Sometimes It’s The Little Things

The second half of last week felt like a big ole chop block. And when tough times hit, I start looking for the happy wherever I can find it. It makes the not-so-happy a little more bearable.

Here are a few things that made me smile.

1. Liz Lemon singing on 30 Rock – “And a man shall leave his mother / And a woman needs her bones….”

2. Matt Damon on 30 Rock – He was, in a word, delightful.

3. Flowers – Our hydrangeas are starting to bloom, and they’re gorgeous.

4. End of the school year – It’s time, y’all.

5. “I Dreamed A Dream” on Glee – Oh my word it’s beautiful.

6. The Bachelorette starts tonight. LISTEN – I KNOW. I KNOW. But it’s Ali and I thought she was DARLIN’ PLUS on the last one and I can’t wait to watch.

7. Alex’s end-of-season soccer party – Such a fun time celebrating his great coaches and teammates. Loved it.

8. Jimmy Needham’s “Moving to Zion” – I bought this last week, and SWEET MERCY it’s a good’un.

9. Going to a bridal tea – I have no idea why, but there’s something very comforting about visiting with friends and eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking sherbet punch.

10. Royal Apothic High Tea candle – This was a gift from some girls who mean a whole bunch to me, and the scent is mellow and comforting and lovely.

What about you? What are some little things that have brightened your days lately?

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  1. I downloaded the Glee duet immediately after the show…it’s fabulous. I was so happy they finally had Idina Menzel sing…we saw her in Wicked. What a voice!

    Your hydrangeas are beautiful!

  2. Hydrangeas. Hmmmm. I have those in my yard, but they never get to the blooming point because my dog thinks they are a delicacy planted just for her. Go figure.

    Little day-brighteners: one daughter getting home from retreat; another daughter playing her last violin recital; last week of school for seniors (but not for the others); the Blackhawks win!!!

  3. I’m pretty sure the BigBoo Cast #17 will brighten my day as soon as I can get my laptop to stay connected to the internet for more than 15 seconds.

    And, I’ve already set the DVR to record The Bachelorette tonight!

    Oh, and Bret Michaels winning Celebrity Apprentice last night was fantastic!

  4. Wisteria blooming, and smelling so sweet; walking with my dog in the sunshine, and feeling warm, not cold! AND my husband’s fabulous Risotto for dinner. These surely put a smile on my face.

  5. #5 -I have chills. Thanks for posting. Really beautiful.

    #10 -Candles: In every room, please. :o)

    Looking forward to a vacation in Panama City Beach in 2 1/2 weeks with my precious family. Praying the oil will stay far away (from every part of the country, not just Florida).

  6. When Liz launched into “There is Love,” I cried. And not for the same reason I cried at my cousin’s wedding in 1987 when they had the same song.

  7. 1. A friend mailed me Starbucks all the way from the US. I LOVE good coffee!
    2. Another friend, here in Morocco, gave me the cutest pair of new earrings.
    3. She also bought 2 new books for me kids.
    4. My internet is working today.

    :) These are good things!

  8. Bad week last week – my daughter lost her baby at 17 weeks of her pregnancy. 2nd loss for her – we are all devastated. Not finding any happy lately although Starbucks was comforting this morning.

  9. Let’s see….

    1. I got married on Saturday!
    2. I saw my dad for the first time in 11 years and it was lovely.
    3. I got to spend 2 weeks with my mom before the wedding and it went smoothly–no real “mama drama” that can happen before a wedding.
    4. We had Vanilla Bean cheesecake at our rehearsal dinner. There is one slice left and the hubs said, “it’s yours”. HOORAY!
    5. We also have Turtle Cake left over from our reception dinner (like half a cake!) that my co-workers will love because I cannot have it in my house any longer.
    6. I got to spend some time with my grandpa at my wedding and he gave me his mother’s watch (my great grandmother). He said, “I was told that you were to have this when you got married. I was also told that if you never got married, I was to give it to someone else. I’m glad you get to have it.” How sweet is that?

    I think that covers it! : )

  10. I love LOVE Idina Menzel. Just when I thought they couldn’t make Glee any better, they went and added her. Perfection.

    And on a random note, my sis in law dances in Taye Diggs’ dance Company, Dre Dance, in NYC. She and my bro have been to a Christmas party at Taye & Idina’s house. And she is absolutely precious in real life. Which makes me like her that much more.

    And school is almost out? A.M.E.N.

  11. kathleen says:

    EVERYTHING about Glee makes me happy!!

  12. I’d been dreaming a dream of an Idina-Lea duet! I’m so glad they’ve had her and Kristin Chenoweth both on Glee. Most of the Glee episodes make my list of small pleasures.

    Another small pleasure is hearing the crazy things my 2 year old says. Lately, she’s taken to telling us we make “bad choices” when we do something she doesn’t like. This, of course, always results in much laughter! :-)

  13. Aw, sherbet punch. Everything is alright with the world while drinking sherbet punch.

  14. 1. Our tulip tree is blooming
    2. Sunshine after a week of gray blah
    3. Pentecost Sunday and singing one of my favorite songs at church
    4. Laughing about silliness with sweet friends.
    5. Homemade chips

  15. I just saw 2 Baltimore Orioles flitting about in front of my “Quiet Time” window. Talk about a God Moment. Cause I have had a Baltimore Oriole feeder out for the second year now. You know. The whole “they will come” attitude. And they did!! Course they may not stay…… But that is my happy smile moment for today so far.

  16. 1. Paula Deene’s Creme Brulee candle
    2. Jokes told to me by my first grade class
    3. Getting to “loop” up to second grade with this class next year. (OH, the HAPPINESS in THAT!)
    4. Counting down the six days left of school with my 19 six-year old best friends.
    5. The thought of SUMMER VACATION coming.
    6. Finales of Dancing With the Stars, Idol, Big Bang Theory
    7. Texas Barbeque and…
    8. Friday Night LIghts

  17. Matt Damon was GREAT! (“That’s what I do everyday. NOT hit birds.”)

    And the Glee duet – gorgeous…they even look alike!

    My little things are:
    1. Watching my daughter’s first dance recital
    2. Getting some perennials in the ground.
    3. Sunshine and the smell of fresh-cut grass in the neighborhood
    4. Hummingbirds at my feeder
    5. The baby squirrel in my backyard
    6. Finally wearing skirts and dresses with sandals!


  18. Your article in Homelife magazine! I loved it. Also, the Rt. 44 Diet Dr. Pepper I got from Sonic this morning, until I spilled the whole thing in my lap. In the van. Good news–I was only 1/2 a mile from home!

  19. My new puppy!

  20. Reading your blog always makes me smile and laugh out loud. It always brightens my day!

  21. I love the Idina-Lea duet … am a bit chagrined to admit that I’ve already worn out my mouse hitting “replay” on Hulu. (Is it strange to point out that the version you have here is flipped, and we’re seeing a mirror image? Or just a sign of HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS CLIP, OH, LET ME WATCH IT AGAIN! Which is strange in itself, so I’ve answered my own question.)

    ANYWAY … finding a great quilt for my daughter’s room at Target made me happy today. Doubly so, because it was a great price, and when she decides to change it next year it will be No Big Deal At All.

  22. YOU always brighten my day!

  23. Our two 6×8 vegetable gardens are bringing me smiles.

  24. looking for excuses to do drive-through errands (cleaners, bank, etc.) so i can grab coffee from mcdonalds too. my beloved vintage percolator finally bit it this week, and i’m waiting for my next one to ship from ebay.

    and a spoonful of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips. did i just say that out loud? true confessions, y’all.

    what can i say? i eat and drink my emotions. :0)

  25. Watching Lee sing Hallelujah on Tuesday and watching his humbleness on Wednesday as he moved on to the finals.

    Watching my kids perform on stage this weekend in a community production of Willy Wonka.

    The HOT weather! Love it!

  26. Sherbet punch. How can something so wrong, be so right??

  27. I loveeee Idina. I didn’t realize they looked so much alike! Beautiful.

  28. A coworker introduced me to Homelife magazine last week and I picked up the June issue at church yesterday. I was flipping through and started reading an article about Christian email sign-offs. I was chuckling to myself the whole way through and when I got to the end I read about the author. I felt so silly not to have realized it was you before the end! I pretty much read all of your posts and you are always good for a laugh. Loved the article!

  29. Two notes about that Glee duet – for one, I had no idea that song was so depressing (I’ve only ever heard the first line, from the Susan Boyle clip); and two, when I was waiting in a doctor’s office for my mom, I read some “these celebs look alike!” piece in a trashy magazine, and they featured Lea Michele and the woman who played her mother. And one note about 30 Rock – I was PRAYING that Matt Damon’s name would be Astronaut Mike Dexter.

  30. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    1. Your simple pleasures list (and the following comments!)….could relate to SO many of them.

    2. Discovering that the cafe at our Target sells a “homemade” chocolate/peanut butter rice krispie treat yesterday.

    3. Kid-free trip to Target where I may have spent 20 plus minutes in the laundry aisle smelling the different detergents.

    4. Reading in bed w/ my girls this afternoon

    5. Diet Coke w/ a fresh slice of lime

    6. Season finales and new shows beginning

    7. Discovering a forgotten-about bottle of B&B Works Lavendar Vanilla hand soap in the linen closet

  31. Hello friend. . .I am sorry that life turned into the chopping block, and though you said it not, it sounded as though it was your neck (or one belonging to a loved one) laid across said block.

    Things making me happy:

    -writing letters
    -old friends who love me
    -chocolate covered raisins
    -a BRAND NEW BOX of all 120 Crayola crayons to share with my daughter in
    anticipation of a summer chock full ‘o coloring
    -my boy telling me that I’m 99% nice and only 1% cranky

  32. Off topic…but the bachelorette pronoun/verb disagreement has begun and I thought of you right away!

  33. Have I ever commented before? I first got here long ago, I think via the PW blog, but kept reading out of sheer enjoyment.


    -Semester’s end (I teach introductory college English part-time) – only one job to work at now until August!

    -Weekly trivia night with friends at the local cafe

    -Said local cafe’s new sweet potato fries (with what appears to be bar-b-bleu dressing on the side – delicious!)

    -Having a friend to move in with when my lease is up at my current apartment!

    -And not to suck up, but I listened to a few minutes of the podcast and am still laughing at “Fancy Nights”!

  34. Wanted to be sure you know that there’s a “Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon” special on ABC this Thursday at 8:00 (Central). Set the DVR!

  35. debbie d. says:

    I love people that love Ali…because, truth be told, I was happy to see her go and it was just the pick I needed to break my Bachelor/Bachelorette cycle…so glad to know ABC won’t crash and burn in the ratings because my lack of watching…

  36. Can I tell you how excited we were to watch Ali on the Bachelorette? Which was then promptly thrown under the bus from all the sexy that was shown. Ugh. Not impressed and not sure we’re going to keep watching. Especially as sometimes we watch with a 3 year old… :(

  37. Oh, you KNOW I loved “I dreamed a dream…” and I’ve had it on repeat for a couple of days now. Magnificent. XOXO Idina Menzel!

    Liz Lemon at the mic at the wedding, oh such perfect TV. Probably my second favorite scene of the season (next to the dealbreakers one, where Liz cries tears out her mouth).

    What makes me happy? TV!!!


  38. Matt Damon anywhere would be delightful. ;)