Daily Linky Interwebby BIG TIME CATCH-UP

I didn’t post many links this summer because, well, I just didn’t. I actually don’t have a single valid reason. However, as always, I’m happy to blame my lack of consistency on the heat. THE HEAT RUINS EVERYTHING.

But today there is a slight hint of fall in the air (a hint that will no doubt be obliterated by the BLAZING HOT SUN within the next few hours), and I’m feeling motivated to do a linky catch-up of sorts. No doubt your sense of ambivalence is PALPABLE.

Giddy up.

– Okay. So our pastor, David Platt, has written a book called Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream, and I think it’s safe to say that God has used Radical to hit sort of a collective cultural nerve. And also, from a personal standpoint, to STEP ALL OVER MY TOES.

In a couple of weeks my bloggy friend Marla (edited to add: I just corrected ANOTHER mistake) :-) is hosting a Radical read-along. It’ll last for about nine weeks-ish, and all you need to participate is a copy of the book and a willingness to share what you’re learning.

I haven’t talked to anyone who’s walked away from this book unchanged. And if you really, really want to read it but just can’t afford it right now, let me know via email at boomama205@gmail.com. Just put “Radical Book” in the subject line.

– I loved Jon’s post about making horrible trades. And as an English nerd, I was sixty-four kinds of happy when I saw how he tied the post together at the end. So good.

– My new Kellogg’s $100 Visa gift card giveaway is up and running and waiting for your comments! (edited to add: comments are working now)

– If you’re a blogger, my friend Mary needs your help getting the word out about something – and you might make a little bit of extra money in the process. Here are the details.

– When I read this poem that Priscilla posted, I thought, “Oh. I am totally printing that out and putting it on my refrigerator.”

– For mindless entertainment, you can’t really beat MadMenYourself. Because whether you watch the show or not, you’ll enjoy sporting a kicky flip hairdo with your pointy eyeglasses.

– Ever thought about the pop culture divide between you and this year’s college freshmen? Take a look at the Beloit College Mindset List for the class of 2014. It made me feel old. REAL old. (via Throwing Things)

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

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  1. I have Pastor envy…my family read Radical back in May and our lives have been forever changed in RADICAL ways…what a blessing! I will be reading it again to follow along with Marla’s group.

  2. I’m a little crushed. The last paragraph above should read Beloit College. That was the city my deceased husband was from before his early death in 2007. This Wisconsin college is famous for publishing that list every year and making folks feel old and totally disconnected from the new generations.

  3. Hi there!

    This is a great list you have put together. However, when I clicked on the link for your friend Mary, it took me no where.

    Just thought I’d help out!


  4. Hey ya’ll and Sophie! I’m the Mary that is looking for the bloggers…..and the link seems to be circling back to this blog. I’m guessing that ‘net gremlins got ahold of it….

    the link is http://www.girlsgetawaycruise.com/bloggers

  5. My heart is racing and I want to cry but I’m too stunned. In a very good way. I will e-mail you and tell you why.

    And I didn’t know David Platt was your pastor!!! I mean, I know you LOVE your pastor! And I know you live where his church is! But somehow I don’t think I even made the connection!! Wait–I think I wondered about it when I first started reading the book (I’m on my third read-through!!), then forgot about it.



  6. All links and spelling errors :-) are fixed. Apparently a little more sleep at night would serve me well!

  7. Sophie – I am not hosting with Marla. I am far too afraid of commitment at this point in my life. The other hoster is Megan at SortaCrunchy.

  8. Okay, I just read the other comments and most of them were like, “Hey Sophie, you screwed something up” and I just added to it, huh?


  9. OH MY WORD – was I asleep when I wrote this post?

    Maybe I should’ve been asleep. That might have helped.

  10. Okay, well let me jump back in the conversation then. Actually I’m the only one hosting the Read-Along at my blog, but it was ALL Megan’s idea because she is brilliant and forward-thinking like that. I’m going to need serious prayer though because administration and organization and got-it-all-togetherness? NOT MY STRONG SUITS. I think Megan knows this and just wants God to get A TON of glory in the midst of my glaring weaknesses. Fine by me. BRING IT.

  11. Oh. Guess I was sleeping with Sophie.


  12. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! I LOVE YOU, SOPHIE! And I think you’re BEAUTIFUL and your ear canals are THE PERFECT SIZE!!

  13. Your pastor is David Platt? My mom’s been reading that book with a friend. I’m borrowing it when she’s through so I can join the discussion. Thanks!

  14. Well all my links worked just fine! Loved the Mad Men one!

  15. omg, seriously.

    i have seen ‘stuff christians like’ on yours as well as other blog rolls but have avoided looking at it because, well…i don’t like to lump myself in to anything and, also, i didn’t want to discover that ‘no, i really don’t like that’ and it be confirmed, again, that i am just a bad christian.

    until now. when you hid it under the guise of ‘jon’s post’. and he is my new favorite person! lord, have mercy. that is HILARIOUS.


  16. I am so excited about the Radical read-along. I stumbled upon her blog, and was pumped that she was doing that! I bought my copy and had David sign it at the SBC this year. He is a very passionate speaker, and we enjoyed the opportunity to hear and then meet him. My biggest hope is that as a pw, I haven’t become to cynical for this book to change the way I think about things!

  17. i love madmen. madmen yourself was fun, but my kids wouldn’t let me smoke.

  18. Hold up – David Platt is your PASTOR??? How amazing is that? I read Radical on the farm this summer and I’m still chewing and processing and reeling. Wow. Loved it.

  19. OH SOPHIE! I am so, so, SO thrilled and filled with joy to see your offer to purchase the book for those who cannot afford it right now. Your generosity is inspiring and lovely and wonderful. (Just like your hair.) Seriously, thank you. I first heard about the book from you (I think you mentioned it last spring?) and it is wreaking havoc in my life in the BEST possible way!

  20. I’m joining in the book ‘party’ over at Marlas…can’t wait!

  21. Kelly Sites says:

    I happened to pick up Radical before leaving for my first ever mission trip with Samaritan’s Purse to Haiti just a few weeks ago. I read it on the plane and while I was there, and WOW!!!!!! It fit perfectly with the work I was doing there and the changes I felt from being there. I’m changed ….but don’t know what to do with it all, now that I’m home in “abundant America”. I actually left the book with my new Haitian friend, Marc who lives in a shelter tent (he lived in America for 40 years before being deported back to Haiti right before the earthquake) and he can read English of course, so I left it with him to read.

    Loved it!

  22. I downloaded “Radical” from iTunes and have already listened to 6 chapters. It is amazing! So I’ve ordered 4 copies so I can read and listen and give some away :). Next time I’m in B’ham I’m going to have to go hear Pastor Platt preach! How lucky you are to have him for your pastor!

  23. Hi Sophie! We took our church youth to PC last month for a retreat and we studied David Platt’s book. They loved it! How fortunate for you to have him as your pastor.