Me Likey

I have no idea what this is, but it fascinates me (thanks, Ruth!).

Thank you and good night.

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  1. There are NO words!

  2. It looks like a tap dancing routine that someone took and turned into a hand dancing routine…which is weird, but definitely fascinating.

  3. Well, I don’t know what they were singing, but I can tell you that baby Stella and I have been slapping and clapping ever since we watched it. Love it!

  4. I actually saw them interviewed. They are Irish dancers and used to practice their routines with their hands. They decided to put it on video. I Love It!

  5. So odd. So very odd.

    And oddly compelling.

  6. after a whole day of football (son’s game, tv games, etc)…I love it. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered ;0)

  7. Somehow, it makes me think of Lord of the Dance!

  8. It is both riveting and fascinating…or is that the same…anywhoo, thanks for sharing!!

  9. Wow! I love it! And the younger, free-from-responsibility person deep inside me wants to learn how to do it, just for fun.

  10. Amy from Austin, TX says:

    Hand dancing? Oddly intriguing and quite the snappy tune! Though now, I have that snappy tune stuck in my head! So, thanks for that…LOL!

  11. Me, too! I’ve already watched it twice this weekend, and I’m strangely mesmerized by it. It’s like Irish Dancing – but with hands.

  12. Cheri from OKC says:

    This is what Joey Tribbiani was trying to come up with when he found his identical hand twin in Las Vegas.

  13. woahhhhhh. That is so cool.
    They’re so serious!

  14. I think you and Melanie need to make it your fall goal to become proficient at… whatever that was. Put out a video just in time for Christmas. In case this blogging thing doesn’t pan out for you.

  15. Awesome!!! If you follow the link on youtube to their facebook fan page there are some more videos that are fun too! And someone already mentioned it, but yes, they are Irish dancers originally.

  16. I think it’s so neat how several people above said it reminded them of Irish dance! I’m glad I saw the interview on so I now know who these people are! I can’t stop watching it! : )

  17. how many takes do you think that took? ;)

  18. How fun! That for some reason makes me want to eat at Bucca di Beppo.

  19. Leslie Maddox says:

    Oh my. My knuckles hurt just watching.

  20. Canaan Herkamp says:

    What Cheri from OKC said about Joey’s hand twin made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. I thought I was the only one in the world who had a Friends and Seinfeld reference for every one of life’s situations–good or bad!!

  21. My dad had this on his facebook last week, and I told him it was the riverdance, but with hands. Love it!

  22. I find it amazing that they never blink their eyes.

  23. I have no ideal anything about it simple because he out in North Idaho outside of any city limteds have dial up. I don’t get a chance to watch movie clips.

    Coffee is on.

  24. Move over Hand Jive! This is different…

  25. um.




    it was just so





    how do you discover you can even do that? and why would you discover it? what would you be doing in life to realize that talent? is it even a talent? or is it just a SUPERNATURAL TALENT THAT DEMONSTRATES THAT THERE REALLY IS LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS.

    just. weird.

    that’s all i have to say about that.


    and i love it.

    kind of.


  26. My daughter and I wondered if it was sped up or slowed down. . .but I pointed out that her pony tail is swinging in a most natural way, so with that settled, we were just as mesmerized as everyone else. I think the back-burner of my brain is now fully occupied for the rest of the night.

  27. If you show this to small children they will giggle with joy!