Thank You And Please Continue To Call Me Mr. Scott

Honestly, I’m Somewhat Concerned about my ability to stay awake during tonight’s episode of “The Office.” It hasn’t just been a long week. It’s been a looooooong week, and the sleep, OH how the sleep does call me. But since I love to laugh even more than I love to sleep, and since I almost always laugh a lot when I watch “The Office,” well, TV WINS AGAIN!

As well it should be.



2) “I thought you was killed by Polluticorn.”

3) “God bless you, Cyclops, and your cold, robot heart.”

4) “Don’t do the twirl.” // “Lose the twirl.”

5) “A limousine is something that a company sends when there is cause for celebration. And in this case, I think we’re celebrating me.”

6) “That’s like what high school kids take to prom on TV shows.”

7) “Ah. Your eminence.”

8) “…I wanted to swing by the garment district and pick up a few crates of my shirts.”

9) “How is he gonna have grandkids?”

10) “I’ve always been the guy who can rally other people to rebel.”

11) “I’m sorry. These are not criminals. They are nice. They invited me to come here today. They invited me to their hospitality suite, where I had free food, and it was delicious. You know how nice they are? They sent a stretch limo all the way to pick me up in Scranton.”

12) “It’s a 45 day, 45 point, 1 point per day plan – we get to 45 points, we’re back in business! And you can take that to the bank! And little old lady, we are going completely carbon neutral!”

13) “I’m such a perfectionist that I’d really rather not do it at all.”

14) “…he knows economics as well as he knows bullfighting, and I am going to call in a little favor.”

15) “Well. That was a waste of a text.”

All in all I thought that it was sort of a weird episode – heavy on the awkward and easy on the endearing. It was fun to watch Michael rally the troops at the meeting, but if you’ve seen this show more than once, you knew right off the bat that his popularity was going to be short-lived. He seemed to enjoy his three minutes in the spotlight, though.

What did y’all think?

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  1. Agreed on the weirdness. But, still funny in it’s awkward little way!!

  2. I loved it when he told off the senator/congressman/whatever that dude was. Also when he bowed to him and called him Your Eminence. Cracked me up. It was odd, but aren’t they all?

  3. loved it when he said, “YOU’RE a moron.” And then off he ran.

    You summed it up nicely, heavy on the awkward, easy on the endearing.

  4. I loved Dwight’s “question” about the line at the end and the whole ‘do you like her, or the idea of her’ conversation between Ryan and Creed. Creed is so randomly, creepily funny.

  5. I think “weird” sums it up nicely. I was so surprised that Oscar didn’t jump at the chance to try to give his thoughts. I had the whole second half of the storyline figured out in my mind, but none of it happened. Guess that’s why I don’t write for the show…I’d make it too predictable. ;)

  6. He sure did enjoy his 3 minutes in the spotlight! Felt so overconfident he did the twirl!

  7. I felt the same way. Very awkward episode and not one of the funnier ones. I did like seeing Ryan put in his place though.

  8. It was awkward, but I loved two things:

    1. Michael’s 15 seconds of fame, which you knew would quickly spiral downward

    2. The Jim/Ryan scenes, especially when he put him in the closet to work (and Jim’s subsequent comment as he closed the door, which sounds too dirty when I type it and like it should be followed by a “TWSS”).

    Even the bad episodes are entertaining to me!

  9. How about when Meredith said to Michael, “Looks like you’re taking a dump!”


  10. I just figured you needed a place to concentrate. And not be bothered by ….bothering people.

  11. “I’m such a perfectionist that I’d really rather not do it at all.”

    I think I’ve just found the source of all of my problems, neatly summed up into one line.

  12. We laughed. It was awkward, but awkwardly funny.

    And I know this is a family blog, but I’m still cracking up at Kevin’s line from last week regarding the Swedish Chef. Perhaps one of the best lines ever.

  13. Not the best episode ever, but I live for those split-second, semi-smurky knowing looks from Jim to the camera! Loved it when he put Ryan in the closet!

  14. Yeah, my husband and I both thought it lacked a little something – especially since last week was so weird and funny. I tend to have a bias when I think shows are becoming politically motivated and this episode was certainly following the company line.

  15. Still cracked me up!

  16. Not my favorite episode. I really don’t like Ryan. I think he’s so obnoxious that I want him off the show.

  17. Loved it. Not the best but still good!

  18. We loved Andy and his talking about the SAT and how he convinced all his friends to skip it, until he caved, took the test and got a 1220, which was very “lachrymose” of him. Hee hee! My Chris was a National Merit Scholar, and we like big-word humor.

  19. Recyclops was the best part! But I still loved it.

  20. I am watching a 2007 episode of The Office on TV now as I type and it’s the one where a shipment of paper goes out with an obscene watermark…..

    I had no idea what I was missing. The writing is pure genius….. LOL!!!!

    Seriously, now I know why you go on and on about this show…. it HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  21. I’m with you… Maybe they’ll make up for it next week?!?

  22. Not the best episode ever but I LOVED Jim putting Ryan in the closet!!! Loved it!

  23. This episode seems written just to keep the D-M going bankrupt thing front and center until the last episode of the series when it will either be revealed, spun off, series ends, or whatever they are doing. (Loved the stock quote in last scene – DM $1.34 – down over 6%)

  24. Not my favorite episode this week, but the whole putting Ryan in the closet thing – made my day. I hate that kid! Wish he could spend the rest of the season in there.

  25. Oscar: “They’re a bunch of boobs.”
    Michael: “Some people like boobs.”
    I know, I have a 7th grade sense of humor but I laughed out loud. :)

  26. That last comment was my favorite too- sad but true. :)