How Great

Last night our little family-o-three went to the Glory Revealed concert, and OH MY MERCY was it ever a fun night-o-worship.

(By the way. When I was around, oh, say, 23-ish, if someone had asked me to make a list of things I was certain – CERTAIN – I would never say, the sentence at the top of this post would have been a solid 3 or 4 on the list. And it probably would’ve been directly underneath a sentence that said, “I will never join a Baptist church.”)

(Oh, sweet irony. You do amuse me.)

We decided to take Alex with us to the concert because he loves music so much, but he wasn’t exactly in his finest mood when we got to the church. He was uncharacteristically grumpy and BOUND AND DETERMINED that he wanted to go home. He finally sat back in the pew and looked at some books I had in my purse, but let me tell you: he was one stonefaced little man.

Until the music started.

And as soon as the music started, his eyes got big and he looked up at me and said, “Mama. MAMA! THAT’S ‘HOW GREAT!’ WE HAVE THAT SONG ON YOUR IPOD!”

It was even better in person.

And by the time intermission rolled around, the boy was back to normal.

To say the least.

One day last week I read on Twitter that there was going to be a “special guest” at the concert, but I didn’t think too much about who it might be since I had other, more pressing issues on my mind like I wonder whatever happened to Judd Nelson? and How will I cope if it turns out that Ole Miss REALLY IS the best football team in the SEC this year? and Do I want to paint our bedroom a blue-green or a green-blue or a gray-green or a green-gray?

Anyway, as it turned out the special guest was Chris Tomlin, and it was such a treat to hear him that I really don’t even know what to say about it. So I’ll just show you a picture instead.

There. I know we all feel better now.

The only negative part of the night was that my husband and I determined that the dry ice that gets pumped out into the audience at concerts seems to give us headaches, and of course that totally made us feel like our names might as well be Mamaw and Papaw. But really, we didn’t so much mind the short-term headache because fortunately we don’t run across a whole lot of dry ice when we run up to the Cracker Barrel for a quick supper of soft solids at 4:15 in the afternoon.

It’s our favorite thing to do after we go walking inside the mall.

Have a great week, y’all!

p.s. I’ve posted the winner of the Marshalls gift card giveaway; click here to find out who won.

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  1. I just love your blog. I am new to blogging and I am originally from Memphis but live in Tampa Florida now. I work in Christian radio here and you seriously make me laugh. You remind me so much of people back home…just the way you say things…it makes me homesick. In fact..It’s getting close to being Fall there…it’s so stinkin hot here all the time my hubby just knows he better be booking me a flight home to see the leaves change. Well I have a big whoppin total of 18 followers now. YAY! When I get a little more sophisticated like yourself I just might hit 20. I am HOPING to interview Travis at the Deeper Still in Orlando coming up in October. I have invited Melanie a.k.a. Big Mama…to come and share a treat! The invite is open to you too..we would just have a southern blast. Oh…well…girl I have had vertigo and it’s on my last nerve. Come on over and critize my lame site.. I need some help.
    Be Blessed, Debi

  2. Oh, my word. That last bit about the dry ice! Whew! That was funny. Thanks for that! I needed it today.

  3. You crack. me. up.

    (And, seriously, shut up! Because Cracker Barrel really is my favorite restaurant. And…since I live in Indiana, I really do have to walk inside the malls during the winter time, if I want to get in a little low-impact exercise…which is actually very rare. Because I’d much rather drop my kids into the play area and sit down to read a good book…)

  4. That child of yours has some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen on a boy. Watch that one- he’ll be trouble with the girls one day. Until then- have just a ton of fun with him!

  5. What a beautiful boy! Glad he warmed to the occassion. Nothing like some toe tapping, hands in the air worship to get you going!

  6. It’s amazing what awesome Praise & Worship can do!

    Wish I were there!

  7. Mamaw and Papaw and soft solids, my word. *tears from laughing*

  8. hornetmom97 says:

    Okay, was he wearing red clogs? I think I saw you guys while we were waiting in line to get in!! I was so excited, but fear from embarrassing myself kept me from saying anything to you..

    I don’t have many Christian girlfriends so reading your blog has been such a blessing to me. I am a Christian but it has been so long since anything like the concert Sunday night has happened to me. From the moment Mac Powell started singing “Call My Name” tears started flowing and did not stop for the rest of the evening. Even though I heard about the concert briefly from WDJC, I do not think I would have went without reading your blog. Thank you.

    Please pray for me that God will send Christian girlfriends into my life.

  9. When I started listening to your clip my kids came running, “CHILDREN OF GOD!” (That’s what we call it around here, or we lovingly refer to the song as #1)
    We’re going to the concert in our town in October and are super excited. Thanks for the awesome preview!

  10. Really. Should you be poking fun at us oldsters? LOL (notwithstanding I really am an old guy.)

  11. What a fun night of worship!!!! :)

  12. Okay, but how cool would it have been if Judd Nelson had been the special guest too?

  13. It looks like y’all had so much fun and baby boy’s blue eyes are just too adorable! How much fun that Chris Tomlin was the special guest! I imagine it was just like having them at home in your living room, only without the eye stinging, throat closing smoke!

  14. You did NOT just say Chris Tomlin was the special guest! I am so jealous!

  15. Question.

    Not that I’m defending dry ice or anything, because why in the world would I do such a thing, but is it possible that the loud music that so often accompanies the dry ice could be the cause of the headache? I’m no doctor, I’m just saying….

    Sadly, either way – we are still old. If I think of another explanation that results in us not being old, I’ll get right back to you…

  16. I missed it bc of sick kiddos, but my sister in law said it was amazing!

    Do you listen to NeedToBreathe? They are DIVINE and will be here on 10/3. Here is a link to their site: You probably have heard their new song on the radio – Lay ‘Em Down.

  17. It sounds like a wonderful evening. I would love to hear Chris Tomlin in person.

    Your boy is sooo cute. Glad he got over the grumpies.

  18. Well I am headed to Luby’s for my Luann platter since I’m finished up with my weekely backcomb at the beauty shop! Thank you – you make me laugh. Just this week my husband and I were talking about “now her maiden name was…” Oh my, sign me up for my very own private room at the Manor!!!

  19. Love the Mamaw and Papaw references. That was good!

  20. I absolutely LOVE that you love SEC football as much as I do. It would devastate me if Ole Miss ended up being the #1 SEC team this year. In fact, I’d hate it even if they ended up #1 in the West because it would mean that my Tigers weren’t #1.

    Geaux Tigers and go SEC!

  21. i think that gave me a headache too. i came home from the gr concert with a killer headache. and i’m not blaming the music which was awesome. we enjoyed it so much and we took all 4 of our kids. mark hall was at our concert.

    so what church did you grow up in, if any? i was raised baptist.

  22. BooMama, I’m jealous. Just hafta catch the tour I guess. Dry Ice doesn’t give me half the headache that Vanilla Ice does…

  23. You are hilarious! Oh and you shouldn’t waste time questioning Ole Miss’s abilities this year. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, LSU will eat them for lunch. :)

  24. He gets cuter every day! Those blue eyes…. :)

  25. How fun! We went to a Michael W. Smith concert several years ago that will forever be the most moving worship service I’ve attended this side of glory. It’s amazing when you are all praising God together and not just viewing someone’s talent.
    Too funny about headaches and Cracker Barrel! You really crack me up!

  26. Sally Green says:

    Oh my yes this is a top post for me and it was just the first few sentences that did it and then with a flourish the soft foods at Cracker Barrel. OH WHY CAN’T YOU MOVE TO MURFREESBORO, TN so I can laugh like this everyday.
    And I agree on the Ole miss thing.

  27. OK, the mamaw/papaw with the dry ice and the soft foods dinner … that is HILARIOUS!

  28. No need to fret about Ole Miss being the best in the SEC because they simply will not be. Best in the west, perhaps, but everyone knows the best in the SEC is now and forever more shall be (at least until Timmy graduates) the mighty Florida Gators! Only three days til kick off!!!

  29. I totally dreamed about this post last night and taking my sullen, dear twins to this concert. And then “How Great” (but all Celtic-y and weird, as things get in a dream) kicked in, and they overcame the pout-fest. Thank you for the quality, in-my-head nighttime entertainment.

  30. I used to go to Austin Stone, Chris’ church in Austin. (Not actually Chris’ church.. Matt Carter’s church.. Well, really God’s church if you want to be like that…) Anyways, it was fabulous to be able to worship like that each week. Then I graduated and moved and was sad. Then he left the church and moved to Atlanta. I’m not sure if the two are related, you be the judge.

  31. Ole Miss? Is this a new entry into the SEC? Don’t think I’ve ever heard of them.

  32. I have 2 daughters. Will your handsome boy please marry one of them so there’s a chance I could have grandchildren with those eyes.

    His word endures forever,

  33. great post…but please don’t waste any time frettin about Ole Miss actually having the best team in the SEC this year. Ya’ll know it’s going to be the GATORS!!!!!

  34. First off, I am an Ole Miss fan and am looking forward to this awesome season! We deserve a great season after putting up with Orgeron those few years!

    Next, I am in the Memphis area and had the privilege of attending a city wide Bible study while in college called Metro. Chris Tomlin was actually our first worship leader! He got signed while he was leading worship for us ever Monday night. Our next worship leader was Todd Agnew who also got signed. It was an awesome experience to worship with them every single Monday night!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Hello BooMama. This is my first visit to your site and I am loving it. You are so funny and real. I didn’t even know there was a “Glory Revealed” concert. I love those CDs. Thanks for being you.

    Depending on God’s unending love and grace,
    Elizabeth :)