Insert Funny “Office” Line Here

Well, I missed “The Office” tonight because I’m in Nashville. And I guess that last sentence sort of makes it sound like Nashville is the land that TV forgot, but certainly that is not the case. It’s just that I didn’t get to watch TV tonight because I was doing fun stuff like visiting with Sister and picking up Melanie at the airport and then screeching into the LifeWay parking lot about two minutes before Travis‘ worship concert was scheduled to start.

So it wasn’t the usual Dunder-Mifflin hijinks, but it was definitely good times.

And by the way, Melanie thinks it’s BITTERLY COLD here in Nashville. Apparently life in south Texas has ruined her in terms of having a tolerance for any temperature below sixty degrees. After the concert we walked outside to the car, and she practically trotted across the parking lot because she was so desperate to escape the thirty-five seconds of chilly air that she had to endure. When we got in the car I looked at the thermostat, and it was 46 degrees outside.

Or as you northerners like to call it: spring.

If this keeps up tomorrow we may have to find a Burlington Coat Factory so that we can buy Mel some sort of quilted down jacket.

Anyhoo, now we’re back at our hotel, and I’m checking email and watching SportsCenter. I don’t really care about SportsCenter, mind you, but I’m sitting on the bed and the remote is across the room on the desk and, well, it’s just so far.

(It just occurred to me that if you could somehow meld Melanie’s brain and my brain right this very second, you’d wind up with a very cold lazy person. And for some reason that makes me laugh.)

(However, I feel like my temporary bout of laziness is kind of okay since I’ve been up since dark thirty this morning and started off my day by trying to load two elderly dogs in my car for a trip to the vet, and I was only able to coax the lab into the car by encouraging her to eat a renegade sour cream and onion Pringle that Alex left on the floorboard after his last soccer game, so I might not have a great deal of PRESENCE OF MIND at this juncture. It’s been sort of a long day.)

(The good news is that everything strikes me as completely hysterical right now. Even SportsCenter. AND THAT IS NO SMALL FEAT.)

Anyway, I hopped on here to tell y’all two things:

1) Tomorrow (Friday) I’m going to be spending the day at LifeWay for the Women’s Leadership Forum, and there’s going to be a live stream of the festivities running pretty much non-stop. You can check out the schedule of events over at AllAccess.


2) The Compassion bloggers have done an incredible job this week – and this post of Shaun’s is a must-read.

I’m going to bed now. I fully expect to dream about elderly dogs who eat Pringles in the bitter cold while they watch SportsCenter and sing worship songs.

I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. There is totally a Burlington at 100 Oaks (65S to the Armory Drive exit, not far south of “town”)! There’s also a Ross and TJ Maxx there but sadly, no Steinmart(s).

    Can’t wait to watch the live stream today! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. Oh yes, we do have a Stein Mart(s)- and a Hobby Lobby and an Anthropologie and whatever else that you might want. Say the word and I’ll drive you wherever you want to go. There is some really good Tex-Mex at a place called San Antonio Taco Co. (We call it SATCO) There is a deck where you can sit outside- directly across the street from Vanderbilt Medical library on 21st avenue- let me know if you need better directions- and if you all go it would be the highlight of my life to meet BooMama and Big Mama all at once so please send me an e-mail and I’ll run over there and get you queso and chips that will make your tongue slap your brains!

  3. Have a blast!!!! :)

  4. I’m WORKING AT HOME the day you are at LifeWay? ARGH! So sad I am not there, I would love to have met you–and seen all my favorite authors. Give Miss Priscilla a hug from her favorite ex-copy editor.


  5. Oh, I’m jealous! My husband is in Nashville today for business. Sigh…..

    The Office was hilarious!

    I even put one of Michael’s lines as my Facebook status last night: “You’re going to have to be more specific, Dwight. I get like eight emails a day.”


  6. Just wanted to let you know that when you do get around to watching “The Office” from last night, you are in for a real treat. It might be my new favorite episode. This doesn’t spoil anything, but just so you know, there are lots of Southern accents. It was all kinds of wonderful!

  7. OMG! I agree with Wilted Magnolia. It was one of the best Office episodes. My husband and I watched it 3 times and just kept replaying the same parts. HILARIOUS! You are in for such a treat!!!! My husband lets me read him your posts about the office. Last night, he even said that that lady I read is going to have to just write the whole episode down!

  8. One of my all time favorite Offices episodes ever! I can’t wait until you watch it and hopefully we will get your recap. I am going to leave you with a Dwight quote teaser:

    Seat save, infinity!

  9. I only caught it after the first 10 minutes. But it was FUNNY!

  10. yeah, all melanie needs is another coat!

  11. Oh, I thought about you last night as I was watching The Office. My favorite part was the very end. Pam was very surprising, and quite funny. I’ll just leave it at that so as not to ruin it for you. Loved it!

  12. So if you missed “The Office,” you sadly missed a great episode of “30 Rock.” You’ll never look at Sports Center (“Sports Shouting”)the same again. And Kenneth’s “I feel about as useless as a mom’s college degree” line was too funny. Anyway, please excuse me while my B.A. in English and I go wash some dishes.

  13. Watching you and Melanie as we speak on Forum Live Stream. Technology blows me away….y’all are so clear on the picture. It is like you are sitting right by me in my living room!! Wish you were!
    Have fun!

  14. Boomama, you are SO funny. I live in Wisconsin. Forty-six degress IS Spring. Late Spring, that is. Or a balmy summer night. tee hee.

  15. One word Chuy’s — it’s in Cool Springs which is about a 15/20min drive from Nashville…but Melanie should know it! (oh and if she doesn’t want what she has at home then there is plenty of Mexican fare to choose from)
    P.S – you may wet yourself during The Office; I do declare…

  16. hurry up and watch!! I’m dying to hear your favorite quotes from the night.

    Mine would be this: “Perhaps the only worthy opponent in this room for you is … you.”
    “You’re right, unless there are measles.”

  17. I’m sure that if Lou Holtz was talking it was hysterical!

  18. Have a great time. Don’t forget the local Mexican food with Melanie!

  19. My My MY. Is this one of your better days of life. There is 34 seconds left to play in the third quarter and the angels in heaven couldn’t be heard over you this fine afternoon. I hope this will all end well for u and yours today. No one deseverse it more…

  20. Sometimes I wish CA were more cold so I could actually get some use out of the plethora of jackets hanging in my tiny California closet. That said, this morning it is pretty cold, so I’m wearing a jacket I stole from Joshua Jackson…yes…of Fringe and Party of Five. It is an excellent jacket and it is keeping me warm enough…hallelujah for JACKETS!