Yesterday Alex and I made sort of an epic-level grocery run to get ready for some stuff we have going on this weekend. We plowed through the aisles in record time – mainly because there’s an eight- year old who can RESPONSIBLY PUSH A CART NOW – and let me tell you what: that cart-pushing business is a game-changer.

Maybe even a milestone.

The boy was such a huge help that I was practically misty-eyed by the time we made it to the check-out, and I have a feeling that it’s a memory I will hold close in my heart forever. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s a day when the 60-something version of me looks at the 30-something version of him and says, “Remember that afternoon? That afternoon you were such a big help in Walmart with the Easter groceries? THAT WAS A PRECIOUS TIME.”

Because you know what?

It was.

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  1. Susan In Indiana says:

    As a mom of a 9 year old boy, it is a blessing. Just be careful that he doesn’t run over the back of your heel in an ambitious moment. :-)

  2. You’re right. It was precious. Sweet growing up days.

    I was going to mention the back of the heel thing, but Susan beat me to it.
    My poor daddy paid the price all the time with us girls…

  3. I love your posts, but I love you heart more!

  4. How insane is it that I have 18 days left in China, I’d thought I’d kicked my Diet Coke addiction once and for all, and as soon as I saw your bottle in that photo, I had a visceral reaction? Like, I had to drink some water. Going home is gonna be TOUGH.

  5. Call me crazy, but I got misty-eyed with that too. I’ll be a mess when my now 4 year old daughter is that age.

  6. it’s the little things like that end up leaving the biggest impression on our momma hearts, isn’t it?

  7. OH my…I am a little teary. My boy is almost 3. You mean there will be a time that he will push the cart? sniff sniff….

  8. That is some big box of Bisquik.

  9. And my sweet friend, I can testify that it just gets better and better and gooder and gooder. I love my grown up sons so very much and our time together is so sweet. And the BEST NEWS OF ALL – the grown up sons each now have a little boy (and there is one sweet grandgirl in the mix) and you get emails like this:

    Mom — Zeke has asked me a couple of times this week, “When is GranJan going to come get me?” To which I replied: AS SOON AS I GET OFF WORK!!!

    Love you friend. Would love a long vist and coffee and some more of your good Southern cooking myself!

    Hallelujah, He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
    GA Jan

  10. That is a precious time. My boy is 23, and I still remember those moments (he’s STILL helping!)
    That is one sweet boy. Blessings to your family this Resurrection season!
    He is Risen!

  11. Well, from the photo it appears that the little man has grown up quite a bit from the last time I saw a pic of him. I know you are SO proud.
    I wish I had known that you needed Bisquick- a poorly thought out shopping excursion to Sam’s recently ended with 2 of those ginormous boxes in my pantry. I would have gladly gifted you one.

    Happy Easter and Blessings to you and yours!

  12. He looks so grown up!

  13. Sallie Baker says:

    That made me misty-eyed because my sons had a polo shirt exactly like that one year…..when I could dress them matching, and they were about Alex’s age.
    29 and 22 now….Hang on! It goes by so fast!

    Happy Easter…..He is Risen, indeed!!

  14. OH MY STARS! I remember the first time I made it through Target with my oldest son and it was no longer a chore or challenge.
    Give your boy an extra squeeze!

  15. OH MY. I am jealous! We aren’t quite to that level yet, but oh it will be a happy day when we are!

  16. Kimberly says:

    Just wait until he is 20 and you can hand him a grocery list and go without you. :) Pure joy.

  17. What a wonderful afternoon. The key for us is the “responsibly” push part. The MCs still try to play bumper buggy with each other & the back of my heels…

    Happy Easter!
    Yes, He is risen…He is risen indeed!

  18. Two questions and a comment.
    1) what in the world are you making?
    2) can I come?
    Comment- I have three lovely daughters ages 4, 2, and 2. Clearly they’re a bit younger than your boy but with the way the world is headed Im starting to plan for arranged marriages.
    Hint, hint.

  19. Are you sure he’s not already 30ish? He looks so mature in his polo shirt and adorable face. Wait, does adorable face not match with looking 30ish?

    He is too cute.

    So nice to have a sweet boy to help you, that would melt my heart as well.

  20. I had that same feeling when my oldest daughter learned how to use a swiffer duster! Oh, wait, maybe you’re talking about something different =)
    They grow up too fast, don’t they??!! (Since I have 2 daughters, 4 and 1, and am currently an EXPERT on children and how fast they grow!) Let me know if you need any other parenting advice… =)

  21. So sweet! Today my oldest son turns 13. It is all so bittersweet. Emphasis on the sweet though.

  22. Lynnette R says:

    Sweet picture. And I know exactly how you feel. I have three sons. They are 28, 27 and 8. It’s all good stuff.
    And I guess you did do some grocery shopping. Two carts. I like how you roll.

  23. Wow…two carts!! Anywho, it’s rare when my daughter goes to the grocery store with me because I usually go after work and she’s already home. But I LOVE those times when she does get to go with me because (A) it is INDEED helpful to have someone push that cart and (B) it just feels, well FUN. It makes grocery shopping a bit better to have my girl with me.

  24. Oh, how sweet! That day will come so fast. Mine are almost 13 and almost 15 now. So, when I ask if they’ll come shopping, they usually say no. Unless it involes a trip to somewhere else, like Hibbetts for the boys, or Chick Fil A. They’ll help, it’s just not like it used to be. They grow up!

  25. When you are 60-something, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be more than happy to push the cart your own self. They serve as kind of a walker and really help the trips through the grocery stores.

  26. Gotta love those little boys. They grow up to be awesome grandsons who
    love their grandmothers!!

  27. You have an awesome li’l man!

  28. Oh, how I’ve missed my daily dose of Sophie (I gave up blog-reading for Lent!). I just love you for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is the giant box of Bisquick in your cart, because…well, what ELSE would a girl buy to prep for Easter?? :)

  29. Sweet post – it sings to my momma-heart. I wrote a similar post once about my 4 year old getting to where she could reliably dress herself.
    I swear heaven parted and angels sang in my head…

  30. And it was just yesterday that he was having Corn Pep Rallies on the frozen foods aisle. (I love that you have a half consumed bottle of Diet Coke in your buggy.)