!!

  34. So sad you are not doing a Bachelorette post but I totally get it. Was looking forward to sharp-witted comments about Kiptyn’s creepy family and Jake’s brief appearance with his wheelie suitcase, etc. Maybe I’ll give Glee a shot. Have a great day!

  35. I have watched the Glee bit quite a lot since the premiere. I think it has the potential to be a really good show, love the music, but just hope it doesn’t turn into a 90210 type of show. I can see whether it can go either way. I really hope it is good though!

  36. Awww…I know it isn’t “quality television,” but I so look forward to your re-cap of The Bachelorette. I actually make sure that I watch on Monday nights so that I don’t ruin anything about the show when I check your blog on Tuesday mornings. I really would LOVE for you to reconsider. And…don’t comment on the unnecesary. Just comment on the hilarious! You can do it BooMama! We are counting on you! Hee hee.

  37. votemom says:

    ok, i am TOTALLY disapointed you didn’t watch and blog about last night. my girlfriend and i look forward to your blog evvery tuesday morning – what a bummer!!!

    it was full of interesting stuff last night (meeting all the families). and Mr.Ed is back and got a rose. PLEASE tell me you dvr’d it!!!

  38. The entire time I watched TB, I was thinking, “I wonder what Sophie is thinking about this?” When I got up this morning, the VERY first thing I did was check your blog, only to find out that you aren’t posting on the show! Please reconsider. I so appreciate your thoughts and you always make me laugh.

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  39. lavonda says:

    aahhh, BooMama, surely you of all people know never to leave a game early… you’re bound to miss something! (this is quite possibly the only time I’ll ever be able to make a football related analogy to the Bachelorette).
    That said, ladies and gentlemen… the game is BACK ON.
    Give me an ‘E’!
    Give me a ‘D’!

  40. I totally missed Glee, and I am a huge sucker for those type shows! I’ll have to look for it in the fall because I love, love, love that clip!!! We are a Journey family around here–my kids (9 and 2) request it in the car:)

  41. I had already composed a comment in my head for you about how thankful I am that you do the Bachelorette recaps because now TWO WEEKS IN A ROW a storm has messed up my dvr recording of it and I completely missed the rose ceremony but thanks to you I know everything.

    Never mind. Thanks for nothin.

  42. I read in Martha Stewart Living that you should alternate your utensils. Handle up, then handle down, handle up, handle down, etc. She said this way you ensure that all of your utensils are getting clean.

    So that’s what I do because I figure if Martha said it, it must be the Law!

  43. So sad that you aren’t going to do a Bachelorette post! I was thinking during the entire show what you would say. Last night’s show was so over the top!
    And I love Glee! I can’t wait for the show to start in the Fall.
    Please change your mind about the Bachelorette post!!!

  44. I was so looking forward to your post this morning! I LOVE your recaps of The Bachelorette! And Ed is back so all is right with the world. Well except tha Wes is still there and that makes me, almost, want to stop watching!

  45. Please, please, PLEASE tell me you at least WATCHED it last night! I may or may not have done a happy dance near the end of the show. He’s the BEST ONE!

  46. oh, i loved Glee, too. except for that one plot line. thanks for sharing that video, it makes me wanna stand up and cheer!!

  47. Boo, I have to say I, like the other girls, could not WAIT to see what you thought about last night’s episode. But I completely understand your discomfort. I’ve gotten increasingly uncomfortable with Jillian herself. I feel like she really leads these (nicer) guys on…I mean, I know it’s the bachelorette and crazy reality tv and all, but I liked her a lot better when the season began and now she seems…I don’t know, a little on the hoochie side. (No denying, it can make some compelling television!!!)

  48. Oh, you missed a good episode!! Can’t believe she didn’t listen to sweet Jake and give old Wes the boot. (What does she see in him???!!!)

  49. But Ed is back!!!!!

  50. I have been having issues with Jillian myself. It appears that their overnights become more than I would hope for someone who is a)unmarried and b)dating 4 guys at the same time. I hope I’m wrong on this, but the previews make me believe a LOT happens.

    Having said that, I’ve been waiting for your recap so you could discuss that very thing. So, start writing.

    Also, Ed looks like Greg Brady. How were you able to take him seriously?

  51. I’m so sad. I could barely wait for your recap (there was SO much fodder what with Jake returning for a show down with the nasty Wes, and Ed returning, just as I said he would). However, if you are truly feeling convicted, I won’t badger you (since I see some other earlier posters have already done that, I can play nice cop to their bad cop).

    I never get all my laundry done, I feel like a failure since my MIL does hers, and always did even with 5 children, on Mondays. Down to the last sock. I, on the other hand, have an entire large grocery sack full of mis-matched socks that we lovingly, and oh-so-originally, call “The Sock Bag.” I hide it when she comes to visit.

    I think very few people have it “all together” like these organizational/decorating/cooking shows would have us believe. If your boy is growing up happy and healthy, and your husband loves you, what does any of the rest really matter?

    Have a wonderful day, Sophie! God bless.

  52. I know others have said it but I feel a need to say it tooo….ED IS BACCCKK! Now get your DVR busy and then blog! Because I NEED to read your reaction.

  53. I read a post on a blog yesterday where she was irritated with nasty comments and at the end she stated, “Validate me” to her readers. That statement cracked me up. I think we feel much more validated knowing not everyone has their laundry caught up, their knives handles down and a recipe file in their brains. I think we should do a blog tour of messy corners (or laundry rooms) of our homes. Now, wouldn’t that be liberating?

  54. Colleen says:

    Now I’m hooked! I totally missed Glee cuz if it’s not DVR’d, we just don’t get to it. But the clip made me need to see more- so I watched on HULU – Definitely a must see this fall! THANKS!

  55. I loved Glee! And I can’t wait for it to be on weekly. I even downloaded “Don’t Stop Belivin'” into iTunes because I’m now an addict.

    And, as I’m sure you’re read in the numerous posts before mine, Ed is back! So I’m seriously hoping you stop boycotting and blog because I LOVE your reactions.

    Although, the thought of boycotting the show has passed my mind due to the fact that Wes is still there. And Michael is not. He used to get on my nerves, but I started liking him this week.

    Jillian and I used to be BFFs seeing as we share the same love of shoes, but I”m doubting that connection due to the fact that Wes is still there. He shall now be known as “the Bachelor whom I don’t name”.

    There was a clip of next week’s show where “the Bachelor whom I don’t name” may slip up and say he has a girlfriend. Here’s hoping Jillian has her head on straight and pays attention.

    :)Have a Happy Day!

  56. I loved Glee, too!!! I watched it live the first time, and didn’t realize that my Tivo cut off the end. So when I watched it again a couple of weeks ago and it cut off during that song!?!? I almost cried. So thanks for posting that. Order has been restored.

    I can’t wait for fall!!

  57. My husband and I were talking about TB at lunch, and both of don’t like the direction or implied direction of the over night stays. It really is a terrible message for young women. I can still watch it as a silly soap opera, but I understand your feelings 100%.

  58. Before becoming the Singing Financial Advisor, my husband was a middle school choir director for 12 years. So he’s pretty excited about Glee, thinking that it will get kids a little more interested in choir. The lead girl singer reminds us so much of Idina Menzel from Wicked.

  59. Love, loved Glee! Thought they were mean and evil to tease with one episode.

  60. Wasn’t GLEE fun! I can’t wait for it to really start :) My kids loved the songs, I hope the plot stays PG so they can keep watching it!

  61. i didn’t see “glee” but after reading all the comments i am feeling a bit left out of the loop and must watch when it reappears in the fall!

  62. Just found your blog – love it.

    Isn’t GLEE this best? It is bringing out my inner choir nerd in a big way.

    And yeah. . . The Bachelor. Jillian is not a great decision maker.

    Caught up laundry? Who does that?

  63. Silverware handles up!
    Glee = super fun Loved it!! It was fun to watch with my teenager. But the whole family loves “Don’t stop believing” from the show! It’s on my Ipod!

  64. I get a secret smile to know that another mom watches as much reality tv as I do. It is kind-of like the satisfaction you feel when you see someone else’s kid throw a fit in public – you are not alone!!!!

  65. Loved, loved, loved Glee and can’t wait for it to come back! BTW, the pilot episode is completely free to download on iTunes.

  66. The silverware dilemma is interesting. I always put my table knives in the dishwasher handle up – but I put the forks and spoons handles down. My logic is that I can make sure the forks and spoons don’t “nest” together and stay dirty.

    My husband insists on segregating everything in to groups rather than putting it in all willy-nilly. Interesting thoughts. I might have to try it out over at my blog and see what people say!

  67. Did Michael’s parting words break anyone else’s heart… or was that just me? That poor kid. I know y’all like Ed, but, dang, that boy had it bad for Jillian.

    Wes sucks.

    I also love Glee… can’t wait for it to start up again!

  68. I totally respect your decision, I even admire it.

    I just wanted you to talk with me for a minute about the comparison of love and wine. It was… well, it was Bachlorette gold.

    She said some wordy derds that made me want to give her mouth a good washin’ out.

    I am over Wes. But I wanted you to see Ed and be as happy as I was. Maybe wholesome is back? Maybe… or maybe not. Missed you but totally respect you!

  69. I enjoy your Bachelorette commentary better than the actual show. I will miss it

  70. Glad you are on a hiatus from Bachelorette Blather. That show is a sad and sorry commentary on that state of our culture.

  71. Oh BooMama, you really need to watch this weeks episode! There’s some twists you’ll probably like… (and of course, some you won’t) And for the record, Chris Harrison set us straight on his blog. You don’t have to worry about the “fantasy” dates for another 2 weeks, and there wasn’t even a trailer for them this week (praise!).

  72. Adrian says:

    I wanted to like Glee. However, I’m tired of the housewife being mocked. I don’t appreciate it. Also, it feels kind of predictable. “We’re HSM 2009! Only EDGIER”!

    I felt like I was being set up to want the teachers to end up together and that the idiot wife somehow deserved to get dumped. Yet another show where I cannot relate to the housewife (who doesn’t care about her husband or marriage). At all.

    I just don’t have a sense of humor about adultery. I just have trouble lightening up enough to enjoy plot lines like this, especially ones that conflict with my beliefs and probably many others’. Sorry to be the one to poop in the pool. Sorry, Boomama! I love you anyway! :)