Martie’s Birthday Party

Today is Martha’s birthday, so we celebrated at a luncheon with about 20 of her nearest and dearest.

And instead of getting Martha a corsage, we decided to get her a little nosegay. You know, so she could hold it when she had her picture made.

I think she liked it just a little bit.

And yes, that’s a new pink jacket she’s wearing.

It has a long sleeve. A long sleeve! Not a three-quarter sleeve! A long sleeve!

It’s not a pinky-pink! Or a hot pink! It’s more of a rosebud pink! Sort of like a rosebud!

It really has been such a sweet day. So good to be with family, so heartwarming to see Martha with her friends.

Happy Birthday, Martha – we hope this next year is your happiest yet!

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  1. Martha is such a beautiful woman.

  2. That jacket is darlin’!!! Just darlin! DARLIN’!

  3. Oh, I SO wish you and BigMama would podcast about Martha’s birthday party. I love the Martha stories on the podcasts!!

  4. The FIRST thing I noticed was her jacket- and the pink is definitely her color. Hope she had a happy birthday!

  5. 1. Does she read your blog?

    2. Who came up with the name “nosegay”? Seriously?

    3. How can I love a woman I’ve never met or spoken to? I want to hug her.

  6. Martha is a beautiful woman. I know she loved her party.

    For Kodi…a “Nosegay” first appeared during the middle ages…at weddings, the bride carried one… it was designed to help the bride smell better…gay meaning “pretty” (I guess the groom was happy and gay)….June was the wedding month, because it was fairly close to the bath month…May…and the bride and groom would be less smelly.
    There is a lot of information on these topics…long ago, my son did a paper on the old traditions and their origins. It’s completely fascinating…..

  7. Martha looks delightful!
    Happy Birthday!

  8. lauren says:

    Your reprisals of Martha are awesome. I can “hear” her voice. Pretty jacket. Beautiful nosegay – will last through the weekend in a little vase!

  9. Happy Birthday Martha!
    You look just beautiful -your jacket is adorable and the flowers are perfect!

  10. Such a sweet picture of your Martha.

  11. Looks like a LOVELY party!

  12. She’s beautiful! Seems like it was a perfect party, too.

  13. Martha is so beautiful! I love the pink. She really is just so pretty.

    And the jacket? Darlin’ PLUS!

  14. Here’s what I love about reading your blog for so long:

    As soon as I read,

    “And yes, that’s a new pink jacket she’s wearing.”,

    I started the Martha dialogue in my head before even scrolling down to read your words :) Also, it’s the inner dialogue I have whenever I go in Stein Mart now, ha!

    Happy birthday, Martha! Happy day to a woman who always knows exactly what she wants!

  15. Kimberly says:

    I, for one, am just so surprised she’s not wearing green?!! But that is a beautiful rosebud pink!!! She is lovely!!

  16. Beautiful lady! Wow! She’s stunning! I’ve got to ask…….did you order the flowers to match her new jacket or bought the jacket to go with the flowers?? They are a perfect match! Whatever shade of pink that is, it’s Martha’s color! Happy Birthday, Martha!

    • We did get it to match. She told me earlier in the week that she was going to wear a pink jacket (pink! not green! not a green jacket!), so that’s why we asked for pink flowers. With a little green, of course. It’s her favorite! Her favorite color! :-)

  17. The table looks beautiful, as is the guest of honor and her nosegay.

    I like the ruffle on the long sleeve. Feminine, but not too ruffl-y. Enough to be noticed, but not overbearing. Just enough without being too much.

    Happy Birthday to one of God’s sweetest creations!

  18. YAY!!! I share a birthday with Martha!! Tell her Happy Birthday from me!!

  19. She is just beautiful! And her jacket is also. Perfect for her!

  20. I found your blog pretty recently, so this is my first time to meet Martha. I love her! What a personality!

    And I agree with the others about the word “nosegay.” Its one of those words that probably made a lot of since when it was invented, but it just sounds weird now.

  21. Oh! Zinnias and iced tea with lemon. On the same table. With white linens. (Insert overwhelming homesickness here.) (Gulp!) Happy Birthday Martha — The jacket is absolutely stunning with your coloring!

  22. Martha is just beautiful! She looks nowhere near 90 :-)

  23. Jeanie says:

    She is absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday, Martha!!! I love the long-sleeved jacket — just the right shade of pink. Did it come from the Steinmarts?

  24. Rutheee says:


  25. Martha looks beautiful. You are a precious daughter – in – law. The picture of the ice tea lined up on that table should be your book cover.

  26. she is so sweet, beautiful and classy. All I aim to be as I age.