L’Bel Paris Giveaway

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and L’Bel.

When I was younger, I was all about make-up. I loved looking at it, trying it, applying it, buying it – the whole shebang. I could spend an afternoon sitting in front of a mirror and trying out various and sundry new looks with one of my mama’s big ole palettes of eye shadow, and on more than one occasion, my sister looked at my handiwork and said something along the lines of “Um, less is more, you know.”

Now that I’m a little older, I know that my sister was exactly right. Less is definitely more when it comes to make-up. I still get a little giddy when I buy some new powder or blush, mind you, but I’m not nearly as concerned with make-up as I am with taking care of my skin. That’s one reason I was so happy to participate when the folks at BlogHer asked me if I’d like to try some skin care products from L’Bel Paris. I was even happier when I read that L’Bel – which is manufactured in France – focuses on “radiant skin that withstands the passage of time.” That sort of hit me where I’m living right now.


Anyway, here’s what they sent me:

You will never know how happy I was to see that tube of really nice mascara. Sometimes it’s the little things, you know (and the fact that the mascara brush is excellent makes it even better). And they also sent me some perfume, but unfortunately I ripped the perfume packaging when I got my shipment-o-products. You’ll be happy to know that the perfume is none the worse for the wear and is currently resting comfortably in my bedroom.

I’ve been trying the L’Bel products for about a week now, and oh my goodness, I like them so much. They’re light enough that my face doesn’t feel coated, but they’re moisturizing enough that my skin feels completely hydrated. And there’s this stuff called Collagennesse – and I can only hope that I’m spelling that correctly because it is currently packed in my suitcase since I WILL NOT LEAVE TOWN WITHOUT IT – that is pure magic. I put it on after I put on moisturizer, and it fills in the fine lines and makes my skin feel super-smooth and quite honestly I’m not sure how I’ve lived without it. It’s one of the best products I’ve ever tried.

And believe me, internet: I have tried some products in my time.

It makes my head hurt a little bit when I think about all the time and energy (and money) I’ve spent on my skin over the last twenty or so years. But here’s the thing, at least with me: make-up isn’t the thing that makes me feel beautiful. I have never looked at my adult self in the mirror and felt oh-so-attractive because I’ve achieved the perfect smoky eye. But do you know when I probably feel the most pretty? When I’m hanging out at home with my people without a stitch of make-up on. When my face is clean and I’ve put on all my “potions,” as my husband calls them – and I feel like LO, THESE MANY YEARS of taking care of my skin has been worth it.

I mean, I can always buy new eye shadow. But I’ve got to live with this skin of mine forever.

I’m so happy to be able to share these products with y’all, and one lucky reader is going to win $500 worth of L’Bel products to try. Seriously. $500 of skin care products and make-up. The prize will include Delyr, Bleu Intense, Resurgie Jour, Cellvivance, Pore Specialiste, Day Moisturizer, Night Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Toner, Face Mask, Divenesse Lotion, Supremacie Mains, Lip Gloss, Mascara and a sassy little bag to hold it all.

By the way, if you think I have any idea what all those French words in the list mean, you are sadly mistaken. But still. I bet they make your skin super-pretty. And I bet they smell really good, too.

Now. A few rules before we get our little skin care sweepstakes started:

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  • This giveaway is open to US Residents, aged 18 and older.
  • Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
  • You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
  • Please see the official rules here: Official rules
  • To enter, leave me a comment below and tell me the place where you feel the most beautiful – or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will end on January 8th. Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct. I’ll select the winner using random.org.

    Also, be sure to check out the list of other bloggers who are also doing a L’Bel giveaway – you can enter to win the giveaways on their blogs, too.

    Have fun, y’all!

    p.s. You can follow @LBelParis on Twitter for beauty tips and special offers if you’re interested.

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    1. I agree with you Sophie. I feel the most beautiful after I have showered, blown my hair out, and I have all my concoctions on.

    2. I could use some help with skin care.. baby lotion and real soap are probably not going to work for my 40 year old skin any longer. Sign me up!

    3. Emily Norris says:

      I, like you, feel most beautiful at home, when I have just done my nightly routine and am in my comfy pajamas hanging out with the fam. No better place to be!

    4. I feel most beautiful about two hours after the shower. It gives everything time to meld – LOL!

    5. I feel the most beautiful when my future husband gives me a kiss and a hug–and that’s saying something because I get those hugs and kisses with crazy hair in the a.m., when I’m crabby and even without makeup & dry skin!

    6. I feel the most beautiful when I have fresh make-up on…I don’t have to be going anywhere, I just like a fresh face.

    7. This looks great!!! Thanks for fun!

    8. Michele Albert says:

      WOW – I’m the first comment!! Yipppeee (it’s the little things that make me happy).

      I feel the most beautiful at home, sitting on our deck, my face turned to the sun, reading a book with my husband by my side.


    9. I feel the most beautiful at night when I’ve taken my makeup off and gotten into jammies. My face still feels all tingly clean and my children still smell good from their baths. It’s like a fresh clean party!

    10. I feel most beautiful in my husbands arms! (That’ so cheesy it makes me wanna gag. But dadgumit, it’s the truth!)

    11. I feel my best fresh out of the shower after being on the lake all day in the summer. A little bit of sun on my cracker white skin always makes me feel better. :) I wonder, though why we feel our best without make-up but will not go out in public without it?

    12. Michele T says:

      Fresh make-up always looks and feels best to me. After a long day at work I feel like my make-up has worn off! I LOVE the feeling of a clean, fresh face and the smell of all the potions. I’m always trying new things.

    13. I love a good lip gloss, so that is part of the process!

    14. Thinking about when I feel beautiful… Hmm… Makes me realize that spending 2 days indoors due to cold and rain has not been good to the “feel beautiful” cause. Maybe today I’ll put on some makeup and real pants and shoot for beautiful!

    15. I feel the most beautiful when I’m all done up – my non-mommy (?) jeans, sassy boots and a great sweater plus all the hair and face stuff done. I’m guessing that my delusions about non-mommy jeans are just that: DEE.LOOGE.UHNS! But it works for me. . .

      De’ Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt!

    16. I feel most beautiful when I have a fresh face of make up. When you hit late 40’s, a nice face of make up really helps.

    17. After a nice warm shower and snuggled in my pajamas next to my husband

    18. Well, I feel most beautiful when I listen to my husband and try to believe what he says.

    19. on date nights with my husband! just the way he looks at me…it makes me feel beautiful. :)

    20. I feel prettiest with a little lipgloss and some mascara when my skin’s looking it’s best! Like you, I enjoy makeup like nobody’s business, but my favorite is when I really don’t need any of it!

      Merry Christmas!

    21. Christy W. says:

      I don’t know about beautiful, but I feel most comfortable and relaxed after I shower and put on all my smell-good stuff. I love smelling good and feeling clean. I feel beautiful when my husband holds me and tells me how much he loves me.

    22. I feel the most beautiful after i’ve exercised. i don’t look the most beautiful then, but I feel the most beautiful then.

    23. Stephanie says:

      Most beautiful when i am all dressed up with someplace to go, other than the grocery store…..
      Otherwise, I def need some help. My aging skin is confused – dry & breaking out at the same time!

    24. SO SO SO excited! Pick me!
      I feel most beautiful after a good workout!

    25. Cami Smith says:

      I feel most pretty when someone else does my hair/makeup! It’s one of my favorite things on earth!


    26. I feel the most beautiful when one of my boys says “Mommy, you look so pretty today.” Which is usually when I, you know, get dressed in something other than work clothes or pajamas. :)

    27. I really need a nice tube of mascara. REALLY! I feel most beautiful when my hair is thrown up in a ponytail and I’m in comfy clothes and my husband asks me to cuddle with him on the couch.

    28. I feel beautiful when I’ve gotten just a bit of sun (bad, I know). I don’t even feel like I need makeup then!


    29. I definitely feel most beautiful when I’m showered and in a flattering outfit… you know, one that covers the baby weight I’m still carrying 9 months later!

    30. I feel most beautiful at home with my peeps. :)

    31. i feel the most beautiful after a great night of sleep and after a night of good cuddles w a certain special little man in my life — after i’ve managed a shower and successfully washed and styled my hair — i feel like a total knock out if i get all of that plus make up on!! watch out world!!

    32. Teresa Stout says:

      After I’ve taken all the make-up off and my skin is clean and moisturized.

    33. I feel the most beautiful after getting my hair done by my friend, Teresa and I come home and my hubby says, “good hair – you look lovely.” Just like he did last night!

    34. I feel the most beautiful when I’ve just gotten into my satiny pajamas in the evenings.

    35. Once I’m all ready to go (showered, dressed, lotioned, makeup), but haven’t actually left yet… I feel the best.

    36. I LOVE skincare stuff! This giveaway is right up my alley.

      I feel my best after getting my hair done. If I could afford it, I would go every day. It’s the best :)

    37. I’m at at home mom of a 2 yr old and new baby. I’m probably most beautiful when I don’t have spit up on my shirt…or down my shirt as has been the case lately. And here’s my twitter link: http://twitter.com/RealMama

      Not that I’m expecting to win, because the last time I won a prize I was about 8, but oh how I hope I win!

    38. hmmmm…I would probably have to agree. I feel prettiest at home, in pj’s actually!
      or maybeee…first thing in the morning when my face is freshly washed and minimal make-up has been applied (mascara and powder…that’s it!).

    39. This comment coming from a 39 year old who will confess she does not wash her face every day. There. I said it. My skin is in serious need of HELP!! This would be great!!!

    40. Definitely in my hubby’s arms and when my kids tell me I look so pretty. Then I know it’s unconditional love and that’s all that matters!

    41. I feel the most beautiful when I am clean and have fresh makeup on. It also helps when I am well rested and feeling good about the person God made me.

    42. I feel the most beautiful when I’m smiling, which might be why I do it so much! I also feel the most beautiful when I see God provide for me in an unexpected way because I know that He sees me as His precious child.

    43. Christina says:

      I feel most beautiful after a shower and blow-dry, but even more so if I just had a good work-out. I guess it’s psychological.

    44. I feel the most beautiful at the beach. Clean face, sun-kissed skin, and wind blown hair. It’s weird because I never leave the perfectly coiffed but that is where I feel my best :) Thanks for the give a way!

    45. When I don’t have to rush to get ready to go somewhere and my boys are looking dapper – that makes me feel like a beautiful, got-it-together mom!

    46. Right after I get ready- before anything has a chance to go wrong (like my hair).

    47. spiritmom says:

      I feel most beautiful when my husband gives me that look of admiration and says he’s lucky to have me.

    48. Great giveaway! I agree- I love it when my skin looks great without make-up, even though that doesn’t happen all that often.

    49. Not to induce vomiting or anything…but I feel the most beautiful under the gaze of my husband. For some reason, he thinks I’m the bee’s knees. Even in the morning when my hair looks like a haystack and I look at the ground when I speak so as not to murder anyone with my morning breath.

    50. I feel most beautiful when I’m fresh out of the shower — especially if I’ve just come home from the gym.

    51. I feel most beautiful when I am gussied up and ready to go. When I have actually taken the time to get gussied up.

    52. Lauren in Tennessee says:

      I feel the most beautiful right after I finish my morning routine and head out the door for another day!

    53. I feel the most beautiful when I am, of course, dressed up and ready to go to church or for a special occassion. Although, I felt most beautiful when I was pregnant!

    54. Caroline Kalugin says:

      I feel the most beautiful when my husband compliments me.

    55. I feel my best if I’ve exercised, showered, make up’d, hair done, and a cup of coffee. I can officially start my day and I’ll be nicer than if none of this stuff had happened!

    56. I feel the most beautiful right before I walk out each morning. I also feel beautiful when I’m loving on my niece and nephew – there’s something about a kid’s love that does the heart good!

    57. Yummy!! Sometimes I feel best at the END of the day – after a good face cleaning, hot bath and cozy jammies…

    58. Lately I just don’t feel beautiful very often.. Gravity is a BAD thing… I guess it would be when my grands run in my house and see me… Help Please!!!

    59. Sophie – I feel most beautiful when I am in my spot in the choir (back row, last one on the right) looking down at my sweet man leading worship, and he looks at me, and our eyes connect and we “know” how blessed we are to be where we are. I am in my Sunday best, wearing my choir robe, and singing praises to Jesus. :)

      But I could sure use some help with those fine lines…

      Thank you friend,
      “GA Jan”

    60. I’m not sure if this counts, but the TIME I felt the most beautiful was at my wedding! YAY!

    61. I feel the most beautiful when I put my makeup and do my hair. I’m one of those people who doesn’t feel complete without my hair and face done because I’m so fair complected and have short hair that looks like a boy’s cut if it’s not fixed.

    62. I feel most beautiful when my 3 year old daughter says “Mom, I like your dress. I like your shoes. I like your glasses.” She has better taste than me anyways.

    63. A fresh manicure and pedicure does the trick for me!

    64. I feel most beautiful when I’m laughing and not thinking about the lines, wrinkles and that extra chin. Oh, and there’s also when I get the hair and makeup just right.

    65. When I visit my parents or when I am home with my family.

    66. I feel the best when I’m with my husband and he tells me that I look pretty or beautiful :) I definitely believe less is more with make-up for me, these days. Especially in our hot summers, I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up that feels like it weighs me down.

    67. I feel the best when I’m at work. That’s where I try to put my best face out there. Although come to think of it, when I’m dolled up for an evening, the lighting does make me glow a little.

    68. I feel the most beautiful when I am in a cute outfit and “get my hair done”! Why does it never look the same when I do it at home?!

    69. I feel the most beautiful when I look at a good picture of me. One where my double chin doesn’t show and I look GENUINELY happy instead of faking it. Its then that I realize that someday, someone will look at that picture and think that their way too vocal, dramatic, opinionated great grandma was pretty attractive in her day. :)

    70. The place I feel most beautiful is in my husband’s arms — he makes me feel pretty even with no makeup and crusty eyes and wake up hair :)

    71. I feel the most beautiful when I am out on a date with my husband and my hair is cooperating. When my hair is being rebellious, the feeling of self-beautiment (?) diminishes to roughly 37%

    72. I feel most beautiful in upscale places that are thoughtful enough to have flattering lighting – Good lighting can make us all beautiful!

    73. I feel most beautiful when I wake from a good night’s sleep, all snuggly beneath the down comforter.

    74. My 45 year old skin is tired….in need of a refreshing pick me up! thanks for the give away…someone is going to feel fresh and sassy!

    75. Strangely enough, the first answer that popped into my mind about when I feel beautiful is while I’m running. That’s weird because I’m pretty sure my bright red, sweaty face wouldn’t launch any ships.

    76. I feel the most beautiful after I have taken a shower and put on some great smelling lotion! I would love to win this! I just love new skin products!

    77. I feel the most beautiful after I’ve done my hair and makeup. I used to rebel against it because I know that “beauty is only skin deep”, but I’ve also realized that when I feel pretty (or at least made an effort!) on the outside I feel much better on the inside as well. Hope this doesn’t mean I’m shallow!!! :)

    78. I feel most pretty on the beach- with wind blown un-brushed hair, no make up (ok maybe some mascara) and sun kissed cheeks. It might be the beauty of the beach that makes me feel so good, but regardless, I wish I was there now!

    79. I feel most beautiful at home. No pressures just unconditional love from my husband and little girl. Thank you for the chance to win!

    80. I feel the most beautiful when I’ve taken time to put on my makeup slowly, and haven’t rushed through it, and my colors suit me well, and I feel like I look beautiful – because I think then, other people think so too. I feel great freshly showered and no makeup on, but people are a bit more forced to see the inner beauty at times like that!

    81. I feel most beautiful when I’m all dressed up on a good hair day!

    82. I feel the most beautiful when I wake up in the morning. No make up, rested, cheeks a little flushed from sleep. I look 16!

    83. Love the review! So true about the clean face. Some days I can’t wait to get home from work and peel off my makeup.

    84. I really feel the best when my kids are loving on me. Something about that makes up for the face encrusted in mac n cheese and applesauce.

    85. I feel most beautiful when I have one of those random, just really great hair days.

    86. I feel best when my kids are right up in my face looking at my wrinkles and counting my grey
      hairs…. You know the ones they give me??? So obviously this gift set would be SUPER!!!

    87. I feel beautiful most days with some lip gloss and mascara, but the beach always makes me feel extra lovely! To me there is nothing that quite compares to the sunkissed look that the beach always provides. With some super “beachy” hair…I couldn’t imagine anything cuter!

    88. I feel most beautiful in a cute, comfy outfit. I like the casual feel but also the “I look good” feel.

    89. Brenda Branch says:

      I feel most beautiful when my kids say “Momma you look nice”

    90. I feel the most beautiful in sweats and a t-shirt in bed with my hubby watching a movie and cuddling with our baby.

    91. Sandy in Texas says:

      I feel most beautiful when my two “grand” boys are around…5 & 2 years old. They keep me laughing and smiling. Yes, this creates wrinkles, but I’m sure if I win all this great stuff those products will soften all my wrinkly happiness!!

    92. I feel most beautiful when I have well-behaved, 2nd day hair; some freshly washed, great-fitting jeans, and a really great pair of boots. :)

    93. Stacie Sawvell says:

      At night after I take off my makeup.

    94. I feel most beautiful when I get to take the time to put on my make up and do my hair just how I like to. :-)

    95. I feel the most beautiful whenever my 3-year-old son walks into the room, sees me and says, “oh, mommy, you look beautiful!”

      Ah. Love it!

    96. I feel most beautiful when I’m hiking a mountain- which is never these days since I have two small children…

    97. I feel the most beautiful when I’m not looking in a mirror. Does that count? LOL, I guess for a serious answer I’d have to say when I’m cuddling with my kids.

    98. I feel the most beautiful after hair and make up are done and before I go out and the wind or other weather messes it up. Fun giveaway!!

    99. I feel the most beautiful when my husband comments favorably on my appearance.