What The Ibex And I Have In Common

Last night we were eating supper when I realized that I had COMPLETELY dropped the ball for something that was going on today. The sad part is that this is something that I’ve helped organize for years, and even two days ago I would’ve told you that I could pull off the whole shebang in my sleep. Only apparently that would’ve been a lie. Because I forgot to take care of two critical steps in the process. Which means that I can’t even pull off said activity when awake.

Anyway, after supper I made a phone call so that I could head off any potential early morning confusion, and I figured out a way that I could take care of everything I was supposed to do and still get the little man to school on time. It meant that we were going to have to leave the house pretty early, but that wasn’t a big deal since Alex views any early-morning activity as a WIDE OPEN ADVENTURE FILLED WITH EXCITING POSSIBILITIES.

Much like his mama.

(I can totally see you rolling your eyes at me right now.)

Given my disdain for really early mornings, I decided that I would go to sleep super-early so that I could maybe act like a human when the alarm went off at 5. I know I’ve mentioned it an annoying number of times before, but my preferred schedule (in a world with no responsibilities) would be to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning and then sleep until 9 or 10. Everysingleday. Why? BECAUSE I AM DEEPLY MATURE.

So at 8:30 last night I got in the bed. My plan was to watch a wee bit of TV, become very, very drowsy, sleep the sleep of angels until the alarm went off at 5, then wake up by stretching very gently and serenading my family with a medley of Disney theme songs. While a bird rested happily on my shoulder.

I dozed off around 9:15 but woke up about 5 minutes later because I heard the TV in the den. Dozed off again – then woke up when D let the dog outside. Tossed and turned and turned and tossed. Finally decided to watch “Top Chef.” Dozed off – then woke up when D let the dog back inside. Dozed off – then woke up because of the aforementioned dog’s INCESSANT PAW LICKING (I’m convinced the dog was wearing a microphone). Didn’t fall asleep until 1 – then woke up at 2 when a certain 7 year-old took a roundabout route to the bathroom that involved turning on about sixteen different lights. Dozed off. Woke up at 2:12 because the 7 year-old couldn’t find his pillow. Got up. Found the pillow ON THE SIDE OF THE BED. Tried to go back to sleep. Except that I was burning up. Got out of bed again and turned down the thermostat. Wondered how a little nighttime peace can be so hard to come by in a house THAT ONLY HAS THREE PEOPLE IN IT.

My alarm went off at 5, and I was just as tickled and delighted as you might imagine after my two or maybe even three and a half hours of sleep. Not a Disney medley in sight. If a bird had been nearby I would have swatted it. I managed to shower and get myself ready, and then I tried with everything in me to be cheerful when I told Alex that it was time for him to get up. He hopped out of bed, put on his clothes, brushed his teeth and was ready to roll in no time at all. I’d promised him a donut for breakfast since we were leaving the house so early, and he was all about it. Happy as a clam. At 6:05 in the morning.

We made it through the Starbucks drive-thru without incident – I would even say happily – but by the time we got to where I needed to be to do the stuff I was supposed to do, I was beyond frustrated. I was frustrated with myself for dropping the ball, and I was frustrated by all the NOT SLEEPING I did last night. Every little thing was just on my nerves, and after Alex was the lucky recipient of a couple of my on-edge responses, he said, “Mama, I feel like you’re being a little hard on me.”

My heart sunk. So I apologized, explained that I was tired and a little frustrated, and Alex said, “Well, Mama, it hurts my feelings when you use your exhausted voice with me and when I’m trying my best and you’re still hard on me.”

Since when did seven year-olds get so articulate? Has he been minoring in counseling when I wasn’t looking?

By that time I was finished with what I needed to do, and as we walked back to the room where we’d left our stuff, I reached for his little hand. He’d have none of it. He crossed his arms and walked behind me. I knew that he was upset – because Mr. Relational typically has two moods: 1) happy and 2) really happy. He doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in the angry zone. So I gave him some space and tried to pull my mood out of the gutter. We walked in silence.

A few minutes later I started to gather our stuff without saying a word. As we were getting ready to walk outside, I remembered a YouTube clip that I watched yesterday. And since I knew it would make him laugh and hopefully lighten his mood, I said, “Hold on, buddy – I want to show you something.”

Oh, my child laughed. He laughed and he laughed and he held his sides and he laughed some more. And as I watched the giggles overtake him, one very sobering thought popped into my head:


It’s the great paradox of motherhood, really: some days you’re the good-natured Disney heroine, and some days you’re a hissing, bleh-ing mess.

Fortunately, the funny video broke the ice and helped us mend our morning. The little man threw his arms around my neck and nuzzled his head into my shoulder. We smiled. And as we were walking out to the parking lot, he grabbed my hand.

Or my hoof, as it were.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.

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  1. All it takes is a youtube video to put it in prespective, ha!!

    We all have our off days!!! But tomorrow is a brand new day!! :)

  2. O MY WORD. HAHAHAHAHA! I can’t wait till my girls get home from school and I can show them this video. Tait, who is uber happy like Alex, will laugh until she can’t breathe. SO FUNNY.

  3. Oh darling…I have so been there. Shall we start an “I am the Ibex” club together?

    Sleep depreviation gets me.every.time. The first two years of my second daughters life (two daughters under two years old in two years- they are now 6 and 8) was not pretty.

    Hugs to you. Hoping it gets better!!!

  4. Be still my heart. If I ever get the chance to answer the question “Who is the one person you would most like to have dinner with?” question again, I finally have an answer. Alex.

  5. I love to read about Alex and his enthusiasm for life. I wish to be that way!! I don’t get up until 8 and I STILL swat away any birds (or husbands) in my path.

  6. I JUST posted this video to my Facebook page. I called the grunting, spitting thing a “goat.” I guess I need to rename him “Momma Who Didn’t Sleep Well Because She Was Too Stressed About a Project.” Been there, done that, bought the mohair.

  7. Oh, BooMama. I both love it and hate it when my kids are more mature than I am. Alex sounds like he’s being raised by caring parents who know how to tell someone when they’re out of line and know what they should not have to put up with.

    Loved the ibex clip! Perfect!

  8. Dude. I’m an ibex today. Thanks for the hilarious video and the honesty.

  9. 1. Poor Alex:( He is super-articulate and adorably sweet though!
    2. Poor you. I can totally identify with the level of maturity that loves 2 am and would rather skip the whole 5-10 am thing.
    3. That video cracked me up so much and then my almost-4-year-old had to see it too so we belly-laughed together through the whole thing!
    4. Hope your day is going much better now:)

  10. I hear ya! Way to throw a mirror at our momma-needs-sleep-can’t-you-read-my-mind-all-things-at-6am-need-to-be-silent mentality. I’ve been a bit of an ibex today, too! But, dude, what’s up with that thing’s eye? Is he evil??? Now I REALLY don’t want to act like an evil ibex. I’m gonna go get my act together.

  11. Alysia in MS says:

    Aye, that is me!!! That is what I have been while my body is adjusting to birth control. What the heck? I havent been able to have kids for years and man, what these doctors put us thru. Overshare, I know. Sorry.
    Anyhoo… Just had to tell you that I won tickets, ON THE RADIO, for the MSU ballgame this weekend! How amazing is that???
    Just found your blog and you totally kick it, Sista!

  12. Girl, we’ve all had those days. As a mother it’s hard to keep your moods in the Disney lane all the time. I think it’s good for our kids to see that we do have different moods. I think it’s great for our kids to see us handle those moods and even apologize if needed.

    You’re doing a great job. I love the video.

  13. Isn’t that the way it always is? Trying to make everyone happy and we slip and maybe let down those closest to us in the process. Been there, done that. Don’t like the list of regrets that have piled up over the years but humans are bound to do those things and for the most part, the good definitely outweighs the bad. Thank heavens for that!

  14. I am beyond UGLY when I don’t get enough sleep. And I am so with you on your ‘perfect schedule’! I do best when I go to bed at 1am and sleep till 10am. It’s my summer schedule (I’m a teacher.) Now that we’re back in school, I am struggling getting back into a ‘real’ schedule.
    I’m pretty sure I’ve never serenaded my family. I’m pretty hard core all the time. Tell your son he’s a lucky little guy ;)

  15. Funny and sweet! What more can we ask for!! Thanks for the touching, smile-inducing post. Replaying for kiddos in just a minute!!

  16. Omg, that is hilarious!!! I CAN’T stand those kinds of nights and they ALWAYS happen when I take so much time to plan this lovely evening to get in bed early and blah blah blah!!! Soooo exhausting!!

  17. Oh my. I cannot wait to show that video to my little one. She will laugh SO hard!

  18. Well it sounds like you and I have a few things in common
    1. both night owls
    2. love to sleep until 9
    3. And so peachy sweet in the morning! LOL

    And that video made me laugh so hard my husband asked WHAT in the WORLD I was laughing at??!!!
    Clearly I have been the Ibex and could totally relate!

  19. What? You are cheerful and delightful and full of sunshine and rainbows when you awake? Well…duh? And people that are, well…they are most obviously imbalanced. I like to get up, turn on the smallest of lamps, then I totally get dressed in the dark and can put on my makeup and do my hair with only the light of a nightlight. My Hubs accuses me of being a vampire…and I don’t care. Mornings are just mean…ugh!

  20. good job !

  21. Mama said there’d be days like this…
    You are not that goat…but that is possibly the funniest clip I’ve seen.
    Tomorrow is another day full of grace and mercy.

  22. I CANNOT WAIT to show that to my children this afternoon!! They will totally relate!

  23. If I could only express how much that video and this post made MY WHOLE MORNING!

    That goat may very well be my cousin. I am SO NOT A MORNING PERSON! Especially when Sophie wakes me up whispering, “Mom, I’m wet.” IN MY BED! At least she didn’t blame it on her stuffed monkey this time. Thank God for mattress covers!

    Your little one amazes me! How precious!

  24. I’ve seen that video before and each time I have thought how it resembled my morning mood! ;)

  25. First, your boy is an angel. Where do I sign up for one just like him? Or better, can we just bottle his happy morning personality and sell it? Because if so, I’ll take a case.

    Now my concerns about the video:

    What was this guy saying to the goat that was so important? Did the goat witness a crime or something? Was there a reason that the goat was being interrogated? Because if it was me, I would have backed off really fast after the goat spit in my face THE FIRST TIME. No way I would have just hung around for the goat to spit on me 11 additional times. There has to be a story there. Can anyone translate?

  26. Oh. my. word. That’s funny! I need to show that to my husband, he’s been trying to find the perfect way to describe me when I’m in “a mood.” This is perfection.

  27. Such truth in those words. And the video, hysterical!

  28. I am that goat more mornings than I’d like to admit!! I believe if we could all get a little more rest the world would be a sweeter place!!! Walt and I just sat and watched the video….hysterical!! Can’t wait to show it to Ben when he gets home from school.

  29. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    You are such a good mama for changing the moods! ! ! I love the video! Thanks for making my mood better today!

  30. I can’t download the videos right now.ARGH! I’ll have to try again later, but reading this post and the responses makes me feel so much better knowing we all have “those” days. :)

    OK–I’m borderline embarrassed at how excited I got when I discovered the 160+ dip recipes! OH.MY.WORD! I’m in dip heaven so I had to spread the word and post about it. Thank you, thank you!

  31. Thanks for posting this! I am always the Ibex when loss of sleep is involved and that happens a lot these days. And I also wish that it was the law to sleep until 9 or 10 EVERYDAY! I think maybe then I’d be less Ibex and more happy mama.

  32. Oh, too funny! But the best part is that the guy is actually “interviewing” the goat about the local government! He’s asking him, “what do you think about the mayor, the president, etc, etc.” And the goat’s response is the bleh and spit! Awesome!

  33. HAAAA!! I know of another 7 year old boy and his sister who will cackle at this video, too! (BTW, I was wondering what the guy was really saying, so thanks, Krista!)
    We’ve all been the Ibex Mama, girl. And we remember it long after they do.

  34. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to share your life and I must say you have a very mature little guy who can express his feelings so well. I’m glad you were able to get your day back on track.