Giveaway Round-Up

Kellogg’s Love Your Cereal Giveaway #8 (for a $100 Visa gift card) ends in just a few hours. Giveaway #9 will start sometime tomorrow.

– I just posted a new Ragu giveaway ($100 gift card prize) – and I included a recipe, too.

The Laughing Cow $150 Visa gift card giveaway is up and running for one more week.

– I’ll be notifying the winners of the Initials, inc. giveaway and the Juicy Juice giveaway sometime in the next couple of days.

– I believe that’s all.

– Except that I made veggie tacos for supper tonight, and they were delicious.

– Not that you asked, of course.

– But I live to share. I share to live. I type words without having any idea what they mean.

– You’re welcome for that.

– Sweet dreams, y’all.

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  1. My husband would ask “What in the world is in a veggie taco?” Beans?