The Cure For What Ails

Y’all will be happy to know that yesterday and today (so far) have been much, much better from a hormonal standpoint. Except for last night when I was trying to cook supper and listen to The Paul Finebaum Show and straighten up the house for company and make a cape (YES. I SAID “MAKE A CAPE.”) for Alex’s Christmas program and I had a small, private breakdown while standing in front of my dishwasher.

But other than that I’ve been totally fine.

The chocolate has been a tremendous help. As have the cheese straws that our friend Mary Allison gave me last night. Never underestimate the power of the cheese straws.

Anyway, I’m actually really, really excited this morning because Melanie will be here this afternoon. Deeper Still is in Birmingham this weekend, and I am completely beside myself at the prospect of seeing so many sweet friends and listening to some incredibly wise teachers and TALKING UNTIL I’M HOARSE.

So before I launch into my long-weekend-o-fun, I wanted to share a few bits-o-information.

I will not be using the CAPS LOCK in any of these links. And for that I know we’re all quite thankful.

– I’ve been struggling to finish my Christmas decorations. I’d say I’m 70% finished, but that last 30% is wearing me out. Well, Rhoda is hosting the neatest linky party at her blog today. The theme is Christmas Vignettes, and what you see will totally inspire you. Because it totally inspired me. And made me long for more lime green Christmas decorations.

– My Welch’s Giveaway is still up and running; click on over if you’re interested in entering to win a $100 Visa gift card.

The Laughing Cow Giveaway #5 is going strong, too; there’s a $150 Visa gift card up for grabs.

This post by Jon – “The Soft X” – just slayed me in all the best ways. So timely. So good.

– Heather has a recipe for some sweet and savory nuts that are just – oh, my word – you just have to go see for yourself. Sweet mercy.

Hope your day has been great (and your hormones have been level) – see y’all soon!

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  1. Hey, Sophie, thanks for the linky love! Glad you got inspired, that lime green will do it every time.

    Hope to run into ya’ll at Deeper Still, I’ll be there & can’t wait for all the glory we are in for!

  2. Make a cape….. well… I would be real tempted to pull out an old bed sheet and call it good.

  3. I’ve been very hormonal today too.
    But I’m counting the minutes…………..

  4. Bless your poor little hormonal heart! Glad you’re feeling better today. Sometimes a gal just NEEDS some chocolate:)

    Deeper Still weekend doesn’t hurt either… I’m so jealous!

    I can relate to the trials and tribulations of womanhood. Except I’m pregnant now so my hormones make EVERY SINGLE THING so sweet, sad, or beautiful that my tear ducts are just overwhelmed.
    I’m thinking waterproof eyeliner would probably be a good investment.

  5. Ahhh…you people keep rubbin in the Deeper Still… I’d go had I not gone to the Forum (and then a week of Vacation after that). Regardless of my jealousy and envy and bitterness (I shall repent) I pray that you (and the others) are richly blessed! (Now to Him who is able to do ABOVE and BEYOND ALL that we ask or think – according to the power that works in you – to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.)

    The Soft X – you weren’t the only one slayed by it.

  6. Yea for the level hormones! I hope you had a lovely afternoon!

  7. Hey Girl!
    I will be at Deeper Still… I am a prayer encourager… Hope to see you there :)

  8. Kelly in Carrollton says:

    hey sophie! i haven’t commented in a lonnnnng time, but just wanted to tell you that i love that you share your life with us. thank you. you are real, and you are a treasure. a real treasure!

  9. I understand hormonal days. And evenings. And nights.

    I think you are pretty amazing.

    Rest, sweet sister…

  10. My mom has sold her house and is moving this weekend, so no D.S. for me. ;( I’m so bummed about missing everyone!

    I know all of you will have a GREAT time! I’m looking forward to lotsa pics!

  11. Behold, the power of cheese. There’s just something magical about cheese straws.

  12. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Have a great time! Don’t forget to go and get those awesome Dreamcakes cupcakes! Howard did a super job today! His costume was awesome!

  13. I have had the worst bout of PMS the past couple days. SO much that I recorded in my phone’s calendar to warn everyone and myself next month.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  14. I’ll bet I know where your cheese straws come from…Geraldine’s Bodacious Foods, th world’s largest (though the place is really small) maker of Cheese Straws.

    Gonna make ya’ jealous now. You know where Geraldine’s is? About three miles down the road from my house in Pickens Co, GA.

    Just thought I’d pass that along.

  15. Just so you know, I sat like two seats behind you on Friday and Saturday. I wondered, at first, what department at LifeWay you worked for because I just KNEW that I knew you. Then, I realized who you were and almost yelled “I love you Sophie” but decided that was probably not appropriate. You’re welcome.

  16. I like to write inspirational quotes on my Expo whiteboard that is placed in my kitchen where I can read them everyday! They keep me at peace and I am able to clear my head before heading out the door.