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When I get into nesting mode, I cannot do anything else. NOTHING ELSE. I mean, I may look all laid-back and casual when I’m moving, say, a vase from one room to the next, but DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Because secretly I am hoping that I can get the vase moved before I see a dust bunny out of the corner of my eye since CLEARLY THE DUST BUNNY REQUIRES ME TO STOP AND VACUUM AND THE WHOLE VASE-MOVING SYSTEM IS RUINED.

Perhaps this is why I try to warn innocent bystanders when I sense a fit of nesting on the horizon.

Over the weekend I pulled out all of our Christmas decorations and set up a few things (I know. I know. It’s early. But I’m trying to seize pockets of decorating time when I can because the next two weeks = craziness). I put together a new centerpiece for the breakfast room table, put my feather trees on my dining room table, looked through a few storage bins to take a quick mental inventory of decorations, and then I decided that I really – truly – needed to rearrange some furniture.

Yes. It is a sickness. Thank you for asking.

The rearranging was complicated by the fact that Saturday was just a tremendous day for SEC football fans – State held on with Arkansas until the 4th quarter, and the LSU/Ole Miss game was probably the best SEC game I’ve watched all year. Alex was so into that game that it made me laugh my head off, and at one point, when things didn’t go the way he wanted, he actually stood up and STOMPED OUT OF THE ROOM. We had to have a little talk about keeping the football game in perspective, but I’ll tell you right now that the whole time we were talking to him, I was smiling and clapping my hands way deep down in my heart.

(You have to understand that having a child who loves SEC football and basketball just DELIGHTS ME TO MY TOES.)

(Personally I think we should all pause at this juncture and give the Lord a handclap of praise.)


In the midst of Saturday’s rearranging and game watching I decided that OBVIOUSLY I needed to paint the desk in my office area a fun shade of green and/or turquoise and/or green-y turquoise, and I think we can all agree that when you’re trying to get your house ready for Christmas, it is always VERY wise to start a completely new project, preferably one that involves a good bit of acrylic paint.

(Maybe once I finish the desk I’ll just go ahead and re-tile the guest bath. Then construct some sort of stone walkway from the street to the front door while I’m at it.)

(Oh, I kid.)

(I think.)

Yesterday I didn’t get anything done around the house because of church and such, but David did put up the Christmas tree. It’s supposed to be pre-lit, but the lights were apparently too tired to twinkle this year, so D took all the old lights off of the tree. That whole taking-the-original-lights-off-the-tree thing looked like a SUPER fun task, by the way, and I’m hoping to try it myself sometime really soon in the near NEVER.

Tonight was great, though – we listened to Travis’ Christmas CD (it’s our all-time favorite, hands-down) while David put lights on the Christmas tree and Alex helped and I watched (I haven’t put lights on a tree since 1998 – it’s a sad, tragic tale that involves many tangled cords as well as an impressive amount of tears). Now the tree has pretty new lights (that work!), and it’s waiting patiently on some ornaments. The ornaments are next on my list. Just as soon as I get that desk painted and cook Thanksgiving dinner.

So there you have it. All the news that approximately four people care about, and it is really so sweet for them to care since we’re related and all.

The end.

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  1. Cool, didn’t realize we were related!

  2. Would’ve looooved to hear the “keep football in perspective” talk.

    My Ring the Bells CD is currently missing–a Travis-ty! (tell me I didn’t just type that)

  3. my husband was very excited about all the good sec football this weekend. he was at the arkansas game and i notice there’s not a picture of you in your hog jersey up on your blog celebrating our victory.

    one day i’m going to write about how i drive by this house all the time where a woman lives that is a total neat freak. i’ve never been inside her house but she is always doing something on the outside and i can just imagine how her brain works compared to mine. i mean, there is not a weed in her yard, not an unnecessary shrub, the grass is cut very evenly (probably with scissors).
    anyway, i probably have a little bit of jealousy for people like you and her, people who notice the dust bunnies instead of pushing them under a chair with my foot when i move a vase. just a little ocd would do my house a world of good.

    (sorry about the comment novel.)

  4. Dear BooMama,
    Please know that here in The Land of the Northeast it is approximately 12:18am. I was just about to take a break from all my college work by going OH THE SWEETNESS to bed,which is basically just another name for SLEEP,but then realized I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t see what you were up to.I’m so glad that I did because now I know that I am not the only one who feels the need to start another project before the last i(or 27)are finished.I just knew from the minute I laid eyes on your blog that we were related.Happy painting,Aunt Sophie. :)

    Niece Sarah from The Land of the Overtired in the Northeast

  5. I just thought the lsu/ole miss game was sending me over the edge (and I did pull for your dawgs over ark), but my dawgs just made us want to rip every last hair out of our heads and then beat those heads against the wall. Anyhoo……

    I hauled out all the Christmas this past weekend,too, and was nesting furiously. However, I did manage to hold back my painting to spray paint. Also, no tree yet, as we MUST have a real one.

  6. 1. I need a picture of the feather trees – thankyouverymuchinadvance.
    2. If we ever decide to conquer a crafty project together I need to tell you that we would be DANGEROUS. Because obviously you are crafty and I am also crafty and between the crafty and hilarious laughter, we could make something great. Let’s try that soon.
    3. If you decide to make a stone walkway from your street to your front door, I hope it is made of ultra sticky, slip proof, best-traction-ever stone because that is one steep driveway you have and I can imagine that stone would make it a little like wearing Keds on an ice rink. (Hello, run-on sentence. WHEW.)
    4. Les Miles should get fired b/c of the last minute of the LSU/Ole Miss game. He’s got some serious explaining to do to the LSU nation, that’s for sure.
    5. Travis’s CD? Yes, definitely a fave here, too.

    That’s all.

  7. My husband just shook his head as I opened the gallon of paint to “redo” the dining room 2 nights ago.
    I’m still painting. :)

  8. Well – I repainted our foyer last Spring. The color was supposed to be terra cotta and it looks downright orange. Does not even begin to look good with Christmas decorations…..My favorite Christmas CD has to be ‘The Promise’ by Michael Card or Selah’s ‘Rose of Christmas.’

  9. You make me smile…I can so identify with your nesting issues. I have often said that I have “ADD of housework”. Once I see something else, I must take care of that and the whole system is interrupted…sigh. And, the beginning a completely random project in the midst of Christmas decorating….yes, my sister…I too have fallen prey to such temptations…and actually I am currently resisting the strong urge to tear down my 90s flowery border and paint my kitchen, living room, and bedroom before Christmas. For the sake of my marriage, I will resist…pray for me! =)

  10. Oooooh, a turquoise desk – pretty!

  11. I’m pretty sure women reading this everywhere are thinking whew, I’m not the only one : )

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  12. You should really think about reupholstering the desk chair while you are at it !! Hahaha! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  13. What about Kentucky beating Georgia at Georgia for the first time in 30 years???? It was a GREAT weekend for SEC football!

  14. Boo, I care! Thanks for sharing! I usually have a firm, “day after Thanksgiving” policy for Christmas decorating, but I have already switched my living room drapes/throw pillows to Christmas red and I’m thinking about dragging my nativity out today! (Or, as my daughter called it, our “heaven and nature scene.”)
    And, as an LSU fan, I would say the weekend fell short of “great.” Poor Les. You go from hero to dog in 2-seconds flat in Louisiana…

  15. When you are done over there, could you road trip to my house and re-do my bathroom floors and sink. Actually, paint wouldn’t be bad, either. Since you have so much free time and all.
    Your distant (Southern) cousin, Gabby

  16. I’m with April – GO BIG BLUE! It’s about dang time! ;0)

    And I’m glad I’m not the only one with crazy nesting issues – I can’t start one project without it interrupting my ability to finsh it by ‘gasp’ causing me to see another project! I mean seriously. SERIOUSLY.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. That so totally made me laugh out loud! That is the story of my life…Dear Husband finally even let me get a cleaning lady because I couldn’t do it anymore. I’d be in the back of the house, go to the front of the house, remember something that HAD to be done up there, and have to totally start all over again. It was a never-ending cycle. Glad to see I’m not the only one this happens to!

  18. Speaking of Christmas decorations–last year during the after Christmas sales I bought a 3 foot tree to make….


    Got the idea from this super cool blogger (ahem…). Truth be told? I cannot WAIT to put it up. CANNOT WAIT!

  19. DO NOT buy a pre lit tree…what a pain after the first 2 years…they wrap the lights so tightly, getting them off after they burn out is horrible…i finally cut them all off and started from scratch…

  20. David deserves a medal, in my opinion. Shannon had the same, ugly task of replacing some lights on our tree Sunday night. It just made me cringe having to watch the process. He literally had to remove each bulb and replace with a new one, since the cord was wound so strategically into the branches. I think next time the lights go out, we’re going to go wild and buy a new tree!

  21. Pre-lit trees are the most wonderful, amazing, incredible, annoying, hateful, frustrating, and difficult things ever created. I love/hate ours.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  22. Oh, you have such a ministry with the laughter in my house this morning.

    I truly love you, crazy football loving lady I’ve never met.

  23. Good to know there are others with the same kind of crazy as me! (I know it is poor English – trying to play off that book Same Kind of Different as Me – but obviously since I had to explain it – shows I am not all that funny to begin with – amen)

  24. At least now I know I am not alone in my sickness (start a project & get sidetracked with 4 other projects).

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  25. One project at a time, my friend… Remember you’re only one person, haha!!!! :)

  26. I hope you have a delightful time with your family for Thanksgiving! I’ll let you in on a little secret: We’ve been listening to Travis’ CD since the beginning of November. My little man asks every time we get in the car for me to please turn on his song-Hark the Herald Angels Sing! The Christmas tree is probably going up tomorrow. By the time I’m 60, it will be staying up all year long! Have mercy!

  27. It is at this juncture I would usually begin the mocking of you and others who start the Christmas decorating before the turkey is even THAWED, but since my tree is up and decorated, thankyouverymuch, I will hush. But I will say that I have put all other Christmas decorations under lock and key until after Thursday, despite my kids’ protestations. I have my limits. They don’t make any sense, but they’re MY limits.

    You sang real purty on Sunday!

  28. Boo, WE’RE RELATED?


    I love your crazy. It makes me feel completely relaxed about my crazy.

  29. I paused and did a little handclap of praise for you…SEC football is awesome, even if Auburn is having a bad year! :)

  30. Totally understand the need-to-rearrange bug. I am afflicted regularly myself.

    Mary, mom to many

  31. If you give a mouse a cookie comes to mind…just don’t get too side tracked and end up accidently wrapping lights around the desk and painting the turkey turquoise.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  32. You are hands down the funniest blogger I follow! Even mundane tasks like you’ve described make me daily laugh out loud! My bosses always know when I’m reading your blog because they can hear me in here giggling away!

  33. Okay this has absolutely NOTHING to do with your post, well possibly with the part about how much you LOVE SEC football, but you need to get you and Alex on over to the metroplex and watch The Blind Side. I may be slightly biased, what with loving every Sandra Bullock movie ever made (with the possible exception of the unfortunate “Premonition), but it was FANTASTIC – full scale three-generational movie enjoyment was had by our family on Sunday. It was so good, and had lots of great football too! The whole time, I was thinking OOOOO Sophie would love this movie!! Just sayin’

  34. I so get it. And you.

    Is that sad?

  35. I resemble this story :)

    Love you! I am quite thankful for you this year, friend. Really. May God continue to bless you and your precious crew of fun!

  36. I will just be thankful if we get the tree up this year, and also very thankful if my son decides the tree is a non-event and doesn’t take all the ornaments off daily.

  37. Please please please bring your OCD self to my house. There are dust rabbits just waiting to meet you! I can prove it to you:

  38. I don’t fall into the “related” category, but I do fall into the “person who cares” category for two reasons. First, because I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one who suffers from BitingOffMore ThanICanChew-itis and because seeing as I finally got the last of the Halloween decorations pulled into the garage on Friday (save for the doormat which got missed and needs to be removed ASAP!) I’m needing some Christmas decorating motivation. We’re basically going from Halloween straight to Christmas at our house this year and I hate that! You’re a motivator Boo!

  39. I have the same nesting problem. I just can’t stop, yet I digress into a thousand branched off nesting projects from the original nesting project I started.
    I am so glad to know others share in my madness.

  40. Thank you for this blog post, it just made my day. I now don’t feel so lonely. LOL