Obligatory Snow Post ’10

So, it snowed here today. Sort of. I mean, there were some flakes that fell from the sky, and occasionally they came down fast enough that we looked at them and said, “Oh, that’s pretty,” but in terms of anything that would enable us to make snowballs or snowmen or snow angels or snow creatures of any variety at all – well, um, NO.

But we had such a great day. Alex, our sweet neighbor B. (she’s not just four – she’s four AND A HALF) and I went for a huuuuuge walk, and the two young’uns ran up and rolled down every single hill. We had a blast. It was just one of those times when the gray weather was our friend, and it was hands-down my favorite day of 2010.

(Yes, I know that 2010 is only seven days old, but still. Big fun. I would share pictures except that I didn’t take any because our camera battery was dead. You’ll just have to trust me.)

Now earlier this week I was all set to make a bunch of tailgating food for tonight’s game, but when I started reading through your comments on yesterday’s post, I got a great idea from Gina. She mentioned that she was making sliders, and that immediately struck me as something David would love. So I shifted strategies, went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon, cooked everything late this afternoon, and may I just say? The sliders? HUGE BIG GIGANTOR HIT.

I had about a half a bag of frozen rolls leftover from Christmas (I prefer Rhodes, but this was some other kind), and this afternoon I put the rolls on cookie sheets so they could thaw and rise. I seasoned about a pound and a half of ground chuck, and after I mixed it up I made 12 small patties, then covered them and put them back in the refrigerator.

And since I recognize that reading a step-by-step, pictureless rundown of how I made sliders is only slightly more exciting than if I were to read you an instruction manual about food processor assembly, I’ll just cut to the chase and make a list of everything I put out on the counter for slider assemblage.

– sliced rolls
– hamburger patties (adorably small-ish)
– ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
– Provolone (oh wait – I forgot to put out the Provolone, but I’ll still leave it on the list because it would have been delicious)
– Ranch dressing (made from the little Hidden Valley packet)
– grilled onions (I used 1/2 sweet onion)
– bacon (I cut six slices in half, then fried them)
– sandwich stacker pickles (cut in half)
– salsa (this brand is our current favorite, and MY WORD it’s tasty)
– avocado (I don’t really have anything else to say about the avocado, but I seem to be on a roll with the parenthetical additions, so I thought I’d write something extra in the interest of consistency)

So there was all of that stuff, and then I made homemade French fries (the kind where I put about two inches of oil in a Dutch oven on the stove and then COOK UP SOME SLICED TATERS), and I think it was one of my fellas’ favorite meals ever. D loved being able to fix different kinds of burgers, and I loved that I found a new way to use frozen rolls. Alex loved that we had hamburger patties AND bacon. He’s sort of a fan of meat.

Okay – I need to give the game my full attention. Bama’s up 24-21 with three minutes left, and they just recovered a fumble on UT’s three yard line. So clearly it’s time to do some yelling because remember, I THINK THE PLAYERS INSIDE THE TV CAN HEAR ME.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

And for at least the next three minutes: Roll Tide.

Edited to add: today is the last day to enter the $500 L’Bel Paris giveaway – don’t forget to enter!

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  1. For the first time in my own personal football history, I have my yelling voice ready.

    Biting my nails…

  2. wow what a game!!!

    and those sliders sound flippin amazing!!

  3. roll tide! i’m going to bed a happy, happy girl!

  4. fried taters is good………

  5. Ha! I can’t believe you managed to write this post DURING that game! I about had a heart attack! My husband is still recovering.

    I have been reading for a loooong time now and just recently discovered that you go to Brook Hills after your post about the Radical experiment. I nearly fainted, knowing I could’ve been within 100 feet of BooMama this past Sunday morning. It was like discovering your favorite celebrity was your next door neighbor. Love your blog! I’m off to bed. Oh, and ROLL TIDE!

  6. Game’s over. Well done, Bama. These sliders sound delicious.

    Would you believe there is a possibility of snow here (Tampa) this weekend? Hasn’t happened in a very looooooog time. There go my tropical plants. Oh well…they’ll eventually come back (I hope!)

  7. Boomama I feel so un-Southern right now although I was born and raised in Alabama. But I don’t understand what a slider is. And I read your post twice! The whole thing! Are they just small hamburgers and you dress them yourself?

    Roll Tide Roll!

  8. Sliders are essentially mini hamburgers…can’t have the commenter above me feeling un-Southern. They are usually served on soft rolls. They have them all over the country.

    Ruby Tuesdays and Fridays and places like that are big into the Sliders now but Krystal and White Castle burgers were technically sliders before everyone used the term.

    Just educatin’ the masses here.

    Oh, yay Bama! We’re Vol fans but ya gotta love SEC football and we rooted for Bama even though it pained us a tiny bit.

  9. Being from a small town that doesn’t have any of the restaurants that Joyce mentioned, I had to guess what sliders were, too. And I was born and raised in the South, Brer Fox.

    And, um, commenter #7 had me scratching my head. I think you have a spammer?

  10. That was our food for our extended family Christmas Eve. Delicious!!!

  11. Mmmmm…those sliders sound good…too bad I’m on a diet!

  12. Pepperidge Farm actually makes “Slider” buns! Saw them at Kroger the other day…

  13. I KNOW the players in the tv can hear me, it’s just that sometimes those idjits don’t LISTEN to what I’m yelling!! Neither coaches nor players heed my warnings or mentally note. Why don’t they just listen?! I’m pretty convinced my ideas are better :)

  14. Your meal sounds divine:) Thanks for sharing and I’m very thankful your year is going great, complete with fun & smiles and a few snow flakes!
    THRILLED for Bama, as my FIL who lives in B’ham will turn 100 later this month. He is a Bama grad and is the oldest member of the Quarterback Club…what a way to celebrate with this HUGE WIN:) And yeah SEC:)

  15. What a game last night. We had to watch so my husband could root for Ingram since they went to the same high school. I love those Flint, MI boys and we could not be prouder of him. And the sliders sound fantastic. Though next week, Office recap, pretty pretty please?

  16. i did sliders for a birthday party last year — i had all the usual toppings (sliced roma tomatoes are a perfect fit for sliders!) plus bleu cheese sauce so i could fix my fav. burger – bleu cheese and bacon. i also made the pioneerwoman’s homemade ranch dressing and the remoulade from bigmama’s chicken cake recipe. soooo tasty. i used hawaiian roles for the buns.

  17. Okay, I don’t have anything to say about the sliders…except that I love them.

    Now, I have to say that although I am a die-hard Texan, born and bred, I love me some Crimson Tide. You see, growing up in Texas, you think you really understand the importance of football…until you marry a Bama boy and experience the SEC. NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE WORLD!!. See in Texas we have football fans…we love it, enjoy it, are pretty competitive about it. In the SEC it is life itself, aside from Jesus. SEC people aren’t fans. They are fanatics – the whole enchilada. Like seriously, LIFE ITSELF!
    So in light of the game last night. ROLL TIDE!!! 13 CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

  18. Have you tried Noble Pig’s sliders? You just spread the meat onto a cookie sheet and bake it. Then cut it with a pizza cutter. No patty making. And they’re delicious and moist. Here’s the link: http://noblepig.com/2009/06/30/a-homerun.aspx

  19. Nothing like homemade fries. YUM.

  20. The sliders sound good! It looks like an overcaffeinated redneck tore up my living room last night, with all the empty Dr. Pepper cans and cheeseballs.

    But that was SOME KIND OF BALL GAME, huh!?! :)

    And your post inspired me to write my thoughts on the game! Love it! Stay warm in the ‘Ham!

  21. I was definitely pulling for the SEC – Roll Tide! Those sliders do sound yummy. Now I want some. That cabbage soup for lunch has lost all allure…

  22. I watched Rachael Ray make sliders….she patted the meat into a 9×13 pan and then baked it. She then took a pizza cutter and cut them the size she wanted. It worked like a charm.

  23. You make my heart sing. You make everything. Yummy.

  24. You have GOT to read this post. It’s a letter to Northerners who make fun of Southerners who freak out about snow.

    Soooooo funny! (and I’ll never poke fun again!)


  25. Boomama – please tell Big Mama that her website won’t come up and is listed as “suspended”. I thought the best way to contact her about this was through you. A BIG thanks to both of you for all the hard work you put into your posts – I enjoy them daily! Keep up the good work! Take care.

  26. OK, DUMB question. DUMB. But cooking is not what you would call my forte. Since it snowed in AL I’m thinking you didn’t go out and fire up your grill to make the sliders. I’ve laughed three times when I go back and read the post where you said how exciting the directions would be … but well … I need the directions. Did you fry the burgers in a skillet … or I also read where someone commented on this post that Rachel Ray cooked them in the oven (which kinda sounds gross to me) … and I was just curious how you did them.

    Cause now that you’ve posted about it you are the expert. :)

  27. Hi Sophie…
    Sounds like a fun time snow or no snow…any reason for some extra family time is worth the hype right!?

    Congratulations on winning the game, makes the snacks taste better!


  28. Ok, I have never heard of the term sliders! I guess we just call them “little hamburgers”. Haven’t made them in a while, and my family loves them. Thanks for the reminder. AND, homemade french fries are fabulous! I make them about 3 times a year. Such a treat!
    I posted about the “snowstorm” here in Mississippi!

  29. Did you know that Wal-Mart sells packages of frozen sliders? Easy to throw on the grill pan even in semi-snowy weather and they are delicious! I usually just add garlic salt and pepper while they’re cooking, and we love red onions, honey mustard, and cheddar as our toppings. Mmmmm… it’s one of my favorite meals. And they’re small so you don’t have to feel guilty when you eat two (or three!).

  30. Dee from Tennessee ♥ says:

    That link to the Noble Pig one of the readers listed….a good read!!

    Thanks for this suggestion…..LOVE your blog!