Dogs And Rebels Living Together

Before I say anything else, I have to say this: there’s something very comforting about being the company of people who love dips as much as I do. I can’t help but feel that we should all stand in a circle and sing songs and then pass around a ginormous bag of Frito Scoops.

Which reminds me.

Our little family rang in the college football season this past weekend in Memphis at my brother’s house, where my sister-in-law kicked off the festivities (kicked off? get it? think I’m lame yet?) with some classic Rotel dip. It was so stinkin’ good, and at one point I think I actually PICKED UP THE BOWL and scraped around the edge with my chip.

You know how some people can’t bear to see a drop of water go to waste? I feel that way about cheese.

It was so fun to be able to watch the Mississippi State game with the family unit. Sister and I yelled like crazy (it is RIGHT and GOOD that we were able to be together for State’s first game), and the Bulldogs were victorious. Plus, we had a small staff of people checking the scores of other games during commercial breaks.

I know. I KNOW. Sister decided that we should call the den “the press box.” And don’t you think that the cat looks like she wants a laptop of her own? Maybe a tiny little chicken-scented one?

Anyway, considering that the Memphis branch of the family cheers for Ole Miss and the Birmingham and Nashville branches cheer for the Bulldogs, there was potential for a wee bit of SEC tension in the house. But I have to say: we did remarkably well. Even the children had a spirit of cooperation and unity.

Warms the heart, doesn’t it?

After the game we went out for a lovely dinner to celebrate Sister’s birthday, and LO AND BEHOLD our table was next to a TV that was showing the Alabama / Virginia Tech game. I didn’t watch much of it, but just knowing it was there was a soothing balm to my soul. By the time we got home from dinner the LSU game was on, and I actually fell asleep while I was watching the Tigers play.

So, you know, it was pretty much a perfect Saturday.


Pretend like there’s some sort of segue’ here.

Sometime in the next couple of days Melanie and I are going to record a podcast. And as many of you know, we like to plan our podcasts several minutes in advance and have been known to record two and sometimes even four podcasts over the course of an entire year. We like to think of ourselves as the semi-annual white sale of podcasting, only without the predictable schedule and high thread counts.

All that to say: if the eight of you who listen have any questions or topics that you’d like for us to answer or address when we record our new podcast this week, feel free to ask away in the comments. And if nobody has questions, that is totally fine. We’ll just talk about what we always talk about: college football and TV. And also our hair.

Hope y’all have a great Wednesday!

p.s. I’ll post the Christy Nockels giveaway winners later today…I haven’t forgotten!

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  1. We were in Memphis for the holiday weekend, too! It would have been hilarious if we’d seen you when we were out to a meal or something. Imagine seeing BooMama when we’re both 240 miles from home.

  2. I have a question. (raising hand)

    When can y’all make a road trip to Baton Rouge?

    And which dip would you like me to make?

  3. A) Are you watching Project Runway? B)Have you read this—
    C) Talk about this season of PR. HILARIOUS.

  4. I must say…I never thought I would see a picture of a person wearing an Ole Miss shirt on your blog. But it’s a wonderful thing!

    I loved college football – and yes, there’s nothing like SEC games. The only issue I had this weekend was the time difference – it’s hard going to church Sunday morning with SEC on tv!

    Hotty Toddy. All the way from Guam.

  5. You make me giggle!!

    How about talking about the best way a Minnesotan can become a Georgia Peach (Newly Southern…6 weeks and counting)

    I’m learning new words everyday like
    1. Fixin’
    2. Y’all (my 7 year old actually giggled in Church when the pastor said this during a sermon)
    3. Cat Head Biscuit (had to look that one up on line)

  6. This may be something you end up covering anyway,however, I would love to know two things. With the exception of KNOWING you will partake in the viewing of glee, what else is on your fall line-up of must see tv? Also-did you see the reairing of “The best thing I ever ate with bacon” last night? All I can say about that is O My Word.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! No Question here, just a hello!

  8. I sure would love it if y’all could discuss David Hasselhoff. Particularly his singing performance this week on America’s got Talent. And let me say that I’ve probably watched the show a total of 6 times in all the years it’s been on, but I somehow managed to see him sing “I’m feelin’ good”. Hubby and I could hardly look away it was so ridiculous.

  9. I have a question. Ready?

    At what point did my body decide to betray me and ease (and by “ease” I mean “thunder”) into peri-menopause? I’m not even 42, and yet I’m a hot-flashing, mood-swinging, insomniac freak. It’s not the prettiest time in my life. So, what is the best way to handle this with grace? (Does that make you laugh as hard as it does me?) Is it wrong to want to lay down on cool ceramic tile whenever I see it?

  10. I really want to hear about your trip to Pioneer Woman’s Lodge. Please please pretty please?

  11. Oh, that picture of all the computers is hilarious, haha!! :)

  12. Football just makes life better doesn’t it? Happy Footbal Season! (There really should be carols for this don’t you think?)

  13. I love your podcasts. I listen to them on the way to work when I commute into downtown on the bus–makes me feel like I’m in the car rather than the bus with 2 cool girls!

    In other words, you can talk about anything you like–doesn’t matter to me!

  14. hilarious – that is what our family room looks like when my family is visiting. we have text twist wars while watching sports ;-)

  15. As a VT fan married to an even bigger VT fan, that game was ANYTHING but a soothing balm to my soul. Bah!

  16. What a riot! Love it!

  17. I just moved from God’s Country (Texas) to the South and am a little confused. So here are my questions, which might go nicely with Sandy from Minnesota’s in an “Explain the South” podcast:

    1. Cheese dip? What on earth is cheese dip? And why is it white?
    2. Are all these SEC fans kidding when they say they cheer for all SEC teams as long as they’re playing out-of-conference? Because I just find it hard to believe that Alabama fans don’t get a certain degree of joy
    3. Why do women at the drive-thru tell me to have a “blessed” day?
    4. What are the “law gospel aerobics” featured on a church sign around the corner from my house?

  18. We also rang in the bulldog/rebel season. Daughter graduated from Ole Miss and hubby graduated from State. Don’t even get me started about the Egg Bowl. Love your post.

  19. That picture is awesome (can I be in your family and get a laptop?)! Our team kicked off on Thursday evening with a win! Holy cow! We only won one game last year and were huge underdogs going against Ball State. The Mean Green played a great game. I love college football. There is always a game of interest on, regardless of who your main team is.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    How about telling us what (if any) dips are you going to try that were posted – or which you liked best if you have already tried some!

    Also – tell us what shows you are looking forward to this fall season… I love hearing you guys talk about your shows!

  21. So glad to hear about another podcast! We have a plane trip scheduled over Thanksgiving, and listening to you & Melanie while in the air is pure delight. Oh, and I take notes, too. (Are you scared?!)

    I’m having some issues with The Office since Pam is (apparently) pregnant. Is it bothering you? Don’t ask me why other things haven’t pricked my conscious like this has!

    What age is too old to have long hair? I am 38, and am thinking if I don’t grow out my hair now, my chances will soon be over!

  22. Ok, I’m with Julie (above): WHAT are we supposed to think about Pam being PREGNANT??? Oh my word, I found myself excited during the finale and then had to pause and remember…THEY’RE NOT MARRIED! I’m so conflicted! Can’t wait for the premeire!
    What are your thougths?? :)

  23. You kill me with your dip stories! When life boils down to it, it’s really about the food!

  24. Hi Sophie,

    I think you and Melanie could discuss the merits of coupon clipping. When the economy took a dive about a year ago, I got out my old coupon organizer (ordered out of Parade magazine in the early 90s, indeed) and saw that the coupons still in there expired on dates like 12/31/99 and 2/5/00. So I obviously had let that habit slide for the better part of a decade. But now I’m back, and pretty good at it, but not one of these fanatics. You could address how the Walgreens does its sales – and there are blogs dedicated to just that. A bit over my head but still. Thanks for the dip recipes too!

    Oh, and you two could talk about whether you have any Christmas shopping done yet. Some years I clean up at the after-Christmas sales, but then I have to remember to give those gifts early the next year since they’re seasonal, and I usually forget that I even have the gifts. So I’ll be starting from scratch this year. And no, I haven’t started yet. I’m a fan of the Junior League bazaars for Christmas. Melanie might have been to the one in Austin which is just incredible.

    And any latest on Martha/”Martie”/Mother?

    Oh, and another suggestion for the podcast would be if you could talk about that time your own mother took a tumble by the Christmas tree. Just reading that post made me LOL and I felt bad, but not as bad since she was not hurt. I am so glad you captured that on camera.

    Happy fall!

  25. HOORAY!! HOORAY!! We love your podcasts around here. They make us smile and laugh a bunch. I’d like to hear about some daily-ness kinds of things, like just doing the laundry or something. Also? Fall! Not falling, but the season.

  26. First of all, as far as you scraping the bowl with a chip… don’t be ashamed! I usually turn my back and scrape the bowl with my forefinger moments before it goes into the sink!

    And we’re UK fans up around these parts, but I enjoyed your photo – proving that rivals can be in the same room together.

    When my daughter was born, she was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Louisville, and my hubby and one nurse were the only ones in the NICU wearing UK blue. It was awkward.

    I would like to know your favorite thing to eat at the Cracker Barrel. We stopped there last week (also for soft solids) and I can’t get enough of the hash brown casserole. Cracker Barrel is my favorite restaurant in the whole world!

    That is all.

  27. BOO–you should totally talk about the release of Travis’ Jesus Saves Live DVD since he’s too much of a dork to mention it anywhere himself…also, I heard a rumor that there will be a Rock Band version of it. I know The Beatles Rock Band is coming out today, but I’m pretty sure in a few months they’re releasing Jesus Saves LIVE Rock Band. I can neither confirm or deny this rumor, I’m just saying that it’s something I HEARD (or made up in my head)…

  28. I’m just hoping the UGA Dawgs can recover from being the lone SEC loser last weekend. Yes, there will be dips involved and I had to bookmark the Diptacular post on my blogs recipe page lest I miss out on any must-eat dips.

    No suggestions for the Podcast…pretty much whatever y’all discuss is exactly what I needed to hear.

  29. I’d love to hear more about Big Mama’s 20th class reunion. Maybe with a hair tie-in, as in what were the hair trends going on with the ‘fast-approaching-40’ crowd. Me being a member of said crowd and all.

    My 20 yr. reunion is coming up next month so I could benefit from some basic do’s and don’ts. (hair and otherwise)

  30. I love the pic of the boys. Your little man is so cute.

  31. I would like to hear your thoughts on girls (and guys) dressing up for football games. Girls wearing dresses and heels and guys in bowties and seersucker- is this a southern thing? Only at certain schools? Do you stand behind this trend?

  32. Mary Helen says:

    I always love your podcasts! I remember listening to the last one and just laughing out loud the whole time. I don’t have any questions though. Looking forward to it!

  33. “You know how some people can’t bear to see a drop of water go to waste? I feel that way about cheese.”

    i think we may be soul mates.

  34. I want to know if Melanie might make it to Bham….and, we could have a blogger party on a Saturday afternoon to watch football and, of course, share tailgating food. That would be so fun!!

  35. When I saw the title of your post I immediately thought of this Dr. Venkman line from Ghostbusters:

    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

    Completely random, huh?

    Happy Football Season :)

  36. I have a question…. Have y’all had any experience (when you were still single) of people, especially your grandmother, trying to set you up with every single man that they come in contact with? I’m 21 years old, I work 2 jobs, and go to school full-time so I don’t exactly have time to do anything other than go to sleep, eat, and of course go to church. My grandmother, sunday school teacher, and co-workers, have made it their life mission to find me a man. Do you have any advice/insight on how I can explain to them, that my life is kind of full right now, and I don’t need to be adding some college-boy into the mix? I’ve tried to explain this but it doesn’t seem to work… Thanks ladies :).

  37. Jenny from VA says:

    Can you discuss Kate Gosslen’s hair? I just do not like it one bit…am I the only one? On a much deeper note, I am sure she is a wonderful person who is going through major heartache. Bless her heart.

  38. I thought of you Saturday when I was sitting like a wet dawg at Davis Wade Stadium. It was a great atmosphere despite the dark cloud that sat and dumped all it’s contents on those of us sitting at DWS. I knew you were somewhere dry and enjoying dip. Made me a little bit envious, but truth be told, I wouldn’t have been anywhere else in the world. Go Dogs!!!!!!

  39. I enjoyed the wet bulldog game as well and also the new jumbo-tron. All I could think was has Boomama seen this. Have you seen it? It is ginormous and I heard it was the largest one in the SEC. Maybe something you and Melanie could discuss or not.

  40. Hi BooMama!

    Found you by clicking on a link from an ad from BlogHer for your post about Closure…

    Have it bookmarked now, and will definitely be back when I have more time (Two and a Half just woke from his nap, so I gotta go!)…I love anyone who loves dip too, and especially anything with cheese…can you name anything better than Melted Cheese? I dare you to try!

    Anyway, I think you have a New Fan in Me…Thanks for making me laugh…

  41. Dawgs and Rebs in peace and harmony…it warms my heart! But you know the egg will belong to Oxford this year….just sayin’. Haha!

  42. Yes ma’am I do have a question and concern. Last year there was a post about Captain Rodney dip. I have been on the quest for the ever loving , illusive Captain Rodney since that time. I have not been able to lay my hands on the Captain and it is becoming somewhat of an obsession.
    Where can a woman in the Dallas area find the Captain Rodney?

  43. JustBetty says:

    So happy to hear there’s a Podcast in the plans. It may motivate me to get some stuff done around here so I can give it my undivided attention.

    I may be the only person on the planet with this question … and it’s probably not PodcastWorthy, but …

    Do you find it troubling when someone says, “I just love your accent!”?

    20+ years after leaving the Delta to live way up North, it still renders me speechless. [ as in .. huh? what accent? ] And then I hear myself on some FlipVideo cameo appearance, and I’m appalled!

    [ cue rush of vastly mixed emotions ]

    Striving to be all things to all men while bringing captive a big ole Hoddy Toddy in my heart,
    : betty :

  44. Oh I’m so happy! I love the Big Boo podcasts!

    I’d love to hear about favorite/funniest/strangest high school and college football game traditions/memories.

    I’m remembering some really wacky high school pep rallies, dressing up for Baylor games, and watching those Aggies stand for the whole game (guess it worked for them – they always beat us!).

  45. Loved the pic of everyone on their laptops. Your own little ESPN happening there I think ;-)

  46. LOVED this!! What a GREAT weekend!! ;-)

  47. I am so excited about the podcast! You 2 never fail to give me some major giggles!

    I would like to hear some funny stories from Melanie’s class reunion. Oh, and if she decided whether or not to go with the bangs she was contemplating.

    You all never disappoint regardless of the topics!

  48. Kelly in Carrollton says:

    Hey! I love love love the podcasts!!! Hooray for another one!

    I, too, am so eager to hear about your trip to Ree’s Lodge — please please please tell us all about it!!!

    And just like the other gals, would love to hear more about Melanie’s class reunion. Fun!!

    Thanks for sharing life with us!!

  49. Oh I can’t wait to hear y’alls next podcast!! Happy Wednesday!!!
    ~Molly P

  50. My question to you is

    Do you think people realize how rediculusly hard the Wipeout course is when they try and out. And what would the commentators make fun of you two if you were to make it one the show?

  51. The Great Divide! I’m a MSU fan, but hear Hotty Toddy all the time from my friends. Do y’all watch the Egg Bowl together, or sit on the same side if you go to the game? That is the cutest picture of your family on their laptops!

  52. Oh BooMama, you just feel like family. I could see myself sitting there in your “press box” with my macbook. These are my people :) I would love to hear anything you two want to say because your podcasts are better than season premeire week on TV!

  53. I just have to tell you this, and will keep it as family-friendly as possible. My sister got married in Memphis this weekend, and as my family sat in a restaurant on Beale Sunday night, an Ole Miss student, “under the influence,” severely, gave my mother a very … intimate dance. She was much better humored about it than I would have been. There are pictures.

  54. I saw that you were the “BlogHer” of the month so I popped over to say hi. I always get a smile when I’m here. Thanks!

  55. Hey Sophie!

    “And don’t you think that the cat looks like she wants a laptop of her own? Maybe a tiny little chicken-scented one?”

    You continue to CRACK.ME.UP!!

    I have not had the chance to enjoy a podcast – I will try to make time for this one!

    Thanks for the giggles & guffaws!


  56. I would like to know only the important stuff:

    *What did BigMama wear to her reunion?
    *What was your favorite part about PW’s lodge?
    *What are your plans when you girls come to Memphis in Oct. to see Miss Beth?

    No matter what your podcast topics are, I know they’ll crack me up!! :)

  57. Here you go, you can discuss this link about the origins of the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule: It’s interesting, even though it brings up a very sore point with me, that Emily Post has now said it’s okay to wear white shoes any ol’ time you like. My disappointment with the Emily Post dynasty knows no bounds.

  58. The SEC is just the best. I’m so glad that football season has arrived!

  59. I think you should talk trash to each other on the podcast (which I will almost certainly listen to … hey, I the Travis Cottrell intro podcast (Feb 200*8*) on my player even now) about a hypothetical match up between Texas A&M and Mississippi State.

  60. isn’t that last scrape around the bowl, just the best????
    your diptacular was just wonderful….

  61. Just saying Rotel chokes me up. Good stuff.

    Is that one, lone macless person or am I seeing clearly? What an outsider he must feel like.

  62. Oh, I love SEC football! And, seeing your little man alongside his cousin in the Ole Miss shirt warmed my heart. So cute. Hotty Toddy to all!

  63. Please oh please discuss the episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta where Kim spelled K – A – T. That, my friends, is awesome television.

    I moved to a new town not too long ago and I haven’t met any runner friends yet so I downloaded your entire series (series?) of podcasts and felt like I had friends running along with me. Count yourselves in for about 30 miles. At 100 calories per mile and 3500 calories per pound, you’ve virtually lost just under a pound. You are welcome.

    And for my question, do you feel sad for men? I do – they only have one wardrobe! At this time of year, I’m so thankful to be a woman as I pull out all my teal and brown and put away the white and other light colored clothing!

  64. I have a question for the podcast.
    What are your thoughts and opinions regarding kitchen sinks.
    Single or Double and if double.
    Like say a 60/40. Do you do the big one with the disposal near your dish pile up side or the disposal in the small one near the dish pile up side.
    I am really leaning towards the large single.

  65. Oh, dear. I am watching Georgia Tech beat up on my daughter’s beloved Clemson Tigers, and I thought of you. Because I did not pick up the bowl and scrape around the edge to get every last bit with my chip. I did it with my finger.

  66. Nothing to ask for the Podcast – but I did want to say that our family is totally the exact same way (with the laptops) when we all get together. It drives my uncle INSANE. He gets all mad and says, “Why don’t we all just get on our computers sit in a circle and email each other instead of talking!”

    It cracks me up. But I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do. Oh and I’m so thankful that college football is here (also, the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks). My husband and I spent Labor Day with friends in Boston, and would you believe the leaves are beginning to turn there?

  67. That picture of the cat on the edge of the table staring at the laptop is adorable. I really think she wants a laptop of her own. I don’t have any questions but I always love listening to the podcasts! Count me part of the “eight”! :-)

  68. I do not have ANY original ideas, but I am with
    a) Rachel: we want to know all the details of your visit to PW’s ranch, &
    b) please discuss, & thank you Julie, the appropriateness of long hair into your 40’s. How do we know when we have crossed over into the Munster look???

    Thank you thank you ~

  69. I would have to agree and say that particular scene may show one cat who is deep in the throes of coveting his neighbors technology.

  70. I am catching up on your posts from last week, so I have a “current events” questions: So what do you think about Ellen as the new AI judge? Will she be a good “voice of the people”? Wise/unwise decision? Too soon to tell?

  71. OMG that looks like my house with all those computers. As my Husband says “couples who surf together, stay together”

  72. Looks to me like you have PLENTY o’ questions (and laptops) so I’ll just say I can’t wait for the next podcast because you and mel and frydaddy make me laugh every single time. :)