Help Haiti Live – Tonight!

When I first found out about the Help Haiti Live concert, I took one look at the Nashville line-up and thought, “Ooooh – I want to go to there.” But then I realized that the date actually conflicted with some plans that have been on my calendar for awhile, and I cried.

Okay. So maybe I didn’t cry actual tears. But I was bummed nonetheless.

Anyway, I am SO TICKLED that I’ll still be able to watch the concert live online tonight. Some of my very favorite artists in the whole wide world are performing (you may have heard me mention how much I love Dave Barnes’ music once or sixty times), and they’re performing to raise money for Compassion International. Compassion has been working in Haiti for longer than I’ve been alive, and the money raised through tonight’s concert will “lay bricks, feed, educate, clothe, heal and rebuild Haiti in Jesus’ name for many months to come.”

Now come on. That’s a mighty fine thing indeed.

You can still buy tickets for the show in Nashville, or you can watch online at 7:30pm central. I cannot wait.

See y’all there!

Help Haiti February 27th – from Compassion International on Vimeo.

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  1. Wow, it is so handy being the first commenter because I don’t have to scroll down to the bottom of the page! Boy, am I lazy?

    Watching HelpHaitiLive now and loving it…wish I knew who was who.

  2. So since you didn’t mention California, did you guys know it was cancelled? Cause we dressed up, invited friends drove 2 hours only to find a dark theater. So disappointing and gosh they had my email address cause they sent me the tickets…just got home at 11:15pm and feeling left out of all the fun.. double dang!