Because I Want You To Be Aware Of My Goals

We left Nashville this afternoon, but not before we’d made one final stop at Sonic. It was Happy Hour, after all. WHAT ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Going to Sonic required a little bit of a detour, and when I turned in the parking lot I noticed that it seemed a little crowded. I slowed down so that I could turn into the first available space – only there wasn’t one. Every space on the right side of the building was full, but I wasn’t terribly concerned because I don’t really like to park on that side of the Sonic anyway. In my hometown it was IMPERATIVE that you parked on the left side of Sonic, though I could not for the life of me tell you why. All I know is that every town has its own Sonic rules, and at sixteen I was not even a little bit interested in bucking the Sonic system.

So the little man and I drove around the Sonic to check out the other side of the parking lot – and guess what? COMPLETELY FULL. I’ve never seen anything like it. And once I realized that the second side was full, it set up an unprecedented fast food dilemma for me: Do I make a second loop around the Sonic? Is that even allowed? Will the teenagers point and laugh? Do I nonchalantly park in the adjacent lot and then walk over and order from Sonic patio?

Certainly you can appreciate the fact that my life was turned upside down.

However, right when I was about to commit to the second loop, I noticed the reverse lights on a Suburban just a few yards away. I claimed that spot quicker than you can say “STRAWBERRY LIMEADE,” and we were understandably delighted. That second loop could have been devastating to my social status as a completely nerdy mama of one who enjoys reading Mississippi State football message boards, analyzing semi-colon usage and trying new varieties of cheese in her spare time.

It was a close one, y’all.

Anyway, we made one more quick stop to visit with some friends, and we finally got home tonight about 7:30. I’m just as happy as a clam to have all of our little family under the same roof again. We don’t have a single road trip on the immediate horizon, and as a result I’ve been thinking tonight about what I’d like to accomplish over the next few days and weeks (not that the normal day-to-day stuff is going to disappear, mind you, but since I don’t have any big plans over the next few weeks, I’m feeling extra ambitious-y).

Here’s my list:

1. Clean my house. Not just “tidy” my house. CLEAN IT.
2. Go see The Social Network. Preferably on a date with my husband.
3. Hang some window treatments in my dining room. Finally. SINCE WE’VE ONLY LIVED HERE FOUR YEARS.
4. Catch up on my reading for a class I’m taking at church. I’m waaaaaay behind.
5. Catch up on my DVR’d programming. The neglect I’ve shown “Survivor” is shameful, really, and that’s just the tip of the chock-full DVR iceberg.
6. Put some sort of fall-ish decorative something-or-other outside. I saw a bunch of people buying fall decorations in Michael’s this morning, and by the time I left I had a failure-to-decorate-for-fall complex.

What about y’all? Any short-term goals? Anybody else with a failure-to-decorate-for-fall complex?

There’s strength in numbers, my friends.

There’s strength in numbers.

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  1. I have such a backlog of TV shows on the DVR I doubt I’ll ever get to them all. It’s become another chore for me. But I do have to chime in and say that I always park on the right side at Sonic because every time I’ve gotten bad service, it was on the left side.

  2. Laundry. I am not going to even pretend on here that I will be matching all of those socks right now, but I do intend to fold and put away all of that mountain in my bedroom. It sure would be nice to sit in my bedroom chair again.

  3. This weekend I’m having my first ever yard sale. I’m not even kidding when I say it might be the end of me. If I survive the ordeal I’d like to see Secretariat with my husband, seeing as we haven’t been to a movie in nearly two years. I blame the children.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hope you get your list checked off quick and get back to the DVR! We are all about the Fall at our house, even though we live on an island of round the clock 90 degrees :) Your posts make me smile and laugh and then my husband says “what?” and I have to try to read them out loud…he just pats my back as if to say…”sorry you live on this far away island with no friends”. Just kidding! You’ve actually made him chuckle too and we love it here. Actually, your pastor is here in our country at this very moment practicing what he preaches! I was hoping he’d take you with him! Maybe next time!!

  5. Laundry. Dishes. Sort-the-growing-stack-of-books-and-papers-that-would-be-on-my-nightstand-if-I-had-a-nightstand-and-are-sitting-on-the-floor-by-my-bed-instead. :)

  6. laundry, clean the bathrooms (really, complete disinfecting is what is needed), trip to sam’s club, make a wreath, finish spray paint craft project, paint my 3 y.o.’s room. AND watch glee and biggest loser tonight. no way am i going to get this all done today.

  7. Katherine says:

    Dusting everything!! But then I would have to straighten before I dust, so I think I’ll just be overwhelmed until Sonic happy hour. I think the Cherry Limeade Chiller is my new love language..

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed Social Network!!

    I remember a trip to Sonic with my son. We were looking for a place to park and he asked me why we always parked on this side. I said. “this is the cool side”. He said he wanted to park on the warm side. LOL

  9. I have scaled back my long-held attachment to a kitchen re-do that involved new counters and backsplash, along with paint, hardware and light fixtures to just paint, hardware and light fixtures (hoping eventually to get the counters and backsplash!) So I’m trying really hard to get that accomplished but my bff who was really good at things like changing out light fixtures moved to Biloxi and I don’t know if I have the nerve to tackle it on my own…also, I want to put a sweet pendent over my sink in place of the tacky flourescent and I’m not sure if that will work or not…anyone know?

  10. I’m with you…

    *Clean the house.
    *Make some handmade cards for my card project.
    *Start thinking about my Christmas letter.
    *Work on some shutterfly books (Oh, how I love the Shutterfly!) for Christmas gifts.
    *Enjoy some sort of coffee beverage (or 2, or 3…)

  11. My 9 year old cousin told me 7 years ago that the right side in our town was “the loser side”. I just can’t park on the right side now. I’ve been known to loop around Sonic waiting for that open spot. It’s insane.

    Short term goals – my bathrooms look like the hubby took a shower with his boots on they are so dirty. Got to clean those!

  12. OH EM GEE! I have had a total complex about not decorating for fall since October 1. It’s still not done. Why? Well, because the budget is super-oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-breathe tight around here. However, I am hoping that by Friday, we’ll be good to go. I have a thingy for my porch that’s two metal pumpkins ontop of eachother and you put tealights in it…I haven’t set it out yet because I don’t believe in doing things all half cocked, ya know? :)

    Also, my house is a 100+ year old victorian with the big columns out front. IT BEGS to be decorated, so I get all antsy about it everytime I come home…

  13. Clean my apartment! I am shamefully behind – it’s been weeks since I’ve run the vacuum. Also, I need to start tracking again on weight watchers. I have been sorely neglecting anything related to the plan.

    Maybe decorate for Halloween…we’ll see

  14. The list! Oh boy the list!
    I love making lists! It’s much easier to accomplish my tasks when I can check stuff off!

  15. Tina Kaye says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever read BooMama….LOVE IT!!! Ya’ll sound like my kind of people! I should be scrubbing toilets at this very moment, but this is more fun. I do have laundry going, does that count? My short term goals for the week are to actually be able to stay home and focus long enough to finish at least one thing on my list. Point in Case… My husband just called, and I had to stop doing this to look up something for him. There ya go! By the way, I like to part on the right side of Sonic. I can park on the left if necessary, but it makes me feel off-balanced….go figure!

  16. Alysia in MS says:

    I’m with you Wanda. It’s all about the lists. I la-hove making lists. I’ll make a list of lists to make. Does that make me crazy? Idk.
    1. Clean out the garage
    2. Mop, mop, mop (I despise this one)
    3. Do the closet (this one is on going, hence not using the words *clean out*)
    4. Can anyone say “kitty litter box”? Okay, enough said.
    My list continues, but you get the idea…
    And, btw, you always wanna park on the left side of Sonic so you can see who is pulling in without having to turn around and look like a loser. And while you are there, get me a Green Apple Slush. Thanks!

  17. I’m hosting bible study tonight, so you know my house will be at least “kiss and a promise” clean before 7pm. Otherwise on my list: errands! Drycleaning, drop off a watch for repair, return something at Target, return something at Walmart, return library books. I so dislike driving around to errands. I could NEVER be a pharma rep!

  18. I’m thinking it’s time for me to dig up those Spring flowers and get some Fall stuff planted in my yard, but the thing is, this Birmingham weather is so darn confusing, I can’t seem to remember that it’s been Fall for a while now. In the 80s again today???

  19. Jodi Fontana says:

    The right side was the “nerd” side in my hometown too. Is this a national thing??? :)

  20. The COOL side of Sonic. I thought that was just an Indianola thing. So glad to know there are other crazy people out there. My friends and I have had this conversation many times! HILARIOUS

    I even linked this entry on my facebook status.

  21. I admire all of your goals. My primary goal is to do a regular cleaning of my house, never mind a super cleaning. I’ve had unprecedented stress at work these past two or three (or 20) weeks, and I don’t have much energy when I get home at night, and on the weekends I just want to do nothing. Unfortunately we haven’t had many “do nothing” weekends in the recent past. Good luck with your goals!

  22. I realized I had a problem when I found myself in a state of “analysis paralysis” about what type of gourds to buy for our very lacking fall scene. So, I understand the pressure. It’s a big decision and all to commit to a handful of pumpkins and gourds that will greet guests and passers by from now until Thanksgiving, but really, I’ve got to move on. I hope you have better luck with your fall creation. We’re judged by these things, you know ;)

  23. I’m with you on the window treatments for the dining room! We’ve been without for about two years now. New windows, yes, now it really is time for some treatments! Happy Fall!

  24. I am hooting over your Sonic related neurosis. I too prefer to park on one particular side in my hometown, and I loathe having to make another loop around….and Boomama, I’ve had to do it once or twice.
    I also have issues with the drive-thru lines because I feel that there should be a rule that you can only go through the drive-thru IF you are ONLY ordering drinks. No Food people.
    And also, do you tip for drink delivery? Or only if food is involved? This is a burning question that everyone I’ve polled feels differently on.
    Have a great week working on your goals!

  25. We don’t have a Sonic where I live. :( I realized the other day that we’re already half way through October and I have NOT put anything Halloween related up in my house! For shame! And Michaels has succeeded in making me feel just a tad bit guilty about it.

  26. I’ve just GOT to finish refinishing this dresser in my garage! Please help me get the motivation!

  27. If you were afraid a second loop might ruin your reputation, I’m not sure what mine is like right now. One time the Sonic drive through for some reason was not registering my car when I pulled up, so my friend and I had to drive around and come back through THREE times before anyone came on to take my order.

  28. My List has just SHRUNK, because…
    1) My in-laws are coming today, so I had motivation to do last week’s list yesterday.
    2)My Chris took two things off my list yesterday–grocery shopping with all four children. He is totally THE MAN!
    3) I am taking a break from web design work for a month. Tired. Burnt out. Needing re-filling.

    However, today I am making a Cream Cheese Spice Cake and am mailing out more Siesta Fiesta Cookbooks, so I’ve got goals!

  29. The left side is the “nerd” side. The right side is the “cool” side. It can ruin your whole image to park on the “nerd” side! I mean, what else could possibly be more important than image? (I have two teenagers in my house. Girls, no less. Can you tell?)

  30. Here is the Spice Cake recipe for y’all–with love!

  31. don’t beat yourself up not seeing survivor yet…they went beyond themselves finding the nastiest meanest people around…the only reason i keep watching is in hopes that they get put in their place!

  32. Could you please explain semi-colon usage to me? It’s an absolute travesty, but I’ve never deeply understood that piece of punctuation. I mean after the DEEP CLEANING and all.

    Thanks ever so much! :)

  33. BooMama you are not alone in your Fall decor procrastination. It’s pitiful really, I am a southern woman. I should be better. I will be better. :)

  34. I have not decorated for Fall yet either! I haven’t even been to the pumpkin patch to buy the obligatory pumpkin. I’m feeling that a couple of pumpkins and mums will do it for me this year… since I’m 35ish weeks pregnant with #3 and just don’t feel like doing anything that requires me to move from my recliner. :)

  35. debbie d. says:

    I remember that painting binge you went on a few years back…you set the goal and made it happen…I KNOW you can clean the house!

    I’m going on vacation this Thursday…my only short term goal is to not miss my flight.

  36. I highly highly recommend Secretariat. It was fabulous-the audience clapped at the end and that doesn’t happen too often in a theatre anymore.

  37. I think it is a universal fact that the left side of Sonic is the cool side, and here’s why: you have to cruise the whole parking lot to see who else is there. If you stop on the right side, you might be missing an important social interaction on the left side. If you are not concerned with such things (aka “not cool”) then stopping on the right side of
    Sonic is for you.
    I had a super-productive weekend at home (alone!), so the house is clean, the fall decorations are up and I am caught up on the DVR shows. My new goal is to clean out closets and drawers, but I am not quite mentally prepared for this undertaking. Besides, it’s happy hour right now at Sonic and I think I need a diet cranberry limeade!

  38. Cleaning and more cleaning should be my goal. However, I’m determined to find a copy of Catching Fire to borrow and read. I love that you read the message boards for your college team. Husband does the same for UNT, even though it makes him crazy. Crazy.

    As for Sonic, your dilemma highlights the need for drive-thrus at Sonic. My hometown Sonics all have them, but they are rare where I live now. Husband thought I was crazy the first time I told him about Sonics with drive-thrus.

  39. WTH? That 2 year old boy from Indonesia that smokes forty cigarettes is INSANE. Someone needs to smack his parents around, or just throw them into the ocean I saw the video here

  40. Sally Green says:

    I too can only park on 1 side of Sonic to which my husband laughs hysterically. I will ride around twice and then if there is not place it is not meant to be. Sad but true. It’s a compulsion that I can’t help.:)

  41. I too have failed to decorate for fall, which is sad because I specialize in making/crafting fall decor for sale. It’s hard to decide where to decorate around all the JUNK, and I am motivated by your cleaning goals to make some of my own.

  42. Lynnette R says:

    Speaking of Sonic…..have you had a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from DQ? Seasonal bliss.

  43. Hey Boo!! Just wondering, will there be a Diptacular 2010? Have I missed a memo? Love your blog!!!

  44. Oh my word–are you COPYING my to do list??? Yours sounds strangely like mine!!! I, too, am dying to see The Social Network. (Notice that I start with the FUN STUFF…probably my problem in getting more done!) Other fun thing: Survivor catch-up. Every night now my husband and I hope to get in bed early enough to catch up on last week’s episode, and each night I’m burning the midnight oil–working. Ugh.

    And, yes yes, I have GOT to get some cleaning in this house done. It’s getting kind of embarassing. But, truthfully, if I had the opportunity to go to the movies right now, I’d leave this messy house quicker than a New York minute! :-)

    Happy house cleaning!

  45. I want to hear the story of how you and Melanie met! :)

  46. You hafta watch the Housewives Reunion Th PM!

  47. When I read, “I had a failure-to-decorate-for-fall complex” I felt like Charlie Brown when Lucy helped him figure out what fear he had. The fear of everything, of course, was the answer. And then he yelled, “THAT’S IT!”

    THAT’S IT! That’s what I have–a failure-to-decorate-for-fall-complex. I also have a failure-to-keep-house-plants-alive complex. I gained that one after moving to my current home over four years ago. Before then I had no such complex. Perhaps I should blame the house. Which brings me to my short term goal: clean it.

  48. Okay, thank you for making me feel better about the lack of window treatments in my house! ;) We’ve only lived here 8 months (and I have an almost 7 month old baby) and we have no curtains on the living room or kitchen windows and awful mini-blinds in the dining room that came with the house. I have all the fabric I need, just not motivation to actually get them made…