The Week In Review: Happies

– blooming azaleas
the new Hanson song (thanks, TT, for sharing it!)
– Tuesday night’s impromptu Greek pizza – oh-so-delicious
– watching a funny show and knowing that D and I would laugh in all the same places
– a great conversation Alex and I had before bed Tuesday night
– the “Hello” duet on “Glee”
– bright green leaves all over the trees
– Icees
– a hilarious voicemail message from a friend
– Ramona strutting down the catwalk on RHNYC
– Ramona doing anything on RHNYC
– the smell of the new Arm & Hammer Essentials detergent
– this excerpt from a Matthew Henry quote: “Let us not pull that upon ourselves all together at once, which Providence has wisely ordered to be borne by parcels…it is the will and command of the Lord Jesus, that His disciples should not be their own tormentors…”
– flip-flops
– longer days with lots of sunshine
– the sound of kids playing outside
– homemade Rice Krispy Treats

What about you?

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  1. little boosts of confidence as a mother.

    i’ve been a mother for 4 years now, and i finally got officially christened tonight. four year-old puked on my lap, and i DID NOT FLINCH!

    for a woman with the worst gag reflexes known to man, this is a major victory! i knew the day would come, and i always wondered how i’d handle it.

    these moments are few and far between for me, but tonight i feel like i totally rocked motherhood. :0) did i mention i cleaned it up all by myself, too?

  2. oh! and let me not forget…

    i found an unused target gift card yesterday in a stack of stuff on my desk!!!

  3. Everyone in our team in the U.S. was at a conference so the rest of us had some major peace and quiet. And a chance to get work done.

    Thanks for reminding me the azaleas are in bloom. I miss driving into my parents’ neighborhood in Tuscaloosa and seeing the azaleas, like clouds of bright color floating just above the ground.

  4. That video!!! Thanks for sharing.
    The chance to bless others through a few projects
    Green leaves
    My pink azaleas
    Orange, yellow and pink Gerbera Daisies beside my back steps
    Tomato plants
    Beach music
    Truly spring-like weather
    A week closer to the first grandchild

    Thanks Sophie!

  5. *Being able to make my little girl laugh even on days when no one else seems to think I’m funny

    *My brand-spankin’ new iPhone

    *The 1.8 pounds I lost in my first 3 days on Weight Watchers


    *Singing a duet with my husband at church

    *My parents coming to visit this weekend

  6. *Morning sunshine
    *April 15th — the last day of my annual part-time, JAN-APR job
    *Anticipation of spending today shopping w/ a friend
    *Dogwood trees in bloom
    *”Somewhere Down the Road” by Amy Grant
    *Cardinals nesting in our yard
    *Four weeks away from youngest son’s college graduation, PTL!!!
    *Yoplait Chocolate Souffle Whips
    *Pink flipflops
    *Waking up with Scripture on my mind

  7. My Happy File for the week includes:

    *FINALLY finding my shoes for my wedding.
    *Laughing at the BFF’s reaction to said shoes as she didn’t believe me that I went with what I got.
    *The future hubs cleaning up the kitchen without even asking. And he did a pretty darn good job, too!
    *Free Bagel/Donut/Muffin Friday at work
    *I won a gift card to my favorite coffee place which = more than just “payday coffee” this week. WHOO!
    *Going to a wedding tomorrow with fun friends from our office
    *Warm April temps in MN = probably no snow for the rest of the year. HOORAY!
    *I got an awesome donation for our online silent auction from Foxy Blunt cards–who was recently featured on PW’s blog!
    *Reading fun blogs on a Friday morning (like yours!)

    Have a good weekend!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blooming azaleas! mine are in full bloom!

  9. What lovely happies! I need to go think of my own.


  10. Super Bulldog Weekend!!! : )

  11. ditto the Glee duet! so happy it’s back :D

  12. Ramona walking down the catwalk took the cake.

  13. The VIDEO!!!!!! I saw it earlier today, but had to watch it again. Thinking about keep in on repeat all day & clean the house to it.
    Did you spot a certain parody artist?????
    Watch again!

  14. From a non-southern state –
    WEARING flip-flops – every day for a week
    Seeing lilacs blooming – almost time for mine
    sitting in the sun reading on my lunch hour
    hearing my daughter (12) telling me I’m a great mommy

  15. I am all about flip flops! Bring them on!

  16. I have had to go back and watch Ramona on the catwalk several times. One of my all time favorite housewife moments! Oh. MY. WORD.

    And spring. Every day is a new delight.

    The fact we worship a risen LORD. Makes me just cry tears of joy. Nothing is impossible with God.

  17. * ordering Glee Season 1, Disc 1 from the library to see what all the fuss is about
    * getting a new rice cooker on Saturday (I’m so happy I blogged about it – pathetic!)
    * a fairly quiet weekend ahead
    * good time with God last night, made the insomnia totally worthwhile

  18. I LOVE your Week in Review idea. Looking at all of the positives, big and small.

    * Eating dinner on the deck three times this week with the family.
    * Finding my two favorite magazines in the mailbox this week.
    * Having a little time to scrapbook during the day.

  19. Finding Big One studying for her spelling test in ski hat and goggles… cause she was cold from swimming.

    AND OMG is that THAT Hanson? Now I feel all pervy.

  20. Love all the blooming flowers in my yard.
    New pair of Yellow Box flip flops.
    Sitting at baseball practice and getting a flip flop tan!
    Smell of fresh cut grass.
    Home made salsa and blue corn chips.
    Weekend visit from my dad.
    Watching baseball and baseball and more baseball!

  21. There’s so much joy in the small things! Especially more hours of sunshine- I feel like our entire family has a new lease on life because LOOK! It’s still daylight after dinner! We can play outside!

    By the way, can you remind me the name of those cleaners you and Melanie like? There was some kind of smell-good all-purpose spray or kitchen cleaner or something-or-other that you really like. My home needs some freshness. Thanks!

  22. Ok. I just finished watching last night’s Real Housewives NY and Ramona…Oh.MY.GOODNESS. I may have watched that catwalk 2 or 7 times. :) She cracks me up. I do have to say I was grossed out watching the whole pregnancy test scene. I’m just glad we didn’t hear the tinkle. Goodness.

  23. Love this! My list includes, but is not limited to:

    Having a tea party with my girls
    Swimming at the pool after school
    Beautiful weather!
    Celebrating my husband’s birthday
    Laughing with my girls after making silly sounds – belly laughs are the best!
    And finding out that after 16 months of trying and finding out 3 moths ago that I am in ovarian failure, God answered our prayers….I am pregnant!

    Best week ever!

  24. This sounds terrible I know but I simply MUST say it.

    An hour alone getting a pedicure!

    Enter…Mommy Guilt…for saying it out loud.



  25. a totally unexpected and miraculous tax refund this year. I waited to file cuz I thought I had to pay. what a surprise!
    can’t wait for the weekend to begin.

  26. I totally agree with the “Hello” duet from Glee. Its good to have the gang back. I’ll also throw in Katie getting booted off of AI.

  27. My brother & sis-in-law are in the new Hanson video! They are from my home town, Tulsa, OK. My brother is wearing a dirty mustache and is in one of the sax players-the guy in the middle. My sis-in-law (his wife) is wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans and is dancing on the left hand side of the screen throughout the video.

  28. …reading Boo Mama

  29. Lost hamster
    looked for lost hamster
    prayed for lost hamster
    cleaned rooms to see if lost hamster was hiding…still no hamster. DRAMA!

    (Our Sydney set her sister’s hamster Betsy free on Tuesday)

    The Matthew Henry quote has stayed with me all day long…. Love you, S!

  30. I wish Bravo would just play Ramona’s runway triumph on repeat 24 hours a day.

  31. That quote is powerful stuff, Maynard. I’m going to have to chew on it for a little bit.

  32. Ramona is a MESS. And I loved that catwalk with all my heart. I sat up in the bed and laughed out loud. Awesome!!!

  33. Okay… I am now running to watch Ramona so I can laugh too!

    I just love you Soph.


  34. Baseball at Dudy Noble Field
    22 6 feet tall blueberry bushes C-O-V-E-R-E-D in blooms
    ditto the pear trees

  35. Leslie Maddox says:

    Every time Ramona opens her mouth, I slap my hands on my cheeks like the Home Alone boy and wonder, “What will she say next?!” I get the crazy eyes just sitting in anticipation.

    I’m happy for:
    – the Words with Friends iPhone app
    – diet soda
    – a sleeping baby
    – a cutie-pie husband that loves me

  36. I almost fell off the couch laughing at Ramona on the catwalk! Hilarious!!!

    My happy list includes:

    seeing new photos of my grand-daughter
    our garden
    spending time with my hubby
    my big dog
    watching comedies this weekend