Big Fun Was Had By All

One of Alex’s favorite people in the whole wide world is his friend AC. They’ve been big buddies for, well, their whole lives.

See what I mean?

They started school together a couple of years ago, and my sweet friend NK (AC’s mama) and I took them out for Mexican food to celebrate their first day.


We did the same thing last year, and I remember thinking that they looked so old. So grown-up.


Which is why I nearly wept when I looked at the pictures I took of them today.

They’re getting so big.

Here they are with AC’s adorable little sister, who cannot possibly be three years old – it seems like she was born just a couple of months ago.


Since Alex’s and AC’s schedules keep them at school a little longer this year, NK and I couldn’t take them out for back-to-school lunch. So we took them out for a back-to-school afternoon snack at Krispy Kreme instead.

By the way, Alex thinks that any tradition that involves a celebratory donut is SOLID GOLD AWESOME.

And when I asked him if he had a good first day of school, he said, “Oh. It was SO good, Mama.”

Happy first day of school, little man. We love you so much!

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  1. Happy First Day Back! You are so right about time not stopping – my “babies” are 12 and 14. I had to sneak a smiling picture of my son – he is very serious these days. Keep up the 1st day celebration tradition. I like the donut hat at the jaunty angle with the “smirky” smile!

  2. the time, it does not stop Boomama.
    my little man will be a teenager in just 6 months… and it was yesterday, YESTERDAY I tell you, he was Alex’s age.
    breaking my heart.

    I love how you treasure every second, every milestone.
    if Yoda were here, he would tell it this way:
    A good Mama, You are.

  3. that is precious!!
    There is nothing like life long friends
    I LOVE those Alex cheeks – it makes me want to just smooch on them :)
    You got one special little guy!!!!
    Much love

  4. And how much did Momma cry?

    I think it would be a great public service to all of us if you would just publish a whole bunch of baby pix of A. Honestly, I want more!!! I NEED more. It’s downright therapeutic, and girl, I have had a DAY.

  5. oh my lands…the yellow jumper offsetting the big blue eyes is too much—he’s gonna be a heartbreaker!

    I’m still begging father time to slow down just a wee bit…just a wee bit is all I’m asking for…

  6. Okay, where in the heck did you get that “Lego Batman” shirt? My son is obsessed with everyone else’s and I have no idea where to go get one! It is driving me crazy, I finally forgot about it and then – wham!- you post a picture of one and it begins again!

  7. The above (and wrinkling around the eyes) is precisely why I have denounced the passage of time.

  8. So cute. And a celebratory donut is always in good form in almost any situation.

  9. Leah Anderson says:

    I am sooooo glad his day was awesome! Brooke had a ball and was thrilled that they listed to “her” songs on the bus on the way home – aka “Veggie Tales” and “Spongebob”.

    We had the house inspected today and it passed with flying colors. The inspector said that it was the best house he’s inspected in the neighborhood! It just keeps getting better and better! So excited and in awe at how God can take my plans, stomp on them, and them give us this.

  10. Leah Anderson says:

    I meant “listened” to her songs and not”listed”. oops!

  11. I’ve been having a really rough time this week with everybody getting old. My grandma. My girls. Bah.

  12. He is SUCH a cutie!! Oh my goodness those eyes! He must get away with a lot at your house. ;)

  13. How neat that Alex has a friend that he’s known since they were both babies! :) My little guy has a couple of those “baby buddies” as well.

    Loved seeing the pictures.

  14. That third picture…the eyes…the cheeks…that face…it is absolutely too cute!

    My babes are 21 and almost 19. WHAAA! How did that happen!

  15. Oh, Boo! Those pictures!

    That baby boy’s eyes! OH MY WORD! Those eyes! Made me want to cry again. You keep doing this to me.

    Those kids are just beautiful! And YES, YES YES YES, they grow up way too fast.

    And then they are 19 and married! Or almost 16, a Junior in high school and very independent, orrr almost three years old and carrying an old cell phone around texting. (Insert picture of my life here .. .)


  16. Your son has the bluest eyes!!!! Seriously, you are going to have to beat the girls off of him with a stick!

    Seriously (yep, I know, I already used that word) though, time doesn’t stop or yield or even slow down once in awhile. My youngest will be going off to middle school in a few weeks. Next year, my oldest will be going to high school. I’m going to stop now before I break into Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof.

  17. I love how I can always tell your son in pics because of his oh-too-adorable huge blue eyes! He is so cute and his little friend is adorable.

  18. Baaawww. I love his little smirk and doughnut hat.

  19. Nothin’ says lovin’ like a Krispy Kreme donut!! Hot now way to celebrate!
    I tell my little man to stop growing, but he won’t listen to me. He started T-ball this week and oh, the cuteness!

  20. Awww, so sweet! And you are sooooo right, time does not slow down at all!!!

  21. How cute! The kids will love those pictures when they are older.

    My son is coveting that Batman Legos shirt. He LOVES Batman Legos.

  22. So cute! I hope I don’t destroy this computer or the backups I have to show my kids pictures like this. And I’m all for any celebration with fried dough. At KK. I shorten because KK and I are friends.

  23. This is totally unrelated to your post today, which was very cute by the way, but I know you are a bit of a Mississippi State fan. This story is impressive for any kid, but he happens to be a MSU player.,183885

    I hope the link works. You may have to copy and paste.
    Have a blessed day.
    BTW, could your son’s eyes be any more blue? And those eyelashes are to die for.

  24. Oh BooMama

    Next week…..Hubby and I will pack up our baby boy (19) and drive him away to college!
    My heart is doing all sorts of flip-flops!
    How can time pass so quickly?

    He’s an amazing young man of God and we are so proud of him.

    Thankfully…..God picked us to share him with.

    Enjoy your fella!

    And Krispey Kreme…..YUM-A-LICIOUS!!!

  25. Ahhh, Sophie, he is the cutest thing!!! You can just see the love in his heart for others! He will do you proud!!

  26. I have been reading your blog daily for a few years now and with these pics today I have to ask…..?
    How in the heck could you stand looking at that boy of yours everyday and not just flipping out at his CUTENESS FACTOR !!!
    My word that face and those eyes!!!Every day!!!! You are so blessed!

  27. Those eyes!! Oh. My. Goodness…..those eyes! That boy of yours is adorable (and seems like such a sweetheart, too)!

  28. I’m with A — I think anything celebrated with the joy that is a KK donut is solid GOLD awesome too!
    Embrace each age, they are all so very precious!

  29. OK, in that last picture, is he lifting your whole TrailBlazer with just his pinky finger? (a la Superman)??

    I’m pretty sure he is.

    But…that’s what happens after Krispy Kreme…and Red Bull…of course, which most likely accompanied Krispy Kreme..and ohmygoodnessthisisallmakingsense…

  30. Amy Kiger says:

    Seeing those pictures of Krispy Kreme makes me bitter. We had one on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge, and it was LOVE I tell ya! I think they have the best coffee in addition to the best donuts! They CLOSED!!! It’s been a while, but every time I drive down Siegen I want to cry over the loss. Will I ever get over it?

  31. Just gotta say…..THOSE BLUE EYES!!

    Precious! I just stare at them everytime to post a baby pic of him. Don’t know how you can stand it!

  32. sorry…that would be ” everytime YOU post a baby pic of him.”

  33. My baby is going to preschool next month, I like the idea of celebrating the first day of school!

  34. Our summer tradition is that Friday is Donut Day. I think we might have to keep it up all year! We have one of the original Krispy Kreme’s in downtown Raleigh – it’s fun to visit!


  36. Those eyes? They are beautiful!! Mmm!

  37. Did you ever think of putting Alex in television commercials when he was a baby? The most gorgeous blue eyed little boy I have ever seen!!!

  38. well that made me teary & he’s not even mine! so sweet!

  39. Time just plugs on by… with or without our approval. My little man starts school next week. Perhaps I’ll start a back-to-school tradition, too. Our little town has Wendys, Ginos and a Chinese Joint, so guess Wendy’s frostys it is. =)

  40. BEAUTIFUL children!!!! I laughed and cried reading this post. Mercy, time does fly! Tomorrow will be my youngest child’s last “first day of school”. My baby is a Senior in H.S.

    There is a big age difference between my kids……I have a son who is 28, a daughter, 26, and then my youngest is 17. With such a big gap, for some reason, I thought this day would still be farther down the road. But, no…….tomorrow is just hours away.

  41. Oh, he looks just so grown up!!! Where is the time going?

  42. Oh my. Your little man has the most scrumptious baby pictures ever. Those eyes!

  43. Wow, you are so right – they have matured so much! Don’t you just LURVE that krispy kreme store? I could go into a diabetic coma in that place.