The Weekend Was A Good ‘Un

– Remember these shoes? The ones I wanted earlier in this summer but felt some strange hesitation about buying?

Well, I bought them on sale Saturday.


Afterwards I told Melanie that I believed that the reason I experienced such unwavering patience for these shoes is because the Lord knew that I was going to have a wedge-prohibitive foot injury in mid-July and wouldn’t be back in wedge-wearing shape until late-August.

He’s the God of second shoe chances.

– We went to our first high school football game of the season this past Friday night. Fall is coming, and summer can’t stop it.

– Yesterday after church we decided to go to Chuy’s for lunch. We knew that TIME WAS OF THE ESSENCE because there’s a big Presbyterian church that’s closer to Chuy’s than our big Baptist church, and everybody knows that the whole point of Sunday lunch is to squeal into a restaurant parking lot on two wheels so that you can beat the crowd from a neighboring congregation.

No kidding: at the Methodist church where D and I grew up, people would look at their watches and clear their throats if the sermon ran past 11:55, especially if they started hearing car doors slam at the Baptist church across the street.

Anyway, we went to Chuy’s – even made it there before a few of the Presbyterians – and while it seemed to take awhile for someone to get our drink orders, we figured maybe the sudden onslaught of hungry churchgoers had thrown the waiters and waitresses off of their serving game.

Finally a waitress took our order – and we waited. And waited. And waited. Our waitress couldn’t seem to explain what was taking so long. FORTY MINUTES LATER we still didn’t have food. So I found a manager and told him what was going on. He was very kind and accommodating, solved the problem for us, and when we got our check at the end of the meal, it looked like this.

They charged us a penny so that we’d have an open ticket if we wanted to leave a tip. Which we did because I felt badly for our waitress even though it was her fault that we hadn’t gotten our food. But she was young. And it was really crowded. And I’m deeply co-dependent when it comes to these sorts of things.

By the way, I got the chile rellenos with chicken and cheese. They were spectacular. Our child got chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese AGAIN, but he vows and declares that the mac and cheese is delicious. And D and I split the tres leches cake and died.

– After lunch we ran over to Old Navy because there’s a certain seven year-old in this house who needs some pants that don’t put his ankles on display (GROWING LIKE A WEED, HE IS). I found what I was looking for in about two minutes, and as I was walking toward the cash register, something very, very special caught my eye.

An MSU t-shirt. Youth medium. Right here in the land of the Tigers and the Tide. It’s an SEC pre-season miracle.

– I adored the “Born To Run” opening number at the Emmys. And then I fast-forwarded through the rest of the show and felt a deep and lasting gratitude to the inventor of the DVR.

– SEC football starts in five days. College football starts in three.


And I believe it’s time to consult the DipTacular so that I can solidify my gameday dip options.

Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. Boo Mama,

    I am in such great agony because I will be traveling on Thursday night and won’t be able to watch any college football. I almost brought myself to watch the Gators Blue and Orange game over the weekend. I was that desperate! Due to that I am a die hard FSU fan, I didn’t think I would ever be redeemed from watching such antics.

    Happy College Football watching weeks to come!

  2. We had the same restaurant experience last week! Our meal was comped too but I’ve never seen the .01 ticket. What does an open ticket mean? Anyway, we faced the tipping dilemma. It was our waitress’s (wait, is that spelled right?!) fault and she never apologized. Although the manager did. We finally left a very small tip for the waitress. Friends told us later we should have given our tip to the cook or to the manager. What?! I’ve never heard of that before? What do you all do in these situations?

  3. Lynnette R says:

    I am always excited when I see you have a new post. Reading always feels like a visit with a friend. I must say I have Chuy’s envy. And I share you love for college football. Specifically SEC football. I am University of Tennessee fan but LOVE to watch any SEC game. The only thing better than a good SEC game is a game in which Ohio State LOSES. (I am sorry but I lived in the heart of Big 10 country for several years and it was quite painful. I’m still not over it. And they hate the SEC you know.) I am also a big fan of dip. Thank you for the DipTacular. You are a good woman.

  4. HA! I go to the Presbyterian Church and the Baptist Church is closer to the mexican restaurant where we often go on Sunday… and we book it out of church on Sunday to beat the rush. The South is so, so funny, isn’t it?

  5. I am Methodsit and we do the same thing, looking at your watch if the service goes too long. I thought it was KY thing. Now I do not get up and leave but some people do. If we get out on time we can beat the Baptist crowd to lunch!

  6. strawberryroses says:

    The shoes are adorable! You can’t beat twelve dollars. I worked as a waitress for three months, then I was done. Too stressful. Yay for finding that shirt. I can’t wait to start watching football.


  8. Ya know, Sohpie, it just doesn’t get much better than dip and SEC football! And as a prelude I watched Tim Tebow play for the Broncos last night. Bless his heart, that interception was bad but he made up for it with a touchdown pass later. The look on his face was priceless.

    GO GATORS!!!!

  9. The “Born to Run” opening was great, wasn’t it? There were a few other moments where I laughed out loud but they were all because of Jimmy Fallon. I am actually debating changing my bedtime to watch his show at night…but let’s be real here. I go to bed at 9:30 and there’s just no way I’d make it that late! :)

  10. That whole post made me smile.

  11. Out of church at 11:55? Oh sweet mercy, we’re of the holy roller persuasion and we’re just getting warmed up then..hee hee! Of course we also live & worship in the boondocks so we’re 20 minutes from any type of food (and the closest is a McDs!) Anyway..what I really wanted to comment on was the Diptacular. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred back to that post. As a lover of all those cold and creamy or hot and gooey….well, I think that sums it up! Love it!

  12. Your post made me laugh because after church yesterday I didn’t feel like cooking Sunday dinner and we decided to go to O’Charley’s. We came by the house and condensed to one car and I told my brother (who was driving) to step on it because Manley Baptist would be getting out in 10 minutes. LOL I. kid. not. No shame. :)

    I am so excited about SEC football. I have bought the new shirts and I am deciding on making something or ordering wings. Just not sure yet but either way the food will be good and the football better be good. hee hee. GO VOLS!!! GO SEC!!!!!!

  13. Oh BooMama, it is so, so true about Sunday lunch. You hit the nail on the head with that one! Our old pastor was notorious for taking the message on into the 12:15 arena . . . that is a true testament to some moral strength of the congregation right there. Amen!

  14. Oh how I love the new tee’s at Old Navy!
    They have IU & Colts here in Indiana!
    And they’re cool vintage looking ones too!

  15. LOVED everything about this post!!!!! :)

  16. Actually SEC football starts on Thursday – less than five days – South Carolina opens up against Southern Miss!

  17. When college football begins, so does life as we love it! Can’t wait. The best thing – all things and all championships are possible!

  18. YAY for college football!!!!! and YAY for the chips/crackers/ and all kinds of dips. I am a die hard SEC fan and my VOLS are in the rebuilding years (GO VOLS!!) but I will cheer for any SEC team that plays out of conference, it almost got me in trouble when Bama beat Texas (I live in Dallas). GO SEC!!

  19. Honey, you witnessed an pure-dee-ol miracle seeing a Miss State shirt in B’ham! Especially this time of year! Maybe there’s hope after all, at least until Scarbinsky decides to rake us through the mud a little. I want to share with you that the clinical site I’m at this semester is having “Dip Day” tomorrow and when I saw the list of all the dips everyone was bringing (every one with a cream-cheese base) I thought of you and wished I could invite you! I’ll test them all in your honor!

  20. That is just spectacular! I loooooove it when things turn out that way! As they say, “you must be livin’ right”! Way to go YOU…high five!

  21. I just had to say that I’ve already begun referencing DipTacular in preparation for the perfection upon us that is football season. My boyfriend started asking a few weeks ago if I’d saved the website that had all of the dip recipes… that website would be yours, BooMama. I am from Texas, he is from Boston, and before we met, he did not know the glory of dip-filled football season. Thanks to DipTacular, I have broken him in, added a few pounds, gotten him hooked on Fritos and any other chip that may scoop, and developed his love for anything with cream cheese and Velveeta. As a girl from the South, I feel that my duty has been done. Love the blog!

  22. I also loved Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to shows we’ve lost this year…his Green Day was hilarious!

    Congratulations on your new shoes : )

  23. NEVER eat at a restaurant near the Presbyterians. We’re living under so much grace we don’t feel guilty about ending church early.