An Unexpected Giveaway

Yesterday – not two hours after I posted about all my pre-Christmas excitement – I got an email about doing a gift card giveaway for a department store whose name rhymes with “soles” (or “Sohl’s,” as it were). And since I’d pretty much stirred the pot about YAY! CHRISTMAS! only a couple of hours before, I figured it was only right and good for me to see if I could provide one of y’all with some extra holiday change for your post-Thanksgiving shopping.

As it turns out, yes. There is extra holiday change to be had. Or won, if you will. From “Sohl’s.” And you can find out all the details over on my giveaways page.

Edited to add: you can use the gift card to shop online even if you don’t have a “Sohl’s” in your area. Just FYI.

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