Sometimes The TV Wins

This is one of those weeks where I’m so overloaded with stories that I feel completely incapable of blogging about any of them. And you know, now that I think about it, it’s just that type of can-do attitude that led me to great success in Algebra II when I was so overwhelmed by all the formulas that I opted not to study at all.

Ineffective habits die hard, my friends.

And honestly, I know that I should sit down and try to SET THE STORIES FREE, but it’s getting late and I just got home from choir practice and there’s a “Top Chef” reunion show on the DVR. And also: TWO new episodes of “House Hunters.”

So I guess what I’m saying is interweb, I love you, but the DVR beckons. As many of you know, I have some very specific television-related goals for 2009, and I want to continue to meet those goals. Because heaven knows I can’t fall back on Algebra II if I lose my TV mojo.

Anyway, I have some links I want to share, but before I do that, here’s a picture of Alex and some of his favorite people – my parents and my mother-in-law – before they left for Grandparents’ Day at his school.

I’d like to give special recognition to my mama, who put on her sunglasses long before she ever walked outside (WAY TO ROCK IT, MAMA), and then of course Martha has on a darlin’ jacket that actually had a full-length sleeve and not a 3/4-length sleeve. But I just noticed that my mama is wearing a 3/4-length sleeve, so let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief that the 3/4-length sleeve was in fact represented at Grandparents’ Day.

I would’ve hated for it to be left out.

Okay. Links ahoy.

– Every single time I think about Shannon and Melanie finishing their book, I smile. Every single time. I am so proud of them.

– I loved Jon’s post about “Regret Cinema” so much that I think I said “amen” after I read it.

– Shane & Shane released their new CD, Everything Is Different, yesterday. I didn’t realize the CD was out until late yesterday afternoon, and OH MY LANDS I couldn’t download it from the iTunes fast enough. Their music never disappoints. You can check out the CD here or here.

– Earlier today (at AllAccess) I blogged about something fun that’s going on next Friday. Even better: you can join the fun from the comfort of your couch. WHAT COULD BE MORE DELIGHTFUL THAN THAT?

– JMom wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that I’ve continued to think about ever since I read it. It hit me right where I’m living.

The Compassion bloggers are headed to El Salvador this Sunday. Please keep them in your prayers!

And now, my “Top Chef” / “House Hunters” chariot awaits.

See y’all tomorrow!

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  1. Enjoy your DVR, trying to catch up myself! So glad there was equal sleeve length representation :)

  2. Hi, your Jmom link took me to All access (perhaps you were wearing your sunglasses still) but it was totally worth it to read about you and Melanie doing an interpretive ballet next week. I await this with the longing I normally hold for The Office so you can see you two are high on my love list!

  3. you’re absolutely right. habits die hard! I can relate with the fact that there are so many encounters daily that can’t be expressed in words…bloghopping here!

  4. Well, the Gene Pool is alive and well between you and your Mom, eh?

    In other news, MY TV ANTENNA IS BROKEN, so there goes MY life. I had to resort to watching Judy Grimes (“just kidding”) a time or twelve on the ol’ Hulu. But if Hubs knows what is good for him, he and the Duct Tape Brigade will have the TV all ship-shape for tomorrow’s 30 Rock.

  5. Love this!

    Mom fashion. It deserves a blog of its own.

  6. Oh my goodness! Fast forward about 25 years, and there you are, Sophie. Sunglasses and all! What a great picture.

  7. Ooooh! I love house hunters ~ especially when everyone else in my house is asleep. :) And I have a snack & some tea & the recliner…

  8. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this (tons, I’m sure), but you make me giggle. :)

  9. What a special picture! Your mama-in-law’s smile reminds me of a picture of Alex. Too cute!

  10. Jenny from VA says:

    I know that we have never met in real life but it made me so happy to see your mama. I can see where all the sassy came from! Alex has some very good looking grandparents!

  11. You know what?! The ladies look Darlin’ Plus! ;)

  12. Love the Grandparents Day picture! My neighbor kids are my faux grandchildren and I attended Grandparents Day earlier this school year with the middle child, a second-grader. I’m afraid I didn’t do as well as Alex’s, though. No 3/4 length jacket, nothing darlin’ or darlin’ plus, and I’m pretty sure it was gray outside that day, so no sunglasses. I’m going to have to step up my game before my one-year-old actual grandchild gets in school…

  13. I totally know the feeling about not being able to blog about it all, despite the fact that the tumbleweeds that occasionally blow thru my blog would leave one to think otherwise. And Algebra II was 9 months of self-doubt interspersed with periods of sheer panic for me, so I feel your pain there too.

    Grandparent’s day for us is in the Spring and I can not wait! That picture of Alex and his grandparents is just too adorable!

    Our DVR is full of Phineas and Ferb and HorsePower TV right now, which is to say that Mama has nothing to watch! Color me jealous – have fun!

    That post of Jon’s WAS awesome and I’m looking forward to following that Compassion trip to El Salvador like nobody’s business…those bloggers (you included!) are waaaay better than DVR’d TV in my book! ;)

  14. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that I’m not the only one that absolutely just shuts down when I’m overwhelmed! I now feel validated in my procrastination! Thank you oh so very much!

  15. Haven’t commented for a bit, but just want to let you know that you make me smile. I love the 3/4 sleeve comments, love how your friends’ accomplishments make you happy and love the way you see the world, Sophie!

  16. It brings me great joy seeing that pic! Even with the shades, I can see a resemblance. And to see THE one and only Martha in the flesh is delightful!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, the OFFICE is about to come on!

  17. Regarding your Mom and her sunglasses… you know what they say… the sun always shines when you’re cool! ;-)

    Hope you enjoyed your tv shows (and your son enjoyed Grandparents Day!)

  18. Sophie-

    You are THE only person I know who can write a blog about how you aren’t really going to write our blog today and make me bust out laughing.

    I’m visiting my parents and had to read the algebra equations/shutting down part out loud to them.. well, because that is and was my life. We all laughed.

    And the 3/4 sleeves still being represented. Cracked me up. Someday I’m going to eet you and we’ll have a laugh or 20.

  19. Using my parents laptop and I’m not as cool as them and don’t do so well on this thing…sorry for all the typos. I do know it is your blog and not “our” blog. :)

  20. I once had a 5-10 minute conversation with your mom at our dining table, and she kept her glasses on the entire time. They really just put her right over the edge of fabulosity. I will never be that cool.

  21. I am a fairly new reader of yours and of course the minute I started reading, I fell instantly in love with this blog and all of it’s characters – especially Martha. ;) I just had to say I was so excited to see a pic of her and your son is as adorable as always and as for your mama and her sunglasses, well, I LOVE THEM. I am all about sunglasses and I put them on wayyyyy before I leave the house as well. Your mama rocks!

  22. Aw, thanks, friend.