Dear Summer, You Have Won Me Over

I know I give summer a hard time.

There’s the heat.

And the humidity.

And the bugs.

And the humidity.

And the scorching sun.

Not to mention the humidity.

But this year, more than any other time in my adult life, I didn’t mind those things so much. I sort of enjoyed them, actually.

For the last two summers we’ve been dealing with no small degree of uncertainty in terms of some stuff and some things and blah blah blah being a grown-up is hard sometimes. While all of those ish-ahs still aren’t completely settled, they are a whole lot more clear. For the first time in a long time, I’m not trying to see what’s down the road. I’m just thankful to be where we are. And you know what else? This summer has reminded me over and over again that we are deeply, profoundly blessed to walk through life with incredible friends and family – even if we don’t see them every day.

Plus, any summer that heralds the discovery of the BoBerry biscuit is at least sixty-three kinds of memorable.

Music from Glory Revealed II

Summer 2009, you have been a delight and a joy.

What’s been your favorite memory?

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  1. A week at youth camp where God’s hand was so clear.

    A trip to the zoo where I, the goody two-shoes rule follower, refused to be any part of my friend letting my kids feed the ducks.

    Sharing my morning devotion time with the hummingbirds and finches and cardinals on my front porch.

    A mission trip with my kiddos that included wild horses AND elk spotting.

    Celebrating my niece’s first birthday at the beach.

    The annual family water-balloon war.

  2. What a cute video!
    I love how you added pictures of flowers…that makes me happy, too! Looks like a summer full of fun!

  3. spending this precious time with my kids…savoring every giggle at the lunch table over a round of ROOK…we spent a lot of time, quality time together, thanks to Broken Leg Boy’s, broken leg. :) Summer is hard for me to let go…but I do love the fall…SEC football is just around the corner!! :)

  4. Playing outside all day every day with my sweet little girls. I know, the heat and humidity in Birmingham can kill a woman, or at least kill a good hair-do. But, still and all, it was a very fun summer for us!

  5. Our family vacation to Branson and late nights playing outside watching the sun set.
    P.S. I love the video you made!

  6. Knowing that it would not end because this year after 10 years of high school teaching I am staying home with my kids:)Thank you Jesus!

  7. Destiny D says:

    This summer, Georgia is finally beginning to feel like home. It’s been six and a half years since we moved here from New England, and I have grieved almost every one of those days until … this sometime summer. One day I woke up and realized that New England is where I grew up but that Georgia is where my sweet boy is growing up – there is room for both. There was also a lot of time for riding, in Alabama and Georgia, with the top down in my dear friends Mustang, Dolly. And … lots of hand made pottery during Wednesday classes. Yes … this summer has been what dreams are made of. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Did you know they are building a Bojangles in Pelham? I saw it yesterday!

  9. Burke started crawling. He said his first word. Ruby danced to the jukebox at Long John Silver’s. They had a great time at the county and state fairs.

    Too many to mention. I spent the entirety of last summer in a bed, trying to save the life of my son. (No, literally, the ENTIRETY of the summer…all fifteen weeks of her…in bed.)

    I don’t think I’ll ever take summer for granted again!

  10. Thanks for sharing! Your video is beautiful. You’re absolutely right! We have so much to be thankful for. I’ve loved this summer, because it’s the first one with my newborn son.

  11. Grilled summer veggies.

    Visits to and from friends.

    Shaking sand from our swimsuits.

    Smelling chloring in my kids’ hair.

    Sonic Happy Hour.

  12. My first time ever at SheSpeaks!!! God is so good!

    Meeting wonderful sisters in the Lord there!

    But I missed out on the BoBerry bisquits…I won’t forget them next year, though!

  13. Darlin’ video…that Alex is adorable!!! Glad y’all had such a wonderful summer together making good memories!

  14. Drinking Starbucks on the beach as the sun went down and walking with my family in the sand.
    My three fav. things- my family, Destin and Starbucks. In that order. All at once!

  15. My favorite thing is walking inside to the A/C!

  16. Wow! You’re slide made me smile and sad that summer is winding down. My favorite memory this summer was going to the Beach with my mom and sisters!

  17. Oh such fun times!!
    I think the older my children get the more I LOVE summer
    The time with them is fleeting and I just
    ENJOY it so much!!
    much love

  18. I’m blessed and HONORED that Harper and I were on your highlights of summer and I can say without a DOUBT that meeting you LIVE and in person was one of mine!! :-)

  19. Getting to finally meet the little life that has been growing inside of me for 9 months. After 4 heartbreaking miscarriages combined with a couple years of infertility- she was a most welcome addition to our family! Summer 2009 has been good to us!

  20. That’s some great music along with the photos! So glad that the summer of ’09 was a good one for you :-)

    Your summer is our winter. The best thing was the week in July that we spent at the house in Sta. Rosa de Calamuchita finishing some much needed work on one of the bathrooms, sewing new cushion covers for the rattan chairs, and just relaxing. Plenty of naps, slow meandering walks, good food, enjoying the pleasure of a wood heating stove, and a couple of good books. To say nothing of a much needed break from the Spanish for me :-)

  21. This was wonderful, Sophie! The song you picked to go along with all of those pictures was perfect (and it convinced me to buy the CD). May you continually know how loved you are by the Lord and how much He delights in you.

  22. Cheri Wofford says:

    I have always loved summer despite the heat.
    To know that there will be so many days filled with sunshine and blue skies.
    Warm evenings to enjoy the back porch.
    Grandchildren swimming in my pool.
    Hosting Birthday parties for my teacher friends that date back to the early 80s.
    Having Laura Story CDs and other favorite Christian artists, blasing in my car stereo with my convertible top down(I do turn it down at stoplights though)
    Going barefoot as I hate to wear shoes..
    Just the freedom I feel in the summer with staying up later and not having nearly as much on my calendar…
    I love summer and hate to see it end

  23. Love the video! What a cute idea. And I love that song. I needed to hear that today! Thank you.

  24. Waking up late.

    Staying up later.

    Blogging whenever I felt like it. :)

    Reading books.

    The ocean.

    My children … and finding things to do that kept us out of the Arizona heat.

    Spending time quilting with my friends.

    The amazing way God paints the summer sky with color at sunset here in the desert.


  25. This does not pertain to this post at all. I was at the grocery store on Saturday and saw a car with the following personalized license plate that made me think of you: MMBACN

    Don’t you think that would be the perfect license plate for you? Actually, come to think of it, were you at the HEB in South Austin on Saturday?? :)

  26. this summer has sorta sucked, but watching that just made it a whole lot better!

  27. Your slide show BLESSED me.
    I loved the relaxed pace of summer.
    Teacher Inservice started today!

  28. I’m SO not ready for my kids to go back to school!
    I’ve loved POPSICLES for breakfast!
    Long days at the pool. Bojangles chicken biscuit on the drive to the beach. Sand in my toes. Late nights outside. Curling up in the hammock with all three kids. Saying “what should we do today?” :)

  29. Summer memory? My baby girl got married Saturday. My oldest baby girl, but my baby nonetheless.

    Your pictures stirred up emotions of all sizes and colors. Yes, colors. I’m still a bit raw from Saturday.

    And this Vimeo, I’ve gotta’ sign up! Would be great for my upcoming post on the wedding. Our Big Fat Redneck Wedding.

    Your pics . . . the precious little boy(s), the beach (oh how I am longing for the beach in ways that I cannot put into words, praying our trip is on for Labor Day weekend–please pray, this is oh so very important to me) . . . where was I? The pictures with friends, your smile–your beautiful smile, the boberrys, the Diet Coke–OMG THE DIET COKE, how it made me smile.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I have such joy knowing this has been a blessed summer for you. Did I mention I am still raw with emotion from Saturday? I feel a cry coming.

    Think I’ll go get me a Diet Coke.

  30. Leah Anderson says:

    I have 2:
    #1) Our AVCC Swim team season – we had such a fun time!
    #2) Finally getting a peek around the corner. What is this plan of His all about? I am starting to get a peak into our future and I am content…ahh…

    His plan prevails.

  31. My sis getting married.
    All the “firsts” of having a newborn.
    Playing Hand & Foot with my hubby almost every evening!
    Cookouts and Game Nights with friends.

  32. Our friends turned 40 and rented a villa in Italy and invited 4 couples to share it with them (for FREE!). It was a HUGE ole blessing that I will never get over. I had the time of my life.

    Family Camp (Pine Cove) is my over and over every year favorite memory. As I always say…there are 52 weeks in a year and family camp is always the best one. ALWAYS.

    I’m sure gonna miss Summer 2009.

  33. Who would ever think that the summer I turned 50 would be the best of my life?

    My Clemson baby was home for the whole summer and tons of her friends cycled in and out so my house was full and lively.

    She threw me a huge surprise party and I was surrounded by friends and fam as I turned 50.

    I’m getting married in 48 days!!

    I lost 18 pounds.

    God is SO incredibly good….

  34. This is the summer (&spring) that I found you, bigmama, and PW! You are laugh-out-loud funny and have the sweetest-faced boy! Thanks for all the bloggy fun!!

  35. Cute, LOVED the song; just downloaded that album!

  36. How sweet. Just plain sweet. Our precious God has been working with me (He’s so patient with me!) this summer about my “You Are Here”….you know, the “x” on the map at the mall. Not behind or ahead, but here. And it’s a really good here. Summer flew by for us, but we spent most every day at the pool and had two wonderful family trips. Looks like you had some wonderful times yourself. :) Thanks for sharing.