You May Notice A Bit Of A Theme

When it comes to planning for a trip, I could win some sort of list-making award. It’s part of the fun for me, the getting-ready-to-go, and I like to categorize and prioritize and memorize everything that needs to be done.

I like to think that it’s one of my spiritual gifts. But mostly it’s probably just annoying to anyone who has the misfortune of traveling with me.

Tomorrow Melanie and I are going to take our kidlets on a little getaway, and we’ve already decided that the grown-ups are going to have appetizers for supper every night. My sister-in-law Janie and I did something similar last year when we were at the beach with our boys, and we enjoyed it so much that Mel and I have decided to continue the tradition. It’s the right thing to do.

Since M and C will have to fly here before we hit the road to my brother- and sister-in-law’s place at the beach, I have made it my personal mission to gather as many of our trip supplies as possible. The gathering of supplies serves two purposes: 1) it brings me UNTOLD VOLUMES OF JOY and 2) it eliminates the need for stopping at the grocery store as soon as we get down there because, well, who wants to get to the beach and then have to run errands?

See? It’s all very logical.


One night last week I made our initial grocery list, and then I typed it all into a Word document because THIS, THIS IS WHO I AM: A PERSON WHO ENJOYS TYPING GROCERY LISTS, IT’S VERY NICE TO MEET YOU. After I typed the list, I emailed it to Mel so she could take a look at it (THIS IS WHO I AM, TAKE TWO: A PERSON WHO ASKS FRIENDS TO DOUBLE CHECK GROCERY LISTS), and once I made some final changes, I moved everything around so that the list would follow the order of the aisles at the grocery store (THIS IS WHO I AM, TAKE THREE: THE PERSON WHO MAKES HER GROCERY LISTS BY AISLE, JUST AS THE GOOD LORD INTENDED).

All that to say: one particular section of the grocery list made me so happy.

Clearly the chocolate chips have a very important purpose, because obviously we’ll need something sweet to balance out all that dairy.

Good times.

Anyway, I actually have a very important (non-cream cheese-related) question to ask y’all, and I do hope you’ll give it some prayerful consideration.

Later today I’m going to run by the Blockbuster to pick up some movies for Mel and me to watch after the young’uns are in bed at night. I’m thinking that this is our golden opportunity to watch stuff that our husbands wouldn’t be able to watch for more than five minutes without rolling their eyes and making a comment about how totally unrealistic someone’s relationship is.

Because as we all know, it’s much more realistic when a rogue CIA agent flips a car that catches on fire but manages to shimmy out of a back window just in time to walk in a drugstore and buy some hair dye so that he can then transform his appearance in the Walgreens restroom and walk back out into the streets completely unnoticed.

So. Movies for the beach. Do you have any suggestions?

Please keep in mind that I don’t watch movies very often. So if you think “Oh, she’s probably seen that,” odds are that I haven’t. And if you have a suggestion for an entire season of a TV show, throw that into the mix as well. Mel and I have never been ones to back down from a TV-related challenge. As I often say, it is good to have TV-watching goals.

Mainly because TV-watching goals often pair quite beautifully with excessive amounts of cream cheese.

Thanks in advance for your help – hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention Chuck or Psych as shows you watch. My husband and I love both of those – funny, funny relaxing TV for us! : ) Have a great trip!

  2. The Blindside- I watched it last night and loved it. Juno was a really good movie too- sad but happy type ending. 13 Going on 30 is a great girlfriend movie too- who doesn’t want to re-live parts of the 80’s? The best part though is when she tells the little girl down the hall that “love is a battlefield”
    I hope you guys have lots of fun!

  3. Ditto on Elizabeth’s sentiments about The Blindside – hope y’all have a fabulous time!

  4. The Village- I love that movie.
    Girl with a Pearl Earring- Again with the love.
    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape- Okay, a bit more adult themed, but incredibly good and you aren’t watching it with the kids anyhow.
    Mona Lisa Smile- Ditto on the comment above.

    They are older movies, so they’ll be cheaper.

    Have a great time at the beach!

  5. Get Young Victoria. The costumes are gorgeous and the love story is just wow.

  6. I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who types grocery store lists. I don’t do mine in order of aisles, but do organize it by category (Dairy, Meat, Produce, etc.). I also color code it so I don’t miss anything (Dairy in blue, Produce in green and so on and so forth). Thank you for making me feel normal.

    Movies: The Proposal, The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City (please hold all judgments), Shopaholic.


  7. Tami Sirmon says:

    It’s complicated! So funny and a chick flick. I watched it while my husband and kids were out.

  8. The Proposal
    Young Victoria
    An Education
    Two Weeks Notice
    Music and Lyrics

    Clearly I am in love with Hugh Grant…

  9. I am totally with you on the grocery list. I type mine every time and it is always in grocery isle order-“grocery isle order” that cracks me up~ as if it is like being on Survivor every time I go to my local HEB. Ha! Sometimes it really is.

    Anyway, as for chick-flick movies:
    The proposal is good, Leap Year, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Anne of Green Gables~love those! Have a fabulous trip!

  10. Christy says:

    Enchanted – when it came out a couple of years ago, I watched it every night for a week. ‘Course, I love to break out into song sporadically through my day :)

    Ditto on Blindside
    Julie and Julia
    The Proposal – some iffy scenes

  11. The kids could watch Enchanted with you… Great movie though.

    Taking Chance – Tearjerker for sure, but a really great movie.
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Best. Movie. Ever.
    The Proposal. Hilarious!
    Moulin Rouge

    Hope y’all have fun!!

  12. I have no movie advice. I rarely watch movies.

    Beach and cheese??? I WANNA COME! I’m a great beach friend. I have lots to offer: I bring about 5 tubes of sunscreen and remind you to reapply, I bring several books, I have many random thoughts and feelings to share while staring at the waves (none are deep or poetic… usually they are about nail polish or eye liner), and sometimes I can be funny. Oh and I’m 24 weeks pregnant so I look like a beached whale… which means yall will look fantastic sitting next to me!

    So… can I come?

  13. Get The Proposal. And if you haven’t watched any of The Big Bang Theory on TV, then get seasons 1 & 2 at Blockbuster. It will change your life. Hilarious!

  14. Absolutely JUNO – must.see. I seriously think you would both love it.

    Blindside too.

    Whole season? My all time favorite show is Scrubs. LOVE.

    (Older) fav: Ever After

    Have tons of fun!

  15. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    First of all let me just say that Money Can’t Buy You Class! It’s this thing I learned last night. And also, Elegance is Learned and I think that is almost as important! Don’t you just love those New York Housewives! O.K. The movies I suggest are “Emma” and “Whip It”. They go from one extreme to the other but they are both fun and great. Kristin Wigg is in “Whip It” and it is just a different kind of fun. I am really jealous and hope you girls and guy have a great time! Be safe. And I have a pie question for you when you get back – I messed up Ree’s Mocha Silk and need your help.

  16. I fall more and more in love with you every post you write. Ha! I love to make lists for trips and also type my grocery list by section of the store.

  17. 1. The Blindside (obviously, a big winner here and for good reason)
    2. Shakespeare in Love (I’m a sucker for a period romantic comedy and this is a fave – I can quote this movie)
    3. The Soloist (simply beautiful)
    4. The Breakfast Club (for nostalgia)
    5. Gilmore Girls Seasons 1-7 (I even got Hubby hooked on this show – pure fun!)
    6. Somethings Gotta Give (if you’ve missed this little gem, PICK IT UP NOW!)

    Here’s to your list-making fun! Enjoy!

  18. So excited for you and Mel going to the beach – praying the weather holds out for you and that you all have a BLAST!
    Ok movies – I LOVE them but my latest FAV is Pride and Prejudice – the newish one with Kiera Knightly – LOVED IT
    Be safe!

  19. You’re not alone. :) I do my grocery lists in Word, and I also arrange them by aisle.

    As for movie suggestions: (be forewarned that some of these movies don’t necessarily have a happy Christian ending)

    I’m gonna go a little old-school and go back to my three months of bedrest. These are the movies that helped keep me sane.

    Romantic Comedies:
    1. Definitely, Maybe
    2. Juno
    3. Love Actually

    4. Little Miss Sunshine (WARNING: LOTS of language)

    1. Slumdog Millionaire (not bedrest)
    2. Blood Diamond
    3. The Family Stone

    Hope you enjoy your trip! :)

  20. I agree with :

    Its Complicated and

    I would also add “Dear John” to the list. If you have read the book- it is a little different but I still liked it! :)

    Have a great time!

  21. A mix of older and newer:
    27 Dresses
    The Devil Wears Prada
    The Holiday
    Never Been Kissed
    Failure to Launch
    The Wedding Planner
    The Wedding Date
    Notting Hill

  22. Notting Hill
    The Proposal
    tv series – Modern Family.

    Your grocery list makes me tired. So very tired.

    And have an amazing time!

  23. MNStacey says:

    You are not alone. I, too, enjoy making lists and lists for lists. I am going on vacation next weekend, so I have my grocery list in word already in the order of my grocery store set-up! Good to know there are “others”!

    Some good movies that I have watched lately:
    Pride and Prejudice
    Leap Year

    Have a great trip!
    Return To Me

  24. Love Happens
    Dan In Real Life (funny and SO sweet)

    Have fun!

    Just got back from the beach with my girl friends and we did Redbox and watched quite a few movies.

  25. Well, if you’re at the beach then the movie “beaches” is really appropriate. But a tearjerker. Just warning, but a good movie!!!! :)

  26. I’m not sure that I could add anything to the already wonderful list of movies that everyone else has suggested!
    No, wait. I can. (I do love me some movies!)
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding is FANTASTIC!
    I ditto How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. You’ve gotta love Matthew Ma-kon-uh-hay (Yeah, I can’t spell it for real, so I spelled it phonetically!) and Kate Hudson!
    Memoirs of a Geisha is good as well.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Heather U says:

    Okay movies to rent for the beach and quality girl time:

    – Walk the Line
    – Lost in Austen (if you like P&P you’ll like this)
    – Julie & Julia
    – Up in the Air
    – Wives and Daughters (6hrs but well worth watching)
    – The Blind Side (best movie I saw last year and I saw a lot of ’em)
    – O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    – The Goodbye Girl (classic!)

    If you are looking for TV shows:
    – Psych (best and most hilarious written show out there)
    – Better of Ted (Dare I say funnier than the office)
    – Firefly (Sci-Fi but oh so good!)
    – Eureka (another great one)
    – Castle (you’ll love it, trust me!)

  28. As for movies, Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley) is my all-time fave. When he walks through the fog/mist near the end…OH MY WORD. I could watch that scene and the proposal/argument in the rain AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. And I have :)

    Continuing in the Jane Austen theme, I also love Sense and Sensibility (with Hugh Grant) and Becoming Jane (with Anne Hathaway).

    You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks is always a winner too.

  29. Natalie says:

    Big Bang Theory had replaced The Office as best comedy for me. DEFINITELY worth watching.

    Also, I just got through doing a GLEE marathon and it was FANTASTIC!!!!

    Have fun where it’s warm enough to even be outside in shorts and tees. I’ll be thinkin of you from the cold and dampness of my 2 day (sons) baseball tournament.

  30. Heather U says:

    Thanks Jennie (comment 17) for reminding me! Okay Missy, this is so important I feel the need to reiterate..if you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls then oh my word do you have to get them! That show was hands down one of the best shows I have ever watched and I am so very sad it is no longer on the air (sniff, sniff)

  31. Okay, I have a confession. I have a permanent grocery list “template” in Word that is in aisle order. I copy it over to Word each week and just add and subtract things to and from it. AND, to add to the craziness, I have a permanent packing list “template” that I use when we travel. It helps me to remember things like “sunscreen” and all that stuff because its permanently on the list. Sick, I know….

    Movies: I still can’t get over Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility. I have to watch it every summer. I think I like just about anything Emma does, so maybe you could have an evening dedicated to her?

    Have fun!

  32. So jealous of your adventure.

    Great suggestions for movies. I’d add: 500 Days of Summer.

  33. Can I go too? Pretty please?

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding-great movie.

  34. Movies-
    It’s Complicated
    Blind Side
    Up the Air with George Clooney

    TV shows
    Modern Family; Nurse with Edie Falco (great writing) not appropiate for children due to language- but very funny.

    There had better be bacon on that list.

  35. You two with the youngins’ are going to have a blast! How can you not with all that cheesy goodness! Chocolate makes it perfection. :)

    Okay, you and I must be related because I do the same thing with the lists and especially when traveling. I put the list in the order of how I shop around the store. It might border on a sickness.

    On to the movie suggestions:

    Blind Side (a must see)

    The Proposal (one scene in there makes me laugh so hard and it doesn’t matter how much I have seen it, I laugh the same)

    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days(One of my favorite movies of all time)

    The Golden Girls (season 7 was one of their best)

    Steel Magnolias (self explanatory) ;)

    Reba (any season is good but season 4 is hilarious)

    Bride Wars

    27 Dresses

    The 1998 College Football National Championship Game .. a nail biter for sure. LOL

    Have a safe and fun trip!!!
    Love you both,

  36. It’s Complicated—-very funny!

    The Blind Side

    Made of Honor

    Hope Floats—my all time FAVORITE movie!

    Enjoy the beach!

  37. My grocery list is *always* categorized into the six main areas of the store. And even with that, I catch myself backtracking every now and then. Which is like an Epic Fail, but there you go.

    The TV show Pushing Up Daisies is one of *the* most delightful things I’ve seen on the telly in a long, long time. It had only two seasons, but it has everything–humor, romance, suspense, all with a side of sweet.

  38. Cannot believe people are recommending Up in the Air….sorry but it made me want to SCREAM! The worst, most boring movie I have ever seen!

    I watched Dear John recently and liked it a lot. If you liked the Notebook, you will like Dear John. If you haven’t seen The Notebook, run to get it!

    It’s Complicated is HILARIOUS!!! Blind Side is the BEST!

  39. I am a list girl also. And having the list in order by aisles? Well, nothing could make a grocery run more bearable than that!

    If you’ve never watched Gilmore Girls, you would love it! Can you fit in 7 seasons in a week? That would be a challenge! Also, the Blindside is a great movie, as others have suggested.

  40. The Blind Side. If you haven’t seen it yet, I do believe we can no longer be bloggy friends.

    Sweet Home Alabama…you must have seen this. But if not, watch it cause it makes me think of you.

    Grey’s Anatomy….watch every episode you can. It’s AWESOME.

  41. Okay… some of these are not so recent, but they are ones that I love.

    DAN IN REAL LIFE (Steve Carrel is adorable in this. I love this movie – seriously, go get it…)
    LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath in the movie theater)
    NEW IN TOWN (Not widely publicized that I saw, but has Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr as the romantic leads. I was sent this movie when I was bed-ridden and even my husband was pleasantly surprised with the cuteness)
    JUNO (loved)

  42. So many great movies have already been mentioned but one that I saw missing was The Ugly Truth- its my current “anytime” movie when the kids are in bed and I just want to laugh.

  43. *gasp* Did you just knock a Bourne movie? I may never recover.

    Never Been Kissed
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    The Blind Side
    Pride and Prejudice
    Sense and Sensibility
    Bend It Like Beckham
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    The Joy Luck Club

  44. Ooh, sounds like so much fun. I agree you would love the Blind Side. Proposal is fun. My all time fave chick flicks include: While You Were Sleeping, Ever After, Return to Me, Walk to Remember, Notting Hill. All Jane Austen movies, especially P&P miniseries with Colin Firth, S&S with Emma Thompson, and Persuasion. Have an awesome time, I can’t wait to read all about it!

  45. Totally agree with “The Proposal” and watched “27 Dresses” again last night and love it. But my new favorite movie is “Emma”—the new BBC version just came out this year on DVD. WONDERFUL! Also, love BBC’s “North and South” (by Elizabeth Gaskell set in England) and it may be my favorite love story lately.

  46. It’s the getting ready part that stresses me out. Would you like to ire yourself out?

    We just saw It’s Complicated. Quite good beach fare. Not while the kids are awake, though.

    TV-wise – I like Castle, Big Bang Theory, Medium and the Mentalist.

  47. misslisslee says:

    Love Emma, and Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility . . . also An Ideal Husband, if you like costume dramas.

    I’m going to vote for Sweet Home Alabama, too, because some of it was filmed at my alma mater (Berry College in Rome, GA) and because it is too cute. But I’m betting you’ve seen it.

    I found a 2-DVD set of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile at Wal-Mart for cheap, and those movies, unlike many 80s favorites, have held up wonderfully. Still funny and very entertaining.

  48. BABY MAMA-totally hilarious, if you just want a good laugh! I’m the same way, I never see that many movies, so even older ones, are new to me too!
    Let us know which ones you choose, maybe you’ll give us some good ideas too! Have fun, be safe!

  49. Julie & Julia!!!
    It’s Complicated
    Under the Tuscan Sun
    Mamma Mia!!!

    Have a great time :)

  50. My website is a movie blog, so if you click there and check out the Loved It ones, those are my suggestions.

    Most of them are horror movies… but off the top of my head:

    I AM SAM

  51. A friend turned me onto your blog and I must say, I love it! You are too funny. I’m so with you on those lists; nothing brings me more joy than using colorful pens and making neatly written lists. It’s the little things…

    As for movies/tv shows-

    Ditto Return to Me, Juno, Whip It!, Julie & Julia, and Blind Side
    An Ideal Husband
    The Phantom of the Opera
    Twilight and New Moon (if you’re into those vampires)
    Baby Mama

    Ditto Psych (It’s my favorite), Gilmore Girls, and Reba
    How I Met Your Mother
    Yes, Dear

    Have fun!

  52. Lynette says:

    I just watched 2 oldies but was like watching for the first time.

    The Divine Secrets of The Ya Ya Sisterhood

    Hanging Up (Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan, Dianne Keaton,Lisa Kudro)

    and one of my all time favorite fun chick flicks:

    Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

  53. I don’t know if I can adequately express how happy I am that you and Mel get to do this. Love you both. Have a BLAST!

  54. i am laughing. i’m about to do this SAME THING! i love love love trip list-making! it’ll be my naptime activity today, and i’m looking forward to it with great anticipation. i’m a sick-o! i won’t be cooking, though, which is sad. ours is a big-city hotel type trip.

    we just decided that i’m going on a work trip with my man, and it’s very spur-of-the-moment, which makes me nervous. i like planning time!

    want to know what made it worse? it helps if i’d actually look at a calendar. i’ve had it in my head that it’s still may, and when i looked at the calendar yesterday i realized the trip is actually NEXT WEEK! i’ve been thinking all this time that i had two weeks to plan. GAH!

    and i wonder if you do this, too…do you go all crazy cleaning your house before you leave? i always do that, and yesterday i was pondering the logic of it. why am i cleaning when i’m not even going to BE there?! :0) so i’ll have two lists…one packing and one cleaning.

  55. Heather says:

    Julie & Julia
    Leap Year
    Nights in Rodanthe
    Dear John

    wait I see a theme here…

  56. Okay, Juie and Julia FOR SURE, because, hello–it’s about blogging and food. Also check out the USA show Psych. Lots of 80s pop culture references.

  57. Rachel says:

    A Lot Like Love

  58. Return to Me is a charming, clean, not sappy love story with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver — from about 8 years ago, I think? Deee-lightful!

  59. I totally agree with It’s Complicated!

    I actually sat on a stationary bike at the gym for 2 HOURS just because I was so into watching this movie! LOL You’ll love it :)

  60. If it makes you feel any better I am the girl who went to Wal-Mart, with a notebook….pretending it was my grocery list, which it kind of was. Anyhow, I proceeded to stand in every isle and write down what that isle held. Then I came home and created a word document based on that list.
    Now….in my own defense I live in the mountians so I only get to the valley to go shopping every so often, especially in the winter. And I would get SO annoyed with myself because every single time I would go (pre-list) I’d forget something…EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ON THE LIST!
    And I’m not ashamed to admit I’m seriously considering making a list for each store that I go to because their all different!
    I also recommend the Blind Side, it’s a great feel good movie!

  61. Kristy Ann says:

    to go with your movies you may enjoy this! Bacon Popcorn!!

  62. Dan in Real Life
    Something’s Gotta Give
    Definitely Maybe

    HAVE FUN!!!!

  63. A Good Year. with Russell Crowe. great romantic and travel piece. loved the setting.

  64. Nita in South Carolina says:

    1. Gilmore Girls
    2. Pride & Prejudice **COLIN FIRTH VERSION**
    3. Keeping Up Appearances (my fave TV show ever.)

  65. Teresa says:

    The Blind Side – definitely see this one!
    Julie & Julia

    TV series:
    Psych (so funny)
    Monk (great quirky guy played by Tony Shaloub. He would definitely make a grocery list like yours!)

    Have fun!

  66. So… I’ve never met your Melanie but it seems like you two could totally to the remake of I Love Lucy… Howard could play li’l Ricky. But seriously we just picked up a few seasons of I Love Lucy for our girls weekend and was reminded once again how FU-UNNY and talented she was. Great way to layer your themes and have an excuse to eat bon bons as they speed down the conveyor belt. Have fun and make LOTS of memories.

  67. Many of my favs have been named but I want to add “Big Fish” . Have you seen it? Quirky but great!

  68. My Sister’s Keeper
    Sweet Home Alabama

  69. I love a good list too! I have permanent ones on ye olde computer for each store that I frequent…Walmart,Commissary, etc. They have the most common items listed so I can print them out,keep one on the fridge and circle or highlight as I run out of something, and empty spaces for when I need something specific or unusual.

    As for movies, The Proposal was hilarious!

  70. I really think y’all will like the movie “Henry Poole is Here” from a few years ago. It’s a really sweet little movie that should be right up your alley. Not many people saw it, so it should be on the shelf.

    Have fun and do a podcast together at the beach during one of the “Fancy Nights.”

  71. Shar in California says:

    Someone else posted it and I agree you have got to see Sense & Sensibility. It’s a beautiful movie. More fun though and one of my FAVs is Return to Me. I love it.
    Last but not least and I already cued Melanie about this one. Watch Facing the Giants. Great movie! Great themes! Very inspiring and made by some good Christian Folks.
    Have a blast at the beach you guys!

  72. Caroline says:

    Y’all should watch Chuck!! It’s such a good show. And stock up on some Molly Ringwald movies to reminisce…:)

  73. Here are my picks…

    Princess Bride-(Best. Movie. Ever!)
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    French Kiss
    O’Brother Where Art Thou
    Julie and Julia

  74. The Holiday (Kate W, Cameron D, Jack Black & Jude Law)
    Eight Pounds (Will Smith)
    Dan In Real Life (Steve Carrel)

  75. Laurie says:

    I’m always making a list when I head to the grocery store!! It helps to me to stay on track because I can’t seem to remember anything and have been known to completely forget things that were even on the list!! I, too, make a vacation list weeks in advance and jot down things to take as I think of them and things to do prior to leaving. I used to have a grocery list saved (also by aisle – I’m with ya girl!)and apparently I’ve lost it.

    So what kinda munchies are y’all going to be cooking up? I’d love to know as I’ll be leaving for the beach soon and could use some new recipes.

    Have a blast and be safe!

  76. Ah a fellow listmaker…I love lists…I truly make list of the lists I need to make during the week ;0). And you’d think I’d be a wonderfully organized person–NOT! I live by the list, die by the list!! Also not much of a movie watcher…we watch a lot of old stuff or just whatever’s on tv around here but my SIL finally got me to watch The Notebook last month–*sob*. And I agree with the Blind Side!!

  77. lavonda says:

    The Blindside (I seriously cried happy tears all the way to my car from the theatre, and that included a trip to the restroom in between!)

    Sabrina (Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond)

    Love Affair (Annette Bening, Warren Beatty, Katharine Hepburn)

    How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (funny love story! 2 girls I went to high school with wrote that book)

    Ever After (sooo good!)

    Twilight (you may laugh, but dadgummit, it was a good love story… my friend’s teenage daughter made me watch it, and it was so good I watched it again the next night too! I told my husband I wanted to be loved like that and he laughed at me)

    I Am Sam (saw it today on HBO for the first time — my word at the good acting in that movie. Sean Penn, Michelle, Pheiffer, Dakota Fanning)

    Sweet Home Alabama (if you don’t love Reese Witherspoon, then something’s wrong. very wrong.)

    Walk The Line (another Reese Witherspoon – won academy award for it – verrry good love story, based on a true story, and my step-son is in it) heehee

  78. P.S. I Love You is a great chick flick! I also like Because I Said So and Raising Helen.

    Have fun at the beach!

  79. I don’t have any movie suggestions but I know a recipe involving cream cheese that you HAVE TO TRY. Or maybe you already have tried this? It is divine! I even used 2 block reduced fat cc and 1 reg. Check it out:

  80. Ok, girlfriend(s):


  81. The Proposal – HIL-A-REE-US

    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Ditto Above

    13 Going on 30 – Jen Garner, the 80’s AND watch the BEST “Thriller” redo E-VAH! Seriously- best chickflick ever

    Young Victoria – A Sweeping Love Story and the MOST luscious costumes and cinematography

  82. this has nothing to do with movies or dairy food, but i wanted to give you a personal beach update… as of today, our panhandle beaches were GORGEOUS. NO oil… just huge huge waves and beautiful white sand. and some blue skies. so enjoy your weekend. it should be a wonderful one!!

  83. Ditto on Julie #20’s suggestions. And anything by Matthew McConaughey. We Are Marshall would be good, too. Totally not a romantic comedy of his genre, but it’s about football and an underdog. You gotta love that. Plus, it’s based on a true story from a city just across the bridge from me. It’s practically home.

  84. I totally agree with the YOUNG VICTORIA suggestion! You’ll like it!

  85. HeatherBC says:

    I am so with the first commenter who said Chuck – my absolute fav t.v. show. It always surprises me how few people watch this show! Have fun at the beach.

  86. Michelle E says:

    Love chick flicks! Safe travels :)

    27 Dresses
    The Proposal
    Penelope (very very cute)
    PS I Love You
    Lost In Austen (if you love Jane Austen!)
    13 Going on 30
    Blast from the Past
    Bend it like Beckham
    Chuck TV series

  87. I wish I could stow away and come with you. I’d do the housekeeping.

    I don’t watch movies much either, which will explain why my list is so OLD. But…
    Sweet Home Alabama (you can explain to her all the mistakes they made)
    Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood
    The Notebook – timeless
    Pillow Talk – Rock Hudson, Doris Day, 1960’s
    It’s Complicated
    While You Were Sleeping
    Regarding Henry – BEST EVER Harrison Ford Movie

  88. Two suggestions: Whip It (because Kirsten Wiig rocks!) and Glee.

  89. MaryBeth says:

    You would love the Gilmore Girls! Fabulous writing and best show ever!

  90. Movies:
    “The Young Victoria” (BBC also has a miniseries called “Victoria & Albert” which is similar and quite good)
    “Faith Like Potatoes”
    “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”

    As far as your trip: the planning is half the fun of the vacation! Yay for lists!!!

  91. A movie that not many people know about, but is WONDERFUL is called “Cosi”. It is delightful, delightful. It stars Toni Collette way back when. Absolutely charming.

    Also, “As Good As it Gets”- also from about 10 years ago, but so good and so funny. Stars Jack Nicholson, helen hunt, and Greg Kinnear.

  92. It’s Complicated
    Shag and Where The Boys Are-oldies but a must for summer
    27 Dresses
    13 Going on 30-one of my favorites
    Mama Mia
    Bride Wars

    Have a great trip!:)

  93. I know it is rated R, but The Ugly Truth was a Laugh Out Loud movie for me. I am very picky about movies, but even let my 14 year old watch it when I had the remote in had and could mute a scene and fast forward another.

  94. The Proposal is my guilty pleasure. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and funny, without the raunchy humor that seems to be the new norm.

    27 Dresses is also pretty cute and girly.

  95. The Proposal-great movie, naked bodies, so be warned. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time though, and girlfriends to watch it with are a requirement. So, that’s a good one.
    50 First Dates, Just Like Heaven (Reese Witherspoon), 13 Going on 30, Family Man, Spanglish (with the exception of one over-the-top sex scene that over-the-top characterizes Tea Leone’s character…need an edited version! haha), are all sweet movies, or poignant.
    The Holiday…so sweet. Strange how Jack Black and Jude Law can both be appealing. :)
    I heard great things about Enchanted, but didn’t see it.
    If you think it might be fun, Pirates of the Caribbean is surprisingly entertaining. I like looking at Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. :)
    Meet the Parents-funny
    Music and Lyrics-Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant-very nice.
    The Jane Austen books made into movies (Sense and Sensibility is my favorite).
    Last Holiday-funny
    Along Came Polly-funny
    Return to Me and Ever After-necessary if you haven’t seen them.
    The Wedding Singer-funny
    The Prince and Me
    Loved Shallow Hal (I know. I’m weird. Jack Black is great.)
    Seriously, there are a lot of fun movies out there…just for kicks. Go to Netflix and browse, or Blockbuster, Romantic comedies. I could go on for a long time. Apparently I’ve got some crazy time on my hands. :) Hope your trip is all kinds of fun. I’m looking forward to doing the same thing (watching movies with my sister-in-law) (Yes, I know you are not sisters-in-law, but you know what I mean) very soon.

  96. I seriously heart that grocery list.

    I second the recommendations of The Blindside and The Proposal. Yes, I’m a bit of a Sandra Bullock fan at the moment. :-) Although your husbands might enjoy The Blindside, so go for The Proposal. Oh. And if you haven’t seen Julie & Julia, it is a MUST for any blogger who loves food. :-)

  97. I see another commenter mentioned Under the Tuscan Sun…I love it and you’ll want a trip to Italy when its over.

    Just watched 27 Dresses again with my mom last week-she’d never seen it. I liked it alot 2nd time around too.

    What a Girl Wants
    The Goodbye Girl (original with Marcia Mason and Richard Dreyfuss)
    My Best Friend’s Wedding
    Miss Congeniality
    The Secret Garden (newer version which was the early 90’s…there’s a much older version too)
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Say Anything (its older but I love John Cusak-it’s still funny)

  98. Deb Bongi says:

    The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Loved to see the novels come to life. You will love it!

  99. My suggestions:
    Samantha Who? TV seasons
    Go with a retro theme on movies and relive the 80s, like–
    Pretty in Pink
    Sixteen Candles
    Grease 1 and 2
    Steel Magnolias

    Other great chick flicks I recently enjoyed on girlfriend weekend:
    Wedding Date, Four Christmases, Devil Wears Prada, Ever After, Never Been Kissed


  100. If you have not seen the Gilmore Girls series…I think you would love the wit and humor. It has a good balance of that and a plot!