First Things First

I have loads of boring information to share about our weekend, including but not limited to when I cleaned out my closet and discovered a pair of long-forgotten tapered-leg khaki pants that screamed 1994 so loudly that I almost put on a Blues Traveler CD while I watched the DVDs from the first season of “Friends.”


I would be completely remiss if I didn’t point you to some posts that have just blown me away over the last few days. All of these posts have come from the Compassion bloggers in Guatemala, and I really hope you’ll read them.

Ann’s post about meeting her sponsored child is one of the best things I’ve ever read. In any medium. Period.

– Shaun writes (and sings) about When God Comes By.

This post of Amanda’s is pure joy.

– Lisa-Jo wondered if writing letters to her Compassion kids really mattered – and she found the answer in Guatemala.

– Lindsey met Jenser. He’s four. And I’m pretty sure that he’s changed her life forever.

On a related note, this past Saturday morning my sister-in-law Janie and my older nephew left for Uganda. They’re safely in their hotel now – the same hotel where I stayed two and a half years ago – and over the next few days they’re going to meet the children they sponsor through Compassion.

I’ll be sharing some of their stories once they get home, and in the meantime, my family and I would be ever-so-grateful if you’d keep them in your prayers.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. June Bostick says:

    Love that there are women out there who swoon for football and the like.
    What is your opinion of Compassion vs. World V? Women of faith is big on the later and wonder if the gospel is even part of some of the WV work.

  2. Hi – Just found you through PW and I think you’re great! Love that you’re so supportive of the Compassion efforts (I read your story about your trip to Africa). Simply amazing! Look forward to reading more…


  3. Ann Voskamp’s posts had me weeping every day. Everyone who cares about children, sponsors children, or thinks they cannot make a difference needs to read them.

  4. I’ve been reading these blogs faithfully–what wonderful stories. Compassion is a wonderful organization.

  5. Love this: circumstance has prevented me from following the Guatemala’s posts daily, but the ones you cited here? Are ones I DID read…and loved. And while your first sentence gives me great joy, I’m proud of you for exercising {ahem} restraint and sharing the IMPORTANT things instead of the, you know, “urgent” :).


  6. Thank you thank you for passing on the message I promised hundreds of kids that I would share this week. Over and over and over when we asked, “Who doesn’t get letters from their sponsors?” my heart would sink as tons of tiny little hands shot into the air. A pen, a paper and free postage thanks to Compassion – how can I be so stingy as not to give them this very very little.

    As I sit here at my kitchen table surrounded by the remains of my kids’ breakfast I feel displaced and the only bridge I have to cross back and keep in touch is the written word. And I plan to keep on laying down those planks, letter by letter.

    So thank you for helping the construction process!!


  7. Sophie,
    My child I sponsor through Compassion is in Uganda? Where/what center is your sister in law and nephew visiting?

  8. Such wonderful links…and sounds like Compassion is a terrific group – kudos to you and yours!

    btw…keep the pants, in a 3 or 4 yrs they’ll probably be back “in” :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing these wonderful links. All are in my prayers!

  10. What a wonderful post. Thank you for highlighting all the wonderful bloggers from the Guatemala.

    We sponsor three children from Africa and they have been such a blessing in our lives. Sponsoring a child changes their life and it also changes ours.

    P.S. I need to figure out how to put the Compassion box on my blog…that is a great idea!