Friday Night Update

I know. I KNOW. “The Office” was new last night. But I haven’t watched it yet. It is, however, first on my must-see-TV agenda. And I’m a little embarrassed to tell you why I missed “The Office,” so just let me whisper “it rhymes with Teal Mousefives” and then cover my eyes and shield myself from your scorn.

I’m sorry. I’M SORRY.

(But did anybody see it when Ramona said “she’s making a mountain out of a hole”? It was right up there with last season’s “kudooz.” MADE ME SO HAPPY.)

Anyway, I just wanted to take a break from my trivial goings-on and make sure to remind y’all about the Compassion bloggers in Kenya. I’ve read some beautiful posts over the last couple of days, and right now I’m taking in Ryan’s beautiful photographs. We all have such an incredible opportunity to make a difference through a one-to-one relationship with a child.

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend – and if I watch “The Office” later tonight, I’ll be back.

(I just said that like the Terminator.)

(It made me laugh.)

(I’m so mature.)

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  1. I LOVE ‘kadooz’ and say it all the time…sadly, no one I know watches The HW, so I either have to explain it or let people think that I am somewhat touched in the head.

    Kadooz on the reference….

  2. This made me laugh, even though I’ve never watched the Teal Mousefives (ha ha!)… it always tickles me to hear a mixed up saying – like when someone says “well, it’s not rocket surgery”. Hmmmmm.

  3. brittnie says:

    My favorite part from Teal Mousefives last night?

    “No, you stupid drag queen!” LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    I love that show!

  4. It totally reminded me of the “kudooz” too. Makes me want to ask her, “Is that like kudzu? It sure would fill up that hole.”

  5. I have a soft spot for Ramona – my husband says stuff like that all the time … threw me through a loop, let some life into this room (as he opens the blinds).

  6. You are going to LOVE this episode of The Office! It is so hilarious, and it rivals “the wedding” as my favorite episode.

  7. Ah you make me appreciate the fact – we don’t have cable TV! We watched the new NBC thing “Who Do You Think You Are” – really looking forward to next week’s Emmitt Smith episode. I’m not good with those real housewives programs – not trying to cast aspersions (or from what y’all say – the cast of these shows would say cast aspirations) just talking TV. Detzel is a fabulous photographer/pastor and his wife is a beautiful lady – been reading his blog a while – if anybody isn’t sponsoring – well why the heck not? Enjoy your tivoed and what appears to be a splendid spring weekend!

  8. Teal Mousefives made me laugh out loud. You said it like it was a bad word, like when A said “roopid”! Too funny!

  9. Rosemary says:

    I found you through Melanie at Big Mama.. and I look forward to reading both of you each and every day!

    Teal Mousefives is my guilty pleasure. I tape it on the TV with the VCR so that no one will see it on the list of taped programs on the DVR! Kind of sad, now that I read that. They make me actually laugh out loud, and I have to agree with Ramona, they are the original MEAN GIRLS. Looking forward to your take on the Office. That is our families favorite shows, and one that my teenagers willingly plop down to watch with us. My favorite moment was when Pam’s mom said goodbye in the hospital room.. and Michaels reply.

    Love your blog. Are you still watching Friday Night Lights? Truly one of the best, most under-rated shows ever on TV.

    I watch too much TV, apparently. Have a great weekend!

  10. Did you watch the Marriage Ref? Oh my goodness… we were doubled over laughing. They are so funny. It is definitely one to watch.

  11. I sooo wish we were real life friends!! I say Kadooz all the time and no one gets it!!! It’s secretly my little happy place!! Yes…I did notice the mountain out of a hole….Classic Ramona!! I just found out today that she is 53!! Crazy and all…she does have it going on!!

  12. Thanks for the link love action BooMama!