Hey Everybody

Just wanted to let you know that our family is fine. We lost power early yesterday morning in the first round of storms, and the power came back on, ironically, after the huge tornado plowed through Birmingham late yesterday afternoon (it was several miles to the north of us). When we finally got to turn on the TV and actually see what had been happening in Mississippi, then in Cullman, Tuscaloosa and our own city, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments and emails. Please continue to keep the people affected by the storms in your prayers.

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  1. Thank you for updating … I’ve been thinking of you and your family. Praying for all those affected by these terrible storms.

  2. Glad to hear you’re ok!

  3. Oh I am so glad you posted -been praying for you!!
    Told The Hubs last night, ‘My Sweet BooMama is right in the path of those storms!’

    Praying for all who were/are affected!

  4. Ugh. I hate this for y’all. So sorry. Praying for you and all my peeps in Alabama.

  5. We consider Alabama (and Birmingham!) our 2nd home. (Because it was our first home!)
    So glad you are safe, and we are praying for your beautiful state and those whose lives will never be the same.

  6. So glad to hear you’re OK. Praying for those who were hit by it. Those storms rumbled through here early this morning.

  7. I am so glad to hear you and your family are okay…praying for that area!


  9. I’ve been checking every five minutes to make sure you post! Praying for Alabama and the rest of the South.

  10. You should know that my 23 yr old son sent me a text yesterday that said – “Horrible tornado going through downtown Birmingham – isn’t that where your “Boom Mom” lady is?”
    I did so pray for everyone. We had it really bad here (central TX) the night before.

  11. Whew! You were the first person I thought of when I heard that news! Been checking for you to post all morning! :) Big hugs to you and yours.

  12. OH my goodness. I was so worried about you. I am SO glad you’re okay and am keeping all those affected by these storms this week in my prayers.

  13. Amy from Austin, TX says:

    So relieved to see you on here! Praying for everyone there! Stay safe.
    Hugs to everyone!

  14. Thank you so much for updating us…as soon as I heard that Birminingham was affected, I went straight to your blog to check on you…so glad to know you all are okay. Praying for all those affected.

  15. anotherlisa says:

    thank you for the post!
    i reached out to melanie this morning, hoping she had heard from you.
    after weathering hurricane Ike and 13 days with no power, we were certainly praying.
    love to all those searching, grieving, healing, and cleaning up.
    please let us know if you hear how we can help in a tangible way, like lindsey ferrier did after the nashville floods.
    stay safe.

  16. I don’t comment often, and I’m sure you will get TONS of comments on this, but I wanted to tell you we have been praying for y’all here in Arkansas and will continue to do so. Such terrible destruction being shown on the news, and that probably isn’t even the worst of it. I am so sorry for your state, and we are praying hard here!

    Glad to hear your family is okay.

  17. Lisa D. says:

    So thankful to know y’all are ok. We are in a northern suburb of Atlanta and are also just fine. Praying for those who are not……

  18. so glad that you all are okay…i will be praying!

  19. Thankful your family is safe. I thought of you first when I heard of this horrible storm. Praying for all those lives forever changed by this tragic event. Sending blessings to you today.

  20. Glad to know you’re okay! Those were some scary storms when they came through here (Mississippi). Thankfully, we didn’t have any damage either but I’m praying for all of those who did.

  21. Kimberly says:

    Glad you are okay…we know just how people there feel. We were 2 blocks on one side from the deadliest tornado ever in Oklahoma and two blocks on the other side from a deadly tornado 3 years later. Deeply sad…. the worst were the days and days of having to watch people look through piles of debris to find anything that might be salvagable. I cried for them everyday. Hang in there.

  22. So glad you are safe, Sophie. Been thinking about you all night. Thanks for posting. Prayers for all impacted throughout our beloved South. Do you know what the status of the campus in Tuscaloosa is? Had to be a really hard time for parents of students, worrying about their kids there.

  23. I’m sure there are others like me who feel like we know you personally and have been praying for your safety. I don’t know anyone in the states where the storms have been the worst so my first thoughts were of you. I don’t think I have never commented but wanted to let you know.

  24. So glad to hear that you and the family are doing OK. I know that this is a devistating thing to go thru even if you are not directly affected. I pray that the Lord will give you strength to face what comes. I know that you have a heart for people and will do all that you can to help. Praise the Lord for protecting your family. I work for Wrangler and our Hackleburg DC was leveled. The whole area is in my prayers.

  25. Glad ya’ll are OK. This year has been a really brutal storm season. Praying for all involved.

  26. So glad to hear you and your family r ok. Been praying and will continue to for all those effected by the storms! Blessings.

  27. Praising Jesus, Sophie that you guys are safe!
    Praying so hard for all of sweet Bama & Georgia area too!

  28. Lynnette R says:


  29. Glad to hear you are safe. My people are in North Alabama and they made it through OK- whew. Now prayers for those who did not.

  30. Thanks for the update. so glad your area is ok. Praying for the area hit and their families.

  31. So relieved y’all are okay. I am terrified of tornadoes and this destruction is precisely why. They are just so unpredictable. Definitely praying for those affected.

  32. So glad you are all OK. You don’t even know me, but I have read your blog for several years and I think you are so awesome! Have been hoping you’d post and give us an update.

  33. My family survived a tornado in 1996. 15 years is a long time, but I’ll never forget the sound as long as I live. I swear it was like a living, breathing demon trying to get into our house. It groaned, moaned, screeched, howled and bellowed. Remaining calm so our children wouldn’t be terrified was, without a doubt, one of the most difficult things I’ve ever managed to do. So glad you and yours are safe. I thought about you first thing when I heard the news yesterday, and pictured you trying to remain calm and reassuring for Alex, and then I prayed. Hard. I’m too far away (East Texas) to do much of anything to help, but I can open my checkbook. Please tell me where I can send a contribution. I’m picky about these things. I prefer every penny of my hard earned money reaching actual victims. I trust your judgment. Hugs & prayers.

  34. So glad you are all okay. Prayed this morning as soon as I heard Birmingham! Praying for all those affected, and for the long road ahead for the aftermath.

  35. Glad to know that ya’ll are safe. We dealt with the storms all day yesterday ourselfs. Praying for all of those affected.

    Tupelo, MS

  36. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    So glad you and your family are safe! Praying for all of those in the South who have lost so much.

  37. So glad to hear y’all are ok. Our thoughts and prayers have been with all of y’all and will continue. It is amazing to see the video of the devastation. My mind cannot even wrap around it. But, we are praying.

  38. Patty S says:

    So glad to hear that you and your family are safe.

  39. Glad you all are okay. My AL family is, too… thankfully! The devestation is just horrible. Praying!

  40. So thankful you are all ok. Will continue to pray.

  41. Was worried bout ya boomama. So glad ya’ll are ok!

  42. been praying for yall, boomama!!! i was worried!!! and i’m also so sad for everyone touched by this devastation. hang in there!
    Prayers from Arkansas! ~Leslie

  43. Hey the world better with good news.

    Coffee is on.

  44. so glad you are okay! I just saw some news about it and was concerned. stay safe!

  45. I am so glad to hear that you are safe ! I sat in the boy’s bathroom most of the day, and had a grand old time with my students. We talked and laughed, and had so much fun. They were not too keen on the sing-a-longs, though. I gotta work on that with them.

  46. This internet is such an interesting thing isn’t it! We may have never met but so many people were so worried about you and your family. I am so grateful that you posted to let us know you are safe. The pictures on the news are just heartbreaking. Beautiful Alabama will recover, I hope those families who lost loved ones will also. Love and prayers from Arkansas.

  47. So happy to hear all is well…I thought of you continually last night. As an Iowan I’ve been to the basement often because of storms and am just so grateful you are all safe and sending prayers out to those who lost family and friends.

  48. Thank goodness. Glad to hear you are well. I’ve been thinking about you and yours all day.

  49. So glad!

  50. Love you , Boomama, and am so glad you (and yours) are all right!

  51. So glad you’re okay!

  52. I haven’t been able to get to personal email and websites today, but I have been praying for you and many others that I “know” (only on cyberspace) who had to deal with this. It’s wonderful to click on here tonight and hear that you and yours are all right.

  53. Sophie, I’m glad you guys are okay! Praying for your state right now!!
    Sarah :)

  54. So glad you’re okay… I can’t even imagine what all those communities are going through and the scope of it. Just shocking.

  55. Oh Sophie! So grateful for your protection from harm. We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. My newlywed daughter & her husband lost just about everything they owned in the storm. Six inches of rain fell so fast and disrupted the sewer lines which poured into their home in the middle of the night last night. God woke her up with a ligntning bolt and they had about 15 minutes to grab what they could before they had to leave it all. Lost all their furniture and pc’s and stuff. She said: It’s just things! Praying for God to have mercy on all. May we all find a very Good God in whatever we face. Just came by to give a royal hello to you as I just woke up for the royal wedding but thinking about going back to my royal sleep. Love you so!

  56. We are okay in Huntsville but with no power for several days. All the little towns got hit very hard all around us. The Tuscaloosa pictures are the worst I have seen though.

  57. Checking in on you and so glad to know you and your family are all right!!

    Hang in there and let us know if we can help. :)

  58. Thanks for letting us know you were fine. I’m in central MS (French Camp) and we were in and out of our “take cover” area all day Wed. Smithville is the hardest hit area in our state and basically 2/3 of the town is gone. It was an epic day in the weather community for sure. My prayers are with all those in all the states that got hit with these powerful and deadly tornadoes.

  59. It’s crazy to look at photos and video of places in Tuscaloosa that I’ve been a thousand times over 25+ years now and not even recognize it. I was just down there again last weekend. Thank goodness most of B’ham has been spared that much damage. We have many friends in Pleasant Grove who have serious damage or family members with damage. We’re supposed to be playing in a baseball tourney in St. Clair County tomorrow and haven’t heard yet if it’s still planned. I’d say not.

  60. Praying for all those affected by the tornados. We just had one go through St. Louis a few days before that so we kind of know how you all feel – although the one you all had in the south was much worse than the one we experienced. Keep us informed as to what we can do.

  61. Because I’ve had the JOY of being in your home, I could picture you and your husband and son and that gorgeous backyard and all those picture windows…oh Sophie, I’m so grateful that you and Lisa McKay and Robyn and Dedra and Mary R are all okay (and all you other precious AL girls…).

    I am praying for all those who lost loved ones and for God’s peace to prevail. I wrote an update for Lisa, “The Preacher’s Wife” (at her request on her behalf) over on my blog. She told me some things that gave me the chills. God is so faithful.


    Much Love,
    GA Jan

  62. So happy u are ok. Been worried to death about my Bama sisters.

  63. Katherine says:

    Sophie –
    So glad to see your post! I’m thankful that you and your family are safe! Praying for the Southeast!