Poochy Wan Kenobi

So we started off with this:

And then the wheels started to spin:

And then we ended up with this:

The good news is that the force was with her for the remainder of the weekend.

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  1. What a good dog. Kids and dogs are the sweetest thing.

  2. Ha, LOVE it! :)

  3. That mask looks like Billy Mays!

  4. Masks like that just make costumes MORE creepy than they already are.

  5. Oh man! If I had a million dollars to bet and was a bettin’ woman I would have bet all of it that the Bulldogs would have been mentioned by now! Oh well. I’m a Razorback fan myself and love to see that someone is obnoxious about their team as I am about mine–smile–just kiddin’

  6. every good Jedi needs a Padawan.

  7. It’s a good thing she asked Jesus to come into her heart a while back, or she may not have been so forgiving. ;)

  8. OK, SERIOUSLY, if I hadn’t read the title of the post, I’d have said he was dressed as Jesus. Examining the costume itself more closely, I see that that was dumb, but that it one mask that looks like Jesus!

  9. dogs are so good to us – and patient

  10. Poor pooch. I’m sure all the canines and felines hate Halloween! ;-)

  11. I wonder what the dogs think when we do things like this! How cute…

  12. The Billy Mays commenter is right! If you could just get the dog to hold a container of oxyclean or mighty mend it, it’d be perfect.

  13. It’s a little known fact that Obi Wan Kenobi ran around with one bare foot, right? Did the Dark side steak his other sock?

  14. lol!