It Would’ve Helped So Much If I’d Seen More Than Four Movies In 2010

Well, last night I watched the Oscars, though I didn’t pay much attention that last hour because OH MY MERCY THE BORING.

It didn’t help that I’ve only seen two of this year’s best picture nominees and, until this past weekend, didn’t really even know what was nominated. After listening to some friends discuss all ten films, though, I feel much more educated.

Here! Let me show you some of my knowledge.

Black Swan – This movie is about a crazy ballerina. I didn’t see it because there’s a part in the preview where it looks like Natalie Portman’s skin is turning into bumpy swan’s skin, and NO.

The Fighter – This movie is about how Marky Mark wants to fight. I imagine that the fighting is on a literal and figurative level. Because movies are fancy like that.

The King’s Speech – This movie is about a stutterer. I believe he is British. And from what I have gathered on Twitter and Facebook, people adore this film.

See? I am very informed.

And even though I really was only familiar with – seriously – approximately two whole plot lines, I tried my best to be an Oscar gamer. I watched the awards live, laughed at the opening, tried to give the proceedings the benefit of the doubt when the “banter” started to feel a little awkward, and then, well, I just caved. Surrendered. Had a nice, long talk with my husband during the last hour of the show. Found out the Best Actor / Actress / Picture winners from him when used the DVR to “watch” the entire telecast in the span of about four minutes.

So for me, at least, the Oscars were a bit of a bust.

However, I did enjoy seeing Sandra Bullock, Michelle Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow on the Red Carpet. They were probably my three favorites, though Gwyneth’s earrings did cause a bit of a debate on Twitter. I couldn’t decide if they were monkeys or lemurs, but in the end I went with lemurs. I seem to recall Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan wearing something similar on Dynasty back in the day, but I applaud Gwyneth for not following Alexis’ lead by pairing her lemurs with a silk shirt-waist dress. And also for not getting in a catfight on the red carpet and winding up in a lily pond.

I really wanted to like Cate Blanchett’s dress – I thought the colors were dreamy and her hair was perfection – but I didn’t understand the plain oval section in the front. Neither did folks on Twitter, apparently.

Oh, Twitter. You just delight me.

So what about y’all? Any fashion favorites last night night? Any thoughts on the awards? Were you underwhelmed or pleasantly surprised?

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  1. I think Cate Blanchett’s designer forgot to put her monogram in the oval on the front of the dress! Aren’t monograms all the rage these days?

  2. I wrote about the Oscars today-ha. Everyone has an opinion right? I would just say that Kings Speech is the story of a long and unlikely friendship and that’s why it speaks to the audiences. Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Def worth seeing!

  3. I haven’t gushed about a movie since… I dunno, Sandra Bullock’s first ever rom-com, but I’m telling you: The King’s Speech was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. And not just because Mr. Darcy was in it. I remember sitting in the theater (YES, I LEFT THE HOUSE THAT ONE TIME!) and barely breathing, trying to take it all in. Loved it. You really should see it.

  4. I don’t think I saw a single one of the movies this year, BUT: I loved all the red dresses and loved Gwyneth. Did not like Nicole Kidman’s dress: if I looked like her I would not hide under a giant peplum. She’s gorgeous, but not that dress! And I’m laughing at the monogram comment, too funny!

  5. I just caught the end – you know, the “big” awards – but Joyce and LoraLynn are right, The King’s Speech is an excellent movie. Although so is True Grit. We rented the John Wayne version after we saw the new one, and I know it’ll be considered sacrilegious to all the fans of The Duke, but it was a real toss up which one was better….although, naturally, my husband disagrees.

  6. Loved Sandra Bullock. Nicole Kidman’s napkin dress bothered me a little, though. I just caught bits and pieces, as we didn’t see any of the nominated movies. Such is life with two little ones. :)

  7. Gwyneth Paltrow, definitely. She was gorgeous!

  8. I quit watching the Oscars years ago. I just get the results the next day. They are too long and boring. And if anything interesting DOES happen I can see it later on the internet!

  9. Oh my! Did you happen to watch “Fashion Police – the Oscar Edition” with Joan Rivers? Well, she is crude and has a filthy mouth but boy, is she funny! She thought that dress (Cate Blanchet) was the worst ever! You can probably catch a rerun of that show on the E! network.
    I heard James Franco hopped a plane right away and left his grandma to fend for herself at an after party. Who does that? James Franco.
    Just glad Toy Story 3 won something. I’ve only seen that about 1 zillion times in the last 3 months (at home, of course). And I still like it. :)

  10. I saw exactly one Oscar nominated film. Toy Story 3. But we still had friends over for a meal of appetizers and some Oscar Bingo. It was a good thing we had the Oscar Bingo to entertain ourselves, because the show wasn’t gonna do it on its own. We had a few rousing debates over what qualified as “crying” and did “person wins more than once” mean two Oscars in one night, or could it be multiple years? Let’s drop the “young & hip” hosts for someone funny again. Please.

  11. I didn’t get to watch the whole broadcast and I have also only seen two of the nominated movies, although I hope to see more. I loved Hillary Swank’s dress. Also, Hailee Steinfeld, the young girl in True Grit, was adorable. Her dress was perfect for her age and she looked like a girl living out a dream. Loved it.

  12. I hate awards shows! I told my husband on Sunday night that if I could go the rest of my life w/o hearing another celebrity acceptance speech, I would be perfectly happy. Giddy even.

  13. Since dramatic budget cuts have tragically eliminated our DVR, watching an awards show is much too painful in real time. If I can’t fast forward past the speeches of people winning for doing things like mixing sound, I’m out.

    My favorite dress was Mila Kunis. Love it. Also, I sort of liked Scarlett Johnasen’s dress, but apparently I’m not supposed to?

  14. Amy Lyerly says:

    Well, I thought Cate’s dress looked like a toilet seat…not cute a bit!! Loved loved loved Gwyneth’s:)

  15. Lauren from Indiana but now Back in Texas says:

    So my friend decided she looked like a sea monster in its Easter finery. We thought the beads or whatever was on that thing looked like scales. But then, towards the end of the evening (I stayed till the bitter end, because I am committed, or should be committed or something) I decided it looked like that movie “Gremlins”, where when one of the critters got wet, they would sprout these disgusting looking things on their fur and those would hatch into the bad critters? Yeah. So I kept waiting for evil Cate Blanchetts to spontaneously generate all evening.
    I was also concerned about Annette Benning’s hair (and Reese’s, too, but for entirely different reasons…). So, so TALL. (And not in the good way.) It looked like her hair was trying to escape from her scalp or something.

  16. You’re so right! I saw the Black Swan…..hated it! and for a good part of the movie she had those ‘plucked chicken’ bumps flashing here and there all over her body. I have to say I though Cate Blanchett’s dress was perfection and her hair was stunning. I love her anyway, so it’s possible I might be a tad bit biased. I’m totally with you on the yawn situation during the Oscars, and James Franco didn’t help. He seemed overly mellow for someone hosting the Oscars.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  17. I thought it looked like a seat back; Cate Blanchett’s dress, that is. The colors were gorgeous, but the dress just too strange. I thought Nicole Kidman looked sooooo stunning, as always.
    I am in LOVE with the fact that you hearkened back to the days of Alexis Colby Carrington Dexter Rowan. Especially the catfight with Krystle. I loved Krystle. I wanted to BE her. I even wore the perfume called Forever Krystle from the Dynasty fragrance line. Oh, those sweet days of Dallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Knots Landing……

  18. I loved True Grit, but I never saw the original. The King’s Speech is worth every dollar for the ticket. It’s brilliantly done and I love a true story. (And Colin Firth!) Black Swan was disturbing and dark and twisty, but Portman did an amazing job in the role. I recorded the Oscars and have watched all of about 20 minutes of them. And Cate’s dress- weird. I thought it looked like a frame for a mirror…

  19. Frankly, Oscar usually annoys me but I committed to seeing it through this year in order to enhance my twitter pleasure. After all, the GG’s were a twitter-hoot! But frankly nothing could save this night from itself. You know you’re in trouble when your favorite part is the Memoriam. Love me some Celine!

    Toy Story 3 was the extent of my Oscar-contending viewing this year. I am now quite anxious to see The King’s Speech though.

    I also agree with your favorites on the red carpet. However, I’m thinking Gwynnie should stick to the acting and looking stunning. Her song? not so much fun.

    Oh! And I didn’t hear one single person say so, but I thought Robin Roberts of Good Morning America fame looked really beautiful – and I liked her dress quite a lot.

  20. while there were a few funny moments between james & anne, i was overall disappointed with their ‘banter’ – way funnier in the previews.

    i didn’t realize gwynnie was going to sing when i heard her tell ryan how nervous she was when she was on the red carpet. (i thought she was just presenting.) but i thought she had a fair performance. you know, since she’s not really a singer but apparently is considering a career change for all the awards shows she’s been singing on lately and all.

    LOVED sandra bullock’s monologue.

    ADORED kirk douglas. i mean, so what if it was a little awkward and dragged just a little bit because one side of his face is frozen? the man is 163 years old and A LEGEND. LOVED him. and how he could poke fun of himself. and the academy.

    colin firth? marry me, please.

    i only saw black swan and, yes, there is one part where everything she’s been going through manifests and she starts pulling feathers from her back and it is very, VERY disturbing to watch her unravel throughout the movie. but her performance was definitely oscar-worthy.

    cate’s best moment was when she was watching the nominees and gave an impromptu ‘disgusting’ or ‘gross’ or something when watching some guy who turns into a wolf.

    jennifer hudson? excuse me, was that you? because I COULDN’T SEE YOU FOR BEING SO SKINNY.

    oh, and also? cate’s dress? i don’t know how to put it into words, but…the border of her dress…it made me think of what the surface of a horney toad would feel like, which makes my skin crawl…or like…a pocked face. i don’t know – like i said, don’t know how…words and all. but, weird.

    toy story 3 was the only other movie i had seen (about 7 times a day with my 3-yo niece) and i was glad they won so much.

    and i was kinda glad facebook or whatever the heck the name of it is didn’t win. i mean…really? an award given to the movie that is basically the biography about the largest social media empire that has now taken over the world? just wouldn’t sit right with me. but what do i know? and, also, i didn’t see it.

  21. On my Oscar Recap blog ( ) I said that Cate Blanchett’s dress was confusing… I said if you inserted a picture of George Washington’s face into it then you’d have yourself a lavender one dollar bill.